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Oh Man!!


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I'm typing this just about a half an hour after the actual events occured:


I works nights in an ER. Well, on my hour break I go up to the Walmart down the street to check the Starwars section. Well as I walk up there is a guy there digging through the pegs. Kind of shocking to me because of the time ( around 3am) and because I usually never see anyone on the hunt in my area. Well I walk up and start digging and notice hes got a Bacara, Tarkin, Ask Ack, Meena Tills and KFC ani in his hands. I dig for a couple more seconds, don't find anything and figure he probably got the good stuff.(I had been searching for all of those) I walk around to the next aisle to check out the F4 and Transformers stuff. I find a TF I'm looking for and kind of browse some more when I hear someone yell "HEY!" It kind of startled me and I realilzed it came frome the Starwars aisle.

I hear a guy say, "I was looking through the pegs and put those there to free my hands up, those are mine!" Then another voice says "They were just sitting there! If you wanted to keep them to yourself you should have grabbed a basket!" Now I start thinking, "WOW, I'm witnessing the toy hunter fights I've only read about on the boards!"

The other guy says, "Look, I had those in my hands and was just putting them down for a second to look!" Response: "Whatever, man."

At this point I walked to an adjacent aisle so I could see the action. The guy who had picked up the figs started to walk off. The guy who originally had them runs up behind him and KNOCKS THEM OUT OF HIS HANDS!!! He starts scrambling to pick them up while the other guy yells "WTF!!" He starts trying to pick up some figs too but only grabs one. Now the guys are standing face to face. I'm thinking its going to come to blows but the guy who originally had the figs calls the other a d**k and walks off.


CRAZY!! I never believed I would have witnessed something like this. They both were at least in there early twenties. Where is the maturity!?

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lol funny story

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I am suprised one of the 2 guys didn't pull out a knife.As I said,with the way Hasbro is distributing figures.Some one is going to get hurt.

Hasbro has always done a crappy job with the distribution of new figs.

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i dont get it why do people fight over hot wheels. there is milllions of them at every store and there only 99 cents

Treasure hunts, first editions, variations..


Especally the Treasure Hunts because the scalpers can take $.99 and sell them for lots more on ebay.

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whats the max those things go for?

i cant imagine someone paying more than retail for those

Some can go for $20 +++


Pretty much they are around $20 on the secondary market straight out the case.

I know a guy that used to collect them and he said that it was a pain in the ass with all the HW scaplers around.

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Oh it is not just the secondary market that puts TH's @ $20 a pop, JcPenney used to sell a special box set of all 12 of them (there is 12 released in 1 year) for around $250..

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damn i could have bought a convention set for that amount of money

that is way too expensive for cars man

Well they are pretty limited. They may get 10 cases in and maybe one TH in the whole bunch.. They are very desirable in the HW community.

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I am suprised one of the 2 guys didn't pull out a knife.As I said,with the way Hasbro is distributing figures.Some one is going to get hurt.

This just blows my mind.

Not to criticise you but how can distribution account for collectors behaviour?? ( and the rant that follows in no way is directed at you, jedimaster-c)


Let's not pin the blame on the distribution of toys--let's slam it down right on the conduct of the collectors themselves.


These are toys--a child's plaything, being fought over by two adults.


One cannot even begin to cite how wrong that is.


The excuse that the items are "hard to find" is BS, all the way down the line.

Its NO excuse for resorting to physical violence, or even antagonism.

These supposed rare items can be had.

Yes, it can take effort, it can take some more money than retail price, BUT THE RARE ITEMS CAN BE HAD.


I swear, sometimes I think there's more than a few really stupid collectors out there.

I've been collecting seriously for over 20 years now. I've been through almost every collecting "phase"--seen almost every aspect of the collecting hobby culture.


Collecting has a element of psychology to it, a scary side and a healthy side.

The scary side of it can sack a person and their life in no time, and can lead to some pretty tragic circumstances. Excess and obsession are the key traits here--going waaaaaaaaaay overboard.

The healthy side of it is all about moderation, and patience.


One of the sickest marketing ploys is the old "collect them all" mindset.

The various reasonings for doing this range from bragging rights to the idea that the collection isn't "complete" unless it fullfills the manufacturers whole line of products.


Zounds, but the most enlightening day of my collecting life happened when I realized that I really determine when a collection is complete.

Every line has its dogs--the parts of the line that are stinkers. Its also has its showboats, the premium items that "no-one should be without".


Pfft. Personally, I don't care.

I used to, but not anymore. Those items that I "had to have" to make my collection complete were often the FIRST items I got rid of when culling my collection for space or other reasons.

Nowadays, if I miss out on a item, big deal. it'll come around again, in some form.


That's ALWAYS happened.

Golden rule of collecting: if you want it badly enough, it'll come to you and at a price you'll be willing to pay.


Now if that is true (and by golly, I've seen it to be true with every collector i've ver known personally, whether they realized it or not), then FIGHTING over a toy in the aisles has to got to be the height of immature stupidity.


If I was faced with the situation mentioned about, I'd like the dweeb have the thing, no hesitation. I'd do that because I lose nothing and, ironically, the selfishness of the other person means they GAIN NOTHING. Oh, sure, they have the toy in their paws, but they've lost that small measure of self-respect, integrity or maturity.

If their life is that superficial that they cannot recognize that loss, then owning another toy isn't going to help them much.

If there was anything that could drive me from the collecting hobby, it would be being associated with others displaying that kind of shameful behaviour.

If a toy company doesn't make enough of the toy I want--big deal. Its just a toy at the end of the day--and if I really do want it, I'll take the steps I need to get it. I just won't cross that line and lose my self in the process.



Collecting should be for fun, there is no holy writ here, no obligations--it should be like a discovery. Something you come across and go "oh my" and delight in just that.


IMO, doing for any other reason really loses sight of the bigger picture in life.



Dang, ya gots a rants out of me this early on a Monday morn.

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i dont get it why do people fight over hot wheels. there is milllions of them at every store and there only 99 cents

I don't understand why people fight over any toy, regardless of the price or availability. So sad and it makes the rest of us collectors look bad.




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