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I just read the last issue. I knew Drakes father was gonna get it, but at least from the look on the last page it doesnt look like a fatal wound, especially since Robin and Batman will be there any sec. I am a little confused why Boomerang is there though, I don't believe he is the mastermind behind all this.


I think Calculator isn't who he appears to be or someone is pulling his strings. I don't know why but this has the smell of Brainiac.

Can't be Brainiac.Meltzer has said that the villian behind this has been consistant throughout the series.It won't be a shock surprise like Brainiac showing up because he has not been seen or mentioned in the series.It's not Luthor either.It also will not be a villian who has only been in one panel.

Below is a list of suspects that keep showing up...

1.Jean Loring-Not a villian yet but has been in 5 issues so far.The only family member who has been in all five issues.The only non-hero/villian to be in all five issues.Had access to the Atoms tech.Could have the same security system as Sue which could explain how she beat it.Only person besides Calculater to benefit from all this.HMMMMmmmmm

2.Calculator-The most likely suspect.Almost to easy.Gives info and jobs.Price has went up since series started.Looks to have set his friend Boomering up.How many other lies and dis-information has he done.Involved but not the mastermind.Been in 4 issues.Is missing from #5.Could it be him watching Jake Drakes Apartment and who left him the gun?Maybe found out Supes Identity fom Felix Faust(See calculator files from Wizard).

3.Merlin-I love b and c level characters.Merlin has been no exception.Great job with bringing him to the spotlight.Issues #2-#5

4.Chronos-How can he be here?He faded away in Chronos #5.says he's from 27 secs pre his own death.Fine.What does he mean by saying at 2 times "We're gonna win"?Appearred twice.Win what?HMMMMMM.

5.Monicle-Read what I wrote about Merlin.Same great job.Seen 3 issues.

6.Shadow Thief-Twice in IC.Once in Firestorm.Once in Manhunter.

7.Mirror Master-Seen 2 issues(I think)Was asking if Troia was dead in issue 2.Would be able to get in and out of the crime scenes by using reflectibe surfaces.Hmmmmm.

8 Deathstroke-Could more than likely pull this off but doesn't seem like his style.Could surprise us all.

9 Deadshot,Dr Moon,Phobia,Black Spider-Come on.........

10 Boomerrings son-nah.if it is i'll be shocked.

11.Sue Dibny-How many people in mysteries fake their own death?/Something wierd going on with the body.Could it have been the birthday mystery gone crazy??

Guess we find out in two months.


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The new issue of Flash said that Linda was in the same town that Sue died in 2 weeks before the murder.  So this gives credence to my earlier theory

when did that issue come out? do you have a pic of the cover?

Linda was in Opal City 2 days before Sue's death as per Flash #215. It came out 2 - 3 weeks ago. Read Identity Crisis #6 yesterday and wish I could say it didn't make a sick, twisted kind of sense. I'm still hoping he'll pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last minate and it won't be who it's looking like, but that charector does have the motives as unsavory as they may be. It was the same with the Avengers disassembled storyline. I didn't like it, but it was plausible. Hopefully this won't be another case of someone's powers having a nasty effect on their mental stability.

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The also have this whole mind wipe thing to play out as well...











if you read the second part of the flash tie in...one of his rouges can body jump...maybe The Top has body jumped into Ray

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The also have this whole mind wipe thing to play out as well...











if you read the second part of the flash tie in...one of his rouges can body jump...maybe The Top has body jumped into Ray

In IC #6, when Boomerang's kid was trying to see the body, the cop won't let him in...mentions that villains have a nasty habit of coming back to life...it's the villains he names that leave a nasty taste in my mouth....he says THE TOP!


So, your theory may prove to be correct!

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I will be EXTREMELY PISSED if it turns out to be Atom. I mean, why can't they leave the Silver Age heroes alone? We finally get Hal Jordan back, but have to trade Atom for him. It's not right. I hope the idea of someone body jumping is correct and I'll be holding my breath until next month.


On another note: Is it just me or did the JLA stop Batman rather quickly. I mean, come on, that should have been a much better fight. It would take any incarnation of the League their best effort to beat The Bat. They better get ready for it too, because if he finds out they messed with his mind, he's going to be kicking some serious butt!

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Bats was stopped cold by Zatanna before he could do any harm to the other leagers. I think this villian/body jumping theory is gonna pan out. The Top is likely, but has he appeared in this series? I don't think he has, although he has been mentioned a couple of times. It does seem as the phone lines were the entry/exit routs, but is the Atom the only DC character that can shrink down to the size of a molecule? It would be pretty pathetic if he is the killer & did all this just to win back his wife's love! This series has been great & I can't wait for the finale!

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from RJ's website:


Jericho Wilson writes "The biological parents of Owen Mercer (the new Capt. Boomerang in IDENTITY CRISIS) are Barry Allen and Atom's wife, Jean Loring. Note that Sue Dibny and Zatanna have black hair and blue eyes. Black Canary is blonde and blue-eyed. But Owen Mercer has black hair and green eyes... just like Jean Loring. Owen dyed his black hair (shown in I.C. #3) to match Digger Harkness' hair color in I.C. #4. In I.C. #6, it is shown in 3 different panels that Owen has green eyes. Before, Owen's eye color was always obscured by opaque windows, halogen lights or the shade of trees.


"Note on page #33 (IIRC) of I.C. #6 that the 4th panel is a close-up of Jean Loring's face... showing black hair and green eyes. (The caption from her reads, "But Captain Boomerang?" ) This relates back to I.C. #3 when The Wizard tells The Flash, "Oh, Barry. Don't look so sad." However, The Wizard is grinning a knowing grin when he says it. That is because it isn't Barry Allen he's speaking to, but Captain Boomerang who has mindswapped into Flash's body. That's why Boomerang is Owen's father (in spirit) but Barry Allen is Owen's father by blood. Which is why Owen has Flash's super-speed. In #6, Brad Meltzer also has Green Arrow thinking about "protecting the innocent" when Wally West arrives.


"Owen's adoptive mother is Marian Mercer AKA Pagan, a women who hunts down men who rape women. Pagan is a vigilante who was known to willingly work with only one man: Batman. You can find this information on the Batman UK website. Coincidentally (or not), Pagan's entry on the site is right next to Zatanna's entry. If you go to Google.com, type in Batman #479 & #480. Owen Mercer's adoptive mother, Pagan, debuts in BATMAN #479 while in #480 you'll find a story about Tim Drake and Jack Drake. The title of that story?


""To The Father I Never Knew.""

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