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So who else is disgusted with the look of the movie robots.


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They make me cringe. I really cant put into words how crappy these things look. They look like some sort on brand thing you might find next to KOs.


I mean I dont get the point of making a TF movie then not making anyone look like they should. Not even resemble them. To me they just made a movie and wanted to cash in by using some recognizable TF names and their title. Because there is no way this is a TF movie. This is just a movie about robots that change but its far from any TFs we know.

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I have been in all the threads telling me people to give this movie a chance and at the very least wait until we have some decent info. Well, I for one am still holding out hope. But what I saw yesterday is making it very difficult for me to keep defending this movie. It's going to be a LONG year if they don't give the fans something to satisfy them. I'm all for updates and I knew a live-action movie would have to look vastly different from the G1 cartoon but some of those things......I don't even know what to say right now.

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I think we all need to realize a few things here. First, we can't expect the bots to look like they in their cartoon versions...nobody would buy that. (speaking of general audiences)


Just look at any mainline autobot or decepticon on your shelf. As much as we might like to see a movie bot in that kind of style, it just isn't believable. So going this way is a logical step......




While I did expect them in this kinda style, I had hoped they would have looked a bit better. You have 2 things going into consideratioin here. One, you have make cool transforming robots that are believable to genearal audiences on a big screen, and two, they have to be designed in a specific way so that they can easily be translated into a toyline.


This is the end result. Not pretty, but hopefully effective. As I've said from the start...Only time will tell.

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when i first saw the robot.. im like how the #$@# will they turn that into a toy


and then i saw the simplified toy.. which looked a lot better.


the movie robot.. = cRAP


its like they just fall apart and thats what you get


no armor or anything..t hey are made for war.. lets expose our insides


wtf :P


and WTF is up with the beast heads for the decepticons ??


they should rename starscream to waspinator.. i mean for nostalgia sake you arn't getting any. The only thing that resembles starscream is well the jet mode


i really don't knwo what these people were thinking

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I'm very disappointed with these designs. I know they aren't going to look like their G1 forms, but what we've seen don't look like Transformers at all, they look like they'd be more at home in Halo or one of those Japanese Mech anime. It looks like instead of making them transform in a realistic fashion with certain vehicle mode parts being clearly visible serving new purposes in the robot mode to more of a "they're made of lots and lots of little plates that slide all over the place when they transform." I mean, look at Bumblebee, the only car parts I can pick out on him are the halves of the car's front end on his chest and on Prime, I see only a few wheels and maybe smokestakes on his arms. Blackout is the only one that actually looks like he transforms into what his alt mode actually is. And what the hell is Star Scream? I actually like his design, the claw/gattling cannon hands are cool, but this isn't Star Scream, this design looks like a stupid bruiser kinda character, not the diginified (well, sometimes) scheming second in command. I had hoped that the rumor of Megatron being an alien jet was false because it would look stupid, but after seeing these, I'm really afraid of what he will look like. Because they obviously don't mind that Prime and the others look like malnourished robot skeletons.


And to think I had high hopes for this movie...


Hey, maybe if we complain enough, the studio will see the buzz and change how they look! Worked for Snakes on a Plane...

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i really don't knwo what these people were thinking

They were thinking, "We need to bring in EVERYBODY, young, old, male, female, fan and non-fan."


"We got robots that turn into flashy, late-model cars and trucks? Great! Run with it!"



Then, they apparently forgot to include any sort of focuse beyond "Transformers," "Autobots," "Decepticons," and "robots in disguise."


Strict adherence to G1 look and story? Not believable or "realistic." Well, duh. Nobody wanted or expected to see 80s cartoon robots interacting with real people and objects. We -did-, however, expect to see something uniquely-recognizable as Transformers, not generic-looking mishmashes of American and Japanese robot design asthetic.


Yes, they're robots. However, they are NOT -human-built Earth robots-! They are mechanical lifeforms. Technology that is MILLENNIA older and more-advanced than ours. They do not necessarily have to resemble what we think of as "robots" here on Earth because, quite simply, THEY AREN'T.


And how about what's apparently acceptable as "realistic" and "believable?


Mass-shifting? Not believable.

The ability to scan nearby objects and vehicles and INSTANTANEOUSLY MORPH YOUR ENTIRE PHYSICAL STRUCTURE to mimic one of them, then being able to transform between the two forms via near-infinite PANEL FOLDING AND SHIFTING? Perfectly reasonable and believable.



Fans already hate the robot designs.


Kids are gonna go in expecting to see something they've been playing with for the past 4 series, and they're gonna ask mommy and daddy where the Transformers are. They -might- recognize Optimus Prime's head.


Mommy and Daddy, who have a vague (or maybe not-so-vague) idea of what "Transformers" are aren't going to know what to tell their kids beyond "Um.. those ARE the Transformers, honey!" and may even be thinking, "These aren't Transformers!"


And Average Joe is gonna love it 'cause it's giant robots blasting the tar out of each other, or hate it because there's too much human story going on and not enough mindless destruction and flashy explosions, or just sit and wonder "WTF??"



Unless some sort of miracle happens between now and July 4, I think I've lost just about all interest in this movie, and I certainly won't be spending MY money on it.

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Like I posted on Seibertron I remember when Godzilla came out and how people hated his look


Well, this is looking like it might be Godzilla all over again...


A bit off topic but, why now, years after it came out and sucked terribly, is Doritos using that Godzilla in their commercials?

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I am now looking more forward to "Snakes on a Plane" then I am this movie...and I've commented a few times that Snakes on a Plane looks like it could be the most idiotic movie ever produced.

Snakes on a Plane was awesome, everyone should see it.


On topic, the TF designs remind me of the bots in Returner.

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i'm gonna wait to judge just yet!! they gotta make them look like robots and for the most part they do...i to would like to see them a little more closer to the G1 look but for some reason i guess they couldn't do that!!


also i don't see how the toys will look like the bots from the movie, to messy, and they'll turn out worse than the alts.

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As a lifelong Transformers collector and fan I have to say that the new twist is refreshing. Sure I would have like to see G1 bots in realistic forms but what we have seen so far is cool looking.


I suppose your expectations will determine your outlook.


What I am holding out for is a total redo of the G1 stuff in CG like Beast Wars.

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I feel a need to throw money around, so here's my two cents... ;)


Ofcourse we can't and shouldn't expect G1-styled robots in the movie for the various reasons mentioned by the posters above.


However, in my humble opinion, Bay has taken the designs a notch too far up the alien scale. The various commercials with transforming objects that have been around for the past four years (think Citroën's) have proved that Alternator-style designs work very well in CGI. Bay could've taken that route.


But we should also consider Hasbro. Alternators wasn't the success they'd hoped it to be, and they surely wouldn't miss a chance to pump another TF toyline out onto the market. In that train of thought, simply using the movie as a vessel for existing Alternator toys would be a no-no. So new designs HAD to be made, prefferably different enough from Alternators to get us lot to buy the main characters all over again.


Personally, I'd have merged Classics and the movie... in the sense that I'd have dumped the movie designs altogether and animated the Classics-designs instead that is.

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Awesome robots, but they aren't Transformers. I remember Transformers; I played with some of the toys (now more today than then) and watched the cartoon a bit. I was a mild fan at best....heck, the TFs of today have impressed me more than any back when I was a kid. In short, I can't hope to call myself a die-hard fan.


But, come on.


Who doesn't love to take something you enjoy and kinda "make your own"? You know, make your own Transformer (if you can draw....or heck, just use your imagination). It's fun! However.....if you were given the ability to make one big compilation of the Transformers various stories into a big time motion picture, would you just use all your own ideas and leave out everything that led to your ideas? In a word; would you just ignore your elders? The ones who inspired you?


I would assume you'd say: "No". You'd want to give a presentation of what the Transformers have meant to you over all these years. You'd take into consideration that you want to show this to others; people who didn't grow up with your fascination. You'd take the parts you loved and maybe jazz it up a bit, but you'd know there are parts you don't change, and there are parts that just have to be there for it to be the Transformers that you know and love.


There isn't much to it. I love taking my old loves and putting a new spin on them. So far this movie isn't it. It's some guy who's heard of the name, but not much else. It sounds cool to him, so he takes what he knows (or what he's looked up) and then just adds in what he thinks would look cool....


....which is fine. I love adding my own cool twist to stuff. However, when it's something like this.....something that tons of people have grown up with.....you'd think that maybe, just maybe, the guy would like to keep to the stuff that the fans love and leave out the drastic changes.


Oh well. As usual, I'll wait until it comes out to see of everything I said even has any bearing.

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What I am holding out for is a total redo of the G1 stuff in CG like Beast Wars.


Yeah a lot of people would like that. We've had many "new twists" and none of them have been very satisfying, except maybe Beast Wars but that was in the G1 universe, so...


Non-hardcore TF fans and the average guy who played with them back in the day aren't going to like these... Michael Bay's movies are pretty lousy on average too. It doesn't look like this is going to be any good, to tell you the truth. Sure, we can all "wait and see" but the buzz surrounding this movie is as bad as I've ever seen, so...

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I just can't believe that Hasbro would allow figures/robots that look like this. They (Hasbro/Bay/Whoever) could have done another Alternator style line and run with it. The main problem with Alternators is that there was no cartoon/comic/story to go along with them. When I first heard about the new TF movie, I thought it would be the perfect way to revive the Alternators line.


I'm hoping that these supposed leaked prototypes are fake. If they aren't and if the movie tanks, maybe Hasbro will start listening to the existing fan base. If the movie is a huge success, let us all shut our collective mouths.

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