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Jr Talks About Hardy With Nwa & Ric Flair's Book!


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Hosts: Josh Mathews and Tom Prichard

Guests: Sgt. Slaughter and Ric Flair

Report by: Danny Smithouser of PowerWrestling.Com


Josh Mathews and Tom Prichard kicked off the show, wishing us a Happy Fourth of July weekend. Trish Stratus was originally scheduled to be on the show, but apparently she is injured. Josh asked Tom if he knew anything about that and Tom said that he is not going to talk about it.


Surprise caller - Jim Ross:


Josh introduced a surprise caller and that is none other than Jim Ross. Tom said that summer is coming and he always has cooking ideas, doesn't he? Jim said that he does and he plugged his cook book, which is still available.


What can the fans expect from the Ric Flair book?

Jim Ross: It is an outstanding book and Jim thought that some of the books written in the WWE were not excellent. Some of them were and this is one of the books that is exceptional. This is a book that he would strongly suggest for any fan to check out. It is very honest, there are controversial moments and controversy seems to be one of the key drivers to today's wrestling fan. He read the manuscript and he read the book since it's been available to him and he couldn't recommend any one higher. It is going to shock some people and it is a really unique story in JR's view.


Tom Prichard added that he read the book as well and Ric detailed a lot of issues in the book that he really didn't expect. Jim said Ric virtually lost all of his self esteem during his time in WCW and he made his feelings very clear about what he thought of the political environment in WCW and what he thought of Eric Bischoff as a manager and a human being. Ric is very open and very honest and we see his view on key moments in his career. His thoughts on WCW were extremely compelling to read, also his early days breaking into the business and everything Ric Flair went through to become the star he is today.


Jim Ross met Ric some 23 years ago and the book is packed with great stories and the photos are outstanding. If you want honesty from a guy that's as good as there has ever been in the ring, this is a good book to buy.


Do you think there is anybody on today's roster that comes even close to being Ric Flair today?

Jim Ross: On today's goal standard, nobody is rivaling Flair because of his extraordinary longevity. That question will be a little easier to answer perhaps in a few years. The guy that is probably the closest to being able to be great in the ring as a protagonist and an antagonist is probably Triple H and a lot of that is because he is a student of Ric Flair's game and he has been for all of his life. But it may be another generation before we see someone approach Ric Flair's ability in the ring.


Caller: What did you think about Jeff Hardy joining TNA?

Jim Ross: I was surprised to see Jeff wrestle for TNA, pleasantly surprised. He's pleased he's active and he'll be a welcome addition to TNA. As for where he goes long term, Jim has a lot of strong feelings towards Jeff. He is a good kid, very talented and maybe some day the WWE can do business with him again. The door is open but it is just a matter of Jeff taking the right journey. Jim wishes Jeff nothing but the best and he wishes the TNA guys nothing but the best because they are not the enemy by any means. More power to Jeff Hardy for working for TNA.


Would you like to explain to the fans what you are doing right now?

Jim Ross: I'm executive vice president of business strategies and I am working on a variety of projects. Working on a couple of book ideas, working on some various phases of international live event touring, working on helping the market reps with live event promotions among other things. He's working with the 24/7 platform and he's consulting talent relations with John Laurenitus and he's about as busy as he was before changing jobs. Jim joked, saying that he has to talk to Vince McMahon about that because Vince said he would be his right hand man and wouldn't be as busy.


What are your thoughts on the Great American Bash?

Jim Ross: I thought it was a very challenging show. The first thing he looks at is what kind of effort did we have and what kind of production values did we have? The effort from the talent was outstanding and the production quality of the show was tremendous. If I had to grade the show on a 1-10 scale, I would probably give it a five or a little bit less. It just didn't deliver for me from start to finish like he thought it would. Rey Mysterio delivered in his match but the Bull Rope Match was challenging. Not everybody can do a bull rope match or a leather strap match or a Russian chain match because they are very challenging. I thought Eddie Guerrero and JBL had a very solid outing and I liked the start of the show with the sudden elimination four way. That worked out pretty well, but we had some matches on there where some talents just aren't established yet. Mordecai, Suzuki and Luther Reigns aren't established yet and people don't know what to expect from them. I don't know what the concept is with the Undertaker and the Dudleys. As the show went off the air, I got it better but I really didn't know what to anticipate in that match. Overall, the show was probably a 4 or a 5 on a 10 scale.


They wrapped it up with Jim Ross and thanked him for joining the show as this week's surprise caller.


Sgt. Slaughter joins the show:


Tom told Sgt. that he has a slacker sitting next to him that needs to be whipped in shape and alignment. Sgt. Slaughter suggested maybe a Cobra Clutch or something?


How are you doing physically?

Sgt. Slaughter: I'm doing great, other than a bump on a noggin. I was unable to do training because of my back and I dropped about 100 pounds and now my back feels pretty strong.


How did you lose all that weight?

Sgt. Slaughter: I went on a training program for my back and from training for my back and going to a nutrition center and going on a no sugar diet and a lot of diet foods, that's how he did it.


Are we going to get to see more Sgt. Slaughter on television?

Sgt. Slaughter: I would love to. I am physically in shape to start wrestling again and if he is needed, which he thinks he is, he is ready to go. He thinks with everything going on, it's time for the Sarge to come back and start waving the flag, kicking butt, taking some names and taking no prisoners.


On his reaction on Monday night, it's always good to get that kind of reaction. As a genius once said, it doesn't matter what kind of shape you're in, if they believe in that character, they are going to come and see you. Slaughter enjoys the standing ovations whenever he gets the chance to wrestle.


Can you tell us what you do behind the scenes?

Sgt. Slaughter: I'm actually an agent/producer. I help out with a lot of the backstage work, help the wrestlers in the ring, work out with them a bit, try to watch their matches and get together with them after the matches to assist them and tell them what they should and shouldn't have done and what they should have done better.


Could you give us some of your thoughts and feelings on the night you were inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Sgt. Slaughter: When you get to a point in your career when your peers elect you into an elite Hall of Fame, that just shows that your time in the ring, even when you shouldn't have been, it all came together that night and paid off. I was glad my daughter was there to see and understand it and his family came up to him and told him now he understands why he wasn't there all those years. He's still not home, but he is working on it.


Next year, there is going to be another Hall of Fame induction. Who would you like to see inducted?

Sgt. Slaughter: Ric Flair would be one of my top picks. Ricky Steamboat. There are a few people out there who deserve it, but not everybody. I'm glad to see it coming back and that they are going to do it every year.


Have you had the chance to read Ric Flair's book yet?

Sgt. Slaughter: I haven't had the chance to read it, but they asked me to say a few things about Ric Flair. I have known Ric Flair since I was 12 years old. We went to opposing schools together and played football and wrestled together. He was always the entertainer back then, that's for sure. Ric has been a huge asset to the WWE and the business of professional wrestling and his book is way over due.


When will we see a Sgt. Slaughter biography?

Sgt. Slaughter: That would be fun. It started a long time ago and it's something that I'd really like to tell. It would be a lot of fun to reminisce and go back and remember all the things that happened. Ric Flair is going to have to have volumes and volumes to fully complete his.


How do you feel about wrestling three Generations of Ortons?

Sgt. Slaughter: I also wrestled his cousin/uncle Barry. It was a thrill for me to know that all of the O's were finally in my grasp. Believe it or not, each one of them have been in the Cobra clutch, so now I can say that I had all the Ortons in the Cobra Clutch. Randy is the only one that he has not beaten but the year isn't over.


Email: Did you enjoy the part of your career when you were used as DX's humor?

Sgt. Slaughter: That was a lot of fun. They brought me in to be the commissioner and Shawn Michaels and Triple H came up with something every week and I was at the brunt of it. I have no hard feelings at all and I actually got a match with Triple H at a pay per view in Springfield, Massachusetts.


They wrapped it up with Sgt. Slaughter and you never know when you are going to see Sgt. Slaughter on WWE Television.


Trivia #1: In 1995, Ric Flair wrestled before 200,000 fans in North Korea. Who was his opponent?

Caller #1: Wow, you guys gave me the one I don't know. Well, I'm going to have to say Randy Savage. Wrong.

Caller #2: Giant Baba. Wrong. I have a question for Josh. I was watching the Out Think the Fink he was doing a few weeks ago and I was wondering if Josh knows this about Dr. Tom. We all know that Dr. Tom was a Heavenly Body and a Heavenly Body Donna... CLICK. (Byte This! production hung up on the caller.)

Caller #3: Antonio Inoki. Congratulations. (You now win a copy of Ric Flair's book.)


Trivia #2: How many times has Ric Flair been a World Champion?

Caller #1: 16 times. Correct. (You now win a copy of Ric Flair's book.)


Trivia: What are the first names of Ric Flair's two sons?

Caller #1: David and I don't know the other one. Richard? Wrong.

Caller #2: Technical difficulties.

Caller #3: Technical difficulties.

Caller #4: Could it be David and Reid? Correct. (You now win a copy of Ric Flair's book.)


Ric Flair joins the show:


Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the 16 time World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair. Tom Prichard complimented Ric Flair on his book, but one thing he was a little surprised to see was giving a little accolades to Vince Russo, but stayed true to his feelings on Eric Bischoff.


Ric Flair said the accolade he gave to him as when he was going to have his head shaved and he wound up going home and he never got paid. He agreed to do something on camera and he was supposed to get paid, but he did not. He made a deal with Vince Russo and he got paid some of his money, but he is still owed money. Ric admitted that he is not mad at anybody anymore. Firstly, he was mad at himself for letting himself get put in that situation.


Tom said what he found amazing in the book was when he gives his opinion and a guy like him, who had all this pressure being the NWA Champion, a Champion who traveled from every territory at the time, he had to be good, had to be able to go at least an hour and he had to have some political ties but at the same time, he hated the politics in the business. Ric Flair: Politics isn't something that he wanted to deal with. That's a very simple honest procedure in the way it was structured. It was a very prestigious honor to be the Champion in that era and as time went on, everything gets prostituted and diluted for different reasons and the NWA belt went downhill and he dealt with that stuff but he didn't think of himself as anything less. He didn't realize real politics until 1989 when the company was sold to Turner. The people that he admired, loved and really cared about were the guys that were sticking it up his ass.


Are you ready for the book signings and appearances?

Ric: Yes I am and I am looking forward to it. A lot of people told him that you shouldn't tell people some things because people don't want to know their heroes had problems, but he was just being honest. There are some guys who let themselves get miserable and three of them are dead right now. Ric Flair had a good time on the road and all of his kids turned out to be beautiful human beings and they had a mother to look out for them. Ric said that having a drink is a lot better than turning to drugs. Ric didn't drink because he was upset; he drank to have a good time.


Caller: I wanted to talk about the 1992 Royal Rumble. What did that mean to you, being fresh in the company?

Ric Flair: It meant a lot because I had been battling with problems once again. I left the place I was loyal to and took off to the WWF, which was a new territory. I was elated, thrilled and overwhelmed and he couldn't thank them enough. It wasn't something where I felt I didn't belong. I knew I belonged and at that point in his career, he knew he was Ric Flair and was very appreciative, thankful and was glad to be in that position.


Coming to the WWF at the time, there had to be a lot of conflict...

Ric Flair: Not at all. It took about two days to get over it. Once I got up there with Bobby Heenan, I could care less. I came up here and worked with Piper, Hogan, Bret Hart, Randy Savage and went home. What more could any wrestler ask for in a year and a half? I worked with four of the biggest names of all times and one of them is my best friends to this day. He traveled around with Bobby Heenan, Curt Hennig, Ted Dibiase and a lot of good people. What more could I ask for?


Caller: You're the reason I got into wrestling. Do you think you have another World Title run in you?

Ric Flair: Yes, I just need the green light and somebody to get ready for it.


Tom added that it is not out of the question and nobody in their wildest dreams would imagine winning 16 World Championships. In the end, his reigns got shorter and shorter but the title kept coming back to him.

Ric Flair: I had a very charmed career and have worked very hard to be good at what I do and the biggest challenge he ever had was coming back here in 2001 because he wasn't ready physically but now he is at ease with himself and it's almost like every night he goes out there, he challenges himself to be as good as the other guys. I may not be as good as them, but I could push myself hard if they wanted to put the World Title on him.


Caller: Getting your family involved back in your WCW days, did that help the family situation at all?

Ric Flair: No. That wasn't my idea. His family wasn't involved in 49 years and then all of the sudden, they want to involve his family. That's one of the things he let get out of control and he wishes he would have walked away.


Are you enjoying giving the younger talent advice?

Ric Flair: I'm honored and it took me a long time to realize that the guys hold him in that esteem but it is the most rewarding time of his entire career. When I read the forward that Hunter wrote for my book, I was blown away and so was my wife. We have become very close in such a short period of time. Wrestlers don't have a lot of friends in the wrestling world because we are in a competitive situation. We have contracts but we are independent contractors and everybody wants to be the best. With Hunter, he lives, eats and breaths the business like Flair did 20 years ago except Triple H is more involved because he wants the product to be the best it could be. When he looks at the shows, he looks at the shows to make sure in his opinion that everybody is participating and everybody is giving the best effort they can at their level. That is a lot of maturity for a guy who is 33 years old.


Caller: Did you ever think there was a member of the Horsemen that didn't belong there?

Ric Flair: I don't even want to get into it. There are three or four who should not have even been blessed with that name. The Horsemen has been diluted over and over again and there are a few guys who shouldn't have been involved.


They wrapped it up with Ric Flair and his book will be out this Tuesday.


Next week, we are going to have John Bradshaw Layfield and Eric Bischoff joining us on the phone. Tom Prichard isn't going to be here but Tommy Dreamer will be filling in for him.


Report By: Danny Smithouser of PowerWrestling.Com

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