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Who would YOU cast in Avengers?


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I recently bumped up the Avengers movie thread, where most major Avengers are involved in a three-movie arc. Who would you cast in the roles?


1st Movie (characters and characteristics necessary to the movies):


Captain America - stalwart anchor, diplomatic, voice of reason


Iron Man - Conflicted, struggling with inner demons


Hank Pym/Giant-Man/Yellowjacket (in the 2nd movie) - scientist, dreamer, driven and focused, with vulnerabilities


Wasp - small frame, spirited, independent, a flair for the dramatic, always a clever comment, heart of the team


Warbird - Troubled, insecure, struggling to find her worth, battling alcoholism, beautiful


Hawkeye/Goliath (in the 3rd movie) - showman and showoff, brash, neanderthalic


Scarlet Witch - earthy, student of mystic arts, torn between father and doing good with her powers


Jarvis - loyal, faithful, wise, full of sage advice, cuts to the heart of the matter


Nick Fury - creates friction, abrasive


Red Skull - Diabolical, passionate about his cause



2nd Movie (New characters and characteristics necessary to the movies):


Wonder Man - Brawns and brains, sense of humor, reliable, stable


Black Widow - Athletic, mysterious, passionate, seductive, competitive, fiery


Ultron - Cold, calculating, intimidating, chillingly evil.



3rd Movie (New characters and characteristics necessary to the movies):


Falcon - Good natured, trustworthy, dedicated, determined


The Mandarin - mysterious, sinister, imposing, regal


Vision - quiet nobility, soulful, analytical


Eric Williams - leaner than brother Wonder Man, appears weak but is dangerously unbalanced

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nah man, ya gotta go the ultimate route.

i was discussing this with a friend last night and i came up with:


captain america: brad pitt

iron man: johnny depp (preferably tom cruise, but he's getting on bit...)

thor: viggo mortinsen

nick fury: sam jackson

giant man: mathew mcgonhauy (or how ever the frak you spell it)

wasp: lucy liu

banner: eric bana (i really liked him in the hulk movie...)

betty ross: scarlet johanson


second wave:

black widow: milla jojovich

hawkeye: matt damon

quicksilver: paul bettany

scarlet witch: monica belluci


writing/choreography: mark millar

directing: bryan singer or michael mann.

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hmmm the guy that plays loch?lock? in lost as captain america :P




I really have no idea on this one ... aside from lost and a few other shows most off the actors I know the names of or actaully like even are just too old now days...


THe guy that played batman in BB would make a good ironman as well I think though actually ... :P

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Christian Bale? Yeah, I like him, and I see a lot of parallels between Iron Man and Batman personalities.


Funny, I was thinking of Milla Jovovich for Black Widow as well.


I even thought about Matthew McConaughey as Giant Man as well. I see Hank Pym as dirty blond or brown curly hair, and a dimpled chin.


Not sure I see Lucy Liu as Wasp. I need someone perky and plucky. With a big contagious smile.


I'd like to see this project in Bryan Singer's hands.



Captain America - Jason Lewis (Sex and the City)


Iron Man - Christian Bale (Batman Begins, American Psycho)


Hank Pym/Giant Man/Yellowjacket - Matthew McConaughey (Failure to Launch)


Wasp - J. Robin Miller (I only know her from General Hospital, the soap opera, but she's the exact picture I have in my mind for Wasp)



Warbird - Naomi Watts (The Ring, King Kong)


Hawkeye/Goliath -


Scarlet Witch - Monica Bellucci


Jarvis - James Cromwell


Nick Fury -


Magneto - Ian McKellen


Red Skull - John Malkovich




Wonder Man -


Black Widow - Milla Jovovich


Ultron -




Falcon -


The Mandarin -


Vision - Adrien Brody (King Kong) ???


Eric Williams (eventually The Grim Reaper) - Cillian Murphy




Quicksilver (not in my outlines for the Avengers Trilogy, but the actor looks PERFECT) - Paul Bettany

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I think it's generally a better idea to case unknowns for parts where everyone already has big preconceived ideas about the characters. When you cast A-list actors they bring all sorts of baggage than can be counterproductive to making the characters believable/relatable.

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I think Owen Wilson for Hawkeye.


Samuel L. Jackson as Fury!!! (Absolutely undebatable.)

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  • 2 months later...

I'll always believe that the best guy to play Tony/Iron Man would be Dylan McDermott. He's got the right look, and if you've ever watched him in any of his tv shows or movies, he's also got the right kind of presence and attitude. I don't there would be anyone better.


I haven't really thought too much about the others.

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I'd like to see the ultimates concept taken on if Avengers got a movie. It would make alot more sense.


Black Nick Fury

Captain America (They might want to retcon him to be a modern day man)

Iron Man


Some version of Hank Pym






Have Scarlet Witch as a former member who died when she went crazy and threatened the world.


Possibly Warbird and Wonderman.


Villian: Red Skull


I don't want the Hulk anywhere near the thing. That justs gets things all crazy. Unfortunately that goes for She Hulk also. And definitely goes for Thor. The varying types of characters make a good comic book, but not a good movie.

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The only one that I can think of right now is Sam Jackson as Nick Fury.


Thats basically automatic! lol!

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My casting call:


Captain America - Anthony Michael Hall or Mark Valley (props to CapMan1984): Anthony Michael Hall is my first choice, though. I mean, in real life he's gone from a lanky geek to a buff hero, just like Steve Rogers. He'd need to beef-up a little more. If he's been able to beef-up to what he is now, from what he was, there shouldn't be a problem. Plus, Anthony Michael Hall is 6'2" and Mark Valley is 5'11"


Black Widow - Milla Jovovich


Nick Fury (616 Universe) - Tom Berenger

Nick Fury (Ultimate Universe) - Samuel L. Jackson


Iron Man - Ed Quinn (presently playing Nathan Stark on the Sci-Fi Channels new hit show "Eureka": I first thought of Johnny Depp as Tony Stark/Iron Man, because he's already got the whole drunken bit down. Plus, he grows a mean mustache/goatee. However, after seeing Ed Quinn playing a character very similar to Tony Stark, with the same last name of Stark, Depp went out the window.


Wasp - Nicole de Boer


Scarlet Witch - Scarlett Johansson: It's all in the name, ppl.


Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) - Morgan Webb: Again, it's all in the name, ppl.


Warbird - Jessica Simpson or Torrie Wilson


Hawkeye - Joel Gretsch or Sebastian Spence


Hank Pym/Giant-Man/Yellowjacket - Ben Browder


Black Panter - Djimon Hounsou: (Props to CapMan1984. I had to go back and add him.)


Quick Silver - Paul Bettany: (Excellent choice, RDA)


Falcon - J. August Richards


Luke Cage/Power Man - Roger R. Cross


Iron Fist - Ray Park: (I put him in here just because of Luke Cage)


Thor - Jouko Ahola - Or - Paul Levesque


Wonderman - David Batista: (Well, if he wasn't all tatooed up, he'd be alright. There just aren't enough guys big enough to play a lot of these huge superstrong characters from the the comic books, unless, they come from somewhere within the sports industry.)


Ultron - Mathew Wood: (Voice for CGI Ultron)


Red Skull - Jeremy Irons


The Mandarin - Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa




I don't know if anyone watches Eureka on the Sci Fi channel, but the guy who plays Nathan Stark (yeah, that's right, that's his characters last name) should play Iron Man.

Oh, man. I was busy typing my casting choices when you posted that. He's definitely my number one pick. Great minds really do think alike.

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Samuel L. Jackson as Fury!!! (Absolutely undebatable.)

What? No Hasselhoff? @smilepunch@


Well, my list for any Avengers movie(s):


Captain America - Mark Valley (no question for me here) Go Cap! #US1#



Iron Man - James Caviezel (or Oded Fehr from The Mummy for budget purposes)


Thor - Vladimir Kulich (guy from 13th Warrior)


Hank Pym - Matt Damon (pulls off being smart & a jerk; just watch Good Will Hunting)


Wasp - Kate Beckinsale (big name to promote with Damon, Caviezel, Watts)


Scarlet Witch - Rachel Weisz (The Mummy... she & Bettany just strike me as a good pair for siblings)


Quicksilver - Paul Bettany (great pick, RDA)


Hawkeye - Joel Gretsch (sounded good; he's solid in the 4400)

Vision - all CGI (Davey Jones style), but the voice should be an Peter Weller (Robocop), or James Earl Jones @DAD@


Ms. Marvel - Naomi Watts (another big name, but if she's too costly, a no-name would work fine here; just needs to look the part.. no Jessica Simpson allowed!)


Black Panther - Djimon Hounsou (perfect look & voice for T'Challa)

Black Widow - Milla Jovovich

Falcon - Michael Jai White (would be good for War Machine, too)


Wonder Man - some pretty boy (NOT Freddie Prinz, Jr. or Paul Walker.... a GOOD actor)

She-Hulk - no name (Hillary Swank would be perfect for me, but she is too expensive with all the others I listed)


Nick Fury - Samuel L. Jackson (or Bill Paxton with a gritty look... less expensive option, too)


Jarvis - John Hillerman (from Magnum P.I.)... may be too old though


Red Skull - John Malkovich


Ultron - all CGI (like Vision), with electronic voice of Jeremy Irons


Mandarin - Ken Wanatabe (cliche Asian pick @smilepunch@ )

Grim Reaper (Eric Williams) - Cillian Murphy (has weak look but BB should prove why he is dangerous)

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