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What Would You Like To See In 2005?


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Since we know what the subtitle for next year is what do you think we will see?


G.I. Joe vs. Cobra: BAT Uprising


Wave 1:

Duke vs. Overkill

Gung Ho vs. BAT 5.0

Snake Eyes vs. Razor BAT

Barbeque vs. Inferno BAT

Flint vs. Cobra Commander


Wave 2:

Scarlett vs. Storm Shadow

Heavy Duty vs. BAT General

Robo-Joe vs. Techno-Viper

Recondo vs. Cyber-Viper

Tomax and Xomat


Wave 3:

Lady Jaye vs. Jungle Camo BAT 5.0

Roadblock vs. Buzzer

General Hawk vs. Destro

Hi-Tech vs. Raptor BAT

Beachhead vs. Tele-Viper


Wave 4:

Harddrive vs. Techno-Viper Repaint

Airtight vs. Baroness

Duke Repaint vs. Mega BAT

Bazooka vs. Torch

BAT 5.0 and Inferno BAT

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I would like to seee Hasbro completely DROP the sub plot in the line, and just release figures. No storyline. The original line didnt need it, and I think the new line could survive with out it. Storylines just limit what can be produced for the year.



I can only hope to see more RAH Bats, possibly a recast of v1?

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dude... i posted a great list once... but i don't hink i have a copy of it anymore.


I will try to remake it for you here, but i know it isn't exact.


wave 1:

Flint vs. Xamot (bussiness suit!)

Lady J vs. Tamox

Alpine vs. monkeywrench

Bazooka vs. Torch

Airtight vs. toxo-viper

Bat and Viper (classic scheme, added wrist articulation)


wave 2:

Heavy duty (orginal jvc wave 1 redne with 0-ring) vs. cesspool

covergirl vs. Roadpig

Barrel Roll (painted like btr) vs. Blackout (cobra blue, added wrist articulation, (new arms))

Duke (in suit kids !) vs. major bludd

Gung-ho (the orginal jvc wave 1 redone with 0-ring and removabble hat) vs. Neo-viper (gasp i know... but this one has fixed the left arm, and added wrist articulation)

Kamakura (again like jvc v1 save for wrist and ankle articulation added)vs. Interrorgator

Cg and Inferno Bat


wave 3:

Roadblock vs. Destro (new head on 0-ring jvc v1 painted like a more classic destro)

Mariner vs. Moray (o-ringed jvc v1)

Se (blue vs of wave jvc wave 3) vs. Ss (both t-crotched jvc needs 0-ringed so whichever lol)

Spirit vs. Nullifer

whatever doctor besides "link" that hasbro will give us lol vs. Zanya

Iron grenider( all new), bat 3.2


wave 4: repaint wave, Night force

Stalker and Widescope

viper (painted to match vvv cc, but with gold instead of silver) and night viper (avac mold minus btr pads)

Beachead and dart (... just gotta redo the head to make helm removable though lol)

Nightcreeper (black and shiny purple!) and pit viper

Baroness (in black!) and major bludd

(carry over back) Viper and Bat.


Hi-tech vs. Hacker (cobra traitor! new sculpt, he has gone cyborg!)

Duke (jvc wv 1 0-ringed with new sculpt removable helm, new articulation too.. okay so they design is the same lol, that's it.) vs. CC jvc wave 8 cc, with the comic 3 pack hood.

Flint vs. Overkill

Falcon vs Ripper (repaint)

Salvo vs Alexander

Alley viper and Toxo-viper




Overkill tricks hacker and cesspool into helping him gain power. Hacker is betraying the joes, Cesspool wants to impress cc.


Overkill gains control of a deadly virus that his bats and the toxo-vipers (under the orders of a hologram cesspool ) being polluting the world with.


Flint, duke, and the gang get to the bottom of it as CC, sends cesspool and major bluddafter overkill. Thanks to Faces the joes find him to!


wave 1


minisub with deep six

Mindbender (purple vvv) with work station (can click to other sets!,) just a small wroom with computers on the wall, and tube and some mechianical parts.


Cc's Throne with Cobra commander (same as described in wave 5, but in all black)

Warhammer (again) urban deco!

wv 2 alphas

Slipstream with repainted

Thrasher (new head on other nok body) with nok bike


Hiss5: a good update, with treads, cannon, possibly a reworking of the snowcat (i mean ice sabre...)

Ashkrange dojo, wih Jinx. just a dojo for us ninja fans.

wv3 alphas

rockn'roll with Valor stryke (redco of the coil bike)

computer station with Hacker, think nf of old jvc version


cobra councel room, with Faces in cg disquise (the new sculpt version lol)

Frozen python: artic hiss type vehicle

(wave 4 just a repaint wave)



Trouble bubble with avac

Ninja lighteing (repainted valor bike) with T'Jbang


Joe councel room with Abernathy

Cobra Leviathon (big sup)

Patriot tank: now the frikken canon goes up and down and it has hatches and troop carrying space. with Gears

Night Raven, (rework of new joe jet coming up soon) with Avac




all new sculpted figures would be a little bigger than vvv poroptions and that woudl become the new standard. All figs get all the extra articulation! gaspeth!


at the same time their would be a new singlepack wave. this wave would hit, cvs, k-mart, wal greens, and the net stores


viper2 (just like on the wave above as all other army builders on this list)



Firefly (btr version minus the tabs)

Scarlet (night force!)

Snake Eyes: (jvc orginal o-ringed, borrows the ss waist down though cheaper for hasbro, and it works well enough)

Shipwreck (the unrealesed repaint!)

Nunchuck (unreleased repaint!)


Mail in exculisive for the year:

1. Duke btr version with vvv head, painted to look classical.

2. Kwinn in artic gear (for you rah fans!)


the clues for the next years theme here? Less destro, and an alexender fig in wave.


This year needs to be hosue cleaing, getting some stuff 0-ringed, getting some must haves (a new doctor!!!! major bludd! cgs,cesspool, interrgator, deep six!) With some of these out of the way and compeltely standard fig size ration on all things new, next eyar will lead to more new chars, and far less re dos.


If i where hasbro at the same time this was going on, i'd be getting interstined in other liscenses (at least one year) they could do in jvc style, stargate (this one could last kids!), street fighter, mortal kombat, heck other fighting games, or some action movies.


Also i would consider a action man jvc style try


They need to move towards a cartoon, honestly duke and some of them have to get lots of toys made, or kids will forget who they are lol, wi th a toon, it's a bit easier.


I would shift storylines (afte rthis) to fit in as close to dd as possible and use thier designs.


I would attempt to get Star wars to go the same construction as joes, parts sharing, sales imporovment as collecters go across lines.


and that's about it for now...

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I just want to see more RAH stuff.. hopefully RAH Bats v1 as well.

I also would love for the v1 Bat be recast and released again.

Draven #US1#

Yea, more RAH stuff. Gimme a reason to go to TRU when I go DVD shopping.

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Well, if you pardon my jumping ahead a year or two, I'd like to repeat something I've long been a proponent of--the integrated GIJOE Universe.


Been hearing rumours from reliable sources that the recent cancellation of specific product is due to a disinterest in military toys.

for GIJOE, this is not a good thing.


But its not a bad thing either.

Like a good boy scout/military planner, GIJOE is prepared and has a good fallback position.


To wit: the Adventure Team and Action Man.


Now, I do NOT want to see the RAH line go away, I would like to see the above integrated into the RAH scale and RAH and the other continue.

They can be seperate lines in the same scale, integrated ( my preferred choice) or as sub-lines of the main RAH license ( my second choice).


The inclusion of these other Hasbro-owned properties would/could strengthen GIJOE and provide for more opportunities for new figures and characters. It also expands the underlying storyline for GIJOE, and hence the fun. Heck, even actual GIJOE/Transformer product could be part of this--the possibilities can be huge.


The frustration is that all the peices are there, they've been there for years, its just that Hasbro hasn't picked them up and run with them.


Now, this idea is bound to fall on deaf ears with some fans. the inclusion of Action Man ( brilliant move IMO) in the Night Force six pack was controversial, at least in these forums.

There's a (vocal enough) segment of the fandom that are purists and who resist change of any kind. My admonition is that change is essential and warranted because its life for this brand.

Its historical too, because the original RAH changed quite a few times and ways over the years.


The GIJOE Universe idea would also attract other fans, 12" collectors have a rep for almost anything with Adventure Team on it, and Action Man just broadens the international appeal of GIJOE--both are a no-brainer fit.



So, beyond 2005 I'd like to see Hasbro take a stab at this. I'd go out of my way to buy the stuff and I know in my gut there's like fans out there thinking much the same way.



Or so I hope.



GIJOE Universe--Hasbro, you listening?


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I hope 2005's releases includes updates of characters like Covergirl, BBQ, Deep-Six, Footloose, Spirit, Mutt, Copperhead, Scrap-Iron, Torch, Buzzer, Road Pig....plus a lot more comic packs so we can get characters like Dr. Venom and classic versions of Daina, Brekhov, Horrorshow, Destro, Major Bludd, Steeler, Breaker, and Flash. Plus in the never gonna happen category, I would like figures of Dr. Biggles Jones, Dr. Knox, Madame Umbra and Cadet Demming. As far as Cadet Demming goes, they could make a Crimson Guard army builder set and include five regular CGs and a Cadet Demming that is a repaint of the upcoming comic set Baroness figure.

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I wanna see:


More mail-in exclusives...


More TRU RAH repaint sets (preferrably army builder sets)...


A C.L.A.W.S. army builder set (in both original and repaint versions)...


More RAH vehicles re-released...


New weapon and accessory packs...


The 12" line to continue...


The re-release of the original Joe headquarters (preferrably in a desert cammo pattern)...


The following two-packs (if they insist on releasing figures in two-packs that is):


Low-Light vs. Night Viper


Hard Ball vs. Frag Viper


Rock 'n Roll vs. S.A.W. Viper


Hawk vs. Serpentor


Airtight vs. Toxo-Viper


Bazooka vs. Scrap Iron


Flash vs. Laser Viper


Mercer vs. Battle Armor Cobra Commander

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