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Least liked Trek characters?


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These are the characters I like the least. I don’t watch Voyager or Enterprise so I can’t comment on those,


Troi: I find her whiny and irritating. Something about Marina Sirtis really annoys me and always has. Her face, her voice. I’m not sure. I think Troi is a valuable member of the crew, but she gets on my nerves.


Wesley Crusher: For obvious reasons I don’t even need to get into.


Data: Has REALLY grown on me since I was a kid but is still one of my least favorites for reasons that I find him sometimes annoying.



Major Kira: always playing the Bajoran sympathy card, also irritating and close-minded. Added some interest to DS9 but drove me crazy most of the time.


Surprisingly, I like all of the original crew.

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Luxanna Troi.









But then we ain't supposed to, are we.....


The Doctor.

Besides the obnoxious over-acting of Robert Picardo, the very idea of the Doctor and what he evolved into never worked for me.


The idea that a piece of software originally designed to be sophisticated only to a certain point grows to sentience on entirely its own and then some, became too much to believe.

Heck, almost anything to do with the holodecks became unbelievable pretty quickly.

I'd have accepted it IF they'd set up a recurring plot point where the Doctor's program grows so large it starts taking over other portions of the ships software, so they have to find programs for him to spill into. Having to shut down other stuff, compromise other parts of the ship would have made the character more believable.

But, nope, the handy-dandy tech of the 24th century knows all, solves all............and it became so much BS in the process.

The way the holo-doctor was written originally, and then established as being over time......there'd have to be a dedicated amount of constant tinkering for the character to expand from what it was when first turned on, to become something "human".

The kind of evolution we saw was waaaaaaaaaaaay too big a stretch, and when they brought in the holographic race(s), I just turned the TV off.

Its bad, bad science, a really pointless character because of the science and just awful across the board.


Wesley, I didn't like until the episode where he "gets some" with Robin Luffler ( Naomi Judd)--that was his coming of age--and yes, the pun is intentional. After that, he was okay until he became a mutant and exhibited powers and abilities no other human being has ever exhibited, ever. I mean, we were constantly told the kid was "special", but, I mean.........I thought it went the OTHER way????


Doctor Crusher was another one. The whole romantic interest thing with Picard got really dumb, it struck me as a infedility thing that APPEARS to have begun before her husband Jack was even dead. That adds a unsavoury layer to both her and Picard I don't find appealing.


Riker had his bad moments, but had some good moments too.

The first seasons was awful, and the very last stuff was just as bad.


Quark and Odo had some good moments but many more bad ones. The idea of the Ferengi as a comedy gimmick got tiresome fast-and I wished they followed up with the idea to have some great racial tragedy befall them. Odo was only good right at the end, when they really started doing stuff with him.


Jadzia Dax, beautiful actress--probably the biggest sex tease ever in Trek, they had lots of opportunities to really bloom her character, and it only happened in the late second ( or was it third) season when they let her hair down. Literally....they let her hair loose and it really complimented Terry Farrell's face.

The first few seasons she was irritating because she was always sssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooo coy. After Worf got a hold of her, she started to become really likeable. Then they killed her off.


Ezri Dax--the actress just couldn't fill Farrell's boots. I think it was a bad casting choice from the get-go--but hey, they had another season left.....


Seven of Nine. When I first saw her, heard her voice, I said to myself--don't let her sing.


They let her sing. Ugh.


Neelix.................hey, look everyone! Its a grown-up Chakka, the Pakoonie--from Land of the Lost. Every episode I wished a dinosaur would eat him. Then they had an eipsode with ....gasp........dinosaurs!


But they didn't eat him.



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Wow, Arrow, that was an in depth review of anoying characters there :) I have to agree with a lot about what you said with The Doctor. It seemed the show wanted us to accept him as a life form. I, personally, have trouble with that because I'm sitting here thinking "OK, so the computer created his soul too?" It didn't really work for me. Plus, how are he and Data both, esentially machienes, yet he seems to have emotions and Data has none. I know the show pinned it all on "complex sub-routienes" but it's hard to swallow.


I have to go with Harry Kim. An ensign for 7 years? He must like being the low man on the totem pole. But it's not that.......I saw (or should I say, half paid attention to) one episode where he basically gets the ship into trouble because he got horny. I kept waiting for the big reveal that he was under some kind of alien influence (like what always happens) but no. Just horny. What a waste of a character.


Kess. In a RARE move, the producers actually admited they were wrong and wrote her out.


7 of 9. Hey, EVERY other episode is about her. Wonder why??????


Neelix. At least Quark was devious and promoted drinking and other such behavior :D Neelix ws the happy cheff. Sounds like a supporting role at best. Not a main character.


OK, I'll stop picking on Voyager now. Well what do ya know, ran out of stuff to say.

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Oh voyager

I forgot about that series (or didn't count it I guess)


pretty much all the characters on that show were dull, lame, vanilla and just uninteresting. I really couldn't stand janeway, and her signature put her hand up move.

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