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Project Zodiac (pic Heavy)


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I want to show off a group of customs that i have been working on. Let me preface this by saying that I know that this idea is not original. I am aware of the Zodiac Pack superhero team that the 4 horsemen have proposed and i know there was a marvel villians team based on the Zodiac. I am totally fine with the fact that this is a "borrowed" idea. With that said I am now claiming the idea as my own! @smilepunch@


From Left to right:


Back Row: Taurus, Sagittarius, Leo, Cancer, Capricorn

Front row: Aquarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Aries.



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Hey Guys... I decided that i am going to remove all this story info and just show off the pics here. i may eventually write a fan fic or something and when/if i do I will let you all know.

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Current Statistics for LIBRA:

Name: Darren Brown

Age: 29

Abilities: Able to control the pull of gravity on himself and objects around him. He is able to make himself or others "fly" by lessening gravity. He is also able to make those around him immobile by weighing them down or by lightening them and suspending them in mid air. He typically uses his abilities to lighten an object and hurl it toward an enemy, then increases the weight of the object to come crashing down on them.









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Current Statistics for CANCER:

Name: Amelia Brown

Age: 28

Abilities: Cancer is able to make her body phase in to a transparent state making her able to pass through any object or let any object pass through her. So far she has not found anything that she cannot pass through. She is also empathic and can sense the emotions of those around her. This is something that she has trouble controlling at times and she can become easily over whelmed if she uses this ability in large crowds.












(Note: I am not as happy as i could be with this figure. I really wanted her to have a cape but i couldn't figure out how to work that out. I may change her up a bit later on down the road)

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Sag has the ability to see things in a number of different ways. He can look at things using infrared to see heat signatures. He also can see extremely well in complete darkness. When he concentrates, he can also see things on a microscopic level. He also can see things at great distance using his telescopic abilities.













(Note: I just noticed i need to touch up the paint on the cross bow!)

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Current Statistics for VIRGO:

Name: Katherine McMichaels

Age: 26

Abilities: Virgo is probably the most intelligent person in the world. She has a photographic memory and remembers every piece of information she has ever been exposed to. She can calculate and process information at a speed much faster than most computers. She is excellent at creating technologies that help the team. She has several devices that she created that she uses. The first of which is a personal cloaking device that allows her to render herself invisible. She also carries a large "gun like" weapon that she fire at an object or person and teleport it to a predetermined location. Attached to her wrist is a portable computer that she uses to interface and hack any other computer she encounters.












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Current Statistics for SCORPIO:

Name: Marcos Diaz

Age: 25

Abilities: Scorpio is an extremely powerful telepath. He is able to read the mind of most any one. He can also implant false memories, control minds and retrieve information from other's thoughts. He has also learned how to paralyze enemies with a “psychic sting�. Depending on how hard he concentrates when using the “psychic sting�, he can stop people in their tracks, knock them unconscious, cause brain damage or even kill them.










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Current Statistics for TAURUS:

Name: Daniel Stone

Age: 22

Abilities: Taurus in quite possibly invulnerable. As far as he knows, there is nothing that can harm him, at least any thing physical. He has taken point blank blasts from basooka’s, tanks, and air to land missiles. He has jumped of buildings as tall as 80 stories and landed unharmed. He also posses strength that is almost beyond measure. He has toppled buildings with his bare hands and lifted cars, boats, planes and ships off the ground with out strain.











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Current Statistics for AQUARIUS:

Name: Sonya Lee

Age: 21

Abilities: Aquarius has the ability to control bodies of water. Once she makes physical contact with any body of water she can make the water move in any way or take any shape she desires. She has recently discovered that she can also “read� water. Basically once she makes contact with a large body of water she can “feel� everything that is in the water. In effect the water becomes an extension of her own body.








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Pisces of course can breathe and swim underwater. However what is not known to even her yet is that she has another much more powerful ability. She will not discover this ability for some time.



Custom not yet completed. Pics coming soon!

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The Gemini twins have the ability to shape-shift in to any person, thing or object they have ever seen, with some limitations. The thing they are duplicating must be around the same mass as the Twins are. For example, the Twins can not shift in to an Elephant, a sky scraper, an ant or a coin. They can only shape shift when they are together. The twins are powerless when separate.


Customs not yet completed. Pics coming soon!

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Eventually she will have to ability to generate force fields made of pure energy. At first she will only be able to surround her own body, but eventually she will be able to surround herself and those close to her. As she learns to use her powers more and more she will figure out how to cast force fields around distant objects and even how to use this ability as a weapon, enclosing an enemy and crushing them with it. The force fields will be pretty weak when she first manifests her powers but will quickly grow in strength to nearly impenetrable levels.

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Aries will have the ability to run at speeds much faster than anyone has ever been able to before. He will earn the reputation of the world’s fastest person.










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Those are very neat man :)

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WOW! Nice work man! It's good to see someone doing costums in the good ol' 5" figures. I tried tio keep up the flame but it eventually faded. I really hope I can do some more in the fututre. Looking forward for more of the zodiacs!



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John, nice work!! Talk about time and effort! I didn't know that you were a customizer. It looks like Cancer has a "69" on her. @lol@


What figures did you use to make these?

Thank you! Yes Cancer's symbol does look like "69" Laying on it's side. All the Zodiac signs have a symbol associated with it. You can check them out here.




All these figures were made using the old 90's x-men or other 90's marvel figures.


Here's a quick list from what I recall.


Taurus - Body from animated Avengers Wonderman, head from x-men the movie Cyclops


Cancer - All robot fighter Storm


Scorpio - All x-men vs Street fighter Ken


Sagittarius - Head animated Avengers Hawkeye, arms from Archangel, Body cloak from the cloak and dagger box set (I think)

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Updated Gemini!


FYI... The next customs I will complete are Virgo and Aquarius. Probably followed by Libra.


Then I will start on Gemini, Aries, and Capricorn


Leo and Pisces will most likely be the last two I finish.



Then I will start on the bad guys! Stay tuned for info on them!


Also i have anothe Major character called the All Father that I will start to work on soon aswell!



Hope you you guys are enjoying all of this! (but if not, I really don't care! I am having fun with this and that is all that matters!

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Not that anyone is really all that interested in the story but i am going through and revising the back grounds and histories of my characters. Somethings just did't make much sense so i am trying to clean that up now. If you are interested i have revised the Story Basics and Libra and Cancers back stories.


FYI I have Virgo's figure finished, just need to take pictures and post them. I hope to have either Libra or Aquarius (or BOTH!) finished this weekend. Hopefully I can get pics of all three up before next week.

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Okay... I have taken out most of the story aspects from this thread. This is a work in process. I will be fixing up the page this weekend. Sorry for the mess.

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