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52 - Weekly Series


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Typical how a group of stereotypical asian characters are villians. LOL


I say stereotypical since I read their powers on some site and lol they are hilarious. For example, mother of champions has the power to give birth to 25 champions in two days. LOL


Go stereotype!





At least there is hope for the new atom. Please no let him be an arrogant person like sunfire or a super genius asexual dude like that guy from 16 candles.

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Boring issue. I'm really more interested in the Question and Steel storylines, which weren't even adressed this week.

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52 - Week 7 (only Forty Five issues left)


The Lost Heroes - Adam Strange is still trying to repair the Thanagarian Warbird while Starfire seems to be getting high from eating the fruit on the planet they landed on. Starfire decides she needs a breather from Adam Strange and finds a giant....but, I'm not too sure who that is.


Rene Montoya - Down and out from The Question not returning to her to she if she's ok, Rene puts two and two together. 520 Kane Street is named after Kate Kane's (the new Batwoman) family and they own over half of the warehouses in those docks.

Rene takes a visit to Kate 's mansion but she's having a party that night. Anyway, they get to talking (it seems they had a relationship at one point in their history) and Kate ends up telling Rene (indirectly) that she's going to help her.....this sets up the Batwoman character making a debut in #11.


Booster Gold - "The Fall of a Hero." All the things being built up by Booster by staging all these saves on Metropolis, Booster is called out by Ralph Dibny (who's in Metropolis to ask for Booster's help on the Cult of Connor thing.) Since Booster is supposedly knowledgable (yeah right) about the history of DCU Ralph asks, "Why the HELL didn't you warn me my wife was going to die?!" Brutal. And it only gets worse.

Booster is set to stop a mob riot in front of Luthor's Lexcorp and he stops a gas truck fire only to be interviewed later by Lois Lane. They're interrupted by Bob Castell (the actor who played Manthrax last week) who complains that Booster's check bounced and he staged the whole fight. Ralph then chimes in and basically denounces Booster as a hero.

Is this a start of a turn around for Booster? Time will tell.


History of DCU - Much of this Dan Jurgens penned history is about his last 'great' mini series "Zero Hour." what a friggin' BORING read. I almost just stopped reading after the second page. Zero Hour never made sense to me and, even reading this synopsis, it still made no sense. Can't wait for Mark Waid's back ups coming up soon.

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52 - Week 7 (only Forty Five issues left)


History of DCU - Much of this Dan Jurgens penned history is about his last 'great' mini series "Zero Hour." what a friggin' BORING read. I almost just stopped reading after the second page. Zero Hour never made sense to me and, even reading this synopsis, it still made no sense. Can't wait for Mark Waid's back ups coming up soon.


What caught me was, that Extant, nee Monarch, was told to be /both/ Hawk AND Dove in this mini-history. Maybe this was the way to explain how Dove (Dawn) was found by the JSA last year, as something other than a Superman /Superboy pummeling the Fourth Wall.

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I'm loving the Steel storyline. They got even more into that this week. The stupid history of the DCU thing is about to make me puke up my insides though. It's a psychological struggle to read.

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52 - Week 8 (only forty four issues to go)


Steel: Looks like John Henry Irons has been infected by Lex's serum a couple weeks back. His skin is now becoming a steel mesh. Natasha (John's niece) thinks he did this on purpose and doesn't want her to follow his lead. Stuck in a bad situation, huh? End of the issue, Natasha is taken in by Lex and is given 'the works.'


Green Arrow/Elongated Man: Ralph is in Star City now trying get info from Ollie about the Cult of Conner. He also starts putting two and two together....The inverted Superman symbol tagged on Sue's tombstone is now shown on the door of a lead that Ralph got. Remember, this all about ressurection here. Ollie's been brought back, Hal's been brought back, Superman's been brought back. We'll see how this whole story pans out.


New Hero: There's a new hero in Metropolis...Super Nova, (which is the name Superman took when he was depowered back in World's Finest #178) and Booster is pissed that he's getting all this exposure and not him. Nice to see Clark Kent in this issue talking with Booster.


Lost Heroes: Adam Strange and Animal Man go looking for Starfire. Talks about how strong Tamarans are and that she's missing is a concern for Adam. They're captured by the same species as Starfire was (may not be the same giant, not sure.


History of DCU: Basically gets into the revival of JLA (ala Grant Morrisson and Howard Porter), Connor Hawke taking on the mantle of Green Arrow, Lois and Clark's marriage, New Titans run by Atom, Superman's shift in powers, Young Justice becoming Teen Titans, the JSA revival, the death of Donna Troy (again), death of Hourman, Spoiler, return of Supergirl, and closes with the precursor to Identity Crisis. At least this story was a tad better than the explaination of Zero Hour.

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Hey can anyone confirm wether there will be a 52 hard cover or trade coming out?

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I'm finding the history of the DCU quite interesting, although it is also abit concise to the ppoint that it seems to miss some of the impact of some of the events that happen, which I suppose is only natural considering its a few pages each time.


I'm also liking the main stories, they are getting some pace in them now, things are staring to pan out and ask questions. Not seen Black Adam for a while, so hopefully he will turn up soon. I like the fact that although he is in essence a villain, he still is wanting to make sure that the innocent people of the world are protected from people like Terra man (as he so graphically explains).


I think the big highlight about this series is that its a sort of showcase for a lot of heroes DC has; gives the smaller heroes the chance to have a kick about the DC universe and gain some fans.


Overall, I'm liking where this story is going.

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you make agood point I wouldn't mind a regular series thats like this thats all just random people and storys and what n ot all the time it is quite nice!!


Its more or less though like they are taking bits from comicsthey are putting out monthly, putting lil bits of each one into one book... & because theres so many dif people in it it ataully gives it a big event book type feel with out actaully being a big event :P

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Sorry I hadn't updated the past couple weeks....been going through a lot of hell and trying to get my life back.


52 - Week 9


Luthor/Steel/Natasha: Luthor's celebrating his 'everyone can have super powers' campaign when John Henry Irons comes up (in his new Steel form) and demands Luthor to give back his niece, Natasha. Natasha is seen now protecting Luthor from her uncle and a fight ensues (typical.) THe fight continues, more talking about who's right, blah, blah, blah.


Lost Heroes: Animal Man, Starfire, and Adam Strange are still captured by the giant, Devilance the Pursuer. They now know that they've been captured because they 'know too much.' Starfire frees them and they take Devilance's lance.


Rene Montoya: She's chillin' at a bar and Vic Sage comes by and reveals his identity to her. Vic tells her that Gotham's being run by Intergang...Superman's group of foes, yeah?

Also, issue #14 isn't the first appearance of Batwoman....this on is. Check it out.


History of DCU: Real brief synopsis of what happened in Identity Crisis. If you hadn't read the series, these three pages give you the gist of the 8 issues.





52 - Week 10


Black Adam: Adam's holding counsel with the countries who've agreed to stand by his side. An intruder (the girl Adam 'saved' from Intergang earlier in this series, is calling shenanigans. Yeah, this basically sets up Black Adam falling in love with this chick.


Clark Kent: Clark's slipping. He's not writing too well, he's lost his super powers, and now Supernova is the talk of town and he can't get an exclusive. Perry White fires Clark, Clark jumps out a window, he's saved by Supernova and gets an exclusive interview. Who is Supernova? Hmm.....could it be Kon-El? Peeerrrrrhapsss.


Booster Gold: He's still pissed about Supernova taking his spotlight. Loses his penthouse apartment.


Will Magnus/Prof. Morrow: Their monthly meeting happens again (has it already been a month?!) Will Magnus has found Dr. Sivana's worm....well, the shell of it anyway. The missing mad scientists are still missing and, probably, still mad.



No update for week 11 until probably the Sunday or Monday after the San Diego Comic Con. See ya'll!

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Synch, yeah its sort of like an event, but taking time on it, so the story can be more thorough.


Yes! Black Adam is back! and he seems to be getting owned by some slave girl from Egypt...?


Can Black Adam change back to whoever he was before Black Adam? as when he is on his own he says 'Shazam' but doesn't change. Or does he have another phrase to say, like Captain Marvel Jr?

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I am digging w52, I can't wait for a hardcover of it all, any word on one?..


I am loving the Rene Montoya story as well as question, I dig it! Anynoe know if its true what the question said about sigs?.. Like how the stuff they used to kill jews is in them? :S I don't smoke my self ever but it would be nice to know haha!


I am diging steel as well & others, its a good book! What I find most humoris is booster gold, he helps change history and now he is shocked that his records ect are so screwed up!!

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52 - Week 11 (yeah, I'm a week off)


Ralph Dibny: On the first page, Ralph is seen getting 'aggressive' with kids who seem to be a part of the Cult of Connor. He then realizes they're kids and gets a phone call that his storage unit in Opal City Storage has been burgalarized. Looks like the Cult of Connor's trying to ressurect Sue Dibny.


Rene Montoya: She's chillin', talkin' with Sage. Sage is giving her the facts about smoking and the chemicals that are in them and what not. Kate Kane comes rollin' up and Rene gets jealous because Kate brought another chic with her. 520 Kane Street is confirmed by Kate as being part of the family's property but they have no direct involvement with it. It's all through holding companies and what not.

Rene and Kate fight because Rene won't tell Kate what all this investigatings all about. Vic brings up Intergang again. *sigh* They break in to the warehouse again and are assulted by a werewolf-type creature/person. Batwoman saves the day. 'Nuff said.


History of DCU: Basically covers what happened after Infinite Crisis was over and the Monitor shows up. Yippee.....

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Week 12 was pretty interesting...


Captain Marvel has gone over the edge and is insane!


Black Adam.. is he using ISSIS? Is he turning over a new leaf?


The history on Wonder Woman was short but well done.


Overall I like where the story line is going but it's getting there pretty slow! (I know it's a 52 part series but still!)

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52 - Week 12


Rene Montoya: Goes back to talk with Maggie to tell her about Intergang. Maggie freaks out saying, "So now Intergang knows we're on to them, and we don't have the first idea how to stop them."

Rene gets back to her apartment where a naked Sage tells her that they're going to Kahndaq to find out about Intergang.


Black Adam: Is shown helping people around run down villages of Kahndaq and they tell him he is their savior. He doesn't think so and a conversation ensues about what it is to be a hero with power and a person with powers who doesn't use them for nothing but being a great, big bully.

Teth Adam sees in Adrianna something good (he's in wuv) so he takes him to Captain Marvel (who is now seen as going a bit....'insane') to get the ok to give her the amulet of Isis. Seeing Captain Marvel just cracking up is a bit sad. I liked the character.

Anyway, Adrianna is now Isis...she wants to go and save her brother, who was sold in to slavery when Intergang kidnapped her and killer the rest of her family in front of her.


Ralph Dibny: He's chillin' in Cassie's apartment (dorm room?) when she comes in from a Cult of Connor meeting (now with collectible shirts.) Ralph asks Cassie why they stole Sue's personal effects and didn't steal anything of value. She says that Devem had Sue's wedding ring and wanted to use that to test on the resurrection abilities of the Cult of Connor.

Cassie tells Ralph not to be mad. He's not mad, he wants to help. Which...kinda makes him mad, really.


Origin of Wonder Woman: Brief history of what made Wonder Woman who she is with powers and weapons and essential storylines to go out and buy like mad comic readers that we are.

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I'm glad they are starting to use Black Adam. I'm beginning to like the dynamics of the Black Adam/Marvel family

Plus #12 answered my question about why they couldn't change.

Also, does that mean that the Trials of Shazam will be set after 52, and some where along the line Captain Marvel will become sane again?

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52 - Week 13


Elongated Man: Now at the Cult of Connor's 'lair,' Ralph brings along Metamorpho, Hal Jordan, Grren Arrow, and Zauriel to the shindig that's supposed to bring his wife back. EM has his reasons on why he brought each one of the heroes (mostly because all have been ressurected or are soldiers of god) so, he thinks this will help him deduce what the hell's going on.

As the story goes on, it looks like EM will turn back to the hero side and come to his senses. Then, after destroying alot of stuff in the cult's home, the rag doll that was to be Sue Dibny calls out to Ralph. He finally believes that it may be possible to bring her back. He takes the remains of the rag doll and is seen at the end of this issue saying, "try again....try again..."


Black Adam: Shown with the new Isis ransacking salvery barns in hopes of finding Adrianna's brother. They're saving kids, Black Adam's being taught that he doesn't always have to kill to get his point across, and he's falling in love with Isis.


That's pretty much it. Looks like they're focusing more and more on singular storylines now that they're up and running. Guess I'll have to wait for the Lost Heroes story to get it's time in the lime light for a week or two or three....


Origins: Elongated Man origin.

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Oooh resurrection in a comic book. That suprised me. If there's one thing I HAVEN@T seen them do in a comic book is bringing a dead character back from the dead...


...by the way I'm being sarcastic @loll@


I thought 52 was different... @grumpy@


But then I guess we still got time to see where they go with this. In the meantime I'm off to squeeze some stress relievers...

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I'm really loving this series. I'm not sure if it gettin a weekly "fix" with all these multiple stories or what. I can't wait to see what Lex is up to and to check in with the Adam Starnge crew. What I really like is the turn that Black Adam has taken with in the last couple of years. He's really become a interesting character and has in many ways outshined Capt Marvel (which I hope changes somewhat in that new CM mini).


As for an earlier question regarding a collection of 52, not gonna happen for a long time. Dido has repeatedly said that there will be no collection of 52 before the whole thing is completed. So May of 2007 is the earliest and I'm kind of interested to see how they would do it. They can do the Origins and History of the DCU as one shots. But since most of the stories will inter-twine (sp) at some point you couldn't just print the Steel stories and the Question stories seperately. Assuming that each issue has 20 pages of main story, that's well over 1000 pages. I can see the breaking it up into four of five trades each identified with a volume number but that's about it.

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That sucks!!! :( They could have REALLY brought Sue Dibny back if Ralph's superhero group hadn't screwed up the ceremony!!! :angry:




raph him self is the only reason they did anything to start with, besides we don't know if it would have worked or not at all still ... I am betting it was just a trick of some kind

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52 - Week 14


Rene & The Question: They take a 31 hour flight to Khandaq on Day 6 of Week 14. Vic has connections ('Tot') that lead Rene and him to the temple district (stupid name) and they're being followed and set up. They get to the temple, everyone's dead, they're accused of crimes against Khandaq sovereignty.


Steel: Finally get back to his story. The steel skin has pretty much covered his entire body. There are patches of skin still exposed. He's finished building his niece's armor, he still feels guilty about letting her down.


Doc Magnus: Apparently, T.O. Morrow has escaped but has left Magnus a note. It's coding that helps revive the Metal Men. Good to see them back. The U.S. government wants Magnus' secrets to build Metal Men of their own. Magnus refuses.


Origins: We get Metamorpho's origin this week. I never knew his history so that was a good two pages recap.


Looks like we get to see Booster Gold and Supernova next (this) week.

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