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Too Late To Change


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We live in a time of evil, a time of fast paced change and war. An evil Anti-American terrorist organization has sprung up. Its soul goal was vengeance on America for the wrongs it had done.


I was a victim of the extreme charisma of its leader. Cobra commander’s voice was spreading through troubled areas. He was taking advantage of those hungry for meaning. I did not know how wrong he was and now it is, too late to change.


I was an urban youth. I fooled around with gangs but tried to straighten up. In my world flashing colors in a dirty alley way was seen as the way it was. When I had gotten on the right path a friend came back.


He waltzed into to my new job. I listened to my Momma, I grew up I was gonna be able to get a wife and have a kid, I might have been starting small working as an office gopher but I worked hard and I was truly happy.


It had been 3 years sense the gang related death of my big brother. Cops had done nothing cause we were Black. I just never understood it. I knew nobody was looking out for me but at the same time I saw that the gangs weren’t helping either. All they did was keep up the misery, they never accomplished anything.


There was a new group in town. James was nervous as he told me. “they don’t care what race you are, and they can actually change something around here.“ It wasn’t a gang it was a paramilitary organization. He was a member of Cobra. He really thought he was doing the right thing.


He gave me a cobra pamphlet. I stuck in my pocket and said that I would read it later, but that I wasn’t into this trouble anymore. “the only way I can go on my own and get respect is climbing the ladder alone.


At first I wisely dismissed, I see now that I got blinded by some events that followed.


I witnessed a robbery and signaled for a cop, he let the man run past. “He had a gun” said the cop, though he did, there was no effort made to stop him.


I lived with my granny. But someone decided she would be a good target one day while I was at work. I cried. So hard. Gangs hadn’t killed her, Cops had because they wouldn’t protect us! They didn’t care!


I had lived with her so I could live in a better and work. I was only 21 I couldn’t really be on my own. I had no idea if it was the robber who the cop let go, but that’s all I saw in my head.


There was a burning anger, a desire to know why. Why had such a senseless killing been allowed to happen? That cop knew the robber would rob again. Why not stop him?


I pulled out the pamphlet I had been handed and read “Cobra: We want You! Bring Justice, Bring Change, Bring the end of the lies of America” It was so bold. It rang in my hears. I read one. Inside the folded black paper was info on race riots, police and government efficiency ratings, even literacy rates. It all pointed to the fact the government wanted us to be slaves to a few and those few were unjust and had no courage to show us there face.


I learned about a man called cobra commander. The pic showed a mask bearing the logo of cobra on his forehead. His eyes were piercing and in a way I think those eyes saw the same things I did. He looked hurt and vengeful.


His personal message was that simple. ON the last part of the pamphlet it read. “I am not an evil man, I want efficiency and the truth to be known. I am leading cobra so that America will be changed for it’s people, for the little man, who is trampled. I was once that little man, but no one in cobra is a little man, we are movers and shakers and the inheritors of an empire. Talk to who gave you this, we have a spot for you in an army that will change the world.”


One night we quietly found our way to an alley, in a shady part of town, a back door lead to the basement. We both wore casual ghetto cloths, me and James were headed in.


There were two guards at the door. Both dressed in black suits with red stripes. Each wore a cobra arm band and black sunglasses with crimson tinted pair of black lenses. They bore different styles of overly gelled hair. One bore a small V-shaped earring.


My friend muttered something into their ear. I’m assuming it was a password, like in all the movies. They opened the door for us but never took their eyes off me. I couldn’t see it but I felt their stare.


We descended stairs and passed a pair of fully dressed soldiers.. They were in red uniforms and bore a faceplate, in which I could see my nervous reflection. They were cold and emotionless, yet strong and defiant. I sensed power from them.


We entered through a dingy yellow door to see a large screen on the fore wall. The room was filled with chairs full of fellow disenfranchised youth. I recognized a young neighbor who could only have been 15. What could Cobra do with him?


The room was cold and gray. Concrete walls and floors, the only color was the clothes of people and the bright red of the two masked guards. They came in and stood at the exit.


We waited a few minutes quietly anticipating what would be on the screen. I twitched in my seat going over promises in the pamphlet for a peaceful happy town. Were I did what I was best at and I had a family, were there was no gangs or drugs. Were there was no racism or lies, where there was no corrupt authority.


I was unsure would come on the screen but I knew it was supposed to persuade me to join. Soon it cracked with snow and then I saw the face of my new master, a hooded devil.


The face was covered with a blue hood with a brilliant red Cobra emblem, which crossed down by his eye holes. I could see enough of him to know he was in all blue and behind him there was nothing.


“Possible soldiers of Cobra, fellow forgotten and non-elite Americans, I address you with respect and with a message of utmost importance. The world is unfair.” I could see his mouth move beneath the hood as the words eloquently flowed.


“You have been programmed to believe democracy is the ultimate path to freedom and prosperity, I beg you, look again.” A hand is raised into view.


Images of police beatings, the rich, the poor, starving, armaments, lying politicians, child molesting priests. Everything wrong with America was flashed on the screen, the last image returned us to Cobra commander.


“They tell you that you elect them, they just let you pick a few puppets. You are enslaved by the rich. They pick who gets to pick. They control the law. They keep the poor under their Iron Claw.” he moved passionately, his eyes were a blaze with passion. He truly believed what he said. He grasped the air with his face. Full of anger.


He burned with hatred for the U.S. “This country may look free but it’s enslaved. In cobra I’ll put you where you are best needed. I will lead because I am just. I care about the people.” He didn’t really care. We were to be puppets of vengeance. I didn’t know then, I was believing it.


“Not all politicians think the crooked way. Thanks to several we have been allowed here. We want to liberate you as slaves of America and make you an equal part of my organization. Cobra will keep you from being on the bottom. The only enemy we have are not gangs but the government that in secret suppresses all who oppose the few rich elite.”


A young black man, obviously entranced shouted, “Ain’t just the brothers kept down by the man.”


“I offer you purpose. Freedom to do what you are best at on our organization, regardless of money. I offer to make you better. Finally I make you the best offer any man can. I offer you the chance to help this world.”


I was soon a member of Cobra. I was a basic viper fighting the injustice of America. My dream was a fair country where the rules were set, unchangeable, strict, and fair.


I was noble then I was trusted with a mission CC himself was commanding. I stood at my post and could even hear him through the air vent.


I was shocked to hear he was torturing a captured women. He could hear her screams. He wasn’t even asking questions, that hardly sounded righteous.


Then I heard an explosion. The Joes were coming into our base. The vipers, including me, began to open fire as we guarded our posts. The interrogation cc was performing not to far away slipped my mind. I was fighting for my dream.


We were getting mowed down by a few soldiers. The infamous G.I.joe were puppets of the elite too, the best of the best. CC told us their leader Hawk was even an elite, rich and powerful because of his work with Joe. That the Joes didn’t want to save anyone, they got paid by the dead body.


I decided to pull into a room as I fired back into the smoke. Rage filled my head and lasers whizzed passed it. I fell through another door. I looked back to see a battered Joe and the commander himself preparing to flee with riches beyond my dreams.


“The rich are controlling.” rang through my head


“Commander Cobra, our dream.” I said as I crawled back.


“I have my money, and I have done damage, but I still must keep myself safe. Now die for glory of Cobra.”


He didn’t care about me. He launched away in an escape pod. He cared about power, just like those he claimed to hate but more so. He wanted soul power. He was an angry man.


A blade hit me as I feel stunned. I’m now lying here. I know I am going to die. I can see those who I have killed as a viper. I was no better than those who killed my grandmother.


Cobra was worse than a gang. They poisoned my mind. I let them though, so it’s still my fault entirely. I let my anger overshadow my will to change the world.


These good men heaving, running to escape a bomb had to kill me. I had become another monster.


We should all want to change the world but I pray the rest do it the right way. Democracy isn’t perfect because people aren’t. But instead of fighting my country I should have fought the wrongs of ignorance and prejudice with knowledge and example.


But now it’s too late to change…

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lol. very true, if i hadn't put in the joe forum too you would have been the only one to read it. i 've actuatly edited some more on my site adding in some more detail.

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Wow, that was a really good story. I'll have to check out your site and I'll have to check this forum more often.

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Yo Rev I have just started checking out other areas of TNI and I must say that I am glad to find this portion.


Yor story was truely awsome. Once I started reading I could not stop. It was very captavating and makes you think alot about how things like that actually happen. Man you have the gift.


Great Job. Thanks for a great story. @usa@

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Great work Rev. I, too, have just begun to explore other parts of TNI. I really like this story. It kinda ties in with an idea I had for a story. I wanted to tell the story from the point of view of an Alley Viper on a mission to rescue the Commander. This was very inspirational. I might just get to work on my own story now.

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