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Nwa: Tna Results!


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NWA: Total Nonstop Action opened with clips from last week's show, including 3 Live Kru earning a shot at the NWA World Tag Team Championship (thanks to Terry Taylor taking down Kid Kash), Vince Russo confronting Roddy Piper, Jeff Jarrett beating up Christopher Daniels' followers, and Dusty Rhodes confronting AJ Styles, who in turn attacked Rhodes.


We saw that earlier today, Erik Watts was confronting Don Callis outside the building, with their respective security details. Callis said Watts was in charge of what happens in the ring, while he was in charge of everything else. Callis told him to worry about what happens in the ring, and that there was nothing he could do about what happens outside it.


3 Live Kru debuted their new single, complete with a bunch of musicians on the stage. The highlight of this was the fact that the bass player had a MetalSludge.com shirt on. Glen Gilberti, Simon Diamond & David Young attacked them from behind before they could finish their song. After laying them out, they went into the ring, while Tenay explained that Swinger was out due to his appendix surgery. Gilberti and company cut a promo, saying 3 Live Kru would be unable to wrestle, while Raven and The Gathering hit the ring. Raven gave Gilberti a DDT, and Diamond & Young carried him off. Raven got on the mic, and talked about the humiliation he suffered last week. A big "Raven" chant came up from the crowd. Raven said he was not popular in the back, because he is not stable, and he said he is about to lose it "in a dangerous way".


Mike Tenay & Don West welcomed us to the show. Kid Kash interrupted, saying he would not be responsible for what happens to Terry Taylor tonight.


A preview for the X-Division contenders match was shown. Scott Hudson interviewed Jerry Lynn, who said there was finally one smart person in the TNA office (Erik Watts). Lynn talked about his problems with Don Callis, and then spoke about how the X Division is the hottest thing in wrestling today.


Jerry Lynn defeated Frankie Kazarian, Nosawa, Juventud Guerrera and Chris Sabin in an elimination match to become the number one contender to the X Division Title. Kazarian went and flirted with the TNA Girls while the other wrestlers were coming to the ring. This match was held under tag team rules, with two men in and the rest on the apron. Lynn gave Sabin a rana from the apron to the floor early in the bout. Lynn rolled Sabin back in for a two count. Guerrera eliminated Nosawa at the 3:47 mark with a Juvi Driver. Sabin dropkicked Guerrera off the shoulders of Kazarian, then went after Kazarian and hit a dropkick. Sabin came off the top right into Kazarian's Wave Of The Future for a two count, but Sabin got his foot on the ropes. Sabin came back with the Cradle Shock (Fireman's Carry into Michinoku Driver) to pin Kazarian at 8:40. With Sabin, Lynn and Guerrera left, they went into several different three way spots, with less tags being made. Sabin hit an enzugiri on Lynn, but Guerrera hit a Juvi Driver on Sabin. Guerrera and Lynn traded pin attempts, and Lynn caught Guerrera with the Air Raid Crash for the pin at 11:46 to eliminate Juventud. Sabin hit a DDT out of a powerbomb for a two count. Guerrera received an ovation as he left the ring area. Lynn went for a superplex on Sabin, but was shoved off. Lynn the crotched Sabin on the top. Michael Shane came out on the stage to watch. Lynn hit Sabin with the superplex for a two count. Sabin floated over a Lynn suplex and hit a kick to the face. Sabin delivered a brainbuster for a two count. Sabin went for a piledriver, Lynn backdropped him, but Sabin floated over and shoved Lynn into the referee. Shane came in with the title belt and tried to hit Lynn, but missed and hit Sabin. Lynn DDT'd Shane, and sent him from the ring. Lynn then gave Sabin the cradle piledriver for the win at 15:11.


Backstage, Mad Mikey (wearing a SpongeBob Squarepants outfit) complained about how he was trying to get respect and a tag title shot for Shark Boy and himself. Ekmo and Sonny Siaki entered the picture and ambushed them, ramming Shark Boy into the wall with a road case.


An interview conducted by Mike Tenay with Roddy Piper last week at the TNA offices was shown. Piper said that the TNA officials were "corporate" and he didn't understand their decision to not allow him in the company. Piper said he wanted to help the NWA, because the NWA saved his life. Piper said he didn't have an answer as to whether he was back to help TNA or to help himself. He admitted that he wanted to be part of the rocketship that is TNA. There were lots of edits in this interview. Piper said he "says what he means, and means what he says" and said that he just got fired.


Back live, Don Callis was in the ring, and said that he had to make the tough decision between Vince Russo and Roddy Piper. He said he picked Russo, and that Piper was banned for life. Callis said he did it because it was in the best interests of the fans. Callis then talked about Jeff Jarrett, saying he put his hands on a TNA official. Callis said he had an announcement regarding Jeff Jarrett's career. Callis was about to fire Jarrett, when Erik Watts came out, with the black shirt security. The black shirts (Chris Vaughn & Rick Santel) had chairs, and blasted the red shirt security. Watts said that he was in charge of what happens in the ring. Watts said Jeff Jarrett would get an NWA World Title match in the next 30 days, but tonight, he would have a match with Christopher Daniels. Watts also put AJ Styles against Dusty Rhodes in a bunkhouse brawl tonight. Watts also made a six-man match for the tag belts tonight, with Gilberti, Diamond & Young defending against 3 Live Kru. Watts finished by making a six man dog collar match with Raven & The Gathering vs. Shane Douglas & The New Church. Watts then made a tag match between the black shirt and red shirt security.


Ryan Wilson & Kevin Northcutt hit the ring and attacked Chris Vaughn & Rick Santel to start their match. Wilson hit Vaughn with a spinebuster, and Vaughn was mauled by Northcutt & Vaughn. Northcutt gave Vaughn a pumphandle suplex. Vaughn ducked a big boot by Wilson, but was caught in a full nelson slam. Santel broke up the cover. Northcutt & Wilson just flung Vaughn around the ring, with Santel continuing the break up pin attempts. Wilson hit a tilt-a-whirl slam on Vaughn, but Wilson broke it up again. Vaughn hit a dropkick, and got a pop for it, but couldn't tag out. Vaughn must watch a lot of Ricky Morton tapes, as he was doing the "face in peril" bit really well. Vaughn finally made the hot tag to Santel, who downed Northcutt with a flying forearm, but took a big boot from Wilson. Santel clutched his shoulder. Wilson picked up Vaughn and tossed him to the floor. Northcutt was going to give Santel a Tiger Driver, but Erik Watts ran in and gave Northcutt a chokeslam, allowing Santel to get the pin at the 6:20 mark.


Terry Taylor cut a promo, saying he was out of the business, but he was going to take care of Kid Kash tonight. He then said "you don't go into a gunfight with a knife" as he left.


Terry Taylor defeated Kid Kash in 6:09. Kash was accompanied by Abyss. Taylor came out, but then brought out America's Most Wanted to back him up. Abyss came in at the five minute mark and gave Taylor a side slam while James Storm tried to get in to stop him. Storm and Abyss knocked the referee down, and Storm hit Abyss with a pescado. In the ring, Chris Harris gave Kash a spear, setting up the pin.


Backstage, Vince Russo was yelling at Erik Watts, who was sitting behind his desk. Russo said he has stroke, while Watts said he had power.


Jeff Jarrett defeated Christopher Daniels in seven minutes. Daniels was accompanied by his followers. Daniels took over early, cartwheeling over Jarrett and coming back from a backdrop to clothesline Jarrett over the top rope to the floor. Daniels went for a springboard to the floor, but Jarrett moved and Daniels hit the rails. Jarrett rammed Daniels into the rail several times. Jarrett went for a move off the top in the ring, but Daniels caught him and hit a chokeslam. Daniels headbutted Jarrett and delivered a clothesline. Daniels choked Jarrett and pounded him in the ring. Daniels applied a triangle choke against the ropes. Daniels hit a vertical suplex for two. Jarrett went for a sunset flip, Daniels missed a punch that ended up connecting with the mat, and Jarrett rolled him up for two. Daniels came back with a dropkick and a uranage. Daniels hit a double springboard moonsault for two. Daniels worked on Jarrett with a hammerlock/crossface combo. Jarrett ducked a clothesline and hit an enzugiri. Jarrett hit a gutbuster and a dropkick. Daniels reversed a whip, but was caught with an elbow. Jarrett hit a top rope bodypress for two. Jarrett went for a cross bodyblock, but Daniels rolled through for a two count. Daniels went for a enzugiri, but Jarrett moved, went for a figure four, but Daniels got a small package for two. Jarrett kicked away a backdrop, but Daniels hit a spinning powerbomb. The followers distracted the referee, as another held Jarrett down while Daniels went to the top rope. Jarrett kicked the follower into the ropes, which caused Daniels to get crotched on the top. Jarrett pinned Daniels with a small package at the seven minute mark. Daniels, enraged, whipped the follower that screwed up with the belt of another follower. Daniels had the other two followers pick up the one he whipped and carry him to the back.


Scott Hudson interviewed Dusty Rhodes, who said his bunkhouse brawl with AJ Styles is about respect, and teaching Styles about the past of the industry. Rhodes said Styles will learn about respect, or be dragged into the gutter by Vince Russo.


Simon Diamond, Glenn Gilberti & David Young defeated 3 Live Kru (Konnan, BG James & Ron Killings) at the ten minute mark to retain the NWA World Tag Team Championship. 3 Live Kru cleared the ring before doing their opening mic work. Konnan started out with Diamond, taking him down with a rolling clothesline. BG James and David Young tagged in. James hit a clothesline (as did Konnan from the apron) and set up Young for a top rope legdrop to the groin by Killings. Young went to the floor to regroup. Gilberti came in, and took Killings down with a clothesline. Killings came back with a side kick, but ran into a back elbow. Killings hit a powerslam for two. Killings was kicked by Diamond from the apron. Killings went after him and Young, allowing Gilberti to hit a dropkick. Diamond tagged in, and he slugged Killings, who battled back with punches. Diamond hit the Simon Series, ending with a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for two. Young tagged in and hit a clothesline. Gilberti came back in, and went for a stunner, but Killings blocked it and hit a twisting ax kick. James got the tag and came in to clean house on all three opponents. James hit the dancing kneedrop on Simon, then moved as Young came down with an elbow, accidentally hitting Diamond. It broke down, with all six men going at it. Diamond superkicked Konnan and Killings, but missed James and kicked Young by mistake. James clotheslined Diamond to the floor. Killings hit a tope on Diamond. Gilberti hit James with a chair from the floor, and Young gave James a spinebuster for the win.


They went to the outside, where AJ Styles was attacking Dusty Rhodes, with Vince Russo egging him on. They rang a bell, officially starting the bunkhouse match outside. Styles dominated at first, but Rhodes came back, hitting a low blow and tossing Styles into a truck and a wooden wall. They fought back into the building, with Rhodes in control. Russo hit Rhodes with a cowboy boot from behind to give Styles the advantage. For some reason, Rhodes never went to hit Russo. Finally in the ring, Styles choked Russo with a belt, then Russo choked Rhodes with the belt. Rhodes gave Styles a bionic elbow, then pulled down Styles pants and spanked him. Styles was tossed to the floor, and Rhodes knocked down Russo. Russo tried to crawl from the ring, but Jeff Jarrett blocked his way out. Trinity came out and covered Russo. Jarrett grabbed Trinity and pulled up her skirt and spanked her, as Russo escaped to the floor. The referee called the match a no-contest at the four minute mark. Russo, Styles and Trinity retreated to the back.


Mike Tenay & Don West plugged next week's show, and Styles came down, saying he had never been so embarrassed (referring to the Rhodes spanking). Styles said he deserved respect, saying he earned respect, and didn't get respect by marrying the boss' daughter. Styles said he wanted a match with Dusty Rhodes next week. Vince Russo came down, saying there would be no NWA World Title match with Dusty Rhodes next week. Russo said Styles should not let Rhodes "work" him into a title match. Russo instead said he and Styles should team against Jeff Jarrett & Dusty Rhodes, and Styles agreed.


A video on last week's hair vs. hair match between Shane Douglas and Raven, which saw the debut of Vampiro, was shown. Scott Hudson interviewed James Mitchell, who said that Vampiro was the final piece of a plan to teach Raven about pain, loss and humiliation. Mitchell said Raven was the first man to be scalped on television in front of a live audience. Mitchell cut a great promo asking Raven how it felt to be disfigured. He then talked about tonight's dog collar chain match, featuring Shane Douglas & the New Church vs. Raven & The Gathering.


Raven, Julio Dinero & CM Punk defeated Shane Douglas, Sinn & Slash in a dog collar chain match. Raven & The Gathering hit the ring before the bell and attacked their opponents. Raven tied himself to Shane Douglas, Julio tied himself to Sinn and Punk tied himself to Slash. Raven pulled Douglas into the ringpost on the floor over and over. Julio did the same to Sinn and Punk did the same to Slash. Douglas was busted open, and Raven put him in a Cobra Clutch. Julio choked Sinn with his chain. Slash broke up Raven and Julio's holds, and clotheslined Punk with the chain. Slash was busted open, as was Sinn. Slash flipped Punk with the chain. Douglas pulled the chain across Raven's mouth. Punk was busted open, and Slash hit him in the head with the chain. Raven was starting to bleed from the head. Sinn raked Julio's forehead against the ring steps. All six men are bleeding now. In the ring, Douglas clotheslined Raven with the chain. Slash slammed Punk and dropped an elbow with the chain. Slash hit a top rope fistdrop with the chain. All three members of the New Church/Douglas team went to the top, and they were all pulled down by the chain. Raven & The Gathering took over with clotheslines and superkicks. Punk and Dinero gave Douglas a double bulldog. They whipped all three of their opponents together, then the fight spilled to the floor again. Dinero got the pin on Sinn at the seven minute mark, but the camera was on Douglas and Raven on the outside, totally missing the finish. Post-match, James Mitchell and Vampiro came out, laying out Raven and the Gathering. They dragged them to the balcony, and Raven, Punk and Dinero were hung by the dog collar chains to end the show.

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