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Which Toys Are On The Show?


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Hi Guys. I'm hoping you can help me out. I only want to own the Energon toys which are on the show. So if anyone has seen the entirety of Superlink, can they compile a list of Energon toys which have been animated? Mostly, I want to know if I need to own Slugslinger, Omega Sentinel, Towline, Sharkticon, and Grimlock/Swoop. But in general, it would be very hopeful if someone could just list the entire cast. This includes toys which have made obscure cameos, if anyone has a sharp eye. For example, I think I saw a screencap from Armada once that showed Armada Rhinox make an appearance (although I can't remember for sure), so I would need this action figure (although I kinda don't want to...)


www.unicron.com has been a great resource to me, as it has provided me a way of verifying which figures appeared on the G1 series. (The one I'm not sure about is Hubcap: http://www.unicron.us/tf1986/figures/hubcap.htm Everyone tell me whether I need him or not! :)) Unfortunately, it gets harder to find resources like this with the other cartoons. So I guess I'm also requesting further assistance.


If anyone is up to it, could someone compile for me (but think of it as a gift to the world) a cast list of every action figure which appeared in each cartoon, including the Japanese series? This could be an ongoing list. So I'm thinking Galaxy Force, Zone, Beast Machines, RiD and even the one that Star Convoy's in (the manga, I mean, because I thought it was part of animated canon). This would alleviate the headache I get from trying to figure out what micromasters I might potentially need. I also want to reiterate the importance of cameos; toys like the Tripredacus gestalt from the Beast Wars toy line qualify because they directly inspired the Tripredacus Council in the Beast Wars cartoon.


The way I'm picturing this list is that repaints or reformats are NOT listed separately, but together with original forms. So Energon Megatron and Energon Galvatron are listed together with a slash separating them. This would also be the case with characters who have new forms but possess the same spark, like Bumblebee/Goldbug or Megastorm/Gigastorm. The only time a separate entry would be created for the same character is if they appear in a different cartoon altogether. So Armada Prime and Energon Prime are listed under their respective categories, as are Optimus Prime (G1) and Star Convoy. Toys should only be listed if they appeared at all in the cartoons though; we would see G1 Prowl, of course, but Beast Wars Prowl shoudn't be on any list since we didn't see that form in any animated series. For the same reason, Beast Wars Arcee (the Blackarachnia repaint) shouldn't be listed even though she's the only official figure we ever got of the G1 character. (By the way, did the fandom ever reach a consensus on whether or not the Energon Saber minicons were the same as the Armada Air Defense Team minicons according to animated continuity?)


I know show accuracy can be a factor. The figure that comes to mind is Optimus Primal and Beast Machines. Personally, I'd put the first Optimus Primal on the list, and not the Blast Punch version, because I think of the former as the "regular" Optimus Primal and the latter as a "Hydro Suit Batman" type of toy (to a degree, anyway). I know its beast mode isn't accurate, however, so I could see why Blast Punch would be preferred. If a case can be made for one figure over another, perhaps both should be listed. I had to buy the Micron Legend Shockwave because the Armada one wasn't accurate enough for me (it cost me the same, anyway), although generally speaking, I very rarely buy the more expensive Japanese versions, even if they are more accurate (I'm not replacing Beast Machines Blackarachnia for Beast Wars Returns Blackarachnia). I'll make exceptions; X-9 Jaguar will one day be mine because it's so much better than Tripredacus Agent.


Last thing is that I'm only thinking of the main toylines, so action masters, Alternators/Binaltech, etc. don't count. I think I should probably stop right now, since I'm being awfully picky and getting increasingly subjective. If anyone can help me with those Energon figures, though, I'd really appreciate it. :)



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Sorry I only read the firt line of your pot, but here's my answer to that.


Most people who buy show toys only, buy them because they're the one they're familiar with from the telly. If you haven't seen them in the show yourself, what is your motive for owning them?

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I cant make an entire list, but i can help out here:


Slugslinger, Omega Sentinel, Towline, Sharkticon, and Grimlock/Swoop
None of them are on the show.


For example, I think I saw a screencap from Armada once that showed Armada Rhinox make an appearance
That is corrent. IIRC, he was flying some sort of ship.
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Besides the ones that Opticon named, these guys are NOT in the show either


Rapid Run


Energon Strongarm



Prowl and Checkpoint SWAT team

I only collect TF's that appear in the show too, I sometimes buy 1 or 2 that don't but end up regretting it later.

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Most people who buy show toys only, buy them because they're the one they're familiar with from the telly. If you haven't seen them in the show yourself, what is your motive for owning them?

Actually, I've seen all the Transformers cartoons except Masterforce/Victory (which I own but haven't had time to watch), Beast Wars 2/Beast Wars Neo (although I've seen the Japanese Beast Wars film) and some of the Energon episodes since they haven't aired yet.


I got into the cartoons first before the toys, so I like owning everyone that was on the show because they point to the vast continuity of the animated universe. It's just sort of hard to keep up with all the characters since they tend not to have small casts unless "beast" is in the show title. I'm not entirely strict on this. I've got some Beast Wars stuff that wasn't on the cartoon, at least until I found out about the Japanese stuff. And I really want to get myself Sunstorm, Roulette, and Shadow Striker...


Thanks for replying guys!

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Id also like to know what repaints appear in the cartoon. We know Omega Sentinel is not, maybe Dreadwing is not. Who else?

Repaints in the show are as follows:

Beachcomber(Cliffjumper reaint)

Energon Starscream


Overcast(jetfire redeco)

Energon Hot Shot

Landquake(landmine repaint)

Command Ravage

Sixshot(shockblast's brother)

and of course Armada Cyclonus and Demolishor were repainted for Energon.

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