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WWE Monday Night RAW Results!


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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Airdate: Monday, May 15th, 2006

Location: The United Spirit Arena in Lubbock, TX

Results by PowerWrestling.com


WWE RAW Opener:


The fireworks went off in the arena for the start of Monday Night RAW as Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to Texas Tech University!


WWE Championship Match

Referee: Michael Chioda

Triple H vs. John Cena ©


The music of Triple H hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring for his shot at the WWE Championship to a huge reaction from the crowd. Lilian introduced Cena but Mr. McMahon's music hit instead as he strutted his way down to the ring with a huge smile on his face. McMahon said he has great news! He says that he has great news for everyone, and he's changing tonight's main event. McMahon said he's changing it for the better. Many of us are expecting the WWE Championship to be up for grabs momentarily, and they are right, but that's not all. He said the Intercontinental Title will also be up for grabs, two titles in one match. Rob Van Dam will join forces with John Cena to take on Triple H and his two partners, Shelton Benjamin and Chris Masters. McMahon said it's the first ever three on two handicap Texas Tornado Match, everyone in the ring at once. He said if Triple H or one of his partners score the fall, then they win the respective title, and it starts right now! John Cena's music hit as he made his way down as the WWE Champion!


WWE Championship & Intercontinental Title Match

Handicap Texas Tornado Match

Referee: Michael Chioda

Triple H, Chris Masters and Shelton Benjamin vs.

John Cena © and Rob Van Dam ©


The start:


Triple H and Cena traded right hands in the middle of the ring with Cena knocking Triple H down. Masters and Benjamin then hit the ring and stomped away at Cena and then RVD hit the ring and nailed Benjamin and Masters with right hands. RVD worked Benjamin over in the corner as Cena was tossed to the outside by Triple H. RVD nailed a slam on Masters as Triple H sent Cena head first into the announce table. In the ring, Masters scored with a powerslam on RVD.


Mid-match notes:


Triple H continued his assault on Cena with right hands on the outside and whipped him into the ring steps. Masters nailed right hands on RVD in the ring. Triple H went to slam Cena head first into the steps on the outside but Cena blocked and sent the Game head first into the steps. RVD sent Masters to the outside and then nailed a huricanrana on Benjamin. RVD nailed a somersault plancha onto Cena, Triple H and Masters on the outside as we go to commercial! Back on RAW and Cena is in control of Triple H but then walked into a spinebuster from the Game. Benjamin, Masters and RVD are down on the outside. Triple H sent Cena to the ropes but Cena came back with a flying shoulder, and then another, followed with a powerslam for two. Triple H sent Cena to the outside and followed out. Triple H sent RVD head first into the ring steps but then Cena sent Triple H into the barricade and nailed right hands but then Benjamin nailed Cena from behind and scored with right hands and then the Dragon Whip on the outside sending Cena over the barricade and into the crowd. Masters is in control of RVD in the ring and nailed him with a leg drop. Triple H then comes in and nailed right hands on RVD.


Benjamin took over with some shots to the back of the neck and then went to the apron and hit a running knee lift. Cena is struggling to his feet on the outside as Masters gave RVD a vertical suplex. Triple H then nailed a running knee drop and then Benjamin stalked RVD and hit him with a superkick and covered but Triple H broke the fall. Benjamin got in the Game's face as Masters locked in the Master Lock. Benjamin and Triple H then realised and both broke the hold. Masters then started yelling at the two of them as RVD came back with right hands on Triple H. RVD nailed a clothesline and a superkick to Benjamin and Masters respectively and then hit a step over heel kick on Triple H. RVD hit the rolling thunder splash on Benjamin and then hit a dropkick on Masters to send him outside. RVD nailed a slam on Benjamin and then went up top for the Five Star but Triple H pushed him to the outside. Cena is back in and went to work on all three men with clotheslines and right hands. Cena nailed spinebusters to all three and then hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Benjamin. Triple H went for the Pedigree on Cena but he was back dropped to the floor. Cena then sent Masters to the outside.


The Finish:


Cena hit the drop toe hold on Benjamin and locked in the STFU in the middle of the ring but then Masters came back in at the last second to break the hold. RVD is back up and went up top and nailed the Frog Splash on Benjamin. Triple H hit the Pedigree on RVD and then Cena hit the FU on Masters. Triple H nailed the Pedigree on Cena! Triple H turned Cena over and covered but Benjamin got to RVD first I think! Benjamin is the new Intercontinental Champion and Triple H is furious!


Winner and new Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin


The Aftermath:


Triple H gave referee Chioda the Pedigree and he feels he should be the WWE Champion and it's tough to argue with him!


During the break:


During the break Grisham tried to get a word with Triple H and Triple H barged past him and shoved the camera man down.


In the arena:


The music of Trish Stratus hit in the arena as she made her way down wearing her sling and VERY tight jeans (hot stuff), and she's still on the injured list with her separated shoulder. Trish got on the mic and said it seems to her that she and Mickie have some unfinished business. She said it's not about a match or the Women's Title, it's about you and me, and we're going to settle it right now. Mickie James made her way down to the ring as the Women's Champion. Trish put down the mic and it looks like she wants to go. Mickie charged at her and Trish did the MaTrish and then the blonde from last week hit the ring and attacked Mickie. Mickie ran up the aisle looking scared to death. Trish then introduced us to Beth, her new friend, and apparently Trish isn't the only one to be screwed over by Mickie. Beth said she won't let Mickie get away with what she did to her. Beth called Mickie a psycho and Mickie looked scared to death.


This Week In Wrestling History:


We are taken to footage of Bruno Sammartino beating Buddy Rogers in 48 seconds for the WWWF Championship in Madison Square Garden. Sammartino set attendance records around the country defending his title against some legends of the ring, holding the title for seven and a half years, and became one of the most popular superstars in history.




Triple H is going nuts in his locker room and Shane McMahon comes in. Shane said he can tell he's not in the mood for small talk, and he's here to collect on Vince's favour. Shane said the WWE Title was on the line and since he scratched his back, it's time for Triple H to scratch his. Shane brought up the Shawn Michaels vs. Kenny match, and he will be the guest referee. He said the Spirit Squad is banned from ringside, but Vince wants Triple H in Kenny's corner to make sure Michaels is taken care of. Triple H looked pissed.


World Tag Team Championship Match

Referee: Chad Patton

Snitsky and Goldust vs. The Spirit Squad ©


The music of Spirit Squad hit as Mikey, Nicky, Johnny and Mitch made their way to the ring. The Squad did another lame chant before Snitsky and Goldust made their way to the ring. Anthony Michael Hall is shown watching the show from the front row.


The start:


Johnny and Nicky are going to be in action here tonight. Snitsky starts out with Johnny with a lock up. Johnny grabs a side headlock but Snitsky sends him to the ropes and nails a shoulder block. Snitsky then hit a hip toss and a slam, followed with an elbow for two. Goldust tagged in who hit a butt bump on Johnny and Nicky tagged in. Goldust nailed a slam on Nicky and then worked over his arm. Nicky backed Goldust to the ropes and hit a knee to the gut but then Goldust came back with an uppercut and then an atomic drop.


Mid-match notes:


Johnny and Nicky them took over on Goldust and he was sent to the outside where the other two members of the Squad rammed Goldust into the apron. Nicky got a near fall on Goldust back in the ring. The Squad choked Goldust over the middle rope as the referee was distracted and then Nicky covered for two. Goldust almost made it to a tag but one of the Squad pulled Snitsky off the apron and then Nicky took Goldust down and covered for two. Johnny tagged in but Goldust started to fight back but Nicky pulled him down and Johnny stomped away at him. Johnny knocked Goldust down with a clothesline and covered for two. Johnny locked in a headlock on Goldust as the fans got behind the Golden One. Goldust fought out but ran into a hip toss for two. Nicky tagged in and sent Goldust to the ropes and went for a hip toss but Goldust reversed into a backslide for two. Goldust then nailed a powerslam on Nicky.


The Finish:


Snitsky finally gets the tag and nails clotheslines and body slams to both men. Nicky raked the eyes and they sent Snitsky to the ropes but he came back with a double clothesline. Mitch got on the apron and Snitsky scared him down and then he nailed a powerslam for two. Goldust was sent to the outside as Mikey hit a bulldog from the outside onto the trampoline into the ring on Snitsky and then put Johnny on top of him for the win.


Winners and still World Tag Team Champions, The Spirit Squad




Mick Foley is shown backstage making his way towards the arena as we go to commercial.


In the arena:


The music of Mick Foley hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring, and he has some explaining to do after last week. Foley got on the mic and said that the fans are being judgmental and he wants to explain himself. He wants to answer the question, what was he doing hanging out with Melina at Kane's movie premier? Nice! Foley said as for the incident involving Tommy Dreamer, he can't believe he took a barbwire bat and bludgeoned a friend of his for ten years, and it seems he was in cahoots with Edge his sworn enemy. He said he can offer excuses, but the people deserve better, they deserve an apology. He said he'd like to say two words to the state of Texas�he's sorry. He wanted to say sorry personally to Tommy Dreamer, but he couldn't be here tonight. He said he's going to bring out another guy you might be familiar with. He was hardcore before hardcore existed, the Texas Bronco, Terry Funk! Funk made his way down to the ring as footage was shown from WrestleMania XIV with himself and Cactus Jack winning the Tag Titles from the New Age Outlaws in a Dumpster Match. Foley offered a handshake and Terry said not so fast. The fans chanted "Terry" as Funk said he knows the reason why he humiliated Tommy Dreamer. Funk wants to know why. Funk asked why he went that far.


Foley said at WrestleMania, he and Edge made history. They had the greatest hardcore match the show has ever seen. Foley said he will be damned if he let some second rate ECW scumbags come into their house and portray themselves as what hardcore is all about. Maybe he and Edge made a little pact to defend what they created. There are three things he will defend with his life�the honor of his wife, the honor of his children, and the legacy of a hardcore legend. Funk said Foley is ECW, family is ECW, and he's family. He said he wants to tell Mick that he's been with him through the years, he's fought him and Funk broke his nose, and Foley broke his nose, they've been in barbwire, in fires and everything else, but he's always put his arm around him and said he's a hell of a tough guy. Funk said Foley is like a son to him and that's why he's here tonight. The two hugged and Foley said he wants to tell him something. He said this is the first time they've stood together in a WWE ring and it's been a long time. Remember 2003? Madison Square Garden, he was honored as Steve Austin handed him the Hardcore belt, surrounded with men he respects, but where was Terry Funk? He was out at the Double Cross in Amarillo. Why? Because Terry Funk wanted too much money to be there. Foley said that broke his heart, and now he has the nerve to stand here and tell him he's like a son to him? Foley said to shut his damn mouth. This is his ring and these are his fans. He said one day he'll get the phone call saying the Funker's gone; would you like to say a few words at his service? And Foley will say it will cost a hell of a lot of money to bring him out to a dump like Amarillo.


Foley said it won't cost him a dime, he'll show up at his funeral so he can spit on his grave you greedy son of a #$##! Funk said Foley has some nerve and he's going to John Wayne his ass! Foley said to take his best shot. Funk slapped Foley around provoking him to hit him. Funk said if he had a head like his, he'd have it circumcised. Foley got pissed and went to leave. Funk said Foley's wife is a whore. Foley got back in the ring and looked PISSED. Funk said his kids are bastards! Funk then said the WWE sucks and Foley nailed him with a right hand. Foley nailed more right hands on the Funker and then Funk came back with right hands of his own. Edge then hit the ring and Funk nailed left hands on him. Lita then hit the ring and hit Funk with a low blow and then Foley and Edge stomped away on Funk. Edge grabbed the barbwire bat and Foley held Funk as Edge nailed Funk in the mid section with it. Edge continued his assault with the barbwire bat. Foley then pulled out socko and rammed it down the gullet of Terry Funk and then Edge nailed him with the Spear. Foley and Edge celebrated and Foley once again kissed the hand of Lita, and Terry Funk has been decimated here in Texas.


Referee: Jack Doan

Matt Striker vs. Eugene


Matt Striker is in the ring and his original plan for the evening was to talk about immigration, but since they are all immigrants, it wouldn't be received too well. If you're not smart enough for the University of Texas, then you settle for Texas Tech. Striker said tonight, Eugene learns a lesson courtesy of Matt Striker. Eugene made his way down in an oversized cowboy hat.


The start:


Striker hit a baseball slide through the ropes onto Eugene on the outside and then threw him back into the ring. Striker nailed right hands in the corner and then some stops to Eugene. Striker hit a running boot to the fallen Eugene in the corner and then locked in a head vice and hit some knees to the face. Eugene fought out and then hit a headbutt to the mid section but Striker came back with another knee to the head and then went to work with right hands.


The Finish:


Striker sent Eugene head first into the turnbuckle and Eugene started to fire up and nailed right hands and then a swinging knockdown. Eugene scored with an airplane spin and went for a stunner but Striker blocked and then Eugene hit a big boot and went for the leg drop and scored with it and covered but Striker kicked out. Eugene went for the Rock Bottom but Striker blocked and hit a modified neckbreaker and then a neck snap onto his knee for the win.


Winner - Matt Striker




We are taken back to the history of Kane, with his debut at Bad Blood and then his run of destruction to when he was unmasked in 2003. Kane's rampage continued and then the May 19th voices began a few weeks back.




Maria is in the back with Carlito. She said last week Eugene got involved in his match with Striker and Carlito took them both out. Carlito said he liked Eugene just fine until he got involved in his match, and messing with Carlito is not cool. Maria said Carlito's t-shirt is cool, and she loves the evil little apple. She doesn't understand the spit or swallow part? Carlito asks Maria the same question, and she thinks he means when she eats and apple, and she says she swallows. Carlito said that is cool.




Vince McMahon is shown fondling Candice in the back and Triple H comes in. Triple H looks pissed and McMahon said he came close to winning the title tonight. McMahon said he gave Triple H what he wanted, so he scratched his back, and as Shane told him earlier, it's now time for Triple H to scratch Vince's back. Vince said he has a present for Triple H and pulled out a sledgehammer. He said he wants Triple H to bash Shawn Michaels head in and there will be a new era dawning in the WWE. Triple H took the sledgehammer and did not look pleased.


Referee: Mickey Hensen

Umaga vs. Chris Wellman


Armando Alejandro Estrada is in the ring and says tonight he has something special. He talks to the jobber in the ring and said he heard through the grapevine that he's the toughest hombre in all of Texas, but unfortunately for his, the man he's facing tonight is not from Texas, it's his Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga!


The match:


Umaga squashed Wellman in the corner and then pulled him into a one armed slam. Umaga tossed Wellman to the outside face first and then followed out. Umaga stood Wellman on the ring steps and then tossed him over his head right to the floor. Back in the ring and Umaga rammed Wellman upside down into the turnbuckle and tied him in the tree of woe and hit the running headbutt. Umaga then hit the running butt bump in the corner and pulled Wellman to the middle of the ring and gave him the Samoan Spike for the win.


Winner - Umaga


The Aftermath:


Armando Alejandro Estrada got in the ring and celebrated Umaga's easy victory.




The Spirit Squad are shown in the back with Shane McMahon. The Squad did a chant about Shane as we go to commercial.


Referee: Shane McMahon

Kenny vs. Shawn Michaels


The music of Shane McMahon hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring as the special guest referee. Kenny then made his way to the ring alone as the rest of the Spirit Squad is banned from ringside. Triple H then made his way down as he's being forced by Vince McMahon to be in the corner of Kenny here tonight. Finally, Shawn Michaels made his way down and we are set to go.


The start:


Michaels nailed Kenny with right hands and dropped him to the canvas. Michaels hit a high back body drop and then sent Kenny to the outside. Michaels chased Shane McMahon around the ring and Shane went over to Triple H and regrouped with Kenny. Back in the ring and Michaels nailed Kenny with another right hand and then went to work with chops in the corner followed by same jabs. Shane then distracted Shawn as Kenny took him down and went to work with mounted punches.


Mid-match notes:


Michaels came back with more chops in the corner but then Kenny sent Michaels hard to the opposite corner, sending him inside out and over the top to the outside. Triple H loomed with the sledgehammer and then Kenny came over and got a chop from Michaels. Michaels went for the top rope elbow but Shane tossed him off the top and then Kenny hit a DDT and got two from a fast count. Kenny hit a back elbow knockdown for another fast two. Shane McMahon took his belt off and looked away as Kenny lashed Michaels with the belt across the back. Kenny covered for another fast two count. Kenny choked Michaels with the belt but Michaels fought out. Shane went over to Triple H and told him to get in the ring and hit Michaels with the hammer.


Michaels fought back against Kenny and nailed the flying forearm. Michaels nipped up and hit an atomic drop and then some right hands. Michaels grabbed the belt and lashed Shane with it and he ran off up the aisle. Michaels hit a slam on Kenny and went up top and came off with the elbow drop on Kenny. Michaels started to tune up the band and scored with the Sweet Chin Music on Kenny. Shane then hit the ring and tackled Michaels down and hammered him with right hands. Shane hit some knees to the gut and then a reverse backbreaker repeatedly. Shane called Triple H into the ring and in he came with the sledgehammer, slowly.


The Finish:


Shane held Michaels as Triple H told Michaels to look at him; he wants him to see this coming. Triple H nailed Shane right in the head with the hammer when Michaels ducked! Triple H looked a little concerned and checked on Shane. Vince McMahon then hit the ring and called for help from the back. Triple H acted like it was an accident and left the ring. The trainers checked on Shane as Triple H made his way up the aisle saying it was an accident. Vince held Shane and Vince called him a son of a #$## and cried onto the shoulder of his fallen son as RAW went off the air.

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