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Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith


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I don't care what anyone says by trying to come up with all kinds of answers. I know my expectation level and a great movie when I see one and to me I could not sit and watch this movie again like I have done with originals which are over a hundred times. The theater and die hard fans was practically asleep. These were all die hards with all kinds of costumes and crap on. Some I could tell were in my age range. I'm 32 BTW.



The movie was the best out of the prequels but I heard some people compare it to ESB. LOL, thats ridiculous.

I completely agree.


The most pivotal moment in all of the prequels should have been when Anakin converts to the Dark Side.


(Notice I said "should have been"...)


In our screening, people burst out laughing during that whole scene. Every single time the Albino California Raisin was on screen people just lost it. It was cheesy, it was silly, and just plain ridiculous.


Between the AWFUL dialogue and the completely wooden acting, this film is the final nail in the coffin of the prequel trilogy. I never imagined that Vader turned to the Dark Side because he was a petulant child who didn't get his way. ("I should be on this mission." "I'm more powerful." "I can't act my way out of paper bag.") The dark menacing figure of my childhood has been replaced with a whiny brat that didn't have his life turn out the way he thought it should.


You know what-- grow up!


The Jedi were at one time rumored to be these great scholar warriors who valued intellect as much as their fighting prowess and control of the force. Apparently they all went to a different movie as we were left with a bunch of dupes who couldn't figure out the single most obvious puzzle in cinematic history! Sheesh-- you're telling me that you've been "sensing" trouble all this time and never thought to look into Palpatine's background? You never thought to analyze his actions and notice a pattern?


I saw this film once and that was definitely enough. I've seen some truly great flicks in the past few years--- the LoTR films come to mind-- and this isn't even worthy of being shown on the same screen.


One would think that Lucas would become a BETTER filmmaker over time-- that his craft would mature and improve. This, however, is more of a film made by a special effects junkie let loose in the digital candy shop. It's all flash and NO substance.


What a waste of my 2 1/2 hours!

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I loved every minute of it. Yeah, Grievous went out like a punk. But Boba, Jango, and Maul all went out like punks, so you can't tell me you weren't expecting the same kind of fate for Grievous.

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Just got back and I loved it. Only had a problem with the dialog in the beginning and mostly the way Vader broke free of his creation restraints.

Amen to these two things.


I can overlook most of the other stuff, like the overall plot feeling so rushed, and some of the quick tie-ups at the end, but the crappy, and I mean CRAPPY, dialogue during the first 20 minutes almost had me convinced that the entire movie was going to be the worst Star Wars movie I had ever seen. Thankfully, the forced humor, and horrible one liners were cut short and the movie picked up from there. Seriously, a 6th grader could've come up with better lines than Lucas did for the beginning scenes.


The other thing I just couldn't get past, was Vader whining and throwing a tantrum about Padme's fate. It really ruined Vader for me. For Anakin, that's fine, but when you see the Vader suit, you don't want to see the person inside flailing around like a child who didn't get his way, with a tissy-fit James Earl Jones voice speaking the lines. :(

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Don't know what you all are bitching about. I saw it and I loved it. Thought it was best out of the new trilogy. Ep01 being the worst, Ep02 coming in second, and Ep03 being the best by far.


The only comments thrown out in the theater were when Padme was in her coffin and they flashed to Jar jar behind her someone said kinda loud, not shouting, just loud, "Shouldda been you", meaning Jar Jar should died, and when they mentioned Qui-Gon at the end some girl said "What?", but that was it. There wasn't any angry shouts or people laughing at stuff that wasn't meant to be funny.

I enjoyed it and I'll see it again when it comes out on dvd.

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Don't know what you all are bitching about.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it...but I ended up feeling a lot like Beachhead did. I just left the theatre feeling kinda empty (possibly even moreso than Episode I and Episode II...both of which I enjoyed), mainly because of how rushed the movie felt due to the amount of things Lucas had to try to fit into a 2-3 hour movie.


One of the things I did like, was the fact that Mace didn't go out like a b****. Seeing him kick Palpatine's butt was awesome, and how it ended in being Anakin's final breaking point which made him fall completely to the darkside was just icing on the cake.


Obi-Wan's character also came full circle, and was one of the character's that was really completed and made whole by this movie (the other's being Yoda, Anakin and Palpatine). Prior to RotS, Obi-Wan was never really a character that I could connect with, or cared about in the SW films, but after seeing this tonight, he has become one of my favorite characters (almost right up there with Vader, as Vader lost points with me after his Tantrum at the end of RotS.)


All in all, I liked it, but it will probably be the only one of the prequels that I won't see mutliple times, as I just don't feel the need or want to go see it again. I'll just wait until it comes out on DVD.

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Thus the net picking begins.So,should I go see this movie or wait for the DVD?

Go see it. It's worth seeing it, if you like Star Wars at all. Just don't expect it to blow your socks off. :D

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Wow... surprised to see a lot of people bitchin... I really enjoyed it, I cant get the theme out of my head that was playing while the final battle was going on... I saw it two times already, and yeah, I'll go again...

The only htink I was a bit surprised about was the short scenes of the Jedis dying... and I was hoping for some Qui-Gon, thought it was gonna be in there, but it wasn't...

Oh and the second time I saw it, it was the Digital one.. and I didn't notice any extra scenes :(

The theater I went to was awesome, they were having soo many people coming in wanting to buy tickets, buy the end, they finally had 10 screens showing it... they originally only had...2!!!

Everyone was awesome in my theater, I didn't hear any groans or anything like that, and I got a good vibe from everyone while leaving too, alot of groups lingering and talking about different things... real cool...

Incase you haven't seen it yeat, and are wondering if you should, and you're a little worried cause of some of the stuff people are saying, see it, it really is a good movie, I have a feeling, that no matter what, the ones that are doing the bitchin, would be no matter what ;)

Now... go.. my son...

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To many people see the OTC through "rose colored glasses". This movie , as well as EP I and II, are on the exact same level as the OTC. Cheesey dialogue, special effects driven. Alot of people that are nitpicking are just doing it because the movies dont play out the way you have imagined it in your head for 20 - 30 yrs. This movie is by the 2nd or 3rd best of the six movies. Personally for me the worst of the six movies is by far Return of the Jedi. Talk all you want of how quickly the Jedi die in Ep III, but look how quickly the Empire is defeated in Ep VI, and by teddy bears, no less.

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It was a really good movie, people just need to find stuff to nitpick. There is no way he could have shown everything in detail in 2 1/2 hours. A lot of parts already felt too rushed because he was probably to tie up as much as he could in a limited time frame.


I agree with DarthJoe about Obi-Wan, he seemed kinda unfeeling in Eps 1 and 2, but he really became one of my favorites after this...

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To many people see the OTC through "rose colored glasses".  This movie , as well as EP I and II, are on the exact same level as the OTC. Cheesey dialogue, special effects driven. Alot of people that are nitpicking are just doing it because the movies dont play out the way you have imagined it in your head for 20 - 30 yrs. This movie is by the 2nd or 3rd best of the six movies. Personally for me the worst of the six movies is by far Return of the Jedi. Talk all you want of how quickly the Jedi die in Ep III, but look how quickly the Empire is defeated in Ep VI, and by teddy bears, no less.

I agree 100%. I enjoyed it. If others want to fricking nitpick go ahead. Those are the types that will never be satisfied with anything.

That is one thing that is wrong with movie goers today, everyone wants to nitpick and rip apart the movies.

Just STFU and go see it with an OPEN mind and try enjoy it.

For me it is the completion to a circle that started when I was 6 1/2.. I left the theater a 34 year old Star Wars fan who was satisfied.


Remember people, no movie EVER gives you everything that you want out if it..

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I loved it and the entire theater was loving it as well!! Everyone had a great time and people applauded at least 5 or 6 times throughout the movie. I could sit here and pick the movie apart too, but you can pick apart any movie. Just enjoy it while it's here........

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My biggest problem was the editing. It was very choppy and there were a lot of Half answers (the start of answer with now ending. When Palpatine mentioned manipulateing the midi-cholrians, but never came out and said he was responseable for Anakin's birth jumps to mind...as well as the Qui-gon thing.) If Lucas was so pressed for time there were much better places to make cuts....like how many funny things does R2 have to do?



Apart from editing my compliants are few....first one is I didn't see why we needed GG. He didn't seem to serve much purpose, other then seperate Obi-Wan and Anakin.


the 2nd is the NOOOOOOOOO scene at the end. I mean Lucas had me and then pulled that crap right there at the end. Ugh.


But Hayden was about 200% better acting wise, which is a good thing.

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I saw it and loved it! I want to see it over and over again!! I did not try to compare the movies but just took it for what is was worth...a great movie that tied things together.


I was hoping to see the Death Star under construction and was very pleased :) It was also cool to see Captain Antillies and his Cruiser and how it closely matched the one in Episode 4.


I would have loved to see more scenes with Vader in his new suit though but I guess I can pop in Episode 4 and see that. I like how in the end the Empire's uniforms matched the later movies and also the sounds of the Tie Fighters in the end was pretty cool.


I would really love to see an Episode 3.5 made to pick up where 3 left off. For example, I would love to see how the Clone Troopers turn into Storm Troopers, where all the bad ass flying machines went (and how they got replaced with x-wings, tie fighter's etc.), Darth Vader's rein of distaster over the Galaxy, etc.


All in all, I thought the ROTS was awesome and will be seeing it as many times as I can :)

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I don't know who is more whiny...Anakin or the fanboys bitching on this thread. Get over it. The movie had plenty of holes...ALL movies do. It's easy to feel cheated when you have had 20-30 years to memorize the original movies and then pick out tiny little holes in the plot of this one. Who cares? There were flaws but overall this was a very good movie and it tied up the entrie Saga...as it's supposed to. How could Lucas possibly completely satisfy millions of whiny fans in a 2.5 hour movie? Gimme a break.

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I saw it last night and loved it.


The only problem I had was so many characters were cut out. Or I never saw them. The movie knda messed up the toy line. I have baught almost everything and one fourth of it was not there.


Luminara Unduli

Barris Offe

Shaak Ti

Mon Mothma

Jetpack Clone Troopers

AT-TE Gunners


I barely saw any completly white Clone Troopers.


Yoda never road on the Can Cell.

Stass Allie was on a regular Speeder Bike not a BARC Speeder.


What I liked. the space battle could have been longer but I feel that way because it was so good.


Grand Moff Tarkin

Captain Typho

Sio Bibble

Boss Nass

Captain Antilles

Captain Tagge (later Admiral Tagge)


The stuff with Qui-Gon goes down like this. Qui-Gon contacted Yoda. Yoda did not have to learn to contact Qui-Gon why should Obi-Wan have to. What Obi-Wan had to learn is to come back himself to contact others (Luke). Yoda and Obi-Wan learn how to come back from Qui-Gon, that is how the do come back in the Original Trilogy. I don't know where some of you are getting the idea that they had to learn how to talk to the dead, it's the other way around.


Any parents plan baby names in plenty of time before their babies are born. Why is it such a shock that Padme had names already. A boy name and girl name because she did not know which she would have, she got to use both names.


Padme died of a brocken heart or maybe just gave up more from depression. All that cheeesy dialogue betwwen Padme and Anakin was to show how much they loved each other. Anakin broke her heart. If you have ever had a broken heart and really loved that person you have probably wanted to die too. Plus add in what was going on at the time.


Nice to see more droids talking. Why is there no droids in the Original Trilogy. Palpatine told Anakin to shut them down.


It has been explained by Lucas that the Clones age faster and most are dead by ANH. Regular poeple are signg up to join the Empire by then and new poeple are having clones made of them.


Anyone notice the Cloning Facility on Coruscant? It looked alot like the one's on Kamino.


R2-D2 was just awesome.

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I saw a midnight showing and I thought it was an enjoyable movie. The first 40 or so minutes were good but then it dies down and we get the cheesy teen romance dialogs. I don't know whats worse, the actors trying to act out those lines or the writer who wrote it.


The remaining parts of the movie after Anakin gets named Lord Vadar made the movie enjoyable.


Overall, it was an enjoyable film minus the whiny and cheesy love scenes. I'll be going to see it again this Saturday on an Ultra Screen. :D

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I think the loved scenes were so bad because they were surrounded by awesome fights.


It was nice to hear so many poeple clapping when the movie started, at the end, when Vader first speaks. Everyone at the theatre I was in loved it.

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