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About the Deaths in X3 Movie....


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Ok if they were to do a sequal. Cyclops IS NOT DEAD!!! I know people are talking about it, BUT they never did show Cyclops die, all they said was they he is dead cuz they think Jean killed him. But in the movie, remember we never saw Cyclops decinagrate. Or at least i don't remember it.


We saw Professor die, but as many of you know he transfered over to the other guys body at the end of the movie.


Plus Phoenix can always rise from the ashes if they were to do another movie. I mean if she is that strong, i'm sure she can survive.


If there was to be another sequel. They would have Cyclops come back explaining he was never dead but just knocked unconcious somewhere.


If I were to write the next script, i would have it revolve around Apocalypse and have the story be about the cure again and how the last cure was just temporary and this "Human" really had the cure but that human was really Apocaylpse. Then have Warren come and become Death etc. Bring back Cyc, introduce gambit, have Rougue regain her powers and absorb Ms Marvels powers becoming super strong.


Then have everyone fight Apocalypse at the end, then have Jean come back as a REAL phoenix with fire powers and defeat Apocalyspe. That would be my script for X4.

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They didn't show Cyclops disintegrating because it would have blown any impact the death of Xavier had. He's dead.


And Rogue is best left un-powered. She never contributed anything and trying to do the Ms. Marvel thing at this point would be idiotic.

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Guest Leroy

Gotta agree about Cyke, they didnt show the body at any point and i hardly think that his ruby sunnys count as a corpse,

also in regards to them losing their powers leechs ability was to temporarily take a mutants power so if the "cure" was derived from leeches power then the cure must also be temporary.

i Guess the only reason it last longer when injected is that its in the bloodstream and not just physicall proximity

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Eh as they showed at the end magneot was getting his powers back slowly So I agree that the leech power doesn't stay forever.

Cyke though..Dead. Phoenix comming back I could see. Prof X in the new guys body sure. But she drained all of Cykes powers to refresh herself. That is why she could be gotten to by saying scotts name and so on. They made the big deaths and tough choices due to aiming for it to be the last. No doubt the characters will be worked into the future wolverine movie, magneto movie and who knows what else and if there is enough desire from fans there may be some kind of X men Days of future past story that would allow for there to be the return of all the old cast as it is time travel heavy. One of those someothng that happened before part 2 kinda things that chnaged the way everything went after and of course someone has to go back to fix it.

This is a selfish hope though as I know for a fact it would bring the sentinels heavily into the show. Most likely it would be someone comming back to stop the sentinel program from starting after part 1 and before part 2

just my thought and hope;)


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Saw the movie again last night... & it could mean many thangs...

They could either bring back Jean Grey like Charles did, maybe she's in a third dimension or whatever....

But one question though...

Why does pyro look soooo weak in this movie?

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As I said before...


There was a change in Scott skin but I didn´t saw it boiling. So it could be anything.

OK so I went back to the novel and it didn't say it was boiling, but it did say:


In the novel it said, and I quote:


"The, the light in Jean's eyes turned to fire.


They opened wide, her lips turning from the latest kiss to an O of alarm, shared in that perfect moment by Scott. Something basic had changed, and neither knew what would come next, nor how to cope.


Scott started to shiver, his skin like the corona of a star boiling off excess plasma."


Then after 2 paragraphs of talking about their love, it says "The world went white"


He's dead. No body, because he was torn into molecules. Sorry guys, but if he comes back at all, it's because he's cloned or something.




He's dead!!!


Towards the end of their kiss, you see Scott's face almost...bubble.


Jean even admitted it. She told Logan (shortly after waking up) to kill her before she kills someone else. Just because he didn't have much of a part in any of the movies doesn't mean he's alive and may come back for another. If anything, they could bring him back somehow (which they usually do), but there's no way he's alive. Not only that, but they had his grave at the end so even they admit he's dead.


And of course there's no body. Did you see Professor X's body after he was dead? Nope. Psylocke, Quills, Arclight? NOPE.


C'mon you guys.



They didn't show Cyclops disintegrating because it would have blown any impact the death of Xavier had. He's dead.


I completely agree. I already knew who was dying in the movie. But if they had showed Cyclops die, I probably wouldn't have been close to tears when Professor X bit the dust.

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Does anyone recall what Jean saw in Cyclops's glasses? Was it just Scott falling backwards? It was kinda too fast for me to tell.

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It'll be old if they all came back...

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dude change your topic title many people havnt seen the movie yet,and no one wants to know who dies u jackass, CHANGE YOUR TITLE!







for the people that haven't seen the movie yet (like me), please CHANGE THE TITLE......


Its bad enough knowing that someone dies in X-Men, to almost ruin the movie......

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In the movie if they brought back Pheonix in the next, for her to rise up from the ashes and become even stronger and use her fire powers and stuff, that'd be awesome. I would prefer if they have Apocalypse as the main bad guy in the movie, that way they could add in sentinels and stuff, and give Angel a bigger part, he could become Death and right in the beginning of the movie he would have to loose his wings. Xavier could come back ina different body, everybody who lost the powers could have it come back, those that are dead though (Cyclops) should stay dead. I think Heroes and Villains should team up to defeat Apocalypse but it should be Pheonix to end him showing her true power. That way X5 would surround Pheonix and her unlimited power.


Nuff Said

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Was that one mutant who had the shockwaves a dude or a chick? That bothered me through the entire damn movie.

A chick...


I'm pretty sure.


I know it's Arclight but HEY, they could've gotten a guy to do it? @hmmm@ @smilepunch@


Edit: JEEZ! Nevermind, it's definatly a girl. Go to yahoo and search the actress's name under the image search, YEESH!

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to bad storm didnt die that would be awsome...


Quoted for TRUTH!



Wish Storm died though.





700th post!

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Cyclops IS DEAD !!! I've never liked him, and probably never will. He's too much of a one-dimensional character. Much like Duke from G.I. Joe, who they also should have killed when Serpentor speared him.


Plus, PSYLOCKE did NOT die !!! See,:


Psylocke (a.k.a. Betsy Braddock) Did Not Die in X-Men 3, It was actually...

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They could bring in EVERYONE!! Remember this is the Marvel UNIVERSE. No One and I mean NO ONE stays dead. Alfred Molina said he'd like to play Doc Ock again and Avi Arad said to him that no one stays dead in the Marvel Universe.




1) Cyclops: We saw no body. He could be passed out and could discover the Sentinels in Arkalay Lake.


2) Prof X: OBVIOUS. The extra scene at the end explains it all.


3) Psylocke: That wasn't even her. Even though credited, it was a mutant that LOOKED LIKE HER. Brett Ratner said it himself in an interview with Super Hero Hype! This also goes for Arclight and Quill.


4) Callisto: We saw her get zapped but not vaporized. Heck even Deathstrike could come back.


For those of you who want characters to stay dead, you're constricting what they can do. Mr Sinister is a villian I'd like to see come in and Cyclops is one mutant who is capable of seriously giving Sinister a beating.

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