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Adc/tni Monday Night Chaos! Results!


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ARENA: Pryotechnics and Fireworks explode throughtout the arena and ADC/TNI Monday Night Chaos! is on the air!


Redneck Princess vs Molly Holly


Molly gets slammed. Princess bodyslams Molly Holly. Princess slams Molly Holly. There's a two count on the pin. Big backdrop on Molly, executed well. Cover for a two count. Molly Holly ducks a clothesline attempt. Princess takes a chop from Molly. There's a two count on the pin. Molly, chanelling the power of Takada, hits a high kick on Redneck Princess. Princess counters an arm wringer with an elbow to the side of the head. Death valley driver by Redneck Princess, Molly Holly got planted. Molly Holly grabs Redneck Princess from behind and shoves her into the ropes, then scores with a roll-up...but Princess rolls through with the move! She used a pull of the tights to get Molly over! 1....2...3! The referee was out of position and didn't see it! Redneck Princess climbs each turnbuckle in turn, working the crowd as she celebrates her victory This one gets a ***1\4 rating, it was a good bout.







ANNOUNCERS & VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Tomax and Xamot are on hand and they welcome all the fans to another edition of ADC/TNI'S Monday Night Chaos!


ANNOUNCERS AND HIGHLIGHT FOOTAGE: "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and what a night is was last night at the Appetite For Destruction pay-per-view!"


ANNOUNCERS AND HIGHLIGHT FOOTAGE: Images are shown of footage from the matches and the main highlights from the matches!


ANNOUNCERS AND HIGHLIGHT FOOTAGE: "We are down to three competitors for the Heavyweight Championship title! The Eternal, John Thomas and Darren Andrews and ... We are being told of some sort of trouble going on backstage and we are going to there now!"




Redneck Princess is backed up against the wall and Ugly Bulldog and Torrie Wilson are seen talking to her! Redneck Princess looks very uncomfortable and just wants to get away from Ugly Bulldog and Torrie Wilson!


Ugly Bulldog: "What's the matter Princess?" "No big brother around to help you out?"


Ugly Bulldog traces finger down Redneck Princess's cheek and Redneck Princess is disgusted by him!


Ugly Bulldog: "Very pretty face... Would be a shame to lose it!"


Armageddon: "And it would be a shame for you to lose that finger!"


Ugly Bulldog starts laughing to himself and turns around to see Armageddon standing behind him!


Ugly Bulldog: "Well, well, well... If it isn't the people's #$##! Pretending to be the Rock isn't going to help save you from me!"


Armageddon: "That's where you're wrong Bulldog! I'm not trying to be the people's champion! I'm just trying to do right by the only people that have ever had my back!"


Ugly Bulldog: "Annihilation had your back until you strayed from our goals! You shouldn't be shocked by what you brought on yourself! And what is yet to come..."


Armageddon: "I'm sure your Cronies are waiting right now to attack because you really believe those lies! But in the end you know that all I ever did was try to impose Annihilation's will, until I figured out... It was being imposed on me! Now I do what's right by the only people that really support me!


The Amazing Red and Bill Goldberg walk up and stand next to Armageddon!


Armageddon: "Well Bulldog it looks like if your pals were waiting to attack, they waited to long! Never forget that you may have numbers, but everyone that isn't with you is against you!"


Armageddon takes Redneck Princess by the hand and he walks away with Bill Goldberg and Amazing Red as Ugly Bulldog is left fuming!






Silas vs Big Show


Show takes a hurrancarana from Silas. Belly to belly off the top rope, Show got folded up big time. Springboard dropkick from Silas. Nicely done. Hooks the leg for a close fall. Show tastes a high angle back suplex. It probably tasted like chicken. There's a two count on the pin. Big Show comes up with a right hand out of nowhere. Stun Gun from Big Show! There used to be this blonde guy in WCW in the early 90's who used that...i wonder what happened to him? Doctor Bomb, The Virus landed hard. Big Show gets taken down out of nowhere. The Virus crushes Show with a running senton. Big Show is in trouble. The Purifier! 1....2....3!


Big Show leaves and walks back down the aisle! Wait...Silas comes running as well, and Show gets dropped with a clothesline, followed by a load of stomps. The whole arena erupts into boos for Silas actions! Security Guards and Referees come running out from the back and try to pull Silas off the Big Show but Silas is going pyscho and is throwing Security Guards around like action figures! The remaining Referees back off as Silas looks around and starts pulling his hair out before running up the ramp screaming! The Big Show is left lying in the aisle with half a dozen Security Guards!


ANNOUNCERS: "Where in the hell does this federation get these guys???" "That guy is crazy! He's pyscho!!!"


A ****1\2 rating for a great match.









BACKSTAGE: John Thomas is walking backstage when he is approached by Josh Matthews! The whole arena erupts into cheers from seeing John Thomas!


Josh Matthews: "Grimlock!" "Your thoughts on your win at Appetite For Destruction and how it feels to be one of the final three contenders against The Eternal and Darren Andrews?"


John Thomas: "It feels great!" "I'm worked my ass off in this federation for over a year and I feel I am ready to take the title and run with it and I'm ready to be the next Heavyweight Champion because I am the greatest technical wrestler this federation has ever seen!"


A Backstage Crew Member walks up to John Thomas and hands him a CD!


Crew Member: "This just arrived for you Mr. Thomas!"


John Thomas takes the CD!


John Thomas: "Probably another home-made CD from a fan! I get them all the time!"


John Thomas opens the CD and looks at it... It's blank with no markings!


John Thomas: "If you would excuse me Josh!"


John Thomas walks away leaving Josh Matthews with a confused look on his face!




BIG SCREEN: The BIG screen starts to show an image!


Fade in from black!


The same green cloaked figure now has a flanking, side-angled camera on him while, he is kneeling at his altar!


"I found myself one day face down upon the ground. I was ordered to arise, for it was not yet my time, I still had my destiny to fufill. I rose like a corpse clawing from the grave. A warm trickling fell down my neck. I reached up to feel what was left of my face. I drew my hand away so I could witness the blood, mucus, and pus that was upon my hand. I turned to witness my imprint in the vehicle that had hit me. Oh, how the masses gathered to witness the most gruesome thing their pitiful souls would ever see. Alas, I cared not. My humanity held me from dealing the pain and misery that I was destined to deliver. With my visage now reflecting my abysmal soul I was free. Free to grasp and destroy anything I could get my Clutches on. Thus I staggered into the moonlight, smashed face...broken body and all. What would have ended a common man's life, was just a stage in her plan. She pushed me to prove to me. (Maniacally laughs) She pushed me to prove to me! SHE PUSHED ME TO PROVE TO ME!!! (sharp sigh, slowly exhaling) My immortality... (Resumes maniacal laughter)


The image fades to black while during his laughter!




BIG SCREEN: The BIG screen goes black!


ANNOUNCERS: "Can someone please tell us what in the hell is going on and who is that guy and what does he want?!?"




Jackson Slade vs Eddie Guerrero


Stiff high kick on Eddie by Jackson Slade who has evidently been watching some old AJPW tapes recently. Jackson Slade scores with a back heel kick on Eddie. Slade hits a massive spinning kick to the jaw. Cover for a two count. Legsweep out of Nowhere. Where is Nowhere, and why do moves keep coming out of there? Does it have a factory? Hooks the leg for a two count. Eddie pushes out of a Jackson Slade hold. Eddie Guerrero scores with a back heel kick on Slade. Cover for a two count. Flying reverse elbow by Eddie Guerrero. Eddie drops an elbow...but misses. Fate can be so cruel. Diamond Dust from Jackson Slade, Eddie is out. Eddie Guerrero gets knocked to the ground by Slade. Crescent Moon!!! Eddie Guerrero taps out! Jackson Slade offers a handshake to Eddie...and he accepts it! Excellent match, a ***** rating!











BACKSTAGE AREA: John Thomas is walking backstage with the CD and notices a CD player and puts the CD in and presses PLAY!


A muffled voice crackles over the CD: "John Thomas!" "If you are listening to this then this is only the beginning! We will meet in thirty days and our encounter will not be pretty but take warning... Your turned your back on your nature and I'm the one who will take your dream!"


ANNOUNCERS: "John Thomas is now getting threatening messages... This has to be the work of The Syndicate or Annihilation!"


The CD ends and the camera pans in on John Thomas with a determined look! Grimlock opens the CD player and grabs the CD and walks off!




BACKSTAGE: Mr. Han and RJ Brian are backstage discussing Appetite For Destruction and what happen! Both seem to be a little pissed at what happen! Michael Cole approaches them with a microphone!


Michael Cole: "Mr. Han! RJ Brian!" "We all witnessed what happen at Appetite For Destruction and I am wondering on how you guys plan on dealing with The Syndicate the next time you encounter them!"


RJ Brian: "It's simple Cole!" "The Syndicate might have gotten lucky but that's all it was... Luck! The next time won't be so pretty and they know it and Annihilation knows it and Hall and Nash know it! Last time was a sneak preview but everyone will see the whole picture come Wrestlefest 2005!"


Mr. Han: "The Syndicate, Annihilation and Hall and Nash know they can try and do what they want to us but we have taken it all before and once it is said and done! I'll be the one having the last laugh!"


RJ Brian: "Now if you'll excuse me! I have a match I have to go win!"


RJ Brian leaves to head to his match!








RJ Brian vs Undestructible


RJ receives some punishment. RJ takes a headbutt from Undestructible. Big backdrop on RJ, executed well. Big clothesline on RJ. RJ powers out of a headlock. RJ slams Undestructible down. RJ hits a stump piledriver on Undestructible. Cover for a two count. RJ walks into a trip. RJ walks into a spike slam. Cover for a two count. Double Arm DDT by Juggernaut, RJ got destroyed. Pin : 1 - 2 - 2.9999999. RJ counters a backdrop attempt with a kick to the face. RJ bodyslams Undestructible. Juggernaut ducks a wild right hand. Big backdrop on RJ, executed well.


ANNOUNCERS: "Ladies and Gentlemen! There seems to be an attack on CW Anderson and if we can go to the backstage area!"




The camera pans over, and CW Anderson is out cold on the floor, a monkey wrench lying next to him, with no sign of the attacker! Backstage Crew Members, Security and Paramedics are checking on CW Anderson! They are all questioning what has happened!


ANNOUNCERS: "As soon as we know more Ladies and Gentlemen then we will bring you..." "IT'S BATISTA!!!"


Batista comes running down the aisle with a chair! Juggernaut goes to irish whip RJ Brian into the ropes. Batista hits RJ with a chair to the back! RJ Brian gets knocked to the ground by Juggernaut, who is already climbing the turnbuckle. Through the air, Brick Wall! 1....2....3. Batista jumps into the ring and clotheslines Juggernaut off-guard causing him to flip over the top ropes and down to the ground! The whole arena erupts into boos! Batista obviously hasn't finished his attack yet! Batista stands RJ Brian stands up and sets him up! Batista hits the Sitout Powerbomb!




Batista eventually leaves, having caused enough damage. A ****1\2 rating for a great match.











BACKSTAGE: Bill Goldberg is backstage as the camera pans in on him!


Bill Goldberg: "Hamed Mohamed!" "I heard what you said and I have been hearing what you have been saying about this great country of ours! You want to talk trash about me and about the United States Of America? Well guess again Hamed cause I take out the trash and come Wrestlefest 2005! In front of over 20,000 people and millions of people around the world, I will finish off each opponent and I'm going to leave you until the end cause you are the trash and your NEXT!!!!"


Bill Goldberg walks away from the camera!




Kool-Aid Man and Shawn Michaels vs Nathan Zodiac and Randy Orton


Back suplex on Zodiac, which is a backdrop to you NOAH fans. Big dropkick by Kool-Aid Man, who got good elevation. Hooks the leg for a two count. Kool-Aid tags out to Shawn Michaels. Kool-Aid \ HBK whip Zodiac into the corner. Kool-Aid Man whips Shawn Michaels in for a hard clothesline to follow-up. Hooks the leg for a two count. Hard back suplex on Zodiac. Anyone remember when that was Shawn Michaels's finisher? Zodiac blocks a punch. HBK takes a hurrancarana from Nathan Zodiac. Cover for a two count. Tag to Randy Orton. Nice piledriver on HBK. Pinfall attempt gets a 2.9999. Orton drives a thrust kick into the chest of HBK. HBK blocks a punch. Big clothesline on Orton. HBK tags out to Kool-Aid Man. Belly to belly suplex by Kool-Aid. Tag to Nathan Zodiac. Kool-Aid Man snap suplexes Zodiac...with authority! ('With authority', trademark G.Monsoon 1986.) It's BONZO GONZO! Chaos reigns as everyone winds up in the ring brawling! The referee tries to separate Kool-Aid and Zodiac, buts gets shoved away. The referee turns and calls for the bell. He's had enough, and has called this a double DQ. Kool-Aid \ HBK are making their way back down the aisle...but get jumped by Annihilation! Shawn Michaels gets dropped throat-first onto the guard rail, and then Kool-Aid is double suplexed on the entrance ramp! Annihilation storm the ring...and attack Zodiac \ Orton as well! Zodiac gets wiped out with Annihilation Double Tag Team Action! Randy Orton doesn't fair any better, and gets beaten to the floor with punches and kicks. Annihilation have destroyed both teams! It gets a ***1\2 rating.










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*In character* *KAM is checking on Shawn Michaels in the back*



I've had enough of this sh*t. I've had enough of the run-ins, and I've had enough of people cheap shotting me just to get themeselves over. Eclipse, I'm still waiting on your answer about the hell in a cell match, so you've forced my hand. *KAM picks up Baby, and slams it against the wall* I'm going hunting. People want to attack me from behind, then I'll do likewise. The Chairman has just declared open season on all of TNI!



*Out of character*

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Knightwing and Komodo are seen banging on Eclipes's door!



Knightwing: OPEN UP! We know you in there! COME ON WE WANT THIS MATCH!


Komodo: We need this match!


Knightwing: you want entertainment you want self amusement there it is in its pure form! Hell why dont you be the Ref for the match!


Komodo: Ah F' it lets get outta here! see what the boss has planned!


Knightwing and Komodo turn away from the door and start walking down the hallway...Knighwing stops and stares at the door camera fades to black

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John Thomas is left leaving the arena when Coach approaches him...


Coach: John, what do you think of the threatening CD you received tonight


Thomas: Coach - obviously the guy that's sending me this is a total coward - I mean, he has to resort to using a damn CD Burner to threaten me?! Look, buddy - if you want to challenge me, then challenge me...I don't need some homemade CD that you downloaded from I-tunes..Waste of time


Coach: Well, the message did say "thirty days" so it must be one of your opponents - Eternal or Darren Andrews


Thomas: Well, I know both guys are always stooping to new lows, but even this is far beyond them. But while I'm on the subject of the Eternal and Andrews - let's make one thing clear. Eternal - you and I have never really crossed paths in this federation, but you know that in your heart, or whetever's in there masquerading as a heart, that you can't beat the best technical wrestler in TNI today. And Andrews, you know that I've beaten almost every member of your crummy organization and you're next on my list! With the support of these great fans, I will beat you both to win that heavyweight title. But if you guys sent me this CD - well, it looks like I really don't have to be afraid of much since you can't even face me in person


John Thomas proceeds to walk with a determined look on his face




Awesome show as always :) Can't wait to see what else you have in store OS

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Slade is pacing back and forth in the hallway with an annoyed look on his face


Camera pans to the right and we see Eddie Guerrero approaching !


Eddie: "What's a matter hommes ? Somethin' seems to be on your mind."


Slade: "Eddie, do you ever feel like you're being overlooked ?"


Eddie: "All the time Essai, our match tonight ? First decent match Latino Heat's gotten in months."


Slade: "What about your match at Appetite for Destruction ? At least your's wasn't a dark match."


Eddie: "You have to pay your dues Essai. Besides, Latino Heat's match wasn't exactly Pay-per-view material. That Ugly Bulldog is stiffer than Latino Heat at a Strip Club, you know what I mean ?"


Slade smiles at Eddie


Slade: "Look Eddie, Iet's get straight to the point here. You lost to Ugly Bulldog, which means you're still in the running for the United States title. I WANT that Title"


Eddie: laughs And what makes you t'ink I'm just gonna up an' give you my spot in the tournament Essai ?


Slade: Well Eddie, to be fair, I did beat you tonight. And if I remember correctly, I even made you tap-out to my Crescent Moon.


Eddie: "What are you getting at hommes ?"


Slade: "Well I DID beat the great Latino Heat one on one, that should at least count for something. Besides, do you really think you winning the US Title will stop Eclipse from overlooking you ? NO EDDIE, NO IT WON'T. Face it Eddie, the US title is below your repitoire. If you want to get noticed you need to go BIGGER. Bigger like the Intercontinental Title."


Eddie: "I had my chance hommes, and I blew it."


Slade: "Ahh but you see Eddie, there's where you're wrong. You losing your match against Ugly Bulldog was destiny !"


Eddie looks confused


Slade: "A destiny which has brought Eddie Guerrero and Jackson Slade together ! You give me your spot in the US Title hunt and I guarantee you, with my help, you will have that Intercontinental Title around your waist ! Think of this as a business venture Eddie, you invest in this, you invest in Jackson Slade, you are investing in your future !"


"I assure you my friend, whomever wins the Intercontinental Gold at Wrestlefest 2005 is going to wish they hadn't once they see what Jackson Slade and Eddie Guerrero will have in store for them !"


Eddie smiles broadly and nods his head thinking about what Slade has just proposed


Slade: "All you have to do Eddie is go to Eclipse on Meltdown and give me your spot in the US Title tournament. From there our destiny will have begun. And soon after, Eddie Guerrero and Jackson Slade will be two of the most reverred names in the ADC/TNI Wrestling Federation !"


Eddie: "I like the way you think hommes. Eddie extends his hand to Slade and they shake


Slade: "To a new found alliance"


Camera fades as Eddie and Slade grin at each other

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*A special video appears after the show goes off-air, it shows a shadow of what appears to be a caped man and a casket at night time*


"People say death is a beautiful thing.....


but laying in a casket breathing, knowing 300 pounds of dirt lay upon you while you lay slowly breathe your life away piece by piece IS NOT!!!!. Everyone believes you are dead, but they never cared if you were alive or not. You scream aloud, but noone can hear you but yourself. Every night you go to sleep, the frighting yells you let go during that time HAUNT YOU. Every night, every day, you hear yourself screaming in unbearable pain. It makes you go crazy after awhile, it makes you lose your mind.... It makes you stronger so you can go on to claim your revenge."


"But it's not as easy as they shall think.... You need someone ELSE! You need another for your domination, one who thinks just as you do. Someone who has been pushed around, shoved in the dirt, burned in the eternal fires of the underworld, someone like ME!"


"But I have been on an eternal search and have found someone....

A person who has shown me what she has seen, the fire, the pain, the suffering.... And her message shall be brought through me! As I shall show you all what we go through, you shall not escape our grasp as we will convert you all into believers!!!!"



*The Video screen turns a dark green and fills with static*

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Annihilation's locker room. Eternal sits, laughing as Bulldog walks in.


Bulldog: Did you see that scum Armageddon? Was about to have another leashed #$##.


Eternal: I know, I know. But watch this interview I got with Armageddon.


Bulldog: You talked to him??


Eternal: Just watch the tape.


Eternal presses play. You see Eternal all dressed up in a suit and tie.


Eternal: Hello everyone, I'm your host Josh Powers. Today on the show we have the guest, everyone loves Armageddon from the ADC/TNI wrestling.


The crowd noise is heard all clapping, as the screen changes to Armageddon but its obvious its a tape from another interview he's done.


Eternal: Hello Armageddon, how are you.


Armageddon: Well Josh, I may not have laid a single finger on anyone tonight... but it was still a great night.


Eternal: Oh, ok. SO you like the guys and go to the blue oyster bar often?


Armageddon: it was a great night.


Eternal: So do you have any new "friends"?


Armageddon: I also offered my services to Mullog.


Eternal: Wow, easy bro. That was quick dont you think.


Armageddon: Well Josh, Any night that I get to perform for the fans of ADC/TNI is a great night.


Eternal: Wow so you and Mullog like a audience?


Armageddon: one look into the eyes of MULLOG, THE WHITE DRAGON..


Eternal: Wow, enough. This interview is over bro. Before you hit on me. Good Night.


the tape ends, as Eternal and Bulldog laugh. Komodo and Knightwing walk in as the two are laughing.


Bulldog: Guys you have to watch this. Enak rewind then hit play again.


Eternal keeps laughing as he walks over to Knightwing while the tape is rewinding.


Eternal: Did Eclipse grant you that match?


Knightwing: No boss, not yet.


Eternal: Why not making it a burning tables match, then he might listen.


A evil sinister smile comes over the Dark Knight. Eternal hands Knightwing a envelop.


Eternal: Give this to eclipse, I want him to look at it.


Knightwing: What is it?


Eternal: A CD with some matches on it from around the world showcasing different matches. I want the world title match to stand out at the PPV. I'm gonna make my opponents bleed, and if they are any competition so will I.


Knightwing: Done boss, but a CD, didn't Thomas get a...err nevermind.


Eternal: Watch this tape and then go deliver to Eclipse.


The tape stops and starts to play again as the camera fades out.




Great show. #US1#

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GR81 says :


A commercial air’s during Chaos:


Hamed: “Hello, I am Hamed Mohamed, you may know me as the professor or the son of Allah on ADC/TNI federation. Aside from bashing and teaching losers how to wrestle in the ring every week, oh watch me take back what is mine at WrestleFest 2005, the Lebanese Championship belt, I am the proud owner of the hottest new line to ever it the clothing business, “Airy fic� from Hamed Mohamed. After the success of the hottest sold out T-shirt ever to hit stores everywhere : The “Hamed Leader of Annihilation T-shirt�, I am proud to finally bring you the next innovative product that will surely bring success and become a winner like me, Hamed Mohamed.


Wrestling in the US and A, I have notice that many or should I say all are fat disgusting pig’s, especially the men. It’s sad but true. The main areas on the body attacked by fat cellulite are the breasts. Because of those fat breasts, this tires out a normal man in seconds. Women don’t have this problem since they have what you call a bra. In Lebanon, our women don’t have to wear a bra since they are all beautiful skinny beauties. So tell me my dear followers, why should women have the satisfaction of support for their big fat breast while you men have to suffer????


But thanks to “Airy fic� from Hamed Mohamed, I present to you the newest addition: the exclusive “Fatso Bra� for US Men. This specially designed bra adjusts automatically to oversized men and will guarantee full support for those big bad disgusting fat breasts.


*** The Sheik comes in wearing a “Fatso Bra�


My assistant, the Sheik clearly shows on easy and practical this new innovative idea is and how it will give you the support you need.


For only 4 very very low Hamed Mohamed price of 49,99$, you will get this amazing product not found anywhere except my basement in Lebanon. Act today, and I will throw this beautiful amazing poster of Me, Hamed Mohamed so that you may stare, idolise and worship this beautiful sexy beast.


So don’t tired yourself out, give Hamed Mohamed your money today ……



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Out of character: Great show! Each one is better then the last!


In Character:


Coach is standing outside a door with mic in hand, banging and yelling can be heard behind the door


Coach: I am going to attempt to talk to Silas about what he did to Big Show.


Coach opens the door, Silas is throwing a steel chair around the room, yelling. He stops and notices Coach and the camera, and lunges at Coach grabbing him by his collar and getting in his face.


Silas: What? Why are you here?


Coach: I..I..I just wanted to ask you why did you attack Big Show??


Silas: I did what I had to do!! Big Show needs to be purified! He is corrupetd and needs to be saved!! He like many in this federation needs to be shown the way of the light! There is too much darkness, evil, and violence.


Coach: B..But, don't you think your actions were too evil and violent? You attacked the security guards?


Silas grabs coach by the throat and bring him up close so he can whisper in coach's ear


Silas: You are not one to make judgments on other Coach. You are infected too! YOU NEED TO BE CLEANSED!!!


Silas picks up coach into a quick scoop slam. dropping him down on the foor. Then Silas quickly grabs Coach and applies his submission finisher "The Cure" on him. Silas eyes wide and wild begins to yell


Do you see?!? This is my duty!! I have only just begun!! BIG SHOW!! BIG SHOW!!! WE ARE NOT DONE!!! YOU CANNOT RUN!!! SHOW!!! SHOW!!!


Security guards come running into the room and Silas lets go of Coach and backs into the corner tugging at his hair and mumbeling to himself as the camera fads to black

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*The camera pans into the gym, focusing upon Xinos doing punching and kicking a punching bag*


*Xinos looks focused as he hits the punching bag, looking as if he's preparing for a war*


*Xinos continuing to hit the punching bag looks over to someone off camera*


Xinos: "Ya know, its definately time to take a stand against the scum that runs around this federation...."


*Xinos lands a few more punches into the bag*


Xinos: " Definately glad that you see things the way I do....."


*Xinos goes into a series of kicks against the bag*


Xinos: "Hopefully soon we can turn things around in this federation and stop the injustice that goes on around here, one step at a time, one man at a time..."


*Xinos notices the camera focused on him, gives the camera a determined, stern look, then turns back to the punching bag and proceed to unleash a fierce assault upon it, as the camera slowly backs up and out of the room*



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::The camera cuts to The Syndicate lockeroom. Currently, only Zodiac is in it as it appears he has decided not to join the other members at the club::


Zodiac: (mumbling) Wonder where that puke Mathews is...


::Zodiac gets up and goes into the hallway, hoping the backstage interviewer is still around::


Zodiac: Hey stupid! Over here!


::Mathews approaches::


Zodiac: Heh, it's good you respond to that, fool! Now, get a cameraman because I want this to air at all the house shows through the week!


::After a couple minutes, Josh returns with a small crew::


Zodiac: Finally you are starting to realize who runs the show, Josh. Now start the camera!


Zodiac: Hello fans of ADC/TNI! I am here to issue a special challenge, a challenge LONG overdue!


Zodiac: This person has been a thorn in my side for a long time, and it's time we settle the score, one on one, in the ring!


Josh: You must mean Shawn Michaels!


Zodiac: Shut up! And no, not Shawn Michaels!


Josh: (puzzled) Then who??


Zodiac: Legally Blonde!


Josh: You want to wrestle a...woman?


Zodiac: You are so ignorant, get out of my sight! Legally Blonde you have mettled in my affairs for too long, it's time I make sure the fans never have to see your ugly face again!


Josh: Aren't you afraid that fans might think you are, well, cowardly? Afraid to fight HBK?


Zodiac: I fear no one, Mathews. I am Wrestling ROYALTY. I pick and choose when I want to compete. Now, as I was saying, if you have the guts Blonde, I await your answer!

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*In the locker room*


*Eternal walks up to Komodo*


Eternal: Whats up bro


Komodo: Just looking at that traitor I once called a brother makes me sick


Eternal: Don't worry we have big plans for Armagedon, buy you have other things to focus on


Komodo: Don't worry Eternal we will get what we want and but an end to this fool


*camera fades

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towards the end of the show, eclipse makes his way out to the ring. his music hits late as no one was expecting to see him at ringside. eclipse steps into the ring and demands the mic.


eclipse: there will be silence when i speak!


crowed breaks out in a round of boos.


eclipse: since i became general manager of this federation, i haven't had a moments peace. despite making it quite clear that i didn't want to be disturbed, a few of you still took it upon yourselves to come banging on my door. so this is for all you ##$%$#s back there in the locker room, i'll make the message simple and clear. clear enough that even these morons in the audience can understand.


crowed erupts into boos, people are throwing drinks into the ring. a beer just missed eclipse.


eclipse: hey buddy, if you had better aim, you might just qualify for pee wee soft ball!


eclipse: as i was saying, the message is simple. i don't care who you are, no one disturbs me in my office, no one!


eclipse: for weeks i've had idiots barging into my office, complaining about this and whining about that. perhaps it's my fault, maybe a part of me is giving off a false impression that a i give a crap about all your little problems. WELL I DON'T!


eclipse: now many of you made demands, some of you have even resorted to threatening me. but hey, don't let the suit fool ya, eclipse is still the king of this jungle and i'll make a bit%& out of anyone who wants to find out the hard way.


eclipse: now i'm here to tell you how it is. things are real simple around here. you all have demands, but no one has done anything to earn their keep. what have you all done for me lately? nothing! i've given people ample opportunities to rise above their worthless station in life. all titles are up for grabs where it's everyone for themselves. i've even offered an incentive to show me what your worth, about 10,000 in incentives, but no one has taken me up on my generous offer. instead, you've all chosen to whine at my door. i didn't even see any begging.


eclipse: so let's try something new. i call this the "eclipse challenge". if you want something from me, you have to go out and prove you deserve it. each night, your going to show me why i should grant your wish.


eclipse: over the past few weeks, the following people have approached me with their demands: ugly bulldog, dark knight, komodo, kool aid man, bandelero, redneck princess, eddie guerrero and jackson slade. you've all broken eclipse's rules and now it's time to put up or shut up. everyone has made their demands known, but what are you willing to put on the line. this thursday, you'll all report to my office, i'm sure you won't have trouble finding it this time.


eclipse tosses the mic aside and makes his way back to his office.

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Princess sits in the back with Armageddon watching Eclipse's interview. Mullog still sporting bandages lays in the background. Goldberg and Amazing Red are there too.


Princess: Thank you for your help tonight.


Armageddon: No, prob. I know what those guys especially Bulldog are capable of. I don't want to see you caged. Especially since Tommy left, you dont have anyone here.


Princess: Thanks, but I can't have someone defend me everytime. I need to stand on my own. I do appreciate the help, but like Eclipse said I need to prove to him and everyone else, who I AM. I'll bleed for that woman's title to come back. I'll take the bumps, the bruises, and the blood to be known around here. Not for a pretty face, but for what I can do in the Ring.


Armageddon: Trust me, I know how you feel, but I'll always be there if you need me.


Amazing Red: Me too, me lady.


Princess: Well, looks like Thursday, I'll be meeting with Eclipse. Hope he knows I'll back down from no challenge.


Armageddon: Be careful Princess, Eclipse is in this for his amusement. You might get more then you bargin for.


Princess listens to the words, a more determined look on her face as the camera cuts.



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**This promo takes place after the show but before Zodiac's promo**


::In character::

*The location-the sYndicate's locker room. The time-post Chaos. Your host? None other than the young gun with the perfect smile, Chris "Prime Time" Warren. That dazzling smile is prominent, and so is Warren's traditional colors of black suit with dark navy shirt. Someone's looking gooooood.*



Chris Warren: "Welcome to an educational moment with Prime Time. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to educate you about the upcoming Intercontinental Title match at Wrestlefest 2005. Actually, upon looking at it, I should actually be directing this to our GM, Eclipse. Y'see Eclipse, what I'm saying is that I need better opponents for this match. None of them are really up to snuff to me. Let's get over the contestants."


*CW pulls out a pre-made dry erase board with all of the other Intercontinental Title contestants written on it.*


CW: "First up would be the one and only Armaggedon. This guy sucks so much that even his own group, Annihilation, kicked his ass out of their own group. Not one chance does this guy stand against a guy who helped found the single greatest organization to grace ADC/TNI. Next."


CW: "Speaking of ADC/TNI's resident group of ass-clowns, the next opponent in this line up would be Ugly Bulldog, a guy who certainly lives up to his name. This guy is so bad that he keeps himself to just one woman. It doesn't matter if it's that slut, Torrie, or not...he obviously hasn't pushed himself too far. Also, since he's a member of Annihilation, we know who really has the balls in that relationship. Hint hint-it's the person with the breasts. Next."


CW: "Shawn Michaels. The Show-Stopper. The Heart Break Kid. The one and only. Hey, do I hear New Jack Swing playing in the background, because someone must certainly think that it's still 1992. C'mon man, there's just no way that you can keep up with the rest of us in the ring, much less with someone as talented as me. Just forfeit early and head back to your pew. Next."


CW: "Let's all take a break to honor a real American hero. That's right, ADC/TNI has its own Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle. Granted, that was 1996, nearly, oh, ten years ago. Stop living in the past man and just realize that like Michaels, you can't hold a candle to me. I'm more agile, stronger, and oh yeah-I've got a full head of hair. Gold medals don't mean #$## unless you can back them up."


CW: "Now, I should point out that yes, one of the sYndicate's own members, Randy Orton, will also be in this match. Yes, the boy is talented-after all, he's a member of the sYndicate; however, he also knows his role in the organization and will lay down for the three, if need be. Well, that's all for tonight's educational moment with Prime Time. It's cold outside, but it'll be oh so hot in the club once the sYndicate makes it there..."


*Warren snaps his fingers, and a large smile creeps onto his face. As he begins to speak, two dazzling women walk out of the shower and line up on both sides of him.*


CW: "And it's even hotter on the way to the club. Ladies?"


*The camera begins to fade out as Prime Time makes his way out of the locker room, arms around both beauties.*


::End of Character::


Sorry for the lack of promos as of late.....a combination of writer's block and way too much work already is bad.

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The evening before this week's Thursday Night MeltDown finds El Bandy waiting to cut a promo with the Coach


Crew: And we're live in 3 - 2 - 1


Coach: Ok El Bandit...


El Bandito: That's El Bandito to jou esse!


Coach: Yeah yeah, you've got something to tell my boss, then just say it!


Bandy grabs the mic out of Coach's hand and shoves him out of camera view so it's centered squarely on the Mexican Sensation


El Bandito: Senior eclipse, I hear jour challenge. Ju know how sacred a luchadore's mask is in lucha libre hombre?! Well I'm stepping up to the challenge. My precious Mask vs a wrestler of your choosing esse! If I win I keep my mask and automatically get a spot in WrestleFest 2005 and keep my undefeated streak alive. If I lose I'm out of the tournament and must face the indignity of losing something so treasured and honoured by demasking.


El Bandito: Now surely you wont miss the opportunity to see me suffer an embarassing loss would ju senior? I'm an international superstar and I garauntee ju wont see the last of me!


Bandy gives the mic back to Coach and exits as Coach looks on disgusted.

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Hyde is in his room again with his Wall of Victoms. He scratches out the eyes of Johnny Blazer, War Machine and Xinos. He thinks to himself that soon the destruction of these three will be complete.


Something is not right, something smells. Suddenly the scratched out picture of D-Double-O-M bursts into flames unleashing the stench of framaldehyde.


Hyde rips the burning picture from the wall and stomps out the flames.

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Eclipse is shown in his office, tending to some paperwork when his desk is suddenly pounded by Ugly Bulldog's raging fists.


Bulldog: "Hey Boss, since I'm stuck in your ridiculous Intercontinental title tournament, and since I never actually lost the title, don't you think it's only fair that you award back my deserved belt."


Eclipse: "Didn't you get the memo?"


Bulldog: "Yeah, I got the memo."


Eclipse: "Then what the hell. Can't you read? All champions were stripped the night I took over as General Manager. You're not getting any special privledges, Doggy Boy."


Bulldog: "What kind of monkey poop are you smoking? It took me months to win that title and I only got the title shot since the fans voted me in since Austin couldn't do a damn thing. All of sudden, I'm working my way to the top again thanks to your "entertainment". What kind of elephant circus are you running. Give me my belt back."


Eclipse: "Doggy Boy, you better turn that muttface around in three seconds, cause there is no way in hell I'm giving you that belt. What would be the entertainment in that."


Bulldog walks away fuming as Eclipse tends to more paperwork.



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Camera fades up on a dressing room,the door opens and sitting there is The Juggernaut, he is surrounded by 5-10 japanese reporters, all trying to get a comment from him.


Juggernaut: RJ Brian vs Undestructible it was a classic match, definately one of my best, did you see what I did to RJ, I hit the Brick Wall on him for the victory.


Reporter: But what about Batista interferring?


Juggernaut: I have never had a problem with Batista, I always thought he was a fan of my work, but I guess jealousy got the best of him.


Reporters: Do you plan to do anything about this?


Juggernaut: I would love to have a match with Batista, or any of the other superstars here, but it will have to wait until the movie premier of "Little Budha" I just hope this cut heals in time so I can look my best for the cameras.


Outside the locker room a rather welldressed women stands at the door, listening to the interview that Juggernaut is giving. Eclipse walks by, wondering who she was, and why was she outside the mens lockerroom


Eclipse: Miss can I help you with something?


Ms. Walker: I am sorry, we haven't been introduced I am ms. Walker, I am Juggernaut's personal doctor.


Eclipse: Doctor?


Ms. Eclipse: Yes, About a year ago, during a match Juggernaut was wrestling Annihilation, to be more exact he was in a texa deathmatch I believe it is referred to against the Eternal, and that match along with the few weeks before that caused him to suffer a head injury, which resulted in his split personality.


Eclipse: Split personality?


Ms. Walker: Yes, one of them is the wrestler that you probably remember, unfortunately it was that personality that snapped the other week before Chaos, but that sparked his other personality to come back out. The one that thinks he is a movie star.


Eclipse: He isn't?


Ms. Walker: No he reverted to this person to not deal with the stress of the attacks, we had almost gotten totally rid of that personna, but we are back to keeping up with it until it slowly fades away.


Eclipse: All the cameramen, the movie everything is an act?


Ms. Walker: Yes all of those people are actors, he has never really filmed a movie, hopefully soon he will switch back to his normal personality, and we can move on with his wrestling career, and not his imaginary movie career.


Eclipse: I have seen it all, a wrestler gets hit in the head so hard he thinks he is the next ROCk, going hollywood on us.


Eclipse walks away shaking his head, as Ms. Walker eneters the locker room.


Ms. Walker: Sorry folks the interview is over, Juggernaut has a plane to catch.


Camera fades to black.

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RJ: "I've had just about enough of your crap Batista. Just in case you don't already know it, YOU FREAKING SUCK! You know, now that I think about it that may be way Orton likes you so much if you know what I'm talking about. You had better watch your back from now on Batista because your days are numbered."




Sorry for the late promo. Another great show OS and now I'm off to check out Thursday's show.

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