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Trading: Ml Chases, Sw E3 Preview, Jlu, Snakemen +


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You may e-mail me your offers at jedijones77@yahoo.com. Please mention the condition of your items and whether condition is important on the items you want from me. I am located in eastern Pennsylvania. I have an 1150+ positive eBay feedback rating under ID jedijones with no negatives and have conducted many trades online.






WANTS (most unopened only, mint packaging may or may not be required):




___Toy Biz - Marvel___


ML9 All Figures


ML8 VARIANT Mohawk Storm *** PENDING ***


ML7 VARIANT Phasing Ghost Rider

ML7 VARIANT Phasing Vision


ML6 VARIANT Dark Phoenix

ML6 VARIANT Brown Cable

ML3 or ML6 VARIANT Unmasked Wolverine


Hulk late-90s Leader




___Mattel - JL/JLU___


JLU die cast Martian Manhunter


JLU single pack Green Arrow

JLU single pack Dr. Fate

JLU single pack Brainiac

JLU single pack Atom (low priority, only as part of larger trade)

JLU single pack Scratched Bats/Supes/Flash (low priority, see above)


JL Mission Vision Darkseid VARIANT white


JL Wonder Woman original (with red background nametag on bubble only, not light blue)




___Mattel - Batman___


Batman comic-style foreign exclusive Scarecrow

Batman comic-style foreign exclusive Bane


Batman comic-style foreign exclusive Bruce Wayne

Batman comic-style foreign exclusive Sling Strike Nightwing

Batman comic-style foreign exclusive Acid Blast Joker


Batman comic-style 2-pack Battle Damaged Batman & Croc


Batman comic-style Comic Convention exclusive Zipline Batman mask off

Batman comic-style Comic Convention exclusive Zipline Batman mask off w/ battle scar


Barbie as Catwoman (comic-style, not from movie)




___DC Direct - Batman___


Hush Jason Todd ToyFare Exclusive




___Hasbro - DC___


Batman Beyond Deluxe Strikecycle Batman (can be loose)

Pictures here: http://www.mwctoys.com/REVIEW_61100.htm


Superman foreign exclusive Metropolis Bank




___Bandai - Teen Titans___


Mas & Menos 2-pack




___Hasbro - Star Wars___


Unleashed Darth Maul (Fury)

Unleashed Jango & Boba Fett (Intensity)

Unleashed Padme Amidala (Courage)

Unleashed Anakin Skywalker (Rage)


OTC #25 - Snowtrooper (only on 10 out of 10 mint card/bubble)

OTC #33 - Princess Leia Slave Outfit (only on 10 out of 10 mint card/bubble)




___Hasbro - G.I. Joe___


Desert Humvee w/ Duke *** MAY BE AT K-MARTS ***

Night Adder w/ Wild Weasel (blue repaint) *** MAY BE AT K-MARTS ***

Quick Strike w/ Sgt. Bazooka *** MAY BE AT ARMY BASE STORES ***

Ice Sabre w/ Frostbite *** MAY BE AT ARMY BASE STORES ***

Night Force Grizzly *** MAY BE AT TARGETS ***




___Hasbro - Incredibles___


Hasbro's Basic $4.99 figures (not Deluxe, not Disney) including Elastigirl, Violet, etc. *** MAY BE AT MEIJERS ***

Pictures of the line are here: http://www.mwctoys.com/REVIEW_100604.htm




___Mattel - Harry Potter___


Chamber of Secrets Dueling Club Malfoy

Chamber of Secrets Hermione (the last one made from 2nd movie, has improved likeness)




___McFarlane Toys___


Movie Maniacs Sarah Conner variant with long hair down/no hat/no ponytail


Spawn.com exclusive Aliens Vs. Predator Stealth Predator

Spawn.com exclusive Stealth Predator original

Spawn.com exclusive Urizen

Spawn.com exclusive Lotus Angel Warrior repaint

Spawn.com exclusive Biker Chick (original black)

other pre-2004 Spawn.com exclusives




___Playmates - Simpsons___


ToyFare exclusive Convention Comic Book Guy

Donut Head Homer (can be loose)




___Other lines___


Mezco Austin Powers Dr. Evil & Mini-Me 2-pack *** MAY BE AT KB OUTLETS ***


Mezco Hellboy Series 1.5 Battle-Damaged Hellboy with stockade *** MAY BE AT SUNCOAST/MEDIA PLAY/SAM GOODY ***


Playing Mantis Convention exclusive Peanuts figures


Futurama 2004 Calendar (will trade at double its sticker price)

Futurama Brain Slug squishy toy

Futurama playing card tin

Futurama coasters







HAVES (all unopened, please inquire for exact condition):




___Toy Biz - Marvel___


ML5 CHASE Red Skull *** PENDING ***

ML4 CHASE Goliath

ML2 CHASE Doombot


ML8 Black Widow *** PENDING ***

ML8 Storm

ML8 Iceman

ML8 Captain America (original incorrect paint)

ML8 Iron Man

ML7 Apocalypse

ML7 Hawkeye

ML7 Vision

ML7 Ghost Rider

ML7 Iron Man

ML6 Phoenix (green)

ML5 Colossus

ML3 Hulk with shirt


SMC Ultimate Lizard

SMC Ultimate Rhino

SMC Carnage

SMC Ultimate Green Goblin

SMC Kraven

SMC Morbius

SMC Venom (first red card)

SMC Hobgoblin


SM2 Movie 30" Spider-Man (shipping will be extra ;-) )


SM2 Movie Doc Ock (2nd with bendy tentacles)

SM2 Movie Doc Ock (1st with action tentacles)


SM1 Movie Peter Parker


MTV Spider-Man Animated Series Lizard (torn but sealed packaging)


XMC Archangel


HC War Hulk

HC Mecha-Hulk

HC Hulk with Bruce Banner


X2 movie Cyclops ERROR on upside down cardback


Overpower Adam Warlock




___Mattel - JL/JLU___


JLU 3-pack Flash, Green Lantern, Red Tornado

JLU 3-pack Amazo, Superman, Starman

JLU 3-pack Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman

JLU 3-pack Flash, Dr. Fate, Green Arrow

JLU 3-pack Superman, Martian Manhunter (clear), Brainiac


JLU single pack Martian Manhunter (clear)

JLU single pack Wonder Woman

JLU single pack Green Lantern


JL 2-pack Lex Luthor & Superman


JL Ultra-Humanite

JL Mission Vision Darkseid


JL Mission Vision Wonder Woman

JL Mission Vision Green Lantern


JL Attack Armor Green Lantern

JL Attack Armor Martian Manhunter


JL Hawkgirl original

JL Wonder Woman original (blue insert)

JL Martian Manhunter original (red insert)


JL 10" Wonder Woman

JL 10" Aquaman

JL 10" Martian Manhunter




___Mattel - Batman___


The Batman Man-Bat

The Batman Bane


Batman comic-style 12" blue/gray Batman


Batman comic-style Killer Croc

Batman comic-style Mr. Freeze w/ comic book

Batman comic-style Joker

Batman comic-style Robin




___Hasbro - DC___


Batman Beyond Power Cape Batman

Batman Beyond Power Armor Batman


Superman Animated Cyber Crunch Superman (European exclusive)




___Hasbro - Star Wars___


E3 ROTS Sneak Preview General Grievous

E3 ROTS Sneak Preview Wookiee Warrior

E3 ROTS Sneak Preview Tion Medon

E3 ROTS Sneak Preview R4-G9


Unleashed Darth Vader (rerelease)

Unleashed Slave Leia (rerelease)

Unleashed Red Clonetrooper


Clone Wars Animated General Grievous

Clone Wars Animated ARC Trooper

Clone Wars Animated Anakin (Series 2)


OTC #01 - HANDSTAND Luke Dagobah

OTC #23 - Tusken Raider

OTC #38 - Imperial Trooper


VOTC Chewbacca


VOTC Boba Fett

VOTC Stormtrooper


VOTC Darth Vader


VOTC Lando Calrissian


VOTC 12" Boba Fett VARIANT with dark blue clothes (dented box)


Clone Wars Animated Target exclusive Series 1 set of 8


Clone Wars Super Posable Clone Trooper

Clone Wars Saesee Tiin

Clone Wars Kit Fisto

Clone Wars Red ARC Trooper variant

Clone Wars Green Clone Army 3-pack


Saga Ultra Jabba the Hutt

Saga Ultra Jabba's Denizens

Saga Ultra Ewok w/ Glider


Saga Ephant Mon


Saga Deluxe Figures Spider Droid / Battle Droid Builder


Saga Admiral Ozzel

Saga Bossk

Saga Dengar


Saga Captain Antilles

Saga TIE Pilot

Saga Gold Leader

Saga General Dodonna

Saga Tanus Spijek


Saga Holographic Luke Skywalker Jabba's Palace

Saga Lando Calrissian Jabba's Sail Barge

Saga J'Quille Jabba's Palace

Saga Rappertunie Jabba's Palace


Saga Luke Skywalker Jabba's Palace

Saga R2-D2 Jabba's Sail Barge


Saga Luke Hoth

Saga Hoth Trooper

Saga R-3PO


Saga Imperial Dignitary II

Saga Ach Med Bek


Saga McQuarrie Trooper

Saga Elan Sleazebaggano

Saga Obi-Wan Night Club

Saga Padme Tatooine

Saga Bail Organa

Saga Imperial Dignitary

Saga Ayy Vida


Saga WA-7


Saga Padmé Amidala in Wedding Dress

Saga Wat Tambor

Saga Coleman Trebor


Saga Gold Card Han Solo (rerelease)


Saga Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi

Saga Darth Vader from Return of the Jedi

Saga Snowtrooper


Saga Han Solo (Hoth)

Saga Chewbacca (Mynock Hunt)


Saga Yoda & Chian 2-pack

Saga Ashla & Jempa 2-pack


Saga Padmé Amidala (Droid Factory Chase)

Saga Archive Droids SP-4 & JN-66 2-pack

Saga Tusken Raider (Tatooine Camp Ambush)

Saga Lama Su & Clone boy


Saga Aayla Secura

Saga Barriss Offee


Saga Obi-Wan Kenobi (Acklay Battle)

Saga Darth Tyranus (Geonosian Escape)

Saga Mace Windu (Arena Confrontation)

Saga Anakin Skywalker Secret Ceremony (with mechanical hand)

Saga Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon [either color variant]

Saga R2-D2 (Droid Factory Chase)


Saga Clone Trooper Pilot [army builder]

Saga Geonosian Warrior w/ Massiff [army builder]

Saga Tusken Raider w/ Massiff [army builder]

Saga Destroyer Droid [army builder]

Saga Endor Soldier with no helmet [army builder]

Saga Jango Pilot

Saga Watto

Saga Yoda w/ chair

Saga Padme Pilot

Saga Ki-Adi-Mundi

Saga Teemto Pagalies

Saga Count Dooku

Saga Anakin Tatooine

Saga Anakin Hangar Duel

Saga Darth Maul


POTJ Deluxe Amanaman and Slave Leia


POTJ Mega-Action Destroyer Droid




Darth Vader Silver Anniversary Toys "R" Us Exclusive

R2-D2 Silver Anniversary Toys "R" Us Exclusive


Action Fleet




___Hasbro - G.I. Joe___


Single-card repaint Cobra Alley Viper II

Single-card repaint Desert Cobra C.L.A.W.S.

Single-card repaint Scarlett

Single-card repaint Duke

Single-card repaint Beach Head

Single-card repaint Heavy Duty

Single-card repaint Alpine




___Mattel - Masters of the Universe___


Snakemen King Hsss

Snakemen General

Snakemen Kobra Kahn

Snakemen Two Bad repaint

Snakemen Roboto

Snakemen Zodak

Snakemen Sky Strike Stratos

Snakemen Snake Hunter He-Man


Snakemen Mecha Bite Beasts Battle Cat

Snakemen Mecha Bite Beasts Panthor


Convention/online exclusive She-Ra


Orko CHASE (red energy launcher)




Orko (w/ video)


Tri-Klops (w/ video)






___McFarlane Toys___


Spawn.com exclusive Biker Chick repaint


Spawn Manga Robots 2-pack Wal-Mart exclusive


Spawn 25 Raven Spawn Wal-Mart exclusive variant


Spawn masked Series 24 Spawn i.88 Christmas Wal-Mart exclusive variant

Spawn masked Series 24 Spawn i.39 Halloween Wal-Mart exclusive variant


Gold Angela KB Exclusive (damaged packaging)


Movie Maniacs Jason X

Movie Maniacs Michael Myers (damaged packaging)

Movie Maniacs Scream (damaged packaging)

Movie Maniacs Chucky (damaged packaging)


Sleepy Hollow Horseman boxed set (damaged packaging)




___Mattel - Duck Dodgers___


Duck Dodgers (Daffy Duck)

Duck Dodgers (Daffy Duck) battle-damaged

Space Cadet (Porky Pig)

Martian Commander (Marvin)


Note: These were made in late '03 to '04 and are similar to Looney Tunes: Back in Action figures

Pictures here: http://www.virtualtoychest.com/duckdodgers...uckdodgers.html




___Playmates - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003-up___


Foot Fire Mystic

Toddler Turtles

April O'Neill




___Playmates - Simpsons___


Town Square w/ Jebediah Springfield

Nuclear Power Plant Lunch Room w/ Frank Grimes

Treehouse of Horror 4 w/ Xena, Collector Comic Book Guy




___Other lines___


Mezco Hellboy w/ Trenchcoat movie figure


NECA Ghostbusters Slimer

NECA Ghostbusters Gozer (female)


Playing Mantis Peanuts 3-pack w/ Pig Pen, Snoopy, Lucy


Sideshow Toys 8" Mummy (original)

Sideshow Toys 8" Wolf Man (original)

Sideshow Toys 8" Creature from the Black Lagoon (original)


Gargoyles Xanatos Series 2

Gargoyles Strike Hammer MacBeth

Gargoyles Hard-Wired Goliath

Gargoyles Hard-Wired Broadway

Gargoyles Castle

Gargoyles Night Striker

Gargoyles Rippin' Rider


Galoob Military Micro Machines miscellaneous 3-packs






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