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Wwe Monday Night Raw Results!


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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Date: Monday, January 31st, 2005

Location: The H.P. Pavilion in San Jose, California

Results by PowerWrestling.com


Start of the Show:

Just 24 hours after the Royal Rumble, we are here tonight with J.R in the King in San Jose! Tonight we will have a steel cage match when Kane goes one on one with Gene Snitsky! We will also have a tag team match featuring Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels vs. HHH and Ric Flair!


Still World Heavyweight Champion..


The music of the game hits and he comes to the ramp in a suit along with Ric Flair. HHH pauses at the top of the ramp to blow a kiss to the world title around his shoulder as he successfully defended it last night against Randy Orton. HHH pauses on the apron to give the world title a big hug as he smiles to the crowd. He walks up on the ropes a bit before finally getting a mic to Ric Flair's mouth. He says there once was a man that was so good in this business, that he NEVEr would second guess himself. He says then along came a guy named Shawn Michaels and the word "arguably" came around. But now, that word does not exist, only the greatest in the world exists and now there is only one! He says HHH is the measuring stick for what IS great. He then introduces HHH as the greatest wrestler alive today. HHH gets on the mic and says "Randy Orton, so much for destiny my friend." He says he is destiny and in this ring, he controls destiny. He says he could sit here and put himself over but he doesn't need to do that because all these people know it. He says he is out here to talk about something else. He says it was ALMOST as great as his night. He says years from now people were telling their kids that they were there the year they unleashed the beast. HHH introduces Batista to a nice pop from the crowd. He comes out in a suit all pumped up. He gets through the ropes and shakes the hands of HHH and Ric Flair before showboating for the crowd a little bit.


HHH says that he heard some talk about controversy over last night's Royal Rumble, but last night, he took number 29, John Cena, and threw him out 3 damn times! This is the man, says HHH. HHH says that Dave knows how he feels about him. He says he is going to stand here in front of the whole world and tell him to his face: "I'm proud of you man.. I really am." He says this is what they talked about in the beginning, going all the way to the top, because of loyalty. He goes through the whole "when I met you you were lost and now you are this and that.." He says that Batista is NOW a Royal rumble winner, just like himself and Ric Flair. HHH says Batista is so close, and he says it will be his priviledge and honor to walk to the ring at WrestleMania and DEFEND the title against Batista. He says that it is time. Batista takes the mic and says HHH, The Game, my man! I love hearing whatcha think about me, now let me tell you what I think about you. We then shoot via sattelite to JBL (last night) on the Titan Tron who says that he gives Batista credit for winning the Royal Rumble, but he is NOT in his league. He says if Batista wants to come to Smackdown with his Tarzan body because JBL will make him look like Jane because he is a wrestling God. HHH says there is only one God and that is him. He also calls JBL foghorn leghorn. He then goes on to say that nobody will ruin Evolution's night at WrestleMania because it will be HHH vs. Batista, and that is final!


HHH then calls the troups and Evolution heads to the locker room, Batista didn't even get a chance to talk.


Shelton Benjamin comes down to the ring to defend his IC title on this episode of Raw!


Intercontinental Title Match

Referee: Mike Chioda

Shelton Benjamin © vs. Simon Dean


Start of the Match:


Simon works Shelton early in the corner with hard rights and knees to the gut of the champion. Simon goes for a suplex, Benjamin gets out, but Simon kicks him in the gut. Simon comes off the ropes but he runs right into a shoulder block from Benjamin. Simon goes for something from his bad, Chioda takes it, but he holds the bag up and Shelton splashes himself right into the bag. Simon covers for a two count.


End of the Match:


Shelton and Simon exchange blows, Simon goes for blow but Shelton kicks him in the gut. Shelton goes for another kick but Simon catches his foot. Shelton nails his spinning heel kick and pins Simon Dean for the victory.


Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Shelton Benjamin


Note: Before the match Jim ross said that Shelton was not happy about not being on Raw last week and he has an open contract and will defend the title anywhere, anytime.


After the match:


Simon gets on the mic and says the only reason shelton beat him is because he uses the Simon System. shelton comes back into the ring and gives him the stinger splash and T-Bone exploder suplex!


HHH wants to know..


HHH is with Bischoff asking him who the hell put that JBL thing on the Titan Tron. Bischoff says he does not know. HHH threatens him and says he is going to pay if HHH finds out that this is some trade work by Bischoff. Bischoff says he does not deal well with threats, HHH threatens him more. When HHH leaves, Bischoff says "we'll see about that."


We are joined by Edge:


Christy is shooting t-shirts into the crowd in a very short mini skirt when the music of Edge hits. He comes to the ring and he is pissed off over something for sure. He gets in the face of Christi and tells her to stop trying to embarass him like this! STOP MOCKING ME. He then says "you don't know what I'm talking about?" He then explains that she is shooting shirts into the crowd, he yells at her to open the gun up so we can see the shirt. She does and shows the camera a WrestleMania 21 shirt. Edge freaks out and talks about how damn close he was to winning the Rumble and how close he was to headlining WrestleMania. He then says if Christi likes to embarass him, he will embarass her! This brings out Shawn Michaels though. Michaels says embarassing? I'll tell you what's embarassing, having to come out here and look you in the eye and admit that you put one by the Heart Break Kid. His mic is dying so he gets a new one and chucks the old one. He says something about his mic being broken and THAT is embarassing. He then talks about losing the Rumble thanks to Kurt Angle, and then he busted his pretty head open! HBK freaks a bit and says that he has a little anger built up and last night was not a good night for him. He then goes on to say that they should go at it again, tonight! HBK vs. Edge! Edge says the crowd would really like that, but it is not going to happen. Edge says HBK needs to fulfill his promise and shake Edge's hand before Edge lays a beating on HBK worse than Angle did last night. HBK slowly goes for the hand of Edge, and he does shake it. Edge goes on to say "Now why don't you get the hell out..." SUPERKICK! Edge falls flat on his back as HBK boasts to the crowd after sending Edge down with the sweet chin music!


Referee: Mike Chioda

Maven vs. Hurricane


Start of the Match:


Maven kicks the gut of Hurricane early but Hurricane reverses and gets a shoulder block and does a "whassupwitdat?" He reverses another blow before nailing Maven with a flying kick to the head. Hurricane gets whipped and jumps up, Maven grabs his legs and gives him a spinning sidewalk slam. Maven whips him to the other corner and when Hurricane bounces off he gives him a shot to the small of his back.


Mid match notes:


Maven controls the Hurricane on the ropes with a choke before nailing him with a back suplex and placing him in a rear chin lock. Hurricane fights up and nails a nice lariot sending Maven down. The two exchange blows until Hurricane hits a big elbow followed by a back body drop.


End of the Match:


The Hurricane climbs the top rope to go for the blockbuster but he misses. Maven grabs him by the shoulders and he drops him right on his knees! Sick move. Maven makes the cover and gets the victory!


Winner: Maven


Snitsky is looking for someone...


Two of the Diva chicks are sitting around talking about JBL and Batista. they scream when they see Snitsky who says he is looking for someone. They say they are pretty sure that he won't find that someone here, in the girl's locker room. Snitsky stares at them long and hard and looks down at their legs and says "NICE SHOES." Snitsky rolls off as the girls look confused.


Teddy Long!


Eric Bischoff is asking the Coach who played the damn tape of JBL. Coach says he knows nothing. Teddy Long then appears and says he is going to show these playas on Raw some love! bischoff asks him why he is trying to steal Batista and why he played the tape of JBL. Teddy Long says he had nothing to do with the tape, but he is here to steal Batista. He goes on to promote how good Batista would be on Smackdown, against JBL or The Big Show. He promotes the barbed wire steel cage match. He says he gave Batista a VERY generous offer and he may just be Smackdown bound! Holla Holla! Teddy leaves and Bischoff tells the Coach to get security and get Teddy Long the hell out of here!


Stacy is in the back talking with Randy Orton. She says his match last night was awesome, but is he ready to go back out there again? Orton says lasdt night he got knocked out and he did not win the title. He says this is his life. He says that tonight he has to prove that he is still the legend killer. She tells him to be careful.


Tag Team Title Match

Referee: Mike Chioda

La Resistance © vs. Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho


Start of the Match:


Conway and Jericho start off as Conway takes Jericho down fast with rights and lefts. Jericho fires back with a knockdown and back suplex. Jericho comes off the ropes and goes for a sunset flip but he over goes and rolls through going for a quick lion tamer. Conway gets out but Jericho boots him in the face and tags Benoit. Benoit goes buck wild on Conway who eventually tags Grenier. Benoit chops away at him but Grenier reverses a whip and he starts stomping on Benoit.


Mid match notes:


Grenier gives Benoit a gutwrench into an over the shoulder backbreaker. He tags Conway who goes for Benoit, but Benoit gets the crossface on him! Grenier breaks it and Jericho tosses him out of the ring.


Action slows down a bit as Benoit is in a front face lock at the hands of Grenier. Benoit is trying to tag but Grenier knocks Jericho off the apron. Benoit hits a flapjack but Jericho is not there for the tag. He eventually gets the hot tag and Jericho goes buck wild on both men. He springboard dropkicks Conway, and then takes down Grenier with a headlock slam and bulldog. All four men hiot the ring after Jericho misses the lionsault. Benoit hits a german suplex and all hell breaks loose. Eventually Jericho gets Grenier in the walls of Jericho but Conway comes into the ring with the belt but Jericho gets him too!


The End of the Match:


ALL HELL really does break loose as Jericho has the illegal La Resistance member in the Walls of Jericho and the legal member is brawling outside the ring with Chris Benoit. Conway leaves Benoit and clocks Jericho in the back of the head, while Jericho has the Walls on Grenier. The referee calls for the bell as he cannot keep control of this match! It's a double Disqualification.


Winners: Double Disqualification, La Resistance retain the tag titles.


Daivari and Hassan got something to say..


The crowd boos Hassan who says he does not deserve this. He says last night, 8 men took him down at once. He says he expected this from the Raw guys, but not the Smackdown guys. He says last night was a metaphor for how America has literally ganged up on him and his fellow Arab Americans. He says that he is issuing a challenge right now to anyone who took part in that last night. He then says it could be any American. Daivari starts to speak but then Sargeant Slaughter comes out to the ring with his American Flag! The crowd goes insane. Daivari starts yelling at him and Slaugher drops him!


Referee: Jack Doan

Muhammed Hassan vs. Sargeant Slaughter


The Match:


Hassan attacks Slaughter but Slaughter reverses and places him in the Cobra Clutch! Hassan reels around looking for a way out and he finally gets out. Hassan works over Slaughter with knees and punches before placing him in a bear hug. Slaughter works his way out of the bearhug and snaps on Hassan sending him all over the ring with clotheslines. He even gives him a few right hands followed by a big one that makes the crowd roar. Hassan kicks Slaughter in the chest but Slaugher is not hurting. Slaughter goes for a deadly clothesline but misses allowing Hassan to nail his face plant. Hassan places him in the camel clutch and Slaughter eventually taps.


Winner: Muhammed Hassan


Benoit and Jericho, on edge?


Jericho and Benoit exchange words about why they can't win together. It gets intense and the two get nose to nose. They walk off with Jericho telling Benoit to bring his best.


Ric Flair is trying to pump HHH up but HHH is a little weird. HHH asks Flair if he knows how much HHH wants this match with Batista. Flair says yes and that it will be the greatest. HHH says maybe he wants this match too bad. He says maybe he is being selfish here. He starts asking why Batista couldn't go to Smackdown, why should he be held back and forgo all that money? HHH then says that if Batista went to Smackdown, he could fight for a championship he could win. And if he does beat JBL, then Evolution would run the entire industry! Flair starts to actually believe him a little bit...


Bischoff comes out and announces several matches for next week. He says next week, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit will face off in Japan in a submission match! He then says Regal wants a rematch for the tag team titles and he has a new partner in Tajiri! So they will face off! And last but not least, and HHH, incase you've forgotten who really calls the shots around here, it will be HHH vs. Edge for the heavyweight championship of the world!


Referee: Jack Doan

Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels vs. HHH and Ric Flair


The Start:


Flair and Orton start off with a collar end elbow, Flair goes down quickly and Orton slaps him! He walks over to the corner and HBK slaps him too. The two lock up again and Flair gains control in the corner chopping the hell out of Orton. Orton reverses and throws rights and lefts at the face of Flair. He whips Flair off the buckle and gives him a back body drop! Flair goes to his own corner and he is trying to tag HHH but HHH waits a bit but finally tags himself in. The two lock up and Orton gains control with punches, a whip, and a back body drop. Orton nails away on HHH with right hands before twisting his arm and tagging HBK who comes off the middle rope with a hammer to HHH's arm. Michaels chops away on HHH, Flair gets involved, he gets chopped, but this allows HHH to gain control


Mid match notes:


HHH's control does not last long as HBK reverses and goes for a 10 punch, he gets to seven and HHH gives him an inverted atomic drop. HHH then goes to work placing HBK to the top rope. HHH climbs up and the two battle. Mivhaels gets the upper hand and knocks HHH down allowing him to drop the elbow! Flair is in illegally and all hell breaks loose! Orton clears the ring and slams HHH off the steps outside the ring! Flair gets back dropped by Michaels outside the ring and Batista starts going insane! Batista grabs a chair and tosses it in the ring. He grabs another and heads for the ring, slamming the steel steps along the way. Chad Patton has seen enough and he kicks Batista out! Batista slams the chair like he's mad but as he exits up the ramp we see him crack a smile. He got ejected on purpose leaving HHH and Flair to fend for themselves.


When we come back from commercial Ric Flair is in control of HBK chopping away in the corner. HBK reverses slamming Flair in the chest a good hundred times. Flair comes off the ropes and he takes a dive! HBK covers but Flair is barely able to kick out at two and a half. HBK suplexes Flair and goes for another pin for another two count. HBK comes off the ropes with s houlder block sending Flair down hard, another two count. HBK chops some more before sending Flair for an upside down ride off the turnbuckle! HBK goes to run off the ropes but HHH gets a cheap shot knee to the back of HBK. HBK comes in and gives HBK a sick spinebuster for a two count. HBK holds Michaels by the ribs and Flair is tagged. Flair gives HBK a blow and then works him in the corner with more chops before dropping a knee on the head of HBK. HHH is tagged back in and he stomps away on HBK in the corner of Evolution. HHH throws right hands and Flair chokes HBK with the tag team rope while Patton's back is turned. HBK finds himself stuck in an abdominal stretch but he works his way out with a hip toss! HHH gets a tag but Michaels cannot.


Flair holds HBK back, HBK shows signs of life but Flair gets an elbow to his face, but he climbs the top rope and HBK send him flying! HBK tags and so does Flair! Orton goes buck wild nailing HHH with a dropkick and a Flair with a back body drop. Orton gives HHH a powerslam and then gives Flair an inverted back and neck breaker. Orton goes WILD on HHH in the corner and the ref tries to stop him but Flair knocks the referee into him and the referee goes down. Flair turns around and he catches an RKO. But Randy hits the ground and he is not moving. His eyes are wide open again and he looks like he did last night after suffering a concussion.


End of the Match:


HHH wants to take control of the opportunity so he goes to pedigree Randy Orton. But HBK gives HHH the sweet chin music! Randy falls and Michaels turns to find Edge! Edge runs at HBK but HBK moves and Edge spears HHH! Michaels knocks Edge out of the ring and he has a go with him. Back inside the ring, Orton, who is half outcold, finds the strength to roll over and cover HHH! Patton counts him down, 1..2..3!


Winners: Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels


After the match:


HBK looks at Orton who barely knows where he is. He holds his head up and tries to talk to him. After a few minutes, HBK helps Orton walk out of the arena as the crowd cheers like wild.


Steel Cage Match

Referee: Earl Hebner

Kane vs. Gene Snitsky


The Start:


Snitsky starts it off early drilling Kane into the cage. Kane fights back and rams Snitsky head first into the cage but Snitsky fights out. The two titans clash fist with fist until both men collide with shoulders knocking each other down. Kane gets up quick and knocks Snitsky down. Kane climbs the cage but Snitsky pulls him down by the legs. Snitsky then gives Kane a few forearm shots into the steel cage before choking him and slamming him off the steel cage.


Mid match notes:


Snitsky tries to leave through the door but Kane kicks him right in the face. Snitsky recovers with a right hand to Kane before slamming him off the cage a few times. Trish Stratus comes to the ring now wearing a neckbrace. Snitsky climbs the cage but Kane pulls him down and gives him a few right hands. Kane then gives Snitsky a sidewalk slam and Snitsky screams in pain. Kane starts to climb out of the door but Snitsky pulls him back in. Kane kicks him off but Snitsky catches him one more tim. Both men are near the door but Snitsky, with a front face lock, brings in back to the middle. Kane powers out of the face lock lifting Snitsky straight up and dropping him on his belly and face. Kane and Snitsky both start climbing the cage but Kane slams his head off the metal rail sending him flying down. Kane dives off the top rope with a hard clothesline. Kane goes to exit the ring but Trish tries to slam the door in his face. But Kane catches the door!


End of the Match:


Kane pulls Trish Stratus in the ring by her hair! He removes her neckbrace and goves to give her a chokeslam but Snitsky kicks him in the face (kind of) Snitsky rips off the door and goes to hit Kane with it. Kane reverses it and slams him into it several times and then chokeslams him for the 3 as the show comes to a close.


They state Edge vs. HHH on RAW next week and we're out.

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That was a great RAW last night, but what was up with the La Resistance vs. Benoit & Jericho match? From a fan's perspective, that match was a total mess. It didn't look like anyone knew where they were going at the end. It seemed extremely awkward. I think Benoit & Jericho's little face-to-face in the back kind of hinted at both of their displeasure towards that match, cause I don't recall seeing such a broken down match. And few weeks ago, Grenier faced off against Benjamin, and that match looked off too (especially when Grenier slipped on the kip-up, and Conway messing up with an interference to give Benjamin the win). I think there's a good bet that Regal & Tajiri will take the tag straps next week since La Resistance just doesn't look right in the ring.

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