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Adc/tni Monday Night Chaos Results!


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BACKSTAGE AREA: RJ Brian is walking backstage and heads towards Eclipse's office! RJ Brian throws the door open and walks inside with Eclipse jumping out of his chair!


Eclipse: "Just what in the hell do you think your doing?"


RJ Brian: "I'll tell you what I'm doing! I want a match and I want a match against Komodo! I'm not just going sit around and let Annihilation think they can do whatever they want!"


Eclipse: "Everyone wants around here!" "You want this and everyone wants this... And don't think I didn't see what you did to The Coach! You want something then I want to give you something! I'm fining you a month's salary for assaulting one of my staff members!"


RJ Brian: "WHAT???"


Eclipse: "Would you like to be suspended?"


RJ Brian gets even more pissed off but holds back!


Eclipse: "I thought so... Now, I have you and Mr. Han in the tag team tournament and Komodo is tagging tonight so I'll give you the match! This Thursday, it will be RJ Brian versus Komodo of Annihilation! Now get the hell out of here before I change my mind!"


RJ Brian storms out of the office and slams the door behind him!


Eclipse starts laughing to himself and sits back down in his office chair and kicks his feet up!


Eclipse: "I'm starting to like this job!"




ARENA: Pryotechnics and Fireworks explode throughtout the arena and ADC/TNI Monday Night Chaos! is on the air!




ANNOUNCERS & VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Tomax and Xamot are on hand and they welcome all the fans to another edition of ADC/TNI'S Monday Night Chaos!


ANNOUNCERS AND HIGHLIGHT FOOTAGE: "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to our Saint Valentine's Day Massacre! We received a memo earlier today from our new General Manager and the tournament for the titles is underway! Let me read it word for word for everyone!" "Tonight, we'll see matches under the Heavyweight category, Cruiserweight category, Tag Team category and Hardcore category! The Heavyweight category will be broken down into three rounds! The winners from the first round will advance to the Heavyweight title category, the winners from the second round will advance to the Intercontinental title category and the winners from the third round will advance to the United States Champion title category! Opponents and competition will be based on a lottery system and names will be drawn by Eclipe, the General Manager!" "End of memo!"


ANNOUNCERS AND HIGHLIGHT FOOTAGE: "Well we feel that more names will be told over the weeks but the first set of the tournament will kick off with Rey Mysterio Jr. versus Tom Wonder and that is coming up next!"






ANNOUNCERS: "We have some great Cruiserweight action just ahead by two great opponents who always take it to the edge! We are sure this will be ..."


SUDDENLY! The Syndicate's music explodes through out the arena and The Cobra; Darren Andrews walks out from the backstage area and starts walking down the ramp toward the ring!


ANNOUNCERS: "What in hell is he doing out here?" "We have a Cruiserweight tournament match going on and OH MY GOD! Darren Andrews looks like he has a point to make and has just jumped into the ring and is taking on both of these men!!!"


Rey Mysterio Jr. and Tom Wonder


The Cobra hits a wicked chop that echoes through the building. The Cobra hits a dropkick on Tom Wonder. Super frankensteiner on Wonder, who hit hard. Hooks the leg for a two count. Mysterio takes a flying neckbreaker from Darren Andrews. Mysterio counters an avalanche with a raised foot to the face. Mysterio \ Wonder hook up The Cobra, then hit a double suplex. Spin kick by Tom Wonder to the face. Super frankensteiner on The Cobra, who hit hard. Wonder \ Mysterio whip The Cobra into the corner. Tom Wonder whips Rey Mysterio Jr. in for a hard clothesline to follow-up. Hooks the leg for a two count. Tiger suplex on The Cobra, right from out of the Misawa playbook. Pin : 1 - 2 - 2.9999999. Darren Andrews scores with a back heel kick on Mysterio. Second rope flying axe handle, The Cobra goes down. Wonder \ Mysterio hook up The Cobra, then hit a double suplex. Hooks the leg for a two count. Spinning back kick from Rey Mysterio Jr.. Darren Andrews comes up with a right hand out of nowhere. Darren Andrews pulls a mule kick out of nowhere. Shining Wizard on Wonder, The Cobra really laid that one in. The Cobra picks Tom Wonder up and throws him over the top ropes and out of the ring! Rey Mysterio Jr. gets knocked to the ground by The Cobra. Venomous Injection!!! 1....2....3!! It's all over. A ****1\4 rating, great bout.







ANNOUNCERS: "Darren Andrews is just sick!" "To come down and do what he did is nothing but cowardly and demented!"


Darren Andrews walks over and grabs a microphone as the whole arena is erupting into cheers and boos!


Darren Andrews: "So it would seem that our new General Manager as made this little tournament to see who is the best and who will be bringing home the gold!"


An devilish grin appears on Darren Andrews face!


Darren Andrews: "It appears I have just shown who the best is around here and this is nothing but a warning to anyone who crosses the path of The Syndicate!


Referees and Paramedics check on Tom Wonder and Rey Mysterio Jr. after this brutal beating!


Darren Andrews: "These two are an example of what happens when you get in the Syndicate's way! Take it as a foresight and warning because nothing will save you!"


Darren Andrews: Speaking of saving... I am also making it known that there are two men who better watch their steps and now there place in the ranks! You know who you are or they will become the next example of the power of The Syndicate!"


Darren Andrews music explodes through out the arena as he jumps out of the ring and starts heading up the ramp!


ANNOUNCERS: "Just who is he talking about?" "Who are these two men?"




BACKSTAGE: Shawn Michaels is walking backstage when approached by Josh Matthews!


Josh Matthews: "Shawn Michaels!" "In the past few weeks, you have cause some trouble for The Syndicate's Nathan Zodiac! What is your reasoning behind these troubles!"


Shawn Michaels: "Josh!" "Nathan Zodiac is nothing but trouble!" "Nathan Zodiac is the type of man who gives this sport a bad name and being associated with the scum of The Syndicate just makes him look even more weak and pathetic!" "Nathan Zodiac wants to call himself The Main Event or The Show Stopper or even to the point of calling himself an Icon!"


Shawn Michaels starts to laugh!


Shawn Michaels: "The little boy knows nothing about being any of those things but I will say this! As God is on my side and looking down on me! If Nathan Zodiac wants to cross my path then it looks like I'm the one who will be stopping his show!"


Shawn Michaels walks away as the camera pans in on Josh Matthews!








BACKSTAGE: The Coach is being followed by a Camera Man!


The Coach: "Why am I always stuck interviewing these guys?"


The Coach slowly approaches the door to Annihilation's locker room and is about to knock on the door!


The Eternal: "Enter!"


The Coach takes a step back cause he didn't even knock and slowly pushes the door open as waits for his eyes to adjust to the darkly lit room!


The Eternal: "Ask your questions Coach and maybe I'll let you walk out of here with two good legs!"


The Camera Man tries to focus on the room but only a faint image of The Eternal is seen sitting down with his back to the wall!


The Coach: "I... I... I just wanted to get your reaction to what is going on with the tournament and what happen with Darren Andrews of The Syndicate!"


The Eternal: "Darren Andrews is nothing to me! He is just a man with too much power and too much hate to know what to do with! He doesn't have any focus! Instead of setting his sight on one objective... He wants it all!"


The Eternal: "I have faced The Cobra before and we have battled and I will face The Cobra again and we will battle again! Many men I have faced and many men I have not faced! I was there when Doctor Procko retired the Heavyweight Championship title and I was the rightful owner of that title since it was stripped from me! Men such as John Thomas, Darren Andrews, Chris Warren, Kurt Angle, Big Show, Shawn Michaels, Syndicate, Annihilation!!! Many men will want and desire the prize but only one man will gain the ultimate token of blood, sweat and hate and that man is... The Eternal! God Save them all!"


The Eternal: "Now leave me as I must prepare!"


The Coach starts pushing the Camera Man out the door as The Eternal starts laughing louder and louder in an evilish tone!






ANNOUNCERS: "Ladies and Gentlemen! During the break it would see that we are being fed memo's from our General Manager on what is happening next for the tournament! It would seem that both Tom Wonder and Rey Mysterio Jr. are both eliminated from the tournament due to injuries sustained at the hands of The Cobra; Darren Andrews! The next match will be Christian York versus Devon Storm to see which one of these Cruiserweights will advance to the next tournament round!"




Christian York vs Devon Storm


D. Storm hits a massive spinning kick to the jaw. Spinning back kick from Devon Storm. York walks into a high dropkick from Devon Storm. There's a two count on the pin. Hard back suplex on York. Anyone remember when that was Shawn Michaels's finisher? Cover for a two count. Christian York takes the advantage after a i-block-your-punch-you-don't-block-mine routine. Standing leg lariat by Christian York on D. Storm. There's a two count on the pin. D. Storm takes a hurrancarana from Christian York. Devon Storm avoids a Christian York avalanche. Death valley driver by Devon Storm, Christian York got planted. Christian York grabs Devon Storm from behind and shoves him into the ropes, then scores with a roll-up...but D. Storm rolls through with the move! He is using the tights for leverage! 1....2...3! The referee didn't see it! Christian York offers a handshake to D. Storm...and he accepts it! No! Devon Storm levels York with a cheap shot right hand! Devon Storm spins York around. Devon Storm hits the Mindbender! Christian York has been floored after the match. This one gets a ***1\4 rating, it was a good bout.





WINNER: DEVON STORM! (Devon Storm advances to the next Cruiserweight tournament round!)


ANNOUNCERS: "Devon Storm looks to be heading to the next round of the tournament even though he cheated and cowardly attacked Christian York after the match!" "What a sick display of sportsmanship!"




BACKSTAGE: The arena erupts into cheers as the camera pans in on The End who is walking backstage when he is approached by Ugly Bulldog!


Ugly Bulldog: "Well!" "If it isn't the little #$## who couldn't run with the big dogs of Annihilation!"


The End: "The only #$## I'm not seeing around here is the one that walks you around in her collar!"


Ugly Bulldog: "Big talk from a little man who isn't going to have his damn teeth once we get done with you!"


The End: "Talk is cheap and so is Torrie Wilson so for your benefit and Annihilations health! You better damn well make sure Eclipse don't put us in a match together cause after all those months of carrying your ass in the ring! I got nothing better to do then to be kicking your ass all over the ring!"


The End walks away!


Ugly Bulldog: "You better walk away cause without Annihilation... Your nothing #$##! We'll see who is going to bring home the gold!"


Ugly Bulldog punches the wall in a fit of rage and storms off!




ANNOUNCERS: "Uncle Reggie is taking on Xinos in the first round of tournament for the ultimate in blood, sweat and tears... The Hardcore Championship title!" "No matter who wins this round! We know they won't be walking out unharmed!"




Uncle Reggie vs Xinos


Tiger bomb by Xinos, executed perfectly. Gutwrench powerbomb through a table on Unc. Unc walks into a face-first flapjack. Pin, but Unc is out just before the three count. Hard impact russian legsweep by Xinos. If you're going to get impact, 'hard' is probably a good way to go. Hooks the leg for a two count. Unc reverses a Xinos hammerlock. Uncle Reggie with a spinning neckbreaker on Xinos. Spinebuster by Uncle Reggie. Xinos blocks the suplex attempt. Spinebuster by Xinos, executed with Arn-esque perfection. Uncle Reggie is in trouble. KG Express! 1....2....3. Xinos climbs each turnbuckle in turn, working the crowd as he celebrates his victory Good **** rating.





WINNER: XINOS! (Xinos advances to the next Hardcore tournament round!)


ANNOUNCERS: "What a match!" "Quick and deadly and that table never stood a chance! Great match between both men and Xinos has won himself a trip to the second round!"






BACKSTAGE: Johnny Blazer is backstage with both Uncle Reggie and Xinos!


Johnny Blazer: "You both did great out there!" "It doesn't matter who wins or who loses but as long as those people out there can go home and say, "Damn! That was one hell of a match!""


Xinos shakes hands with Uncle Reggie!


Xinos: "It was one hell of a match and sorry about the defeat Unc'!"


Uncle Reggie: "I'll get the win next time and ..."


Uncle Reggie takes a step back as he looks to see a seven foot shadow appear behind Johnny Blazer! Hot breath blows onto Blazer's neck!


Xinos: "What in the hell!"


Johnny Blazer turns around to see Genocide Hyde standing over him!


Johnny Blazer: "What in the hell you lookin at Grizzly Adams?" "Blowing hot breath on me... What are you? Some hardcore groupie?"


Genocide Hyde just continues to stare down at Johnny Blazer!


Johnny Blazer: "Look little man!" "I was busting guys down to size before you showed up and they were bigger and taller than you! I know what your thinking... Your thinking I'm looking tasty well you want of piece of Blazer then you'll get it after I break my foot off in your ass!"


SUDDENLY! Genocide Hyde snaps and grabs Johnny Blazer by the throat and throws him across the room! Uncle Reggie and Xinos charge in and attack Genocide Hyde but the monster grabs both men and throws them in different directions!




Johnny Blazer shakes his head and makes it to his feet!


Johnny Blazer: "The bigger they are... The dumber they are!"


Johnny Blazer jumps up onto a table and jumps off into a diving clothesline at Genocide Hyde!!! Genocide Hyde catches Johnny Blazer in mid-air and reverses it into a choke slam and slams Johnny Blazer through the table! The table splits into two! Johnny Blazer lays on the ground, knocked out cold and motion-less!


Genocide Hyde looks at Johnny Blazer, Uncle Reggie and Xinos laying on the ground, motion-less and walks away as if nothing happened!








ANNOUNCERS: "What a night this has been Ladies and Gentlemen! Mayhem and destruction left and right! Bodies everywhere and speaking of bodies! We have a special treat for the Gentlemen tonight! We now take it to the ring with our very own Michael Cole!"


IN THE RING: Michael Cole stands in the ring with Redneck Princess and Candice Ortega! Both of these lovely ladies will be competiting tonight in the ADC/TNI Saint Valentines Day Lingerie Showdown!


Michael Cole: "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the ADC/TNI Saint Valentines Day Lingerie Showdown! These two lovely ladies will be competiting tonight for your attention but only one will become victorious!"


The whole arena explodes into cheers and whistles!


Michael Cole: "But that's not all! Tonight, we will see these two ladies and eight more finely selected ladies duke it out in this very ring in a "Ten Woman Lingerie Battle Royal!"


The whole arena explodes even louder into cheers!


Michael Cole: "As Candice Ortega is new to the federation! We will let her go first to show you all what you want to see!


Candice Ortega opens her robe and lets it drop to the ground as she walks around wearing a black lingerie with matching bra, panties and stockings in black high heels! The whole arena is erupting in cheers and whistles!


Michael Cole: "The censors aren't going to be like this show tonight I can tell you that! Is she a ten out of ten or what guys?"


Candice Ortega walks over to the corner and leans up against the robes!


Michael Cole: "Next up is the very talented and very beautiful, Redneck Princess!"


Redneck Princess opens her robe and lets it drop to the floor as she reveals a red, two piece lingerie with matching stockings and white hearts laced across the bra and panties! The whole arena explodes into cheers!


Michael Cole: "Wow!" "This is a very close call guys but this is Valentines Day and Redneck Princess is fitting the holiday nicely so the winner is Redneck Princess!"


Redneck Princess begins to celebrate her victory and gives Michael Cole a hug and waves to all her fans! SUDDENLY! Candice Ortega explodes and tackles Redneck Princess and starts slapping her! Both women start rolling around on the canvas trying to tear each other apart! The whole arena is explodes into cheers! Michael Cole and a few Referees start to pull the two women apart but they both continue to keep slapping and scratching each other!


ANNOUNCERS: "The ten women lingerie battle royal is up next if these two women don't kill each other before it happens!"






10 Women Lingerie Battle Royal


Dawn hits a weak kick. Dawn threw Beulah McGuillicutty over the top rope. (Elimination # 1) Lita hits a dropkick on Dawn Marie. 'Hit' may be an exaggeration, as it barely touched. Dawn takes a chop from Lita. Weak slam from Stacy. Ivory was eliminated by Stacy. (Elimination # 2) Flying reverse elbow by Gail Kim. Gail Kim tried to eliminate Legally Blonde, who hung onto the top rope. Incredibly weak headbutt on Dawn by Stacy. Stacy hits an arm drag on Dawn. Princess hits a right hand. Dawn Marie was eliminated by Princess. (Elimination # 3) Blonde hits a wicked chop that echoes through the building. Blonde tried to get Stacy Keibler over the top rope, but Gravity made the save. Running knee lift from Candice Ortega. Candy went for the elimination, but Victoria held on to the ropes. Stacy receives some punishment. Stacy Keibler was eliminated by Princess. (Elimination # 4) Legally Blonde scores with a back heel kick on Princess. Redneck Princess got bundled out by Blonde. (Elimination # 5) Candy takes a hurrancarana from Legally Blonde. Blonde went for the elimination, but Candice Ortega held on to the ropes. Victoria hits a massive spinning kick to the jaw. Victoria tried to get Legally Blonde over the top rope, but Gravity made the save. Flying elbow from Legally Blonde. Lita was eliminated by Blonde. (Elimination # 6) Candy hits a right hand. Candy tried to eliminate Legally Blonde, who hung onto the top rope. Kick from Legally Blonde to the leg. Victoria got thrown over the top rope by Blonde. (Elimination # 7) Blonde hits a dropkick on Candice Ortega. Blonde tried to eliminate Candice Ortega, who hung onto the top rope. Flying elbow from Candice Ortega. Candy tried to get Legally Blonde over the top rope, but Gravity made the save. Gail Kim walks into a high dropkick from Legally Blonde. Blonde threw Gail Kim over the top rope. (Elimination # 8) Kick from Legally Blonde to the leg. Driven DDT by Legally Blonde. The ring shook violently, instantly making it better at selling than some of the current roster. Candice Ortega is in trouble. The #$## Slap! Candice Ortega got thrown over the top rope by Blonde. Legally Blonde stays in the ring and celebrates as Candy walks up the ramp slowly with a pissed off look on her face!











Annihilation vs The APA


Rude Awakening on The Dark Knight by Bradshaw. The Dark Knight pulls a mule kick out of nowhere. Knightwing slams Bradshaw down. Tag to Komodo. Running knee lift from Komodo. Komodo with a spinning neckbreaker on Bradshaw. Bradshaw blocks a kick from Komodo. Big backdrop on Death, executed well. Tag to Faarooq. Lame kick from Faarooq. Faarooq with a badly-executed spinning neckbreaker on Death. Komodo comes up with a right hand out of nowhere. Running knee lift from Komodo. Tag between Komodo and The Dark Knight. Massive lariat, apparently Knightwing has been watching The Best Of Stan Hansen again. Pin, but Faarooq is out just before the three count. Fallaway slam by The Dark Knight. Faarooq grabs The Dark Knight from behind and shoves him into the ropes, then scores with a roll-up...but Knightwing rolls through with the move! He used a pull of the tights to get Faarooq over! 1....2...3! The referee was out of position and didn't see it! Annihilation nod at each other...and they attack The APA! The element of surprise works in their favour, and they have soon left The APA down and out on the canvas. I'll give this a ***1\4 rating.





WINNERS: ANNIHILATION! (Annihilation advances to the next Tag Team tournament round!)




BACKSTAGE: John Thomas is backstage with Terri, ready to conduct and interview!


Terri: "John Thomas!" "Many are questioning why you went into Eclipse's office and rumor has it that you have been selected tonight for the first round of tournaments for the Heavyweight Championship title! Your comments?"


John Thomas: "Well, I will say that it is indeed true that I have been selected for tonight! I don't know who my opponents will be but it can be any two of many opponents around here and as for why I went into Eclipse's office... I don't wish to make any comment on that situation at the moment!"


Terri: "How do you feel about being choosen so early in the tournament rounds?"


John Thomas: "I'm not worried because I am glad cause after tonight, I'll get to see who else remains a competitor because in the end they will know they are going to be facing the best technical wrestler in this federation today and being the best is what is going to give me my win tonight!"


John Thomas walks away to get ready for his match tonight!






ANNOUNCERS: "Ladies and Gentlemen! Moments ago during the commercial break! It would seem a confrontation happened between the likes of Randy Orton of The Syndicate and Kool-Aid Man! We can't be certain for sure but it would seem as it was a set-up or an ambush mind you on the part of the Syndicate!"


VIDEO FOOTAGE OF MOMENTS AGO: Kool-Aid Man is walking backstage when Randy Orton appears! They argue, and the distraction Orton causes proves to be enough, as Kool-Aid doesn't notice The Syndicate coming out of the nowhere until they are already within striking distance! Batista and Brock Lesnar brutally attack Kool-Aid Man as Randy Orton continues to order instructions at them! Once happy with the job, all three members of The Syndicate walk away as Kool-Aid Man slowly moves on the ground in a puddle of his own blood!




ANNOUNCERS: "Sickening display of The Syndicate and we'll bring you the latest update on Kool-Aid Man as soon as he is done getting medical treatment!" "Up next is the first round of the Heavyweight Championship title and from a lottery draft of the General Manager himself... The three opponents tonight will be Kurt Angle, The Big Show and as we know John Thomas! We go live to the ring!"




Kurt Angle vs Big Show vs John Thomas


Kurt Angle snap suplexes Grimlock. Double arm suplex by Kurt Angle, Show hits hard. John Thomas avoids a Kurt Angle avalanche. Legsweep out of Nowhere. Where is Nowhere, and why do moves keep coming out of there? Does it have a factory? Brainbuster suplex by Big Show, who apparently is in the mood to bust some brains. Pin, but Grimlock is out just before the three count. Kurt Angle snap suplexes Show...with authority! ('With authority', trademark G.Monsoon 1986.) Angle only gets knees on a splash. Grimlock \ Show hook up Angle, then hit a double suplex. Angle walks into a face crusher variation. Pin : 1 - 2- 3. Grimlock defeats Angle. Super kick by John Thomas. John Thomas misses a big legdrop after stalling too long. Show hits a great swinging DDT on John Thomas. Cover for a two count. John Thomas fights out of a grapple. Spinning bulldog in the corner, Show is down. Big Show gets knocked to the ground by Grimlock. Here it comes...The Sharpshooter! Big Show taps! John Thomas celebrates by climbing each turnbuckle as the whole arena is exploding with cheers for his win! A **** rating for a good contest.





WINNER: JOHN THOMAS! (John Thomas advances to the next Heavyweight tournament round!)


ANNOUNCERS: "Outstanding match by all three opponents and from the victory, John Thomas is advancing to the next tournament round! Who is next for the tournament? Only the General Manager knows..."





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Thanxs to RJ Brian and anyone else I might have missed with todays show...


Helping with the show...


First off let me say that I want to thanx everyone who sends me ideas, suggestions for their character and for the show...


In the future... This is all I ask... If you have an idea, suggestion, promo or whatever that you want to add to the show that you send me a PM before the day of the show...


My schedule for the shows goes like this...


Monday Night Chaos - I work up the show on Sunday...

Thursday Night Meltdown - I work up the show on Wednesday...


So if you have any ideas, etc for Chaos then make sure I have them by Saturday or Sunday afternoon the latest... If you have any ideas for Meltdown then make sure I have them by Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon the latest...


If by some change you can't get me your promo for the show until the day of the show then send me a reminder so I know I can fit it into the show when I am working the show up...


Any questions... Just ask...

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*In character* *KAM is stumbling around backstage, blood gushing from his head, and Baby in his hand*






*KAM fall to one knee, as two EMT's grab each of his arms, and pick him up*


Lemme...Lemme GO! *KAM shrugs of the EMT's, and begins screaming, and slamming Baby against the ground* You're dead! DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD! *Kam finally collapses against the wall, prompting several more paramedics to rush over to him as the shot fades out*



*Out of character*

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*Xinos slowly sits up holding onto the back of his head*


Of all the dirty low down tactics.....ugh...


*Xinos stumbles over to check on Uncle Reggie and Johnny Blaze*


*Xinos then looks in the direction that Genocide Hyde ran off in, then looks at Johnny Blaze and Uncle Reggie*


I don't know about you guys, but I'm thinkin a little payback is in order. Whether you wanna work with me, or go solo I'll let that be your decision. But I'm not gonna let anyone walk over me that way. I fight and live by a code of honor, but an open attack like that from where I come from is an open invite to retaliate using any means necessary.


*Xinos looks back in the direction that Genocide ran off into, an angry yet determined look across his face*



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Great show Outsiders!



I am back and stronger than ever after being put in the hospital some months ago, because of Nathan Zodiac. So please next time give me some real competition and not these little pansy girls that say they are wrestlers.




I think I'm a little rusty with the Promos. @smilepunch@

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GR81 says:


Where's Hamed?.... Wondering if he got stuck in Lebanon for the past week? As his agent, it is my duty to inform his great fans that he is still in anger after refusing to give back the Lebanese championship belt to officials. Oh! A note from Hamed Mohamed. Due to the current events with the new GM vacating all the belts thus destroying the Lebanese pride, the new item in Hamed Mohamed "Airy fic" line as been postponed until further notice.



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* Out Of Character *


I know a lot of you are new and lot of you aren't new and I have been getting some PM's about when you will be used... All I ask is that you please have some patience and you will be used... Right now the tournament just started and you will be used very soon... Also... I don't want to rush into any angles just yet... These things take time...

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John Thomas grabs the mic and salutes the fans:


"It's been a while since I've wrestled in front of all you great fans and tonight's the first step on my road to being the new heavyweight champion of TNI!!! Bteaing two great wrteslers in Kurt Angle and the Big Show was a great first start, but I know that there will be tough matches on my road to top. But with all the great fans behimd me and the fact that I'm the Best Technical Wrestler in TNI today, I will get through whatever challenges Eclipse and anyone else has for me!!!"




Another solid show as usual OS :) I'm liking the new tourneys and angles that are being set up...

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Knightwing: Thats right man we showed the APA whats up! I want bigger fish man i want Han and Brian...i want to embarrass them to the extent that they wont wrestle again!


Komodo: i want that too bro....i want RJ Brians bones to break! All in due time this thursday i get my shot....


Knightwing: Damn skippy bro and you got the power of Annihilation at your side...


Komodo: Hell ya brotha!


As they walk into the locker room they see a very POed Bulldog!


Bulldog is tearing up the locker room around Eternal


Komodo: Did we miss something?


Bulldog: I want to destroy Armageddon....i want to...(Eternal Interrupts)


Eternal: Looks like we are gonna have a busy month!


Knightwing and Komodo nod and agree


Eternal looks at the camera: God Save You All


Komodo and Knightwing: F'N A Right!


: OC :

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Josh Matthews is currently conducting an interview with Amazing Red.


Matthews: "So Red, just days after making your debut in the ADC/TNI Wrestling Federation, you are likely to enter the tournament on becoming the new ADC/TNI Cruiserweight Champion. What's your reaction?"


Red: "Well, Josh. It's an honor to perform in front of these great ADC/TNI fans. For years I've been putting my body on the line to entertain these great fans, and finally I have my...chance...here.


Red and Matthews turn to look over as Bulldog with Torrie Wilson walk right into the picture.


Bulldog: "So Red, looks like you found a little buddy, huh. Interfering in The Eternal's match last week against that human equilvalent of body odor named Armageddon. Tsk, Armageddon. What kind of name is Armageddon anyway. Doesn't that sound like a nuclear variation of armpit perspiration that can kill natural wildlife and vegetation. Huh? Doesn't it! Doesn't it, Josh."


Bulldog begins to shake Matthews violently.


Matthews: "Uuuh, yeah, it does. Put me down"


Bulldog: "That's right. I made a funny."


Red: "What are you talking about. You were the one who interfered in that match last week. All I did was even the odds... two-on-two."


Bulldog: "You know kid. You have a lot of nerve talking to me like that. How long have you been here? What, three days? Torrie and I have participated in scavenger hunts longer than that. Ain't that right, girl."


Torrie shakes her head approvingly.


Bulldog: "So instead of listening to Armaperspiration, let me give you some real advice. Stay out of Annihilation's way, and then maybe...just maybe, you won't die. And that's no laughing matter. Let's go, Torrie. Time for more scavenger hunting at the hotel."



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We see RJ Brian and Mr. Han walking backstage, they are talking about RJ's meeting with Eclipse during Monday Night Chaos....


Han: "Well you got your match with Komodo but it cost you a month's pay. Do you think that it was worth it?"


RJ: "I would gladly give up a month's salary for a chance to get my hands on Komodo. That punk need to be taught a lesson."


Han: "I know buddy but you know that Annihilation doesn't play fare."


RJ: "Yeah, I know man. That is why I need you to watch my back and make sure that the rest of Annihilation doesn't try anything. Can I count on you?


Han: "You know that you can, but we both need to be careful. After all we are in the turnament for the Tag Titles and the last thing that we need is for one of us to get hurt before we get are change at the Titles."


RJ: "I guess you're right Han. After my match on Thursday we will concentrate on winning those Tag Titles."


Han: "Now you're talking. How about we go get something to eat, I'm starving."


RJ: "Sounds good to me man, but can you pay for mine? I did just lose a month's pay."




Awesome show Outsiders, I can't wait for my match on Thursday. See you guys then.

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The White Dragon, Gabriel Arishikage is sitting backstage watching what had just transpired, when Darren Andrews walks by.




White Dragon: man aren't you the big man on campus, I would be really scared if I was one of those guys you were looking for, especially after you beat up that spiderman wanna be, and wonderman.


Darren Andrews just glares at Gabriel and then just walks off.


The Announcers well it looks like The White Dragon is trying to make a name for himself too, not sure that messing with Darren Andrews or The Syndicate is the right way to do it.

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A little Japanese man is walking around backstage, he is looking for eclipse.




Mr. Tanaka: Has anyone seen Mr. Eclipse anywhere, it is very important that I talk to him.



Random key Grip: dude important people have offices, and don't hang around back here with the help.


Mr. Tanaka shuffles off, looking for an office now.


The Announcers Man he reminds me of that rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, I never liked that movie.


But what was so important that he needed to see Eclipse so bad?

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As all of Annihilation goes about what their plans are. Eternal sits and laughs, the same sinister laugh that was heard as the show aired.


Knightwing: Hey um boss, how bout stopping that.


Komodo: Yeah you're freaking us out to man.


Eternal's laugh slowly goes away, but yet the voice that comes out seems not normal. As if someone had finally snapped, to much.


Eternal: Soon all will be fortold, all we come full circle. Annihilation has done nothing but keep this federation alive. New blood enters, not fit to wear wrestling boots. Old blood returns, not giving a damn for what they left. Annihilation bleed for this federation. Now its time for others to bleed for Annihilation. There will be only one soon, at the END of the tournament, everyone will know the name ETERNAL of Annihilation.


Enak stands behind Eternal, leans down and whispers (sounds like a growl) into Eternal's ear.


Eternal: Yes I know old friend. All will be accounted for. All will be held accordingly. Enak, maybe you should send a message to someone, The White Dragon needs a wake up call. He wants to make a name for himself, why not put his name in the obituaries.


Eternal starts his evil laugh once again, Enak Snarls. Komodo and Knightwing start to understand that the master plan set in motion is Annihilation will back up their words with actions.


Bulldog: Tired of the End running his mouth, soon he will be exposed for the #$## he truely is.


Eternal: Yes, yes he will my friend. (Sinister laugh starts again)




went with the show promo, and added more. Great show. dont feel like this was one of my better promos.

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as the show come to a close, eclipse's music hits and he comes out to address the crowed.


eclipse: as i said last week, the eclipse era will deliver the most entertaining event since i personally took out stone cold. tonight was the first night for many, on their long journey to the top. for others, it's their chance to regain past glory.


eclipse: in the short time i've been general manager, i've had every joe nobody knock on my door, making demands, hoping for a handout. some of these ideas have been interesting, while others suck. it seems some people still don't get the point. i don't care what you people out here want to see, you don't know what you want. if i'm entertained, your entertained. we already saw some pretty explosive matches tonight. this thursday, it continues with hardcore action as johnny blazer squares off against abyss. we'll also be seeing tag team action between the hardy boyz vs hall & nash. not to mention the continuation of the all the other title tournaments.


eclipse: now on to the main reason i came out here tonight. as i mentioned before, the object of the game is to entertain me and i bore easy. i know there are a lot of young wrestlers in the back, looking to make a name for themselves. they're looking to become a star as well as getting a big pay check, so lets make things a little more interesting. i'm giving everyone a chance to impress me. so starting tonight, i'm putting a bounty on a few of the superstars. anyone who knocks them out of the tournament will get $10,000. so who will be the first name on the hitlist? tune in thursday and find out.

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Knightwing is seen up in the rafters as Eclipse is speaking...


Eclipse: "i'm giving everyone a chance to impress me. so starting tonight, i'm putting a bounty on a few of the superstars. anyone who knocks them out of the tournament will get $10,000. so who will be the first name on the hitlist? tune in thursday and find out."



Knighwing: Hmmm $10K huh...i wonder who the list will be...


Thinking to himself he knows most of his Annihilation brothers will be on that list if not all of Annihilation and the rival team of the Syndacate


Knightwing: Better get back to the locker room and see what Eternal is gonna do about this...thats all we need now is all the rookies wanting a bonus to do something stupid, and not to mention the Syndatates dumb butts they'll see the $$$ and thats all they will care about...God Save You All


Knightwing jumps down and heads back to the locker room



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*The screen goes dark and the red eyes that have appeared for the past three shows appears*


"For thy Doom is almost ready to start his revenge. Upon thee day, I shall destroy you all. For my vengance shall be brought upon thee by thy Hand of Doom. Reckon my call..... For I shall come once more"

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After Xinos's statement was made it apears that one of the two men on the ground is rising*


Uncle Reggie- Xinos, i would be glad to help you get back at Genocide Hyde for what he did to us. Now, the only question that remains is whether or not johnny blazer will assist us.



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Another great show OS. can't wait for tomorrow. Sorry about this being so late.



Coach is standing backstage with Armageddon.


Coach: Armageddon, lets cut straight to the chase, your former stablemate Ugly Bulldog has gone on several verbal tirades against you recently, and even accosted you in the hallway, anything you want to say now?


Armageddon: Everything I have to say, those punks in Annihilation already know. But I just got done talking with the Amazing Red and have an idea.


Coach: What is that?


Armageddon: Well it's an idea I want to propose to the fans of ADC/TNI to see what they think.


Coach: Well I don't know (Armageddon snatches the mic out of Coach's hand and pie-faces him to the ground. He then begins walking out to the arena area.)


Armageddon: Fans of ADC/TNI can you hear me?


The crowd begins to cheer. Armageddon then emerges in the crowd.


Armageddon: I said CAN YOU HEAR ME?!


The fans sensing a wave of pandomonium start cheering wildly seeing Armageddon in their midst.


Armageddon: Well here's our idea. What about if that b!tch Ugly Bulldog (boos), and his butch Eternal (massive boos) square off against THE Amazing Red (cheers), and... ME!!!! (massive cheers)


Armageddon: Well it sounds like the fans of ADC/TNI (Armageddon starts motioning to the crowd and high-fiving fans) have their minds made up. So Annihilation the challenge has been made. Are you men enough to accept, or are you as yellow as we know you all are.


Armageddon: If you accept, you already know where your End will be... in the middle of that ring.


Armageddon drops the mic and starts interacting with the cheering crowd even more as he waves the camera-man away. Now it's time for Armageddon to be with his fans, with his people.

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Redneck princess sits alone in a hallway, towel drapped over her shoulder. The same shoulder that once held the Womans Championship. She has earned her scars, and battled till she bleed. She proudly wore that belt, and if brought back again, would proudly wear it again. Tears, Blood, and Sweat is what it took to prove to all the fans out there, what it takes to earn something in this business. She knows this. The newcomers however, know nothing.


Redneck Princess: Candice, like this here clock on the wall, yer time is slowly clicking away. The clock'll keep runnin', however yer time here in this federation will be short, and very painful. This here place don't need another half wited bimbo slut. We already got those in the Syndicate and Annihilation.


Princess gets up and slowly walks down the hall, the light at the end gets brighter, as she slowly fades away. Only her voice is heard.


Princess: Soon, very soon. Yer times at a End.



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Right after the match Terri walks up to Komodo


TW: Komodo what are your thoughts on what RJ said?


KO: I have none because RJ is nothing to me or Annihilation. He wants a match with me I'll be glad to turn his bones into dust, but right now me and Knightwing have a job to do and that is to bring the Tag Titles back to where they belong......


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