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Anyone else familiar with Hot Toys?


I discovered them about a year ago when they were releasing their AvP snap-kits and immediately got hooked on them.1:18 scale Aliens was a dream come true....and then series 2 came out and we got some more Predators and even an Alien Queen!Though pricy as imports...I was impressed by the immense amount of detail that went into these figures.


I also decided to pick up the 14'' Scar Predator and was greatly impressed by the amazing amount of detail that they put into their larger scale figures.These things were vastly superior to anything I've seen before. Down to using real fabric and putting on the netting for the figure yourself...wow.While it was time-consuming, you could really appreciate it once it all came together.


Now Aliens Snap-Kits are out and a lot of the Quality Control issues that had kept the AvP series from being 100% perfect have been handled and Hot Toys is getting a lot of public attention recently with their Movie Masterpiece Superman and Batman figures.


Anyone else got any thoughts to share?

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Just me (as usual LOL!), I love everything that HotToys has released! For their first attempt into the market, the AVP snap-kits were fantastic although a bit frustrating with arms and legs popping off constantly. I haven't received my Aliens vs. USMC case yet, but based on the photos the joints seem a bit more sound(BTW, where's the photos that you promised!). I'm now being sucked-into their 1:6 scale now since the clever bastards packaged the snap-kits in perfectly scaled(nice for dioramas)eggs! HotToys is definitely a company designed and run by toy fanatics; they think of everything.Next to MaxFactory, HotToys is fastly becoming my favorite company. Their attention to detail and brilliant conceptualizing leaves me wondering "why the Hell can't American-toy companies do the same?"; it's truly embarrassing.

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Glad I have The Baron here as my only other Hot Toys co-fan on this board!


Hey dude,sorry about the pics,I know I promise but don't deliver.Honestly,I try to get around to it but just don't do it...think I'm a lil lazier cause I work all the time now.I will try and get them up sometime soon but my lil bro has the good digital camera until July 19th....he went on vacation.


Anyways,on route of what you were saying with "why the hell can't American toy companies do the same?", I think it's mostly because here in America, toys for the most part are still considered a kid-market. Though nowadays big toy companies like Hasbro are starting to recognize the importance and the value of adult toy collectors, it is still not completely 100% grasped. Though we are lucky that a lot of toy companies have sprung up whose main target are those adult toy collectors (ex. McFarlane Toys,Sideshow,SOTA,NECA,etc.). Adult toy collecting is becoming more widely accepted in the USA than it was say-10 years ago.


However,in Japan and the east Asia countries, toy collecting for the most part seems to be a well-known adult hobby and toy sculpting and design is even considered an art (the Japanese toy fans are known to dislike "visible joints" a la Marvel Legends and consider it shoddy workmanship). Thats why you end up having these toy companies who produce stellar quality items geared towards adult collectors, because they know they will make money off of them...whether it be there in their counties or in the import market. It's just the fact that the adult toy audience is larger and more commonly accepted in Japan than it is in the US. One thing I think that is a big contributer to this is the anime...both kids and adults love anime over there like they do here...just over there it seems to be more commonly accepted and has a bigger fanbase...so much so that now they have both those animes geared to kids,and then those geared to adults....same goes with toys.


I just think you're looking at two different cultures here with two totally different perspectives on the toy industry and ultimately somewhere that has led to the different development of various toy companies.


BTW - baron,what other Hot Toys products do you have besides the AvP series of snap-kits?


Here's my rundown in case you were curious:

-Various Aliens from AvP series 1 & 2,totalling at about 15

-One set of AvP series 2 (including the Queen,though I don't like the Hot Toys Predators as much as the Microman ones,so the MM ones take the spotlight from the HT ones)

-Two sets of Aliens (one opened & all figures constructed,one soon-to-be opened)

-1:6 scale Scar Predator (one open and posed,one MIB)

-1:6 scale Corporal Hicks

-1:6 scale Superman (Movie Masterpiece)


My younger brother has a set of Aliens,a red "grid" Alien from series 2 (he liked the Alien Resurrection colors),he also has 1:6 Corporal Hicks and Superman,but he also has got Sgt. Apone and Batman now as well.

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Hey there!


I only own 2 Hot Toys products (and small ones) but DEFINITELY count me in as impressed. And as part of the Hot Toys Craze club (?)


I've been looking at hundreds of pics and reading reviews left and right of their stuff (both 3 3/4 and 12'') and I was really, really looking forward to owning some of it.


I hail from the distant land of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Imports can get really pricey here. Just picture it this way: Just as you folks up there can find japanese imports to be a little salty, the same can be said down here about U.S. imports... so, japanese imports are double-pricey for us! (the few who collect).


I've acquired a AVP snap-kits Alien Warrior and Scar Predator. Not the grid alien or scar's variations (stealth or w/ chest-burster). I mean the "normal" ones. There's one thing I still can't figure out though: Are they series 1 or 2? I know you can build the Alien Queen from these, if that helps? What's the difference between both series? While I've been reading a lot about Hot Toys, I've been more curious about 1/6, even if I know I'll never get any of it!. So I'm wondering if I've missed something.







While I'm a sucker for sturdy and well articulated TOYS (in caps), somehow I've come to really, really appreciate these 2 little fellas.


The alien does kind of hold up better than the Predator but I must say, overall, it's not like they are coming apart all the time. At most, one arm or leg will fall off from trying "extreme" poses or from moving them fast from one side to the other. But that's it. They aren't "fragile". It's not like they will break upon touch. It's more like "loose".


I have been interested in Microman products as well, but you've got to admit that the final mass production specimens don't look as good as the prototypes. Plus, I've heard about issues with quality control. For instance, I was really looking forward to their Batman Begins figure, as ugly as it looked... but then, almost every review I would come across talked about loose or broken joints, sloppy paint, etc.


Then I saw pics of the snap kit Batman from Hot Toys. HOLY DAMN! If it's gonna be loose and/or fragile, at least let it _look_ good! That's something the Hot Toys Batman has - It looks like a "micronized" RAH or 1/6 Hot Toys version! I don't own one but I sure as hell will try to obtain one. Too bad all the BB snap kits are busts and #$## like that. Only the Batmobile kind of interests me.




I love 3 3/4. As someone else said - we FINALLY have aliens and predators in this scale.


I sure as hell hope Hot Toys starts making 3 3/4 stuff left and right. Bring in Robocop! Who cares about Kotobukiya's attempt? Let Hot Toys handle it!


BTW, I've seen pics of the Microman Superman Returns. SAD! The Comics style Superman does look badass though. But damn, wouldn't it rock if Hot Toys made their own 3 3/4 Supes from SR? It's needed.





So now, onto the questions:



You said you opened one of those USMC sets already. If we'll get no pics, then at least tells us some about em! :P


1) Are the marines smaller than the aliens and predators? In other words: Are the humans in scale with, say, gijoes or SW (both lines i've always collected)? Bonus track: If anyone owns the 3 3/4 Batman - how tall is he compared to joes, sw and #$##?


2) joints! Did Hot Toys get around their loose joints dilemma? Are these things finally 100% playable-with? :D


3) pics!




Catch ya later!

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Glad to see some more Hot Toys fans!Even one from Argentina! :)


Gentleman,here's my answers from my own perspective.


1) The Colonial Marines ARE in the scale of GI Joe/SW figures :) !!!

However,they are slightly taller than the 3-3/4'' figures as I would say they are closer to 4 inches,so they actually fit in better to the scale of the GI Joe vs. Cobra (JvC series) figures.


They are about the same size of the AvP series of Aliens,I'd say the Aliens are slightly taller but they look more monsterous compared to the USCM,so they work out.The Aliens from THIS (USCM vs. Aliens) series are even more monsterous and taller than both the USCM AND the AvP Aliens...so they look awesome and scary compared to the lil guys. The Marines are about the same height as the Predators too.


Honestly though,these things make GI Joes look like a joke.I hate to say it but they do.Because these things PROVE a new level of detail for 1:18 scale figures.You might've thought the camo on the original 1985 Leatherneck was top-notch but wait till you have these guys in your hand.


2) Hot Toys did acknowledge the joint issues and did correct them!


However,my best advice when putting these together is to BE PATIENT and try to WARM EVERY JOINT under a lamp or something so the plastic is flexible and therefore easier to put in.My bro broke his Ripley's leg ball-joint right off cause he got a little overzealous.The plastic for the Aliens does seem harder than it is for the Marines.


That's funny that you had loose joints on your figures.I have about 15+ Aliens combined from AvP 1 & 2 and I'd say 100% of the time if the joint was loose,then it would snap off.This happened mostly at the knees for most of my Aliens,because those small ball-joints were just molded on there and the plastic was just not strong enough to handle the wear-and-tear of motion so they would just come off after I'd even try to move the joint.However,this never happened on the Aliens' arms because of the double plastic ball-joints they had in there.Hot Toys put those double ball-joints on both the elbows and the knees for these new Aliens. I'd say about 5-6 AvP Aliens had their joints break off.


Also to answer your question,if your Alien and Predator came with pieces for the Alien Queen,then they are from AvP Series 2.There are NO differences between the AvP series 1 Scar Predator and the AvP series 2 Scar Predator.The difference between the AvP Series 2 Alien Warrior was that he has a slight gray color to him unlike the AvP Series 1 Aliens who were all black.The only exception to the color rule being the Grid Alien from Series 2 who was a slight red/orange color (a la Alien Resurrection).


3) I'll try to do some pics soon,once my bro is back from vacation!

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Hey C.C., I'm STILL waiting for my Aliens case to arrive (SAL can be a pain sometimes!), but I did get a pretty good deal so I can't complain. Right now, all that I have from HotToys is: AVP series 1 (set of 8), AVP series 2 (case of 12 w/Queen), 2 cases of Aliens vs. USMC(in transit), 1 (1:6)Scar, and 1 (1:6)Celtic. Although, I'm sure that when I have my Snap-Kit "eggs", I'll buckle and get the 1:6 Hicks, Apone and Vasquez (especially after seeing the previews for the 1:6 Alien, Elder and Chopper); I'm such a tool! I'm passing on the Batman Begins and Superman Returns 1:6 because I've got my eye on Takara's version (part of the Cy-Girl series...in-cre-di-ble!). I did really want the Snap-Kit Batman Begins chase, but passed on a great auction because I didn't want the gashapon statues that made-up the series; maybe I'll come across one loose in the near future (yeah, riiight!). I'm really hoping that HotToys will follow-up with an "Aliens vs. USMC Series 2" (ala AVP)with a Hudson, Vasquez, Bishop, ? and MORE Aliens complete with a "Build-a-Figure" Power-loader(how cool would that be?!) or Queen (I can dream, can't I?). It really wouldn't be so difficult to do considering that they'd basically be re-using the same basic body parts with new head sculpts (except for Bishop)for the Marines, same Aliens (you can NEVER have too many!). I also noticed the other day that the Queen that came with the AVP series 2 case has an extra pair of "nubs" that if hollowed-out, could accomodate the extra pair of small arms (that came with the extra "closed-egg") to represent the "Aliens" version queen (with 8 arms)...coincidence or brilliantly intentional?!! I personally would love a power-loader for a "battle-damaged" Ripley, but they could save alot of production costs by simply modifying the existing Queen mold (more logical for a toy-company).

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Gentleman, "Mucho gusto, caballero!". I have a good friend from Argentina(unfortunately returning home very soon) and my wife is Peruvian(we're currently struggling with her learning English and becoming an "American Citizen"). It's nice to see that there are others that are getting "turned-on" to these little marvels, although I'm sorry to hear that they are so difficult (and expen$ive) for you to find. I completely agree with you, I LOVE 1:18 scale figures and truly hope that HotToys continues to expand their Snap-Kit universe. Robo-Cop, Superman Returns, etc. ALL would translate very nicely into this toy-line (and my collection!). Cuidate y mejor suerte con tu collecion, hermano!

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I'm thinking that ALIENS Series 2 should actually expand to perhaps cover Alien 3 AND Alien Resurrection...since it wouldn't make much sense to just have another series with new Marine figures,but the same Aliens?


The human figures could be:

-Pvt.Vasquez (Aliens)

-Bishop (Aliens)

-Pvt.Hudson (Aliens)

-Ripley (Alien 3,Birth of the Alien Queen maybe?)

-Jonner (Alien Rez.)


The Aliens could be:

-Alien Drone (Same from Aliens Series 1,but all black and movie-accurate)

-Alien Warrior (New mold for Alien Rez Aliens,movie-accurate reddish color)

-Alien Warrior 2 (same as above,but in black "classic" colors)

-Runner Alien (Alien 3)

-Newborn (Alien Rez.)


And there could be the build-a-figure Powerloader which I agree would be perfect!If not,maybe a retooled Alien Queen to be ALIENS movie-accurate like you suggested.

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Iam a frequent visitor of their store in HK! :)


I think they will go places if they keep things up!

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hey ya peeps..this is darkshadow from Malaysia and i am here to give u my thoughts on the super awesome Aliens vs USCM set from Hot Toys..i am a Chinese btw,not that it matters to anyone..ok, moving on to the good stuff!


now i got my set on the 12th of July..i must say that it was delayed for a good two weeks.my toy supplier had placed an order for 12 sets but only 6 sets was delivered..apparently Hot Toys agent told my supplier that they had to ration the sets due to high demand.and my set of 12 figures cost RM 420 (equivalent to USD 120)..expensive but Hot Toys figures are as usual ,more expensive than say Star Wars or G.I Joe..they are priced at around the range of Takara products.


right, immediately after gettin my set,i proceeded to unpack each egg.the eggs are made from hard plastic and inside each egg,the figures are dismantled and separated using a clear plastic bag..the same one provided in the original AVP Snap Kits..the good thing is they took out those good for nothing key chains..i suppose Hot Toys receive numerous complains and now they release the figures in solid casing ,shaped like an Alien egg.


Oh ,the size of the egg is around 4 INCHES.oh an instruction sheet is also included in each Egg..the sheet is small (they sure are cutting down on cost on some uneeded areas) .and just in case you are wonderin, there are no information on Aliens Snap Kits 2 mentioned at all ..unlike the first AVP Snap Kits.


okay, for my set,i was hoping to get more Colonial Marine figures.i had been dying to get one since over 10 years ago.to my disappointment, i only get one figure each of Hicks and Apone but two figures of Drake..since that was the case, i always wanted a Hudson figure so i swapped Sarge's head and arms into the second Drake and place Drake's head and hands into Sarge's body..Thus having a Hudson figure..sadly, i received 7 figures of Aliens..not that i have anything against Aliens but i was hoping that there wil be more Marines in this release..



right, the size of each figure ,as you guys have known, are around 3 1/4.The Alien figures are a few Centimeters taller than the Marines.

the good thing regarding this release is the sturdiness of plastic used in molding each body part..Unlike the first AVP Snap Kits, the Predator figures look kinda clumsy..i remember my Predator was shipped with the wrong leg..two left legs in fact..also, the joints are too delicate..i broke the ankle joint for my Alien figure..


however, this is not the case for Aliens vs USCM..after assembling the Alien figures,they sure look impressive and menacing..Tough build,much meatier ,much bigger,much sturdier!!!they sure whooped a$$ on AVP's Aliens..


for the Aliens,the assembly of parts are the same as AVP..but for the Marines and Ripley, you only need to attach the HEAD,ARMS and LEGS to the body.no more attachment of hip and knee joints..yippee!






- now ,this corporal sure as hell kick ass..he comes equipped with a removable helmet with strap,his personal best friend the Pulse rifle,a motion tracker and his shotgun together with a holster..

- the helmet is quite detailed and it can fit on the figure's head quite sturdy..the helmet strap helps in this case.

- for the shotgun's holster, it comes in two parts (the front piece and the piece connected to the strap)..so you cannot slot the shotgun in or pull it out like in the movie..to take it out,you have to remove the front piece.the holster is made of rubber.


-the pulse rifle comes with a strap as well.now these weapon straps are removable and they are quite sturdy too.

- now ,Hot Toys sure go the distance to emulate the 12 inch version of Hicks and Apone..however, to my disappointment, the knife and the pistol are NOT removable..in the movie, i dont recall Hicks and Drake having a pistol holster..other than Frost.

fortunately,the holster can be taken out quite easily ..and since i had some pistols and holsters from my military collection, with the use of double sided tape,i managed to stick them to Hicks..looks much nicer and cooler ..IMHO,the pistol holster does look kinda big on the figures.

-there is only one thing to sum up on the Marines,they totally kick a$$...they look like the Marines,dress like the Marines...totally AWESOME!




- oh Apone has the same body and armor sculpt like Hicks..he comes with the same Pulse rifle and a Blowtorch..

- as for Ripley, she has a pulse rifle cum blowtorch and a motion tracker. the pulse rifle can be removed from the blowtorch as Hot Toys just use some glue to stick them together.

- as for Drake, he has a removable head piece that fits snuggly on his head.he comes with a two-piece M56 Smart Gun..one piece is the gun itself,the other piece connects the gun to a hole by the side of Drake's left body.


i must apologise for not providing any pics...but trust me,you cannot go wrong with buying this release...get your hands on more Colonial Marines figures!!!!!AFFIRMATIVE!

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I just got an extra Drake and Apone from eBay and did a similar "mix and match"...however,I didn't just want to trade out the forearms and leave Apone with upper biceps that wouldn't match.So I ended up making two "new" Marines by putting Drake's arms and head on Apone's body (He looks like a tougher "I-don't-need-no-stinkin'-shoulder-pads" Marine) and by putting Apone's head and arms on Drake's body...it makes him look a little more like a "By the book" type of Marine.So now I got two brand spankin' new marines to go with my others.


I just need to get some more Hicks now.

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Yeah, I finally got my case last week! I am loving these 'lil guys(except I busted Apone's knee joint trying to loosen the paint on the swivel...DAMN!)and can't wait to get more. I thought about swapping body-parts as you guys have suggested, however I'm still counting on HotToys releasing a series 2 with a Hudson and Vasquez. Another possibility for customizing might be using the heads from the 21st Century 1:18 Military lines(the heads seem about the same size and similar in sculpt). I was going to sell/trade my marines from my second case because I really only wanted more Aliens, but now I think I'll hang on to them just in case HotToys doesn't come through with another series(and to replace my gimped Apone!). I'm really impressed by the detail and quality of this series. HotToys has really out-done themselves with this line and I can't wait to see what they come up with in the near future.

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well ,from the movie,there are 12 marines featured.

i wish Hot Toys can release a USCM Snap Kits (minus the Aliens) featuring the guys below..or just produce generic marines



1) Sgt Apone

2) Corporal Hicks

3) Pvt Hudson

4) Pvt Frost

5) Pvt Wierzbowski

6) Pvt Crowe

7) Pvt Dietrich (the female doc)

8) Drake

9) Vasquez

10)Spunkmeyer (co-pilot)

11) Corporal Ferro (pilot)

12) Lt Gorman

8) Vasquez

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I have the robocop...it owns in every sense. they painted the face under there, they just glued the helmet on...its sooooo soo so cool. they captured the subtle colors in the armor so it looks different depending on what light they're viewed in...HOT TOYS Pleaaaase Give us an HUMAN FACE option accessory pack with the jetpack, and another regular head with grimacing expression... charge like 25-30 us for it...

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i just bought my second set of Aliens vs USCM..this time, it cost me about USD9 per figure.

now,at my toy retailer shop,there are 4 boxes and the guy is selling only 10 figures per set..as there are two duplicate figures in each set.

guess what,from each set ,the two duplicates are Drake and an Alien.

apparently, Hot Toys realise the hot figures will be the two Marines (hicks being the most sought after).

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Huuuge fan of Hot Toys here!

While I don't own any of the Aliens Vs UCSM, I do have the 1/6 Celtic Predator which kicks so much ass, and have on pre-order the 1/6 Elder, Chopper and Sideshow exclusive Ancient Predator Elder, the one who has the severed head of an Alien impaled on his spear.

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I think the alien and predator stuff looks great. I have been wanting to buy it, but just can't fit it into the budget. They are very nice though.

I love the the milltary stuff of HT I have a good bit of there figs Im going toa joelanta were they might have some there, but here r some site shttp://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/default.aspx,http://www.gijoeelite.com/f_home.asp, http://www.legendshobbies.com/, http://www.toys2.net/shopping.php,http://w...dstufftogo.net/

thats all I know to find HT. @optimus@

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Because I'm from Hong Kong I usually go and check the HOTTOYS shop when I go out and also get to check out the new stuff displayed in shows and conventions.


They're an awsome company that are into oversea characters.

Their Batman Begins and Superman Returns 13" figures looks great and I really love their Robocop and the upcomin ED209. I've also seen their AVP stuff and they really look good.

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