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Who Would You Have Cast To Play The...


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(I'm sure this has been done, already, if not a million times, but I couldn't find anything with the search engine.)

Who would you have cast to play the characters in all of the Batman Movies? Plus, who would you cast to play characters that have not been portrayed in the movies, yet?


For me, I would have done it more like this:


Batman - George Clooney

Robin - Frankie Muniz

Batgirl - Laura Prepon

Nightwing - David Boreanaz

Alfred Pennyworth - Sean Connery

Ra's Al Ghul - Robert Patrick

Talia - Rena Sofer

Clayface - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Joker - Jim Carrey

Harley Quinn - Cameron Diaz

Penguin - Danny DeVito

Catwoman - Rena Mero (WWE Diva, Sable)

Riddler - Robin Williams

Two Face - Alec Baldwin

Mr. Freeze - Vin Diesel

Poison Ivy - Angie Everhart

Bane - Glen Jacobs (WWE Wrestler, Kane)

The Scarecrow - Christopher Walken

Commisioner Gordon - Sam Elliott


Let me know what you think of my list, and give me your list.

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How can you say Clooney as Bats...come on...Keaton hands down!!! and Carey as Joker...did you see Batman 1....Nicholson played joker like it was ment to be...the rest of your cast i can see as very good casting...but those two come on man

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How can you say Clooney as Bats...come on...Keaton hands down!!! and Carey as Joker...did you see Batman 1....Nicholson played joker like it was ment to be...the rest of your cast i can see as very good casting...but those two come on man

Yes, I'll admit that Michael Keaton had the persona of Batman down to a "T". However, Michael never fit the physical look of Batman, nor Bruce Wayne. George Clooney fits the persona and look of Bruce Wayne, but he doesn't pull off the attitude of the Bat. I wish we could cross the two actors in a cloning experiment, and take the best aspects from each and place them in the clone.


The same goes for Jack and Jim. Jack had the persona of the Joker down, while Jim has the look.


I guess, for me, when casting I look for actors that naturally look like the characters. Once I have someone that fits the look, we can always work on the acting skills. It's easier to work on the acting skills, than to change how one naturally looks, IMO.

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Batman- hard to say. If we could combine Kevin Conroy and George Clooney, then I'd say we have a winner. We'll have to see how Bale handles the roll.


Robin-Frankie Muniz looks fine to me.


Batgirl- Laura Prepon, excellent choise.


Nightwing- Brandon Lee, but he's gone. :( Possible Keanu Reeves.


Alfred- I'd choose Christopher Lee


Joker- Jack, hands down. For a new movie; if you could give Jim Carrey, Mark Hamill's voice talent, then that would be awsome.


Harley Quinn- Reese Witherspoon(sp?), that Legally Blonde chick.


Catwoman- Sable? I could live with that. @ohyeah@


Riddler- Gary Oldman


Two Face- I'd like to see Baldwin half fried, and he's a good actor, even though I can't stand him.


Mr.Freeze- Vin Diesel would be perfect. He is a FAR better actor that Arnold.


Poison Ivy- Julia Roberts, but I hate her, too.


Scarecrow- Malcom Mcdowell


Commisioner Gordon- Sam Elliot looks the part, but he's a southern man. As much as I like him, he could never convince me that he grew up in Gotham City.

Oldly enough, I would pick Chuck Norris. He could look and act the part, but it would be odd not seeing him do karate kicks.

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The only problem I see with something like this is that a movie with that much star power is doomed to fail. I rather see a very well written group of movies with some star power, Batman and the main villian of each, possibly Alfred and Commish Gordan as well, going to bigger named actors preferably those without egos that demand screen time.


For Batman/Wayne I would want someone that while buff doesn't look threatening. Really there hasn't been a Batman that completely worked for me.


Riddler would be Carey


Penguin would be DeVito


Joker, while I liked Jack in the role I don't think he was comical enough for it, I perfer the BTAS version. Honestly I think I would go with Hamil for it just because of that.


Freeze, I could see Diesal doing it, at least more so then Arnold.


Clayface, I'd want Matt Damon. Some pretty boy actor that can actually act for the origin, with Clayface being of course CGI.


For the Commish I like the idea of Sam Elliot. He's not completely right, but he is a actor that commands respect in his roles, which I think would be right for the part and the most important issue with the character.


Robin, Muntz would be fine, though I wouldn't make it a major role really, probably would even drop it.


Nightwing I think David Boreanaz would be perfect for it, with the loss of some weight.


Batgirl, I like the redhead from Starship Troopers, she'd be my Batgirl.


Alfred, I like Michael Caine for this



The Scarecrow - Christopher Walken


Saw this above and thought why why haven't they made this happen already.


I think the key though is to not have two or three villians in the movies then devote time for each of their origin stories and what not along with having more then two or three heros. Keep the casting simple as you can and pick villians that can be believable as a one on on character.


Joker, Clayface, and Bane would be my three choices.

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  • 11 months later...

Some good ideas ppl. I'm bumping this up as it relates to all the Batman discussions. Plus, over in a the "Nolan Speaks On Robin's Future In The Sequels" thread, started by biglebowski9999, Chris Nolan mentioned that Frankie Muniz would be a potential actor to play Robin down the road in a Batman movie. As you can see from my original post in this thread I cast Muniz to play Robin almost a year, to the date, before biglebowski's thread.


I'd also like to make an addendum.


Catwoman - either Rena Mero or Jeri Ryan I am totally undecided on this one, now. I had originally planned to put Jeri on my original list, but must have forgot. I'd go back and edit my post, but it would change the post date and I'd like it to stay as it is as it correlates to biglebowski's thread.

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Batman - Sam Rockwell

Robin - Justin Long

Batgirl - Ashlee Simpson

Nightwing - The Rock

Alfred Pennyworth - Ian McDiarmid

Ra's Al Ghul - Ron Perlman

Clayface - Completely CG, even when he's human

Joker - Bob Saget

Penguin - Wayne Knight

Catwoman - Hally Barry (she was purrrrfect!)

Riddler - Jerry Seinfeld

Two Face - Richard Karn

Mr. Freeze - David Duchovny

Poison Ivy - Kathy Griffin

Bane - Lou Ferrigno

The Scarecrow - Skinny Christian Bale from The Machinist.


Seriously, I want to see Clayface as the next villain, that'd be cool.

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errr. man, this thread is a year old. Why bring it back?

Oh yeah... I just noticed that. lol

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