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how i got ripped off as a kid


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After reading some of these stories, I'm glad my mom was so stern about not letting me take my toys out of the house/yard, and always warned me about letting other kids play with my toys. I still have most of my childhood toys, and in good condition, and now I understand why. :P


My mom was the same way. I snuck the pizza shooter to school, and never took another toy after that. But I did take my comics! The Age of Apocalypse comics were so good... :-P



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nothing really bad happened to me but my best friend tried getting me into gi joes. he started off by givin me his colletion back in 85. he soon ran out of stuff to give me then he started sneaking into his neighbor's yard because he would always leave his toys outside overnight. everyday he bought me new figures.


I remember a few years later, I had spotted a bunch of toys sitting on the side of someone's house, near the garbage. I decided to one night to grab them. from what I remember, I grabbed a terrordrome and a full set of the battleforce 2000 vehicles.

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1st thing in the morning right after my mom dropped me off at school. Some 4th grader threw my A.W.E Striker in the trash can on show n tell day back in '85 when I was in kindergarten. Another big kid saw him do it and helped me fish it out. I'm guessin he tried to steal it, but checnged his mind at the last second when the other big kids noticed what he was up to. Other than that I've never really been hassled in my life, maybe that's why I have such good memories of childhood.

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Never lost Joes, but I did lose some other figures to stealin' brats.

This thread is why when people say kids are "innocent" I just roll my eyes :rolleyes:

Really, it's up to adults to teach them right from wrong, because they will definately do wrong. Yeah, that seems obvious...but it surprises me how some parents let kids get away with anything short of murder.


Yes it is, I'm allways surprised these days at how mouthy some kids can be at how young an age, I Just wana put my foot up there ass :P but then yknow... jail ect @loll@ I just can't belive what some parents let there kids get away with :S It allways seems harsh when you see parents yellingat there kids and such too though in public @loll@ you can hardly get away with anything with out having the cops on you're door too these days so its not really that suprising I guess @loll@




I was on the other side of the coin as well (sort of), back when MOTU was huge I went freakin' ga-ga over those toys, and I had this friend that would regularly get MOTU figures, he then would trade me the toy for either a Transformer, a Go-Bot or a Joe.

One time I remember, I was telling him how much I wanted Skeletor, and he goes "Skeletor?" "I can get him for you right now, but I get your F.A.N.G. copter", Done! I said. So we walk over to his house, me thinking that he's going to get Skeletor, but he only drops off the Copter, then we walk over to his neighbor's, this kid whom I barely knew and he's playing with this huge box of toys, he asks him if we can play and the kid says yes, so we start going through the box and I see my buddy grabbing a Skeletor, and when the other kid looks away my friend throws the figure all the way into his backyard.

So we go into his yard, he picks up Skeletor, hands it to me and goes "Here you go, thanks for the F.A.N.G.!" I felt bad for the other kid but me being also a kid, didn't care that much because I finally had the Evil Lord of Destruction himself, Skeletor!


LOL thats kinda funny! I bet the kid was just happy he had people playing with him though :P I wouldn't worry much about it cause you didn't do anything you're self either :P


My mom's friend has three boys. They were not exactly my friends, mine you. Anyway, they had this awesome Joe collection. What was weird was that they had two or three of each figure, not even army builders. They had so many that they pout them in drawers and closets all over the house. None of them had any weapons or anything. Later I got the idea that they had stolen most of their loot. They had no idea which figure was which or if they had a certain guy. Also, many of the neighborhood stores would have empty GiJoe cards with the weapons still on them, but the figures missing.


Anyway, my mom had them over one day. The prize of my humble collection was my brand new skystriker. When they left, I found that the canopy, two missiles, and a fin was missing. Some of my special lego pieces were also missing. I told my mom and my mom said that I had probably lost them myself and to look harder. Of course, I never found them. I went to their house a few weeks later. Apparently, they had also gotten a sky striker. They had all the parts I was missing. I was 100% sure that that those exact parts were mine! The stickers were applied just like I did (incorrectly) and some even had our carpet residue under them. At that point I was determined to take them back. I pocketed the parts when they weren't looking. I was about to take them, until my concience got the better of me. I went to a Catholic school at the time and they beat into my head, thou shall not steal. So I put the parts back. After that, I never let them play with my toys again whenever they came over.



Aw dang!! I was thining this was gona turn out allright :) STupid churchy groups :P:D Justice was allmost served!! I woulda loved to see those guys faces once they clued in that there parts were missing as well after something like that, haha!!




If you still remember this guy's name, you should find out where he lives, and show up on his front step with a shotgun, and simply say, "My Pizza Shooter, please."



These were the dc super heros ... BATMAN AND SUPERMAN !!! With the cape cloths... some of the hardest to come by I think these days in good shape which mine woulda been today if I had them still, all my other ones are ;) man that s till erks me to this day...


Were those the 3 3/4" ones that would do karate chops and punches when you squeezed their legs together? If so, I still have Batman in pretty much mint condition, with his cape still. I have Robin too, but I lost his cape.


Yes I think so... With this type you could like, make aquaman swim, and flash run, &green lantern uhmm... lantern :P , and robin chop ( I think I still have my robin... :S & my others, I Just recently took out my GL figure out of the box for that line haha :) allways thought he was the coolest lookingas a kid, but didn't get his dumb accessory at the time :P ) Man that still ticks me off to this day... I"d love to have those figures still!!! I still haveal lthe other stuf from that lineup too, the hall of justice, and sups jet and lexes jet, batmans car ect!! GRRRRR!!!!! LOL! batman and superman were the best ouf of that line though for sure!!





Oh yea, when we were teens my sister had a hissy fit and broke all my motu figures... if this counts as well for a s tory :S What a loss that was :( Was not into collecting at the time at least heh! & my fave motu survived at the least, grizzlor, the dark colored variant one :) zodak and leech did not make it though DOH :( those three were my fave motu grizzlor being tops!

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Looks like karma caught up to that guy but I don't think that one term was needed in your description.



the thing was that guy was a real pos, he was a huge bully. he was in the 8th grade and he would steal stuff from everyone. who knows what he did after school?!

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I just remembered another time something of mine was stolen.


You see one of the first figures I ever got was Falcon. Problem was someone had ripped open the package taking his weapons and I didn't realize this had happened until I got it home. Now years later I would get the Night Force Falcon figure and was happy to finally have Falcon's gear. I remember I had my Night Force Falcon set up in my front yard while a kid from the cul-de-sac and one of his friends that I didn't know was over. One second Falcon's backback was there, the other second it was gone. I was pretty sure this kid I didn't know had tooken it but he denied it.

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Lets see. I have a few stories but just 1 for now:


In 1983 when GI joe was new 1 was like 7 at the time i had just moved to small town (hillbillies) in PA and being a kid from the west coast that lived in the city I was not popular with some kids. I was however i the only kid (not counting my brother) that had lots of joes. My family had a rule: If you keep your things in good condition and dont lose it you will get more for being good. I was not spoiled, i earned my stuff and took good care of it. Well one day me, my brother, my best friend 7 as well and 3 "irregulars" (kids we dont trust) both had all our joes in my front yard playing a big battle. We had a big tree and hilly yard that made great battlefield area. Now remember this was a time where ther was only 3 vehicles. The vamp, mobat, & ram, accessories dont count. I had all 3 and all joes except cobra commander at the time. My brother had a few and my best friend (and cross the street neighbor) who was 100% trust worthy has the ones he did not have. The irregulars had 2 each except steevie.


Steevie was 6 and he only had Rock & Roll and a knock off k-mart jeep. His parents were cheapskates and jerks. Steevie was often getting new toys from nowhere. His parents only bought him 1 toy at birthday and a few at xmas but never during the year. But mysteriously he had new stuff all the time. Well one day we were all in my warzone yard and steevie brought his new jeep his parents got him and his Rock & Roll , The jeep had a non removable roof and holes under dashboard to put passengers legs into so they would fit. Because of limited space backpacks would not fit with the figure. Well i set up command with a milk carton tent and my Breaker. we all run off a few feet away and play the battle. Steevie kept Rock & Roll in his jeep and never took it out in front of us, but he kept returning to command a lot. I had rigged up an elevator using string over a limb with my mobat as the powersource. I went to make breaker go up the elevator and he was missing. Steevie was last one there. We could see only 1 figure in jeep and made him empty his pockets but no breaker. But then i saw steevie look over at a bush. There was Rock & Roll , But who was in his jeep???????????? My Breaker. He swaped figures and stashed his own as a cover. Devious kid. He ran for Rock & Roll and took off. We chased him but he threw the jeep and brok the top. When it stopped i saw breaker ate asphalt. His older sister was 16 and grabbed the jeep and screamed at us for harassing him and took him into his house. That jerk almost got away with it.



I waited with brother, friend and 2 irregulars an hour till his dad came home. I told asked him how many joes he had bought his son and he said 1. I said go in his room. If he has 2 the brown bearded one with the scuffed face was mine he stole. Ten minutes later we hear screaming & crying @smilepunch@ @smilepunch@ . The father then comes out and hands me breaker & Rock & Roll .


@firedevil@ @firedevil@ @firedevil@

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got 2 stories about this


#1 I used to take my joes to my baby-sitters and after a few weeks I noticed I was missing a few...I asked her about it she said she would look for them for me. After that she started locking my brother and I in the backyard allday unsupervised i told my mom about it and she found an new babysitter for us just across the backyard my babysitter's grandson whe in her backyard and we where in our new babysitter's backyard, and there he was playing with all my missing gi joés i asked him where he got them and he told me his grandma gave them to him.

( this story makes me a more than a little angry cause when i was like 6 my babysitter fell in the bathroom and broke her hip [she had fallen and couldn't get up @loll@ ] no one was around but me and i called 911 and the ambulance came and took her away)


#2 My best friend Mark used to steal my joes this happened on more than one occasion. Once i had my joes in a toy box and several board games stacked a certain way on the toybox (so i would know if he stole any of them) i came into my room say the games in backwards order to the way i had they i went through his backpack and took them out put them back in my toybox. after he left i noticed that that they were gone again i went over to his house a week later stole all my figs back and took a few of his as compensation...that is the way it worked he would steal 2 joes from me i would steal my 2 back and an added extra fig for my trouble it became troublesome but i had to teach him a lesson i would alway take one that he had doubles of or didn't like but i did it to let him know that i knew what he was up to

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A couple things happened to me when i was in 4 th grade.First off someone stole my 84 Firefly figure from my desk at lunch.No one would fess up to it.Second my teacher took away my Optimus Prime that i'd brought to school because we were passing it around while she was teaching.She said i could have it back on Monday.That weekend someone broke into the school and stole all kinds of stuff including my Optimus Prime.That really sucked.

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This thread makes me feel bad. As a kid I took a lot of figures from friends, and they took a lot from me. It was just y'know part of being a kid I guess. Still I feel bad because I can remember every kid I took a figure from (I always asked though, wasn't straight out stealing, but looking back it makes me feel a cheap bastage).


Although, I bet no one can top this one. I was so bad at losing toys that I bought the lego pirate mini figures 5 times, (meaning I bought them 6 times) and lost the 1991 version of Dusty 3 times and bought him 3 times. My Mom would often forget what she bought me, so half the time I got a new toy it was a replacement lol. Why the hell did I want that version of Dusty so bad? It must have been his wolf, Snake Eyes and Timber were before my time, as well as being to hard to get from what I hear.

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