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"Wishlist" for next DTC wave...


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Hey, I thought this was a good idea... Basically you've got two comic packs in RAH style, and one in new sculpt form, two six-packs (either or), six new sculpt figures and two vehicles (reissued, new form or whatever). Here's what I came up with:


Marvel Comics 3-packs

Issue #10

Dr. Venom, Flash and Grunt

(Yeah, I know Flash and Grunt aren't in it all that much, but I don't care - we need those guys in comic-pack form.)


Issue #36

Snow Job (same ol' mold, w/new head, hood down and no goggles), Torpedo (hood on, goggles on forehead, face visible), and Deep Six (new headsculpt, new torso and arms, and either Cutter or Shipwreck's legs and crotch).

Devil's Due 3-pack

Don't know... I don't read DD, but I would like a good newsculpt DD-style Shipwreck. They could throw in the Wave 7 Snake Eyes repainted slightly and I don't know... something else.


Six packs

GI Joe: Desert Storm

A GOOD desert themed set.


Dusty: Environmental Mission Commander (w/more modern style camo job, original equipment with painted details, like BBI stuff, and no face camo)

Roadblock: Machine gunner (V2, painted in tan/olive drab... always liked that mold, but we'd be able to get something a bit more military looking with this... black machine gun, maybe a different tripod?)

Gung Ho: Grenadier (V1 mold, same as above... great figure but I think a tan/olive drab combo would look better than the ol' blue, however classic...)

Low Light: Sniper (I always thought a tan motif would look good... maybe an olive drab cap and regular coloured goggles... original equipment, "wood" painted details)

Footloose: Infantryman (desert camo motif... green LAW)

Outback: Survival Specialist (call him Agent Outback if need be, would include all his original gear, tan camo pants, and a plain olive drab T-shirt)


I'd include extra equipment like six "Big Ben" style rucksacks in tan (I LOVE that backpack), some binos... maybe Duke's but recast in olive drab, and some real paper MAPS!


Viper Squad

Do I even need to get into this? Obviously in V1 colours... it'd be easy to tell them apart from originals due to the plastic and slight differences, like rank insignia - there'd be one sergeant, one corporal and four privates. I'd like to see the original legs but whatever...


Single Carded figures

Flint (new sculpt but RAH design)

Duke (ditto)

Gung Ho (ditto)

Hawk (same)

Cobra Commander (you guessed it)

Destro (yep)


Obviously I'm being a bit unrealistic with this category... I realize that DTC stuff is mostly frankensteined, but I'd like a return to the kind of figures they've done in the same vein as the Wave 6 Snow Wolf, Agent Courtney Krieger, Wave 7 Snake Eyes, etc... You know, "new sculpt", but nearly completely in keeping with RAH designs.



Reissued AWE Striker in desert colours (would go with six-pack)

- Comes with a desert themed Crankcase, and would have decals already applied and REALISTIC weathering effects. Would also come with a slew of accessories, including jerry cans that would fit on a removable rack, and little bits like a mapcase, canteens, etc...


Reissued Tomahawk in "navy/marine" colours, w/Tomahawk in a more realistic paint job and Lifeline, w/desert camo fatigues.

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Here's my Wishlist:


Wave 5:

Duke (Sigma Six)

Anthony "Flash" Gambello

Hit & Run

Cobra Commander (Sigma Six)

Alley Viper (Version 1 Homage)

Dreadnok Grunt


Wave 6:


Hi-Tech (Sigma Six)






Comic Packs:


Wave 5:


Issue 11:

Doc, Snow Job, Wild Bill


Issue 15:

Kwinn, Dr. Venom, Major Bludd


Wave 6:


Issue 37:

Tomax, Xomat, Rip Cord


Issue 46:

Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Quick Kick

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Here's what I would like to see:


wave 5

Comic Packs:

I don't read the comics so I don't know much about them.


6 packs


Battle Force 2000


Coil (Overlord and 5 Coil troopers)


Single packs




Road Pig

Laser Viper

Techno Viper



Wave 6


6 packs


Headhunter 6 pack (Headman, 2 Headhunters, 3 Headhunter Storm Troopers)


IG 6 pack (Metal head, 2 Annihilators, 3 IGs)


Single Packs






HEAT Viper



I would also like to see Tomax, Xamot & Spearhead


I would have put Serpentor, Copperhead, Mercer, Sci Fi on the list but someone is customizing them for me

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must have...





Cobra Commander (EBAY Sigma 6 mold to be released)

Flint (desperately needed)

Tomax and Xamot (Devil's Due style)

Zartan (Sigma 6 style)

Scarlett (Devil's Due)


Wet Suit






Devil's Due Comic "Fan's Choice" 3 pack issue #7 "Scarlett's Rescue!":


- new and well designed SHIPWRECK!!!!!!! (is it that hard? jeez) :D

- Snake Eyes (jet black)

- ???maybe Alex McCullen ( I know 2 new molds would be wishful thinking)



6 packs: I'm pretty flexible.



Exclusive vehicle:


-Cobra Stun!!

-Rolling Thunder!!


- Flight Pod

- Whale (maybe)

- Mamba

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Marvel 3-packs:

Voltor, Destro & Iron Grenadier - Iron Grenadiers' debut

Zandar, Agent Chuckles & Lt Falcon - Issue to be decided



Image 3-packs:

Why would I care?





Python patrol - four troopers and two officers; based on original color scheme (one officer will wear a green mask instead of red)




Single carded

Tele-viper (v1 colors)

Keel Haul


Ninja Viper (repaint of recint Storm Shadow)





Reissued Skyhawk in black (with Recondo)

Cobra Firebat (with AVAC)

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I'm not familiar enough with the Marvel comic series to name any particular issues, but it would be cool to get a comic pack with Doc, Flash, and Snow Job (were they ever in the same issue?).

I would also love another Devil's Due comic pack - pretty much any of the ones we voted on sound awesome, but I think my first pick would be #28 - Mayday, Mariner, Raptor Viper.

For the six-pack, I'd like a new sculpt collection with Cobra Commander (S6-style battle armor that showed up on Ebay), gray camo Firefly, Tomax and Xamot (new heads), and a better Destro and Baroness (perhaps in S6-style uniforms).

For new sculpt single packs, I'm breaking with the "two troop builders per wave" pattern because there are too many named Cobras I want instead. My single pack wave 5 wishlist is:







Wave 6:


Lady Jaye





For vehicles, I'd like a new Trubble Bubble and the rumored Rattler. Cobra needs more air power!

Also, I would kill for a Cobra base of some kind.

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My want list is pretty simple:

DDP packs:

Overlord Serpentor and Roadblock


and somewhere somehow: Alexander, Armada, Dr. Knox, mayday and Wraith


For the rest:

A new flint

Firefly (urban one on ebay)

A new Lady Jaye

A new scarlet

New Iron Greniders

New crimson twins


i have a few more i'd take but nothing else i really need.


Mercer, deep six and torch among others would be nice tos ee but i have customs that are doing fine for me.

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This is always one of my fav topics....


OK....If I were in charge of DTC....











comic pack 11 Snow Job, Doc, Flash

comic pack 109 Thunder, Quick Kick, cartoon style Breaker


6 pack COIL INVASION Overlord, Serpentor, 2 COIL troopers, 2 COIL pilots


vehicle new helicopter w/Lift Ticket







Law & Order

Rock N Roll


Raptor Viper

Nitro Viper


no more comic packs


6 pack Operation: ARCTIC AMBUSH Iceberg, Blizzard, Arctic Cobra Commander, 3 Ice Vipers

6 pack Operation: SAVE THE RAINFOREST Recondo, Hit n Run, Cesspool, 2 Toxo-Viper, 1 Sludge viper


updated SHARC with Deep Six

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I would just want new and better comic packs. THe best ideas I read so far is

comic pack #15 with Quinn, Venom and Major Bludd.

comic pack #10 with Doc, Snow JOB, and Flash


I like the idea of the new comic pack with two troop builders in it but I feel it lacked execution because it needed a new BAT... , but if they used that concept I would love a comic pack with 2 new V1 Cobra Eels and a Joe,

2 V1 Iron Grenadiers and a JOE or IG Destro


They definetly need to make a new head sculpt TOmax and Xomat

and since they have the Crimson Guard body why not make new head sculpts of FRed VII and that one Crimson Guard that helped create Cobra Island (I think he was the dad of that bear lady)


AS for ther rest of DTC it doesn't matter much to me, I've been dissapointed with wave 3 and 4 so Im not expecting anything great from Hasbros frankensteining team. If they started making new sculpts again then I would be more into it.



Vehicles: Tomahawk sounds like a good idea.

Or the new HISS with Turrets instead of Missilles and probably in CObra Blue

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I really like the idea of comic pack versions of Snow Job and Torpedo without the hoods and goggles. I'd like to see that done with Wet-Suit, Barbecue, and Air-Tight as well. I'd also like to see Gung-Ho get the comic pack treatment. Just use the original mold but with bigger arms and a new head sculpt.


As far as new sculpt stuff goes I'd like to just see them release the VvV Mindbender figure with a purple lab coat. Also, they could take the VvV Destro and do him up in his Iron Grenadier colors.

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I really like the idea of comic pack versions of Snow Job and Torpedo without the hoods and goggles. I'd like to see that done with Wet-Suit, Barbecue, and Air-Tight as well. I'd also like to see Gung-Ho get the comic pack treatment. Just use the original mold but with bigger arms and a new head sculpt.


Totally! Other than the rest of the originals in green, those are the characters I most want to see from these. I love the originals but it always bugged me that you couldn't see their faces for more casual scenes. I can't remember, but did the comic version of Airtight look like the cartoon? I always liked that he had a receding hairline! Gives him character, you know?


Snow Job definitely needs a new headsculpt, seeing as how many different versions we've seen of him recently. I love the mold and the character, but I really want to see a "hood-down" version, in all his red bearded glory!

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Here's mine:


Wave 5: Duke, Snake-Eyes, Roadblock, Mercer, Zartan, and Rock Viper.


Comic Three-Packs: Crimson Twins/Crimson Guard in one, and the Devil's Due Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, and Snake-Eyes in the other. I don't remember their respective issue numbers.


Vehicles: Vamp Mark III (w/ a new Clutch), and a new Dreadnok Thunder Machine. That'd be cool...

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Wave 5


1. Leatherneck

2. Quick Kick

3. Sailor Shipwreck



1. Road Pig (Barrage Resculpt)

2. Eel

3. Hiss Driver



Hired Thugs (Dreadknocks)

wave 6 Torch, new Buzzer, 3 nameless bikers, and a captured Sgt Slaughter


Comic Packs

Zap, Snake Eyes, and Scarlett from when they were lost in Springfield


Devils Due

Rock-n-roll, Duke, and Mainframe from issue 4

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