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Who Has To Be In The Movie


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Ok guys ...the past few issues of wizard and toy fare the hype has been about the newer movies coming out.......


Lets pretend your the screen writer for the JOE MOVIE and also an avid JOE fan like all of us here......


WHO MAKES THE CUT (for lead roles)..........LETS DO TOP SEVEN........FOR EACH SIDE
















COBRA TOP SEVEN--(IMO---this is the hard part)











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Wasn't the cast for the Joe team established? Maybe we should just cast those roles.


For instance, Rex should clearly be played by Rex Smith from Street Hawk. It's an omen.



all ive seen ...is DUKE FOR SURE ...C.C. AND some guy named REX......

BUT SINCE we dont know who REX IS working for......

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I think you need a little more than 7. The Joes need Shipwreck and Spirit at least and Cobra needs a few Noks to go with Zartan and Wild Weasel.

Draven #US1#

your right DRAVEN.....but you can have all the NOKS in it...sure.....im talking about MAJOR roles.......i mean every JOE could be in it......

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As far as characters that I think need to be in the film...


For Joes: Hawk, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Gung-Ho, Flint, Lady Jaye, and Roadblock


For Cobras: Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness, Major Bludd, Storm Shadow, Firefly, and Dr. Venom-there has to be a evil scientist..and Venom is much more believable (and likable) than Mindbender is.

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You gotta have the two most popular Joes - Duke

and Snake-Eyes.


Then it's nice to have at least one female member on the team and seeing as how Scarlet is a love intrest to both Duke (cartoon) and Snake-Eyes (comic) she is a shoe in.


There is also a need more a big guy, Rock and Roll could fill this roll but Roadblock makes more since to me. He also adds a little diversity to the team.


Now G.I. JOE is made up of all the branches of the millitary so someone will need to represent the Navy and the Marines. To me Shipwreck and Gung-Ho are your best choices here. One could throw in Ace to represent the Air Force but as a pilot his role would more than likely be limited.


The final and seventh slot (assuming Ace was not used as a main role) I'd have to give to either Stalker or Wild Bill. Wild Bill as a helicopter pilot works well as he could bring the team in and out of hostile situations. Stalker on the other hand might take away from Duke's leadership role.


Hawk would also have to be in this movie IMO but I would have him in a more "General Flag" type role.








Wild Bill


As for COBRA, now that is more difficult.


Obviously Cobra Commander has to be in it and I think it would be a damn shame if the Baroness was not a major player as well. Unlike most people I'm actually hoping that Destro is not in this movie. I think one guy running around in a weird mask is enough for one film. Save him for the sequeal.


Next up is Storm Shadow, the whole good/evil thing he has going on with Snake-Eyes would have to be in this.


I also think Firefly would be a nice addition to show COBRA's true terrorist side.


Beyond that I'm not so sure anybody else (besides basic Cobra Troopers) just HAVE to be the the film. I think it would be nice if Dr. Mindbender, The Crimson Twins and Major Bludd made cameo apperances though.


I'm drawn between if Zartan should be in this or not. I like the idea of seeing the Dreadnoks on screen but Zartan's whole . . . "freak thing", seems to be a bit too much. In other words he is a guy who kind of needs an origin and I don't think this movie should waste any time with that.


Cobra Commander


Storm Shadown


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I always thought it would be cool to have the movie set right before the first Marvel book. With that in mind my top 7 Joes would be:



Snake Eyes



Rock 'N Roll




For Cobra


Cobra Commander




Wild Weasel


Scar Face

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Here is my top seven.....


G. I. Joe

1. Duke

2. Snake Eyes

3. Scarlett

4. Flint

5. Stalker

6. Lady Jaye

7. Gung Ho



1. Cobra Commander

2. Destro

3. Storm Shadow

4. The Baroness

5. Firefly

6. Zartan

7. Major Bludd


I would also have Hawk, Shipwreck, Beach Head, Roadblock, Dusty, Wild Bill, and Spirit with smaller parts for the Joes.


And for Cobra I would have, Tomax, Xamot, Dr. Mindbender and some Dreadnoks with smaller rolls.

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Gotta say, Pit Viper, you done me proud.


A logical, thoughtful concept of how the Joe team needs to be represented. And it just so happens that's my definite core Joe cast, for anything, minus Wild Bill (Duke's my Air Force member.. hey, his original uniform had wings, and he's so iconic, it doesn't mater which branch he comes fom, really).


All six of these characters add something to the mix, and relate to one another in certain, interesting ways.


Duke's the goody-goody (classic boy scout, Aryan-Superman, Mr Wonderful, etc. Follows orders to the letter, and never asks questions. But, to his credit, he never fails, either.


Snake-Eyes, the dark enigma, is a silent killer, and will disobey an order if it suits his interests (Storm Shadow), or if he knows//thinks better of it. he and Duke work together, but don't get along.


Scarlett is a good ol' girl, from down South. She's uber smart, sexy, and lethal! But, she's also young (23 tops, in my Universe), so rather than being attracted to the strong, dashing leader, she falls for the bad boy: Snakes.


Shipwreck is the comedy relief. He's cokcy, smug, and an overt flirt. Scarlett's too sweet to be offended by him, but He's immediately intimidated by Snake-EYes (who would , of course, return Scarlett's affection). Later, as they become friends, that'd obviously go away, but initially, he'd just constantly hit on Scarlett, just cuz he's like that.


Roadblock, I'd set up as the heavy machine gunner, and radio man. His smooth voice and cool temper would keep the separate teams updated on Duke's orders (Duke and RB would be paired). Duke's hard-ass 'tude would sharply contrast Roadblock's "this isn't a job, its an art" laid-back view of soldiering. Naturally, a Mississippi boy would get along fine, and politely, with a Georgian peach like Scarlett, and as a heavy hitter, would be respected by Gung-Ho.. the last member of the group...


GH, the lone Marine, would have a huge chip on his shoulder. He'd double as the drill sergeant in any training scenarios, pushing the army brats as far as he could, just to screw with them. As an equivalent ranking sergeant as Duke, GH would feel, deep down, that he is better suited for the leadership role, and he'd become good friends with Snakes "cuz he don't talk back none, 'n he open a can o' ass-whoopin' de likes I ain't nevah seen!"


Ace, Bill, Clutch and Rock'n Roll, Stalker, Beachhead, and Hawk are all part of my Joe team too, but those first six are the cohesive core. Every rough outline of a cinematic-themed oe story I've written (from a 2 hour retelling of the Burkhart kidnapping to a hijacked Missile Command Center) has included these guys and


Cobra Commander: I'd do the love triangle on this side, with the Baroness running the show by manipulating CC, while forcing Destro to stick around because of his love for her. Destro would be loyal to CC , but ultimately unhappy with the actions Cobra is taking to make its name known. CC, unbeknownst to his lackeys, is actually rather uninvolved in the terrorist side of Cobra. He let's Baroness pull his steings because, truth told, she's got good ideas. But his true assault on the US is through the Crimson Guard, and political and social subjugation... a secret Cobra that the militant arm of Cobra is not aware of. If the scheme-of-the-day goes well, then CC just made more money to finance his *real* schemes. If not, then Extensive Enterprises invests in the enemy (since it's perceived as a benevolent corporation), and profits from the losses of the militant Cobra. No matter what, CC wins!


Destro, in my owrld plays a dual role. As the head of MARS, James McCullen does deals with the US, Russia, and their allies, maintainign celebrity status on the world stage. Under the guise of Destro, he aides Cobra, guides their armies, and sells guns through the black market to anyone who can pay the price. No matter who wins, same as CC, Destro still profits.


The Baroness, of course, believes a US soldier killed her Brother, and is in it for a strictly personal vendetta. She specializes inn brutal interrogation techniques (making her an arch enemy of Dr Venom, who likes his mechanical "Brainwave Scanning" process.


Venom, the sacrificial lamb in my scripts, is the man who puts the fear into Cobra's troops. His unscheduled, random "tests" have every Viper dreading his annual physical. . He’s weasel-y, crooked, and answerable only to the call in his twisted mind for subjugation and experimentation. His genius arms Cobra with some of the creepiest weapons, and his wanton disregard for humanity as a whole leaves him free to develop the most heinous technology. Just ask the thing inside the cage in his office. Dr. Venom is as toxic and deadly as his name implies!



Storm Shadow, if and when I write him in to my stuff, is silent, deadly, and ultimately a reluctant villian. I haven't decided whether I like him in his classic "out for revenge" motif, or if he's simply playing the role as a spy (unable to tell Snakes that he's just playing a role. Snakes would pull no punches, leaving Storm Shadow to do the same. So we'd have real ninja showdowns, without corrupting Storm Shadow's true character (a good guy).


Um.. that's a rant, isn't it. Ah well.

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For the Joes, Duke, Snake-Eyes, and Scarlett would be the centrals. With Gung-ho, Shipwreck, Roadblock, and Flint (Duke's competition) in support.


For Cobra, I'd say Cobra Commander, Destro (would play the hard-line military guy to CC's insane schemes) and Baroness as the centrals. Firefly would be the counter to Snake-eyes IMO rather than Storm Shadow. Firefly can somewhat match SE's combo of ninja/ saboteur, while Storm Shadow imo is straight ninja. Major Bludd would be basic muscle, the guy that gets handed the dirty jobs that CC and Destro are to important to bother with. Mindbender would be around, but mainly in the scientist role.



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my picks

Joes: Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Hawk, Roadblock (the token black guy), Shipwreck (the comic relief), and one of the original team members.


Cobra: Cobra commander, Baroness, Destro, Major Bludd, Zartan, Wild Weasel, Mindbender in cameo/behind the scenes, his name can be mentioned.

the 3 noks can be played by unknown british/austrailian/New Zealander actors

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