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Wwe Monday Night Raw Results!


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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Date: Monday, April 4th, 2005

Location: The Staples Center in Los Angeles, California

Results by PowerWrestling.com


Start of the Show:


A WrestleMania recap is shown from last night's incredible pay per view. The package also shows parts of the show from last night. Everything is uncluded and for those who missed the show, there will be a must buy DVD.


The Game has something to say...


HHH's music blasts all over Los Angeles after the man has lost his 10th title reign to the beast, Batista. He heads to the ring in a suit and glasses without Flair. The former champion enters the ring and stares the fans down with bandages all over his head. The lights come back in focus and HHH looks at the crowd as they chant Batista's name. "You suck" chants then start and when they die down a bit more Batista chants start right back up. HHH finally gets the chance to speak and he says "I admit it. Last night, at WrestleMania, I lost the world heavyweight championship." Crowd cheers. HHH then snaps and says for those who think it will be a new era, they are wrong because Batista was awesome for ONE NIGHT. He was awesome, for one night, HHH says he is great, EVERY NIGHT. He says the belt around HHH's waist gravitates to greatness and that means it will come back to him and find its way home because he OWNS it. He says the rematch will take place and when it is over he will stand in the ring as the 11 time World Heavyweight Champion. He says he can promise them this. HHH leaves the ring and walks to a fan and screams in his face that he will ram the title down each and every one of their throats! His music hits and he exits via the ramp.


Triple Threat Intercontinental Title Match

Referee: Earl Heber

Shelton Benjamin © vs. Chris Benoit vs. Christian


Shelton Benjamin comes to the ring a little banged up from last night as he is ready to defend his IC title against two opponents from last night in Christian and Jericho!


The start:


Christian gets between Benjamin and Shelton but Jericho drops him and Shelton helps him take Christian down hard. Shelton drops him with a back body drop and then Jericho drops him with a back suplex. They chop him in the corner quickly grabbing each other off him and switching places until Jericho goes for Benjamin with right hands and a bseball slide dropkick to the knee. Jericho controls the champ with clubbing blows as the crowd pops.


Mid match notes:


Jericho whips Shelton off the ropes but shelton comes flying with a forearm. Jericho takes control back with his bulldog. Jericho goes for the lion sault but Christian punches him in the face. Christian tosses Jericho out and Benjamin gives christian an inverted neck and back breaker over his knee. Christian gains control after getting back body dropped by hanging Shelton's back on the ropes. Christian unloads on Shelton before dropping him with a hard neckbreaker. Christian covers for two and then knocks Jericho off the apron. Christian drops Shelton with a reverse DDT drop on his knee. He covers for another two count before placing Shelton in a rear sleeper. Shelton fights back but he gets a boot to his face. Christian goes to the top but Shelton meets him with blows. Jericho comes in and goes for a powrbomb on Shelton as Shelton superplexes Christian and all men fall, what a move! Jericho covers the champ but only gets a two. Jericho nails Christian with a forearm followed by another move before headlock slamming the champion. Jericho tosses Christian out of the ring.


All men are in the ring giving each other roll-ups, crazy pins, all two counts. Jericho grabs both men's legs and tries to pin both of them but he gets a two count.


Shelton nails Jericho with the T-bone after Jericho cleaned house on all men. Christian distracts the referee though and Tyson grabs Shelton and tosses him out of the ring before clotheslining him. Christian covers Jericho but only gets a two count. Jericho and Christian battle and Christian ends up in the Walls of Jericho! He is JUST about to tap out but Shelton comes flying off the top rope with a nasty bulldog. He covers Jericho and makes the pin to keep his belt.


Winner and STILL IC Champion: Shelton Benjamin


Edge signs money in the bank..


Bischoff says that Shelton just had a big win, but Edge is with him and he says it was not as big as his win last night. Edge signs the contract from Eric Bischoff and Bischoff asks if he should go tell Batista that Edge is going to face him.. TONIGHT! The crowd pops but Edge says that he will face Batista when he is good and ready. Bischoff then tells Edge that he will be facing Benoit tonight.


Randy Orton's music hits after the break and he heads to the ring. He grabs a mic and the crowd boos him heavily as his music stops. The crowd chants for the Undertaker. Orton says that it was not supposed to happen this way, not supposed to happen like it did. He says he came so close to making history and beating the Undertaker at WrestleMania. He then talks about his RKO from the chokeslam. He says he went for the tombstone and before breaking his neck, something happened. He then says in his left shoulder he heard a snap and he lost the feeling in arm and the next thing he knew he was looking at the bright lights. Excuses! He said he would have beaten the Undertaker if not for his shoulder. But then it got worse, because when the doctor was working on his shoulder he saw something that made him sick, Batista becoming crowned the champion. He said when he was messing with the Taker, he still respected him, he hates HHH so much, but he still respcets him, HE DOES NOT RESPECT BATISTA. He says he was the future of Evolution, hell, he still is. The crowd chants his name and Orton tells the that he has pinned Batista TWICE already this year. He says to avenge his lost from last night, he will have to beat Batista, tonight! Bischoff comes to the ring and tells Orton that HHH has a rematch clause and Edge has the right to make a title match whenever. Orton then screams that it does not matter, he wants this match TONIGHT. Bischoff stalls a second, but then agrees and it will happen TONIGHT!


WrestleMania Women's Title Rematch

Referee: Chad Patton

Trish Stratus © vs. Christy Hemme


Trish is shown in the back blowing on her title and shining it up as she will defend against Christy Hemme again tonight. She has new highlights in her hair which makes it look much darker. Pics below. Christy heads to the ring with Lita after the commercial break. J.R tells us that Trish requested the rematch herself!


Prior to the Bell:


Trish poses and then kicks Christy right in the side of the head before the match even starts. Lita gets in the face of Trish and Trish slaps her across the face. Lita retaliates and punches Trish all over the ring but Trish kicks her in the gut and then places her in a small half crab on Lita's messed up leg. Lita screams in pain as Trish tugs on her leg. Referees come to the ring as they take Trish off of Lita. Christy is still down and Lita screams in pain. Christy gets up and tends to Lita. The bell never rang.


No Contest


HBK speaks:


HBK hobbles to the ring wearing a suit. He gets on the mic and says he will not waste anyone's time tonight. He just wanted to say thank you. He says that he has only two loves in life. The family that God gave him, and performing in front of all these fans for the past twenty years. He said last night they gave him that chance again. He says things did not work out as he had planned but he was wondering if he can come out here and ask them for a tiny little favor. He was wondering if anybody here would like to see Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle in a rematch. The crowd instantly pops and starts to chant "HBK!" J.R says he would love it! HBK says he was hoping they were going to say that. He says he does not know where, when, or how, but he will do absolutely everything in his power to give the fans exactly what they want. And this time, the result is going to be a little bit different.


The music of Muhammed Hassan hits and he and Daivari head to the ring. Daivari starts to speak at the top of the ramp as the crowd boos heavily. HBK sits on the ropes as they head to the ring. Daivari says something about Kurt Angle. Daivari then says something about Hassan as HBK shrugs his shoulders at them. Muhammed gets on the mic and says last night the world witnessed the return of a legend, the return of the immortal Hulk Hogan. But last night, the world also witnessed a broken down has been put his hands on himself and Daivari. And these people cheered, just like they cheered when Shawn Michaels LOST ot Kurt Angle. He says HBK did not steal the show, he tapped out and he lost!HBK starts to remove his jacket as Hassan asks the crowd why they cheered. He says all of these people accept failure and mediocrity. And they also fear him. He then calls HBK a loser and says that these sheep love losers. HBK slaps him across the face and then starts to punch Hassan. He comes off the ropes with a limp leg and nails a flying forearm. However, it's all too much for HBK as Hassan and Daivari drop him and beat him down. Hassan nails his front face plant finisher and places HBK in the camel clutch as Daivari kicks him in the face several times. J.R says "DAMNIT TO HELL" like six times as HBK lays motionless in the ring. Daivari and Hassan leave the ramp to a chrous of boos.


Referee: Mike Chioda

Edge vs. Chris Benoit


Edge comes to the ring after highlights are shown last night of his chairshot on Chris Benoit in order to grab the contract filled briefcase. Benoit comes to the ring with his arm in a cast and a re-opened cut on his 25 stiches above his right eye.


The start:


The two men circle and slap before locking up. Edge goes right for the arm, Benoit evades. Edge gets a waistlock, Benoit punches him in the face and they break. Benoit chops the chest of Edge followed by a second sending him down hard. Benoit pummels on Edge in the corner with chops and punches to the side of Edge's head. Benoit controls before hitting a snap suplex sending Edge onto his back. Benoit pulls a few more moves but he rolls to the outside in pain with that left arm.


Mid Match Notes:


Edge follows Benoit to the outside but Benoit fights him off and then chops him down once back in the ring. Benoit throws Edge off the ropes and he gives him a knee to the gut. Benoit slides out of the ring again in pain. Edge comes after him and Benoit chops some more in his defense. Benoit slides back in and baseball dropkicks Edge in the back sending him down to the mat. Benoit is asked by the referee if he wants to on, he says he will. Edge finally turns the tides with a rope ringer on Benoit's injured left arm. Edge then drops an elbow on the arm. Edge continues to work on Benoit's arm as Benoit screams in pain. He places Benoit in a key lock but Benoit will just not give it up. Benoit gets the crowd behind him and he works his way to his feet punching Edge in the gut several times. Benoit goes to reverse the hold but Edge rolls through and holds on, switching it into a hammerlock. Benoit is face down on the mat literally SCREAMING in pain as Edge will not let go. Benoit works his way back up again and he manages to turn Edge around and give him a german suplex! He goes for another but his arm gives up on him. Edge throws a blow, and Benoit gives him a second and then third german suplex. None in succession due to his arm.


Benoit calls for the headbutt and he climbs the top rope! He comes flying off the top rope and Edge moves, forcing Benoit to crash right atop his own arm! Edge makes the cover on him and gets a two count. Benoit tries to roll out of the ring because he is in pain but Edge dropkicks him right in the small of the back sending Benoit flying onto the mat outside. WWE take a commercial break as The King says Benoit is done and J.R doesn;t want to hear it!


When we come back from commercial we see that Edge took the bandage off of Benoit and Benoit almost got a crossface but could not perform the move because of his arm. Benoit is in an arm lock and he finds his way out with an arm drag. Edge gets up and kicks Benoit right in his arm. Edge goes to the top rope but Benoit meets him with right handed chops all over Edge's chest. Edge teeter and Benoit for some reason actually climbs the top rope. Edge tries to headbutt him but Benoit fires back with tons of butts of his own, crushing Edge's head. Benoit climbs the top rope and gives Edge a major superplex. Benoit flops off the ring in pain. Both men are down, they get to their feet slowly and Benoit slaps Edge in the sharpshooter! Edge screams in pain and tugs at the referee for help but he's in no man's land! Benoit tries with all his might to make Edge tap but Edge eventually makes the ropes and you have to believe Benoit is done for. Wrong! Edge goes for a blow and Benoit slaps him in the crossface but he can barely hold on with his arm. Edge works his way out and gives Benoit a single arm bar DDT.


The Finish:


Edge sets up for the spear and makes a run at Benoit. Benoit dodges the move and Edge slams into the turnbuckle. Benoit then rolls Edge up and somehow he gets the three count! Benoit defeats Edge with nearly one arm!


Winner: Chris Benoit


After the match Edge goes insane slamming Benoit into the steel steps. He tosses Benoit in the ring and he grabs a steel chair. He walks into the ring and he slams the chair off Benoit not once, but twice! Edge leaves with his briefcase in hand as Benoit lies in the ring in extreme pain.


Simon Dean:


Simon gets on the mic after Lilian introduces him. He says there is a beautiful person standing in this ring... MAVEN! The crowd boos. Simon says he is on the Simon System and that is why he looks so good. Simon says they can get as fit as Maven with no liposuction and no botox inserts. Maven says he thought L.A was full of beautiful people. But scanning the crowd it looks like L.A stands for lard asses. Simon then mocks the crowd saying all they do is eat nachos, drink beer, and watch TIVO's of fat actresses. ***GLASS BREAK***


Steve Austin makes his way to the ring! He does his four posts and then says it's good to be back in L.A. He says he wants to see 20,000 middle fingers! The crowd salutes. Austin goes off on Simon's stuff and the crowd "Whats" him to death. Austin says Simon has a problem with beer drinkers? Simon says he has no problems but he paid for this time out here. Austin asks if he paid for the haircut he has because if he paid 5 bucks for it he paid 4.99 too much. He then mocks Maven and calls Simon a purple little bastard. Austin goes on to tell Simon he will drink his stuff if Simon drinks a beer. Simon says as long as it's low carb. Austin gets two beers and Simon asks if he has a glass. Classic stuff. Simon drinks a sip and spits it out. He says it is not bad but he has to work the carbs off. He gets down and does five pushups. Every time he does a 5 Austin tells him to do five more as Maven counts. Eventually he stops picking on him and tells him to get to his feet. Simon does. Austin says if simon's stuff messes with his system, someone should call 911 because he does not want to lower his blood alcohol content. Austin tries Simon's stuff and says it sucks and is the biggest rip-off ever! Maven says maybe because it is a man's drink and Austin is not as much of a man as his buddy Simon. (When he says this he slaps Simon's back and the shake goes all over Austin) Austin gets heated and starts whooping ass. He tosses Maven out of the ring, beats Simon down, throws him off the security rail, beats his ass, tosses him off the steps, low blows Maven and then tosses Simon back in the ring. He grabs a beer, takes a sip, spits it in the face of Simon and then delivers a stunner! His music hits but he is not done as he goes outside the ring, picks Maven up, tosses him in the ring, flips him off and stunners him as well!


Referee: Earl Hebner

Randy Orton vs. Batista


Randy Orton is shown walking in the back and all of the sudden red light surrounds him. Kane appears before him and say he told him so and he can't beat what he cannot understand. Orton says Kane is wrong. He does understand and he will know this when Orton is done with Batista. Kane sits and laughs into the camera. Orton shows up in the arena as WWE head to a commercial break. The music of Batista then hits as Lilian announces him as the new world heavyweight champion!


The start:


The two men circle the ring and lock up. Randy goes for a side headlock, Batista tosses him off and shoulder blocks him. Orton fakes a shoulder injury and he rope a dopes Batista in the corner. Batista reverses and clubs away at Orton before throwing him off the ropes and clubbing him with a clothesline. Batista picks Orton up but Orton falls out and dropkicks Batista out of the ring before throwing him into the steel steps.


Mid match notes:


Orton tosses Batista in the ring and he covers for a two count. He gives Batista a snapmare take down before dropping him with a high knee. He holds the head of Batista and he grounds the forearm into his chest before applying a choke/headlock trying to take Batista down. Batista starts to go out a tiny bit but he uses his strength to stand right up and snapmare Orton. Both men throw back and forth until Batista throws Orton to the corner before delivering a hard clothesline and multiple shoulder blocks. He takes Orton by the hair and he tosses him right into the ringpost through the ropes. Orton goes flying into the ring post and to the outside where he screams in pain. Batista picks Orton up and rams him shoulder first into the ring post on the outside of the ring.


The Finish:


Back in the ring, Batista picks Orton up and he slams him with a spinebuster. Batista gives the thumbs up/thumbs down and he drops Orton with the Batista bomb. He makes the cover and gets the pin fall.


Winner: The World Champion: Batista


The music of the Game cuts over Batista's and the former champ stands at the top of the ramp clapping for Batista. Batista holds his title high as Raw goes off the air.

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