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Dcd Pics


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THose are sweet pics.


I wonder if Metallo can actually stand up straight... He should come with extra arms... that would be cool.


Oh my goodness those GL Rebirth figures are sooo sweet.

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Great pics Jay! I am lovin the Green Lantern line. Really cool looking figures. I'm also digging the Identity Crisis and Batman: Rogues figures.


Where are the JLA figures? Not the box set but the regular carded figs?


I need a job that's sole purpose is providing the funds for my toy & tpb addiction!

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Ther Alex Ross Batman is beyond my comprehension! But all in all Cassie Cain Batgirl is the one I'm most stoked about. And lets not forget Hush wave three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Its not really a "rebirth " line, its a green lanturn line :) But highly rebirth based I'm sure as thats the latest hotest thing ;)




Wow what are these?! Its like up dated versions of the classic figures I use to play with as a kid!!! Right down to lex luther! Soo cool! I'm deffinitly down for lex, superman, & flash! Hope we see a batman & robin as well! Aquaman too! Maybe I can finaly get my batman & superman back! Had em as a kid, left em at a my "best" friends house & they got "lost :rolleyes: " @loll@ :( @loll@

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Oh man that Lex will be hot...

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I just want to warn you that this is going to be a really long post. Keep in mind that my reactions are based on all the pictures I have seen of DC Direct’s figures at Toy Fair, not just TNI’s coverage.


Batman Rogues Gallery:


Killer Croc: Looks awesome. My only minor complaint is that his teeth don’t look very straight.


Black Mask: At first I was pretty mad that he wasn’t in his first costume, but now I’ve cooled off a bit, and can accept the figure at face value and he’s actually pretty cool. My only problem with the figure is that I wish they’d fix his head so that he can look straight ahead without his head tilted off to one side.


Man-Bat: Man-Bat’s head sculpt is awful. It doesn’t look like any picture of Man-Bat I’ve ever seen. They really have to replace it. His body however looks great.


Penguin: Is it just me or does this figure look eerily similar to the Legends of the Dark Knight Penguin figure? It’s almost to the point where I think they might be intentionally remaking the figure. There’s basically no way I could like this figure without them completely remaking it, so I’ll only say a few things they could do to improve it. Both his shoes need to be flat so he doesn’t fall over. He needs knee articulation. He needs to come with an open umbrella.


Mr. Freeze: He’s horrible. His head’s too small, it look’s squished, he’s too tall, his paint app is awful, his paint is too glossy, and the colors are wrong for the suit he’s wearing. [it’s the white part supposed to be black?] On the plus side this is probably a really early prototype, and the final version should be a lot better, hopefully.


Batman: The Long Halloween:


Batman: This Batman’s body actually looks pretty good, but the head is a major problem. I know all these figures are supposed to look like Jeph Loeb’s art work, but that doesn’t make the figure look any less freakish. Batman’s mouth looks especially bad.


Joker: I really hate the overly big smile. I also wonder if the bag of toys and gun are removable.


Catwoman: I actually really like this Catwoman. It’s not freaky and it’s got good articulation. I could still use a purple costume Knight Fall saga style figure though.


Mad Hatter: I think his nose is too wide, and the collar of his suit needs to be more spread out so you could see his face better. He also needs knee articulation. I hope his gun, top hat, and tea cup are all removable. Otherwise, he looks pretty cool.


Two-Face: I really don’t like this figure. The head sculpt looks really rough, probably rushed for the show. The transition between the good and bad half doesn’t look right, the bad half’s eye isn’t buggy enough. He doesn’t look like he has very much articulation. It also looks like his gun and especially his quarter is sculpted onto his hands, which I hate. Both should be removable.


Identity Crisis:


Hawkman: This figure is excellent. The paint app, the sculpting, superb. I’d even go as far as saying that this best DC Direct figure at the show.


Green Arrow: He looks a little undetailed and his head looks too small. The coloring on his tunic and hat seem off. It looks almost turquoise. I also don’t like that his elbows are facing inward. They probably did that so that he could fire his bow and arrow, but I still consider it preposing. Couldn’t they just add biceps and wrists articulation so could still make the pose, without having to prepose the figure? This was probably an early prototype, but still the Hard Travel’n Heroes version was better.


Deadshot: Even though I like the blue costume better, I think this Deadshot figure is pretty cool. The only thing I want changed is to make it so no skin shows around his left eye, and to make his left eye entirely white, then it would look cooler.


Dr. Light: He is really preposed. He might turn out pretty cool if they fix it though. His cape is lopsided, he’s too hunched over, and I think they should tone down his scowl a bit.


Zatanna cardboard cut out: I don’t like that costume, but it’s probably what she wore during the story.


Hush wave 3:


Ra’s Al Ghul: Wow, he looks way better than the earlier prototype. He’s really cool looking now. Although I would still kinda like a Ra’s Al Ghul figure with a shirt and cape though.


Scarecrow: He looks far worse in harsh lighting. His head sculpt looks weird. I really don’t like the shade of yellow on his hair. His right hand is too preposed. I still say that the Super Friends version of Scarecrow is the best thus far.


Stealth Jumper Batman: I thought this would be an original sculpt, but looks like just a retool of regular Hush Batman. Look at the left leg for example, it’s the Hush Batman prepose. Still I think it looks pretty cool. Odd how this figure actually looks better in harsh lighting. It really brings out the detail. It would be cool if it came with a real working parachute, but then again while I’m dreaming I might as well ask for the figure to come with a Batplane.


Commissioner Gordon: I really like Commissioner Gordon. When Hasbro finally made one a few years ago, I was really happy. However, that figure was kind of disappointing. Now this figure, it exceeds all my expectations. The earlier prototype was ok, but his glasses were too glossy and you couldn’t see his eyes. Bravo DC Direct, they actually fixed it, and now it looks awesome.


Alfred: I can not imagine a better Alfred figure. It looks exactly like him. Excellent figure.


First Appearance Series 3:


Nightwing: He looks really cool, but it sure would nice if he had a blank expression and not a smile. Still awesome though. Now I just need a Jason Todd as Robin figure that he could futilely mentor.


Riddler: He looks really good compared to his earlier prototype that was basically just a repaint of the Super Friends two pack version, which I wasn’t too crazy about to begin with. I’m still not too happy with this Riddler though. The purple on his costume is too dark, it almost looks red, and the main question mark on his chest isn’t straight. Of course changing these things would make it not look like his first appearance. I guess what I really want is a slightly modern Riddler in his classic costume, more like the 80’s version for instance.


Batgirl: I like the new Batgirl, and I’m surprised it took this long for anyone to make a figure of her. Maybe they thought she’d be a flash in the pain like the fourth Robin. Anyway this figure looks really great. The only problem with it is that the torso is really preposed, which throws off the figure’s posture and makes it really hard to stand. If they replace the torso, then the figure would be great.


Composite Superman: Although I’ve never read a comic with Composite Superman in it, for some reason I’m a really big fan of his. This is a really great figure of him, it looks exactly like him.


Alex Ross Justice line: I’ve talked about all of these figures before, and since they are based on Ross’s art work, they probably won’t change anything besides articulation and poses, so I’ll keep my comments short.


Wave 1:


Superman: Pretty cool Alex Ross Superman. No complaints.


Flash: Still looks fat, and I prefer yellow to gold when it comes to Flash.


Cheetah: Really don’t like the stitches, and she looks really preposed.


Sinestro: Redundant Sinestro figure. Looks good, but not necessary. I’m starting to think someone at DC Direct has a crush on Sinestro.


Bizarro Superman: Zombie Bizarro isn’t cool, at least I think so. I’ll take square faced Bizarro over Zombie or big chin any day.


Wave 2:


Batman: Still looks awesome, but his chest looks a little too wide.


Aquaman: Still looks excellent. No complaints.


Black Canary: Great looking, but I don’t see knee articulation, which is really bad.


Black Manta: His helmet is indeed removable, and I love his real face’s head sculpt, but they still need to fix the long neck caused by the small top part of the helmet.


Parasite: He looks really, really, really preposed. Otherwise he’d be a pretty good figure of the Ross design. What’s especially bad is that his right foot isn’t flat, so he’ll have a lot of trouble standing.


JLA box set:


Batman: Well they improved his head. They fixed the brow, and subsequently made the eyes not look so bad. They also toned downed the lip color. One problem that wasn’t fixed though is that Batman is still smiling. I don’t think I need to get into how wrong that is .I’d like a blank or stern expression instead. It’s pretty obvious now that he is indeed a repaint of the silver age two pack version, which is too bad, since I really didn’t like that figure. Also notice that his cape doesn’t have the jagged edges it usually has. It’s probably just a temp cape for Toy Fair though.


Wonder Woman: Besides removing the eye shadow, and having a far worse paint app, I see no difference between this Wonder Woman and the one already released twice before.


Green Lantern: For some reason they turned the green color on Green Lantern’s suit to neon glitter green, which needless to say was a really bad idea. Change it back. Otherwise great.


Superman: From a profile the new head sculpt looks good, but with a full face shot, it looks really off. It’s hard to pinpoint the problem, but I think it’s that his cheek bones are too big.


Aquaman: Still looks awesome.


There’s a few other DC Direct lines I wanted to mention things about.


Superman Batman wave:


Metallo better come with a spare normal right arm, because if he’s stuck with the steam shovel arm that would suck.


Green Lantern wave:


How come now all the Green Lantern figures green color has been changed to neon glitter green? It looks awful. Change it back to the prototype’s green color.


Well that’s all I had to say really. Sorry for the absurdly long post.

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Wow what are these?! Its like up dated versions of the classic figures I use to play with as a kid!!! Right down to lex luther! Soo cool! I'm deffinitly down for lex, superman, & flash! Hope we see a batman & robin as well! Aquaman too! Maybe I can finaly get my batman & superman back!

I believe that's the 2nd series of Crisis on Infinite Earths; Superman appears to have white at the temples. ;)

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long halloween figures are based on tim sale's art. the joker's big grin is a trademark of the way sale draws him.

Sorry I really didn’t know which of the two was the writer and which was the artiest, so I took a guess. I suppose I should have researched it more before posting.

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drool drool DROOL! o Man these things look hot! Parasite, Metallo, Black Canary…soo many of them yet too many to name (and many I don’t know the names of but do want!)


Gosh I wish these could be cheaper, if they were I would own so many more.


These look great though, really great. I cant wait to start seeing them and trying to afford them.

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Batman: This Batman’s body actually looks pretty good, but the head is a major problem. I know all these figures are supposed to look like Jeph Loeb’s art work, but that doesn’t make the figure look any less freakish. Batman’s mouth looks especially bad.



Is not Loeb´s art, he is a writer. It´s Tim Sale´s artwrok.

They look dead on to me, so, no complaint on the looks, maybe u don´t like his art, and that is what it might be disturbing you.

Great sculpts, IMO.

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