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Those all look great. I especially like X23, she doesnt quite look as young as she should, but its an awesome looking figure nonetheless.

Pixie's been a fave character of mine since seeing her drawn by Greg Land in Uncanny (i love his artwork, even though all the females look near identical :P )...the "classic" head is a nice touch.

Rockslide stands out as well, he actually looks like his own figure rather than just another thing repaint.

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Yeah, X-23 came out looking older, it matches some of the art from Hulk .VS. X-Men from the WWH tie-in.

Pixie's a fave of mine too, I'm glad I asked for two heads for her.

Rockslide does stand out because he uses different parts, ML11 Thing forearms/head, F4 Movie "Clobbering Time" Thing, Smart Hulk Feet. And pretty much everything is resculpted alittle or alot.


Early pics:



Resculpting starts:



In the newest pics, Santo has shoulderpads.



So next on the list from Grasshopperis are:




Young X-Men team:

Wolf Cub




Magma, Sunspot, Danielle Moonstar - Advisors


New X-Men team:

Rockslide [Greenish Black Pants]







I noticed it's been slower lately with my updates but that's because I've stopped adding more commissions.


I talked to dustin and he took a little break but he'll start up again with finishing Bullseye "Hawkeye", Cal's Radioactive Man as well as start working on Warpath from the Shi-ar storyline. Warpath has his knifes done, those are linked in the index page.



So only commissions going right now:


Dustin - paid exclusively pretty much, great friend.

zombie13 - working on Spiral, A.O.A. Weapon X

Grasshopperis - New X-Men & Young X-Men

CaptainRon - "Exiles" Thunderbird

Levit05 - Starlord Team now, Nova, Iron Patriot, A.O.A. Sugar Man & Holocaust later.

TFMANIAC - A.O.A. Iceman now, A.O.A. Quicksilver, A.O.A. Banshee, A.O.A. Exodus, A.O.A. Mr. Sinister, A.O.A. X-Man, Purpleman, Moonstone, Baron Zemo, Sepulchre "Shadowoman", Songbird, Bullseye later. - paid for

M2K - Tombstone, Chameleon, Attuma

stef - 15-25 more but not until Octo./Dec.

Sam - 6-8 but until I can save up for them.

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Here's a finished picture of Groot from sexyvonpoopy, more pics hopefully to come.




I should be receiving this week.

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I got a update from zombie13 on my Spiral.







The arms and shoulder armor is done and the helmet is next.

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Here's another shot of Groot for now:


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Here's finished pictures of Deathcry, Bug, Mantis, Captain Universe that Levit05 made me along with the Starlord & Rocket Raccoon I'm buying from him:











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Dustin will tackle some Phalanx soldiers later, but in the mean time I have Blastaar to go against Capt. Universe & Starlord. raynir was gonna handle Daystar Space Knight but I haven't spoke with him since May 08'.

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I forgot to, Levit05 might tackle Groot in his uniform (Icon) but later after Nova & Iron Patriot.



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The New X-Men & Young X-Men came and I gotta say that Grasshopperis has definitely improved alot since he did Chamber for me back in March 07'. Really great sculpting, clean paintjobs and some great part swapping.


I wish I had my camera so I take take pics with Hellion that dustin did and going against Nimrod that CaptainRon made me. Need to buy a camera, let a friend use it and they let someone in class use it and bam they're gone.


The slightly older look on X-23 actually works for her as it fits with how Hellion & Mercury look. They look older than the younger Pixie & Anole.



I also received Groot last Tuesday & Fraktur & Qubit last Wednesday. They're amazing. I love groot, he can get in some cool looking poses. What made me appreciate it more was that sexyvonpoopy made it for me for free after liking my collection pics and wanting to have his work on my shelve, he also loved the stories.

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Got a update from Dustin.



Bullseye "Hawkeye":










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Warpath (Shi'ar story):







-Bullseye is mostly ready to paint.

-He'll add a buckle to the quiver strap when he tighten it so the top of the quiver is visible over his shoulder like in the comics.

-The back loincloth could also use sanding.

-The quiver is a pen cap with some Bullseye leg-straps like on the covers of his miniseries.

-The gauntlet is leather so he has a wide range of motion in his right wrist.

-Dustin will find him alternate head and get a mini-figure to be Irredeemable Ant-Man riding an arrow.


-The Thor head looks smaller than the Omega head in these pics, but they're about the same size.

-He'll look into some boots with side-to-side ankle movement for him.


-Most of Moonstone's joints are sanded, so he might finish her around the same time as the others.

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I got a painted update from dustin on Bullseye "Hawkeye" and a early wips of Sentry & Venom "Spider-Man".




Bullseye "Hawkeye":










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Sentry & Venom "Spider-Man":





He's gonna repaint Bullseye's modern bow, and the arrows look undersized so he'll make him some new ones.


-The unmasked head is ready to paint. He hope to have a better lighting set-up for the next pics.


-Dustin also put together a few parts for some more Dark Avengers.


-The idea of Steiner as Sentry has grown on him.


-He could have one normal Ka-Zar head (fitted properly on the neck, unlike the pic) and one with crazy hair and black eyes.

-And Iron Fist is bulkier than he remembered, so he might be a good choice for Venom.


-He'd shorten the wrists a little, but the Kevin claws seem right for him, and then he'd have Havok's head for his unmasked look, a Spawn head or something for masked and maybe a third grinning head with teeth.


-He's going bulk up Warpath's legs to match with the Despero upperbody.

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Talked with Grasshopperis and he will tackle the team from Uncanny X-Men consisting of Wolverine, Colossus, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Emma Frost (Diamond Form), Angel, Storm.


It's their latest costumes that I've grown to love:



I'll be supplying the parts, I just need to think of the parts though most are pretty simple.

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Yeah, I think it was mainly due to the artist of AXM. I can't stand Simone Bianchi's art but I started liking it more in Uncanny by Dodson & Land & other comics .


What do you guys think about using a SOTA Balrog/Blanka for Beast since I have one or a Stealth Beast which I'll need to buy. I wouldn't mind the bigger base of SOTA B/B over the smaller base of SB.



Sam is shipping out my Red Sonja this week.


Talked with Craarl and he's doing a Conan for me to go with Sonja.


Also talked with Ibentmyman-thing and he's going to make a Mach IV & Fixer for me later in these designs:


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Got a pm from Grasshopperis that he started working on the head of Greymalkin from Young X-Men.







And that he'll use a FO Punisher for Cyclops.




I put these parts together for Colossus, NC, Logan, Angel, Storm.




ML6 Phoenix body/WM Ms. Marvel body


Colossus (Chest will be split and widen like Rockslide & legs bulked up):

X-Men series 3 Colossus Torso/Arms/Head

ML5 Colossus Headcast

WWE DA Upperlegs

ML3 Thor Lowerlegs



Bullseye Body

ML9 Nightcrawler Lowerarms/Lowerlegs/Tail



ML10 Angel Head/DCD Head

ML6 Cable Body

TNA Scott Steiner Shins

ML3 Wolverine Boots - (Changed for XMC Magneto boots now)

Kraven Arms


Wolverine (Will be shorten):

ML6 Wolverine Head (Masked)

ML4 Punisher Head (Unmasked)

WM Weapon X Body

TNA Daniels Boots

DCSH Hands

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Those recipes sound pretty good, havta see how they look assembled.


I was making myself a drax from a modified Savage Dragon torso, but I'm not happy with the proportions...whats your opinion of a SF Guile Torso? I like the bulkiness, and it wouldnt be too hard to sand off the shirt details....but I'm not sure if he'd be too thick.

And what wrestling figure was yours made from again?

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Yeah, I can't tell how Colossus will be yet until his chest gets split and widen. But I can tell on NC, Angel, Wolverine, Cyclops, and Storm will be good sizes.


I like the SD but it doesn't work too well for Drax. Guilt may be alittle on the bulky side but I think it's more closer to how he's been drawn in some comics.


The whole body was a TNA Lance Hoyt. He has blonde long hair and black pants. Bullseye head seems to really work with the mask details sanded down.



Edit, now with pic:


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I got a pm from Levit05 of the Warpath (X-Force) he making for my birthday (May 29th).


ok...here are pics of warpath but the arms do not fit with the body...the shoulders are too big and the arms are longer by atleast half an inch...so i'll let you tell me if you want me to continue with those...


I may need to somehow buy DCSH Parasite arms or find some that are closer in size.










Head - McFarlane Fantasy Series 1 TYR

Torso - DCUC Etrigan

Arms - DCUC Despero

Hands - McFarlane Fantasy Series 1 TYR

Waist - HML Lord Thor

Legs - HML Lord Thor

Calves - TB Beta Ray Bill

Feet - DCSH Bane

Knifes - LCBH Clownface

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That sucks about the arms dude, sorry to hear that. Does the other Warpath in the pics use Parasite's arms?

Would Despero's arms work if they used Etrigan's shoulder balls?


Yup, that broke my heart after tracking down all the parts. Yeah, his Warpath used Parasite arms.


I tried that but the the ball joints are alittle small compared to the arms but that might work if he bulked up the ball joint alittle.

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