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Who Did You Kill Off?

Crimson Twins

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Seeing all these latest topics by Lady Jaye about our childhood got me to thinking about mine. I remember a movie (can't remember the name), but it had Fred Savage and he played with his Joes in the backyard. I remember Duke had died in his little world, and he had a whole burrial ceremony for him and everything. Growing up, that was the first time I'd ever even thought about killing off one of my Joes in my world. I was wondering if anyone out there was a sick little kid and tried to kill off their Joes in elaborate stories. I used to make Snake Eyes go into a battle severly out numbered (Perhaps you've heard this before @loll@ ) and he would be getting all shot up, but still would pull victory from the jaws of defeat right before dying. I also had several assination attempts on Duke. I never liked that guy. @hmmm@



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whenever I played, I made pretty much everyone die.. I had to though, I played with like 150 figures at a time, and tons of vehicles.. so when I killed them it made playing easier, not having to worry about so many figures. And it added to the drama of the battles.


the question is, who didn't I kill.. and truely, I think Dusty was the only character that survived everytime.


But I wasn't crazy like that kid in the movie.. my characters all came back to life the next day I played.

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man i think alot of my joes died when i was a kid! clutch (my favorite figure) died every single mission he went on? he would pull off the mission at the last second he would be killed (usally by destro) but he would make it back to joe HQ and then he would die from his wounds real dramatic like!! hehe


then there was a game i played all the time that was "bomb gijoe HQ" where i would take all my joes throw them in the air if they landed on thier backs they were alive,on thier sides injured, on thier stomach's they were dead! most times doc would be dead but i would just flip him over so he could fix all the other guys?





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Man that was easy, fatty Sneak Peak always got his in my and my friends games, and of course if when we played together he got it too!!!!! I know the most elaborate way to get him was when we took my Rattler and had Wild Weasel spot fatty from above trying to peek in on Cobra, and so he swoops in without the engines and as soon as Sneak Peek saw him, it was too late, the Rattler was on him and Wild Weasel turned on the engines and impaled Sneek Peek on the wings!!!!!!


That was one of my best memories of Sneel Peek getting his, but there were so many more, in the gut with a bayonet, a bullet to the head, etc, etc, etc!!!!!

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whoever had broken thumbs or crotch, was killed. and yeah i restarted plenty of times so sometiems hawk would bite it, or deep six but they always ended up coming back.


I didn't have an insane amount of joes, as i wanted pretty much every toy i had some joes, some turtles, some batman, some x-men and everything.

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I remember one time back around 1984, I was playing GI Joe with my brother.


He had built a base with all his figures (Joe and Cobra mixed). At the time, his highest-ranking figure was a grey cobra officer (from the Stinger Jeep), who was in charge. That figure was taking a nap on the little cot that comes with one of the small sets (I forgot the name, it's the one with the large tent held up by 2 poles). There was a gap in the wall of his base underneath the cot, and my 1982 Snake Eyes infiltrated the base from under the cot and made faces at Junkyard, making him bark. The barking woke Cobra officer up, and he got ticked off and shot Junkyard. Mutt then got pissed off at Cobra Officer, and shot him for killing his dog, it then went on and on until all 20 or so of his guys were dead (the last 2 ended up shooting each other at the same time!).


In essence, my Snake Eyes killed off all his men without firing a single shot! It was so funny because he paused for a moment after the last guy died and exclaimed "You tricked me!!"


Ah the lost days of my youth!!

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Seeing all these latest topics by Lady Jaye about our childhood got me to thinking about mine.  I remember a movie (can't remember the name), but it had Fred Savage and he played with his Joes in the backyard.  I remember Duke had died in his little world, and he had a whole burrial ceremony for him and everything. 

That movie was THE BOY WHO COULD FLY (Savage wasn't the boy in the title, either


The Boy Who Could Fly


Also of note, in TOMMYKNOCKERS by Stephen King, a kid's brother disappears and the boy mentions how he'd give all his joes to have him back, even Crystal Ball. I think that even made it into the mini-series version.


Also, there's really crappy horror movie called UNCLE SAM (it's like a bad live-action south park episode, complete with Issac Hayes!), which shows a boy playing with joes. At the end, he burns them in barrel. :(

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Also of note, in TOMMYKNOCKERS by Stephen King, a kid's brother disappears and the boy mentions how he'd give all his joes to have him back, even Crystal Ball. I think that even made it into the mini-series version.

thats funny.. "even" Crystal Ball..


whats really funny about it is that Stephen King supposedly designed Crystal Ball.

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Who did I kill off?


Any Joes or Cobras that came into contact with these...








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Well lets see where to start:


(83, 84, and 85 were handed down from my brother I began collecting in 86 when I was four) When I got older about in 93 I began a huge story that started my universe that you can currently read on another thread. Anyway I had my story begin in 83 and in 94 it skipped a few years to begin again in 2001.



Breaker and Flash, the first two Joes to ever die in my universe occurred when Cobra stole a train with a nuke. While fighting Cobra Troopers Breaker and Flash were exposed to radiation leaking from the nuke, a few days later they died due to the posioning.

Doc, was shot in the head by a Cobra Trooper after being taken prisoner, after refusing to give him plans to a GI Joe Project.



Scrap Iron, killed by Scarlett after he caused her to loose her baby.

Cutter, while battling Cobra the Whale he was driving was hit by a missile.

Thunder, after his tank was destroyed he was unable to get out of the way of a HISS Tank and was crushed to death.



Quick Kick, was killed by Storm Shadow while under the control of Cobra.

Crankcase, shot and killed by Destro during the destruction of the first Joe HQ.

Heavy Metal, while on vacation was hit by a drunk driver head on.

Sgt. Slaughter, poisoned by Baroness



Mainframe, caught in a fire while trying to escape a building that Cobra was using as a hideout.

Serpentor, killed by Cobra Commander with a staff through the chest.


1987: (The Year of Operation Eagle) Probably one of my largest stories

Big Boa, after an argument with Croc Master, Croc Master pushed him into his pit of Crocidiles.

Chuckles and Crazy Legs, while defending an orphanige in East Germany against an Independent Destro from Cobra.

Croc Master, shot by Falcon during a siege on Cobra Island.

Fast Draw, a malfunction missile cause his untimly dimise, his wife as of today has not forgiven G.I. Joe.

Jinx I, probably didn't know this but the Jinx in my stories today is her daughter, was killed by a Dragon Possessed Snake Eyes.

Outback, Psyche Out, Back Stop, Hardtop, and Rumbler, while flying over Cobra Island during the siege was shotdown by a SAM.

Zanzibar, killed by Zarana after he betrayed the Dreadnoks.

Red Dog and Taurus, also were killed during the siege of Cobra Island.


1990: (A new beginning):

Cobra Commander II, a former Cobra Trooper who took over after Cobra Commander was thought dead, until he returned.

Hit & Run, a young new recruit who never made it out of his first mission after being shot by an Iron Grenadier.

Muskrat, shot and killed by Voltar.

Voltar, killed by Cobra Commander wanting revenge against Destro.

Armadillo, first day being transfered to GI Joe was killed a long with Hit & Run.

Skidmark, during a mission in Africa he was killed by terrorist taking over a small village.

Skystriker, shotdown by Wild Weasel body never found.



Battle Force 2000, after returning from the future the time machine shutdown during process they never made it home.

Downtown, killed by Cobra Heat Viper

Recoil, took a bullet for Rock N Roll

Darklon, never escaped his castle during a siege lead by Cobra Commander.

Hot Seat, died of heart attack shortly after retirement

Wild Boar, killed by Storm Shadow II


1992: (American Unrest):

Bullhorn and Capt. Grid-Iron, tried to stop Cobra from destroying a city in Ohio, instead they were killed and blamed for the deaths of thousand Americans.

Metal Head, killed by Scarlett with an arrow to his neck.

Rampart, Salvo, and Topside, killed by rioting Americans who blamed G.I. Joe. Was the same riot where a few of the rioters raped Covergirl.


1993-1994: (American Civil War) Probably the longest story in my Universe.

Airwave, Drop Zone, and Sky Dive: Fugitives on the run from the American Government who ended up being killed by US Soldiers.

Cold Front, while trying to deliver wounded civilians his truck crashed and flipped over.

Updraft, killed by Silver Foxes, a American Rebel Society against the US Government.

Sandstorm, Dusty's Coyote was killed by Torch

Mercer, shot by Duke after he learned he was the one who betrayed the Joes and started the war.

Red Star, shot in the head by a Soviet Soldier who thought he was betraying his country.

Cesspool, killed by Cobra Commander III and Storm Shadow

Cloudburst, killed by US Soldiers.

Skymate, after leaving GI Joe his plane was hit by a stray missile while leaving the country.

General Flagg Jr., after successfully handing the US President the video tape that would stop the war, he was shot by a gangster who was aiming for the President.

Dice, killed by Storm Shadow who said Cobra no longer need anymore ninja's now that he's back.

Ryu-killed by Sagot while trying to rescue Covergirl.

Guile-killed by M.Bison who was trying to take the reign of Cobra now that it had been disolved.

Blanka-unable to gain control of the beast in him, Chun Li had no choice but to kill him.

M. Bison- killed by Cobra Commander who then disappear for several years.


1994: (Final Mission)

Lunartix Empire: With the Super Power of Earth Weakened they tried to take over Earth.

No Joes were Killed and Cobra was no where to be found so the Joes were shut down.



Lt. Gorky, with out the Soviet Union he drank himself to death.

Thunderwing, hoping to be like his father, his life was cut short after he was caught in a terroist attack in 2001 at the Pentagon.

Sidetrack, one of the first new Joe Recruits after Cobra Rised Again, he was killed by a brainwashed Storm Shadow.



No major deaths have yet to occur.

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Only Cobra troops!! No. How unfair. Cobra was so superior! They should always win.


Anyway, it's cool to hear all these stories. They helped to remind me of some of the others I killed off. Especially Lady Jaye talking about Sneek Peek. I couldn't stand that lard butt. He always bit the bullet. I remember someone on this board said they used to pretend SP was a fat ugly woman. I die every time I think of that. He was such crap. I enjoyed killing him. I didn't care for Crazy Legs either. I wasn't into the paratroopers too much as a kid, so I used to say that he was in a Skystriker with Ace, and as usual, Ace got shot down. They both ejected, but their parachutes malfuctioned, and they died a horrible death.


Oh, thanks to A-Man for clearing up the movie thing. I couldn't remember. I kept thinking it was little monsters, but I figured the movie was a little more serious.

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