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Who Are Your Favorite Wrestlers?


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I'm sure that this has been asked many times before, so humor me. I am new to the Wresting forum and I was just wondering who some of you favorite wrestlers are. I haven't been watching wrestling that much in the last year but I use to watch it all of the time. I am just starting to get back into it so please forgive me if I am a little behind, I have a lot of catching up to do. Well, with that being said, here are some of my favorite wrestlers.....


Stone Cold -- I know that he is overrated, but I still like him. I always have and I always will.


Kane -- Like Austin, I have always liked him and I always will. I think that for as big as he is he has a lot of speed. He could be much more is they would just let him.


Stack Keibler -- Technically she isn't a wrestler, but she can wrestle me and wrap those long legs of her around me any day. She is just hot.


A few others that I like: Chris Benoit, Batista, Rhyno, Chris Jericho, Booker T, Test, Faarooq (or whatever he goes by now) and Bradshaw.


OK, that is some of my favorites, now it is your turn.

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My all time favorite wrestlers:


1) Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels (can't decide anymore)

3) Stone Cold

4) Mick Foley

5) The Undertaker

6) Ric Flair

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As if I have to reply to this, anyone who goes to this board knows I love..




The Showstoppa


The Main Event...





Is that the nerdly passionism you spoke of Venal?? #US1#

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Favorite Male Superstars

- Shawn Michaels

- Bret Hart

- Chris Jericho

- Ric Flair


Favorite Divas

- Trish Stratus

- Victoria

- Molly Holly

- Dawn Marie / Nidia


Of course I like others than these four of each but those are some of my top picks. I've always been an HBK fan so that will never change, same goes for Trish. Victoria I've grown on overtime, same with Jericho. Flair and Hart I've liked but not the level I do Michaels, same goes for Molly but not to the level of Trish. Uhh Nidia has potential if used right and so does Dawn but using them right to WWE means jobbing to Torrie. Jericho I've always had a 'fling' for just not to the level of the others. @hmmm@

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Kurt Angle- The man is a God to me. Wrestled with a broken neck, in a match he knew was going to lose. Can wrestle a match at 70%, and still have a match of the year canidate. IMO the best ever.


HHH- Don't care, I like the guy. One of the top heels in history, and a good world champion. If you never read an online "source", it's hard not to like him.



Chris Benoit- A tough physical man's man. He's not what he used to be, but he's still better than most. When he becomes the WWE champion, Benoit's reaction when being handed the title will be played on WWE television for years.


HBK- What can I say? Maybe the most entertaining man to step in a ring. Had the courage to change his life for the better. A natural babyface, just because you always find yourself cheering for him.


Eddie Guerrero-A good mix of Luchadore and Strong Style. One of the most talented performers in the WWE, and charismatic as Hell.


Kane- Outclasses his "brother" in every way. Moves great for a big man, and has managed to stay over despite character changes.

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'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels: He's my all-time favorite.I didn't really start liking HBK till around Wrestlemania X,but even then he wasn't my 'favorite',that came out around DX and even after he had 'retired' for a while.Otherwise,Michaels can play both a face and heel convincingly well and be well received by the audience either way.As a face,he's the "never say die",talented,fan-loving character that you just can't forget to rank among the greats.As a heel,HBK is cocky,cool,and has a charismatic element to him that draws you to his 'evil' personality.He has some funny 'mannerisms' as well...like when he'd pretend box in the ring against an opponent,or mock them in various ways...only one guy I think has slightly better mannerisms than Michaels and he's...


'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair: A TRUE Living Legend in the Sport and a legend that deserves every ounce of respect.Flair is a man who is truly about the business and a love of wrestling.Its been his life forever and he knows no other way.I for more respect for Flair than I do Hogan. Flair is 50-somethin' and still a great wrestler,he's an absolute JOY to watch...his mannerisms are hilarious and there's no one quite like the Nature Boy,he oozes charisma.


Kevin Nash: I liked Nash for a while and he was my favorite at one point.I remember when he first came as Diesel and was one of the first new and successful 'big men' of WWE's "New Generation".He went from being a top star in WWE to helping WCW become the bigger wrestling federation with the nWo.Though his late career was plagued with injuries...Nash was quite dominate and agile at one point in his career for a big guy,and he was great on the stick as well.


Bret 'The Hitman' Hart: Most casual wrestling fans don't understand the rivalry that brewed between Hart and McMahon,but they always remember him as one of the greatest.Hart gave 110% in the ring and could keep fans on their toes despite being a submissionist.His Sharpshooter was legendary as well and well-recognized by all fans.He was also one of the few popular male wrestlers that could wear pink and get away with it. @haha@ He played a great face,but IMO a better heel...I think it's a tragedy the way he left our sport.I wish he would be involved in the WWE someway and somehow.


Triple H: Yes...I know I am quite anti-Triple H right now and will remain to be.But during 1999,2000,etc. Triple H was indeed "The Game" of the business.He was the cool,suave bad guy that worked well feuding with the likes of The Rock and Austin.He was a great wrestler,agile for a 'buff' guy and sold moves extremely well.It's a shame he has a bad rep. now due to all the rumors...but he's a shade of his former self and at the top of the business when he doesn't deserve to be.


Chris Jericho: A more recent favorite,Jericho is one of the "Next Big Stars" in the WWE and hopefully they'll finally recognize that he deserves to remain consistantly in the Main Event.The guy works hard and has a great on-air personality (though I miss his WCW/Early WWE days when he was hilarious)...I almost feel like he's held down because guys like Triple H feel 'threatened' by the fans' love for Jericho and his talent.


Trish Stratus: Proving that a pretty face could really make it and excel in the women's division,Trish came into the WWE as "just another pretty face" and really developed into a great women's wrestler and female role-model.Because of Trish,as well as Molly Holly,Lita,Victoria,etc. I actually like watching Women's wrestling nowadays...not only cause they look good,but they are really talented as well.

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Hey can a girl who has watched wrestling since birth join in on this convo? @smilepunch@


My fav. wresters are:


Ric Flair

Hulk Hogan


Dusty Rhodes

Utimate Warrior


Stone Cold

and many many more.

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As a youngster, I idolized Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Diesel, LOD, and the Steiner Brothers.


Nowadays, I would have to say Benoit for his work ethic, Eddie for his humor, Rock for his charisma, and Torrie for her T&A.


All time for me would have to be Mankind. When he was wrestling, he could make anything entertaining, whether it be wrestling, on the mic, or just plain acting stupid. Foley knew how to connect to the fans.

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my favorite of all time is hands down, the Rock. currently, the nod goes to Goldberg, Rey Mysterio, and Scott Steiner. Yea, I'm still a huge fan of Big Poppa Pump.


Growing up is what all about the Legion of Doom. Through the years I've also liked the Ultimate Warrior, Booker T, Mr. Perfect, the list goes on. I pretty much like most wrestlers. Life's funner when you're positive.

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As if I have to reply to this, anyone who goes to this board knows I love..




The Showstoppa


The Main Event...





Is that the nerdly passionism you spoke of Venal??  #US1#

It is indeed.


Bret Hart



Booker T

Razor Ramon


Shawn Michaels

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My favorites of all time:

HBK: man I hated to see him lose that match on Raw but can't wait to see the rematch! Of course what I would love more than anything would definitely reuniting with my next on the list:


HHH: now I hate that he's had the title for so long, and the way he's used. I would love to see him old school with HBK with a larger variety of moves (I mean that match vs HBK was awesome, but HHH's move sets are damn boring now). Bring me the old HHH who would dress up as Goldust and bring a bazooka to the ring and blast Kane in the face with it. Bring me DX! HBK and HHH in DX back as the under dog/anit hero stable would be awesome.


Kane: loved him the first time I saw him, and still love that crazy @$$ freak now. I love the direction his character has taken and can't wait for whats next!


Benoit: what can I say, I'm a sucker for the wolverine! In his prime Benoit is the best technical wrestler out there!


Sting: I just loved sting. Loved that you could make a signature move out of a corner splash, loved the mistique of the character, and the overall performance. Sting just entertained me.


Mick Foley: hard core legend! I am still amazed at how much he's put into his career and all the shattering bumps he's taken along the road! Can't wait to see what happens with his new story line.


Jeff Hardy: the guy was all out entertaining! There was nothing he wouldn't try or do and for me he was easily one of the most entertaining preformers I have ever seen! I loved the risk tasking maneuvers and matches, loved when he was in the hard core division, when he was the intercontinental champion, and when he was finally getting his push and had a shot at the world title. Sadly he was removed from wrestling but I will wait ever vigilantly for his return to the WWE

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My favorite wrestlers would have to be


1) Jericho

2) RVD

3)Shawn Michales

4) HHH




Women wrestlers


1) moolah (not the silly stuff they have her do in the wwe now but when she was wrestling she was great)




3)Wendy Richter (sp?)

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the greatest all around total package(hell no dont expect to read lex luger here) greatest man to ever grace the squared circle is Kurt Angle. the man is my inspiration, and my idol. he is my reson for enetering the business. honorable mentions.....the Hitman Bret Hart, Ron Simmons, Dean Malenko, Rey Misterio jr, and Booker T.....

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^^^ You listed HBK?? Wow, that changes everything @loll@


And as for me being a nerd @smilepunch@ ...



HBK is great, I just would never turn on bret, that's why Im a hart supporter and not too much of an HBK one (this sounds like politics now)

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5. Bret Hart - Completely amazing. My favorite as a young kid.

4. Konnan - Okay, okay.. Before I get jumped for saying this he was my favorite in his nWo days. After that it all went down hill.

3. RVD - Was one of my favorites in his ECW days, and still entertains me, even though he turned his style down since coming to the WWE.

2. Sabu - I was and always will be an ECW-ite at heart, and Sabu was always a favorite.

1. Justin Credible - Again, in his ECW days, he was amazing. To me at least. He was ECW to me. I loved his style and loved his character even before he won the ECW Championship. Back when he first appeared i actually really liked him, alot. Always will be my favorite.


Others to note: Cactus Jack(ECW), Benoit, Raven(ECW/WCW), Dreamer(ECW), Jericho, Sandman, New Jack, and the Outlaws Badd Ass and Road Dogg.

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I'm not so sure he "turned" on Bret, Venal, it would be one thing if they were friends, but from what I make of it they never liked each other much. His boss told him what was going down, and he did it...who knows how he really felt?


BTW Venal, I am a Bret Hart fan as well, I liked him neck and neck with HBK for many years.

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