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WWE SummerSlam Results - 08.24.03


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World Tag Team Championship Match

The Dudley Boyz vs. La Resistance

The Dudleyz came right out and met La Resistance in the aisle and began the match with pure brutality. D-Von and Rene kicked off thematch and the Dudley was in control with an armbar and mat technique. D-Von lost control and Rene got the tag. Grenier came in and D-Von tagged in Buh Buh, who took him down with a reverse elbow and then slammed his head repeatedly against the mat. Buh Buh tossed him out of the ring and D-Von took care of both members of LaResistance on the outside and then tossed Grenier came back in the ring.


Dupre got the cheapshot on Buh Buh and La Resistance took over. Dupre got the tag and came in with the scoop slam and a bear hug. D-Von got the crowd going for his half brother and he took Grenier off the ring apron but Dupre nearly tagged him after a slam near the corner. Buh Buh then got up and nailed the Buh Buh Bomb.


D-Von got the tag and took out both champions. He tossed Grenier out of the ring and hit the huge flying clothesline on Dupre. He then slammed the partners into each other and nearly pinned Dupre, but Grenier made the save. La Resistance then went for double-team on D-Von, but he broke free and Buh Buh came in to equalize the situation. Buh Buh slammed Dupre and D-Von then hit the Whassup Diving Headbutt. They then hit the 3D but Grenier pulled the ref out of the ring to save the 3-count.


A phony cameraman then took the cheap shot on D-Von with a camera to the head, to save the tag team championship for La Resistance.

Winner(s): La Resistance – Still World Tag Team Champion


Christian came up to Eric Bischoff in the back and introduced himself to the co-general manager. Eric said he knew who he was and Christian was pissed and thought he should be headlining or at least on the card since he is the IC champ. Eric blamed it on Austin and then Christian said he know Austin was jealous of his connection with the “peeps.” Christian then offered to help Bischoff in his match but he wasn’t having it. Christian then asked him what happened in the room with Mrs. McMahon and Bischoff said he would tell the world tonight.


The Undertaker vs. A-Train w/ Sable

Undertaker came down to the ring followed by A-Train with the lovely Sable. They locked up in the ring and A-Train leveled Taker with a clothesline. Undertaker quickly fired back and went for the early pin. He slammed Train into the corner and he retaliated with an elbow to the face. Taker again fought back and nailed A-Train with a huge flying clothesline.


The Undertaker nailed A-Train to the shoulder from the top rope and then whipped him into the ropes and A-Train kicked him right in the injured ribs. Taker went after Train and missed and fell out of the ring. A-Train then got him back in the ring and assaulted the ribs of Taker.


A-Train hit a vertical suplex in the middle of the ring but Taker kicked out of the pin. A-Train nailed Taker in the ribs again but Taker then got him in the sleeper. A-Train turned it around and slammed Taker to the mat. Undertaker got up and fired the fists and then whipped Train into the corner. He picked him up and hit the snake eyes on the corner post. A-Train blocked it and leveled Undertaker.


They got up and Taker threw blows to the mid-section of A-Train. They went back and forth for a while and then Taker whipped A-Train and nailed the big boot and then the massive leg drop. Undertaker then hit another leg drop on the back of the head of A-Train. He then splashed him in the corner and then nailed a huge clothesline.


Undertaker went for the Last Ride but A-Train got free and then Taker missed Train and knocked out the referee. A-Train got the chair from the outside and snuck up on Taker. He reared back and Taker kicked the chair into A-Train’s face. Taker went for the cover, but he managed to kick out. He went for the Tombstone but he broke free. Taker then hit the choke slam and pinned A-Train to win the match. After the match, Undertaker was going to hit the Last Ride on A-Train again, but Sable came in and tried to seduce him. He appeared to be interested, but then grabbed her by the throat. Stephanie then ran down and Taker held her until the general manager of Smackdown! could get her hands on Sable. A-Train made the save before Stephanie could really stick it to Sable.

Winner: The Undertaker


Chris Jericho was shown in the back getting mentally ready for the main event. The Coach then asked a few fans in the front row who they thought was going to win the match and they were all behind Goldberg.


Shane McMahon vs. Eric Bischoff

Shane was brutalizing Bischoff in the ring. They started off with the bashing and talking #$## on the mic and then McMahon took the co-GM to down. Shane took Eric to the outside and continued to throw blows on him. Bischoff got slammed into the Smackdown table and then from behind, The Coach nailed McMahon in the back with a chair. Shane hit the dirt and he nailed him again. The referee called for the bell but Bischoff changed the match to a no DQ match.


Shane kicked out of the first pin attempt and Bischoff said he was not only rich, but also tough. They then got him in the ring and Bischoff said to shut off JR and King and Coach would call the match. Coach was rubbing in Bischoff’s success in the ring and talking crap. Shane finally got up and took out Coach and fired back at Bischoff and the glass shattered and Stone Cold hit the ring.


Austin got in the face of the Coach and he told Stone Cold he didn’t work for him and didn’t have to listen to him. He said he couldn’t touch him unless he provoked him physically and Shane shoved Coach into him and Austin kicked his ass. Shane then went to work on him as well as Bischoff laid knocked out in the corner.


They double clotheslined Coach and then tossed him out of the ring. Austin got on the mic and told them to turn on JR and King. He left Shane to handle Bischoff, but Shane pulled Bischoff up to Austin and allowed him to provoke him, so Austin stunned him. Shane then pulled Bischoff to the outside and laid him on the Spanish announce table. Shane hit the huge flying elbow from the top rope and pinned Bischoff to win.

Winner: Shane McMahon


Ric Flair was in the back telling Randy Orton his job for the Elimination Chamber match. He told Orton that Hunter walks in with the title and walks out the same way. Orton said he knew, but asked what if something happens. Flair said nothing would and Triple H came in and said the same thing in a threatening demeanor. Orton looked to know his place, but you can tell the World Championship is on his mind.


Fatal Four-Way United States Championship Match

Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit vs. Tajiri vs. Rhyno

Rhyno and Benoit kicked off the match after Eddie made his way out of the ring. Benoit took out Rhyno and then Tajiri went after Benoit. Benoit escaped a pin thanks to Eddie Guerrero. Tajiri nailed a spinning heel kick on Eddie and went for the pin, but Benoit made the save. Rhyno went to work on Benoit with kicks to the gut. Rhyno then speared Eddie in the corner. He suplexed him and went for a pin.


Benoit and Tajiri then locked up. Benoit suplexed him and he kicked out of the pin. Eddie picked up Benoit and suplexed him out of the ring. Eddie then chopped Tajiri but then got monkey flipped into the ropes. Rhyno nailed Benoit from across the ring and then Tajiri nailed him with the Springboard back elbow. Rhyno then suplexed Eddie and went for the victory, but Eddie kicked out.


Eddie then set his sights on Benoit and connected with a head-scissors takedown. Rhyno came in and leveled the US champion and then Rhyno went back to Benoit. Eddie took this opportunity to take them both out of the ring and then locked Tajiri in the Lasso from El Paso in the middle of the ring. Benoit then got Rhyno in the Crippler Crossface at the same time. The ref was checking both for the submission at the same time.


Benoit then got the Crossface on Eddie in the middle of the ring. Rhyno made the save and Tajiri came in as well. Rhyno nailed Tajiri with a spinebuster but then got nailed with a dropkick that sent him out of the ring. Tajiri then knocked Rhyno off the apron and Benoit grabbed him and hit 2 suplexes and then got nailed with a reversal and a German suplex on Benoit.


Tajiri got Benoit in the Tarantula while Eddie grabbed the title belt behind them. Rhyno speared him but he used the belt as a shield and took out the big man. Tajiri went up and Benoit knocked him down. Benoit hit the flying headbutt and Tajiri saved the pin. Eddie then got up from nowhere and connected with the frog splash and pinned Rhyno to retain hit title.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero – Still United States Champion


WWE Championship Match

Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar

Lesnar and Angle got to the ring and listened to the rules from the referee and then locked up when the bell sounded. Angle executed a front takedown and then wrestled the big man down to the mat. They got to a vertical base and paced the ring. They went at it again and Angle hit the arm drag on Lesnar and took him out of the ring. Lesnar threw a fit on the outside and then grabbed the WWE Title and said it was his. Lesnar turned his back on Kurt and got attacked.


Angle got Lesnar to the ring again and Brock took control. Brock gorilla pressed Angle out of the ring to the mat. Brock went to the outside and stepped on the neck of Angle and then tossed him back into the ring. Lesnar kicked away at Angle in the ring but Angle broke free and rolled up Lesnar and nearly won the match.


Brock locked Angle in a choke hold on the mat. Angle got up to his feet and went for a spear, but Brock buried the knee into the gut of Angle and sent him right down to the mat. Brock got him up and leveled him again with a clothesline. Brock then picked up Angle and nailed him with a high cradle slam. He went for the pin again, but Angle kicked out.


Brock continued to work on Angle. He got him in the corner and slammed his shoulder into Angle repeatedly. He went for the spear in the corner and missed and nailed the post. Angle took some time to catch his breath and then nailed Brock in the shoulder he just hurt on the post. Angle punched Brock and then whipped off the ropes and took him down. He suplexed the challenger 3 times and then went for the pin, but Lesnar kicked out.


Brock hit the spinebuster and Angle kicked out of the pin. Brock then got him up for the F5, but Angle countered and took down Lesnar. Angle then gained some momentum, but Lesnar got him up for the F5. Angle countered and hit a DDT. He went for the pin and he kicked out again.


Angle waited for Brock to get up and connected with the Angle Slam. Angle got fired up and got the ankle lock. Lesnar rolled out of it and Angle fell into the referee and knocked him out in the corner. Angle leaped up and got some form of a Sleeper with his legs, but Brock fell down and Angle got the Ankle lock. Mr. McMahon came down with a chair and leveled Angle from behind after Lesnar tapped with no ref to make the call.


Lesnar kicked Angle in the mid-section and then connected with the F5. Lesnar went for the cover, but Angle kicked out at the last possible moment. Brock went for another, but Angle tripped him and locked in the Ankle lock again. Lesnar fought for the ropes, but was right in the middle of the ring. Lesnar finally had to tap out. Vince came after Angle after the match with the chair and he caught him and leveled him with the chair. McMahon was left out cold while Angle celebrated his victory.

Winner: Kurt Angle – Still WWE Champion


Rob Van Dam vs. Kane

The two kicked off the battle in the middle of the ring after it was announced there it was changed to a No Holds Barred match. They quickly made their way out of the ring and Van Dam got slammed into the barrier. He then used the barrier to get a leap and take down the big man. Kane slammed RVD around and then got a ladder out from under the ring. Kane was getting the ladder into the ring and RVD jumped down on the other side and catapulted it up into Kane’s repugnant face.


They battled to the outside and Kane slammed RVD into the steel steps. In the ring, RVD took control and connected with an elbow in the corner. RVD then took Kane out of the ring and he nailed the floor. Kane then hoisted up the ladder over his head and nearly decapitated RVD with it.


Kane continued to work over Van Dam in the ring. Kane choked him in the corner with his foot and then whipped him into the corner and missed the clothesline. Van Dam got lifted out of the ring, but stayed on the apron, but Kane knocked him down into the barrier. Kane went up top and fell, then got up again and missed and nailed the barrier.


Both men were down and out for quite some time. Kane went at RVD with the steps, but Van Dam hit the drop toehold and Kane smashed his own face on the steps. Van Dam dropkicked Kane over the security wall and then threw blows over the barrier.


RVD then hit the spinning leg drop from the ring apron onto Kane, who was on the barrier. RVD hit the rolling thunder with the chair on Kane. RVD hit the Terminator, a chair dropkick to the face, on Kane and then went up top with the chair in hand. He leaped across the ring and nailed with the kicked chair to the head. Kane was able to escape much harm. He then took RVD outside and hit the Tombstone Piledriver on the steel steps.


Kane dragged Van Dam into the ring and covered him to get the victory with the 1-2-3.

Winner: Kane


Linda McMahon came up to a bloody, battered Eric Bischoff in the locker room. He was icing his face and he tried to weasel away, but she came up and slapped him in the face and knocked the ice away at the same time.


Triple H was admiring his World Championship as Ric Flair came up and told him it was time for the big match. Flair assured him that he wasn’t kissing the title goodbye tonight, just bringing it out and letting everyone see it.


Elimination Chamber World Championship Match

Triple H vs. Randy Orton vs. Kevin Nash vs. Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Goldberg

Each competitor came down individually and took their place in the chambers within the huge cage. Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho started off the match. They locked up and Jericho got him in the headlock. They exchanged arm locks and then HBK connected with a shoulder block and then a reverse splash off the middle rope. Shawn then pinned Jericho for a 2-count and then locked him in the head-scissors on the mat.


Jericho took the advantage in the match and Randy Orton came out of the chamber and took Shawn out of the ring. Jericho then whipped him off the ropes and he connected with a clothesline. Jericho hit a huge inzuguri on HBK and Orton then took a blind shot at him. Orton got back body dropped onto the steel substitute floor provided by the chamber. Jericho slammed him again on the steel and then HBK went for a dropkick in the ring, but Jericho got him in the Walls of Jericho in the middle of the ring.


Kevin Nash was then released from his chamber. He came in and took out Jericho. He then picked him up and slammed his face into the steel chains around the cage. Orton and HBK went for it in the ring and Nash continued on Jericho on the outside. Nash hit the sidewalk slam on Orton and nearly got pinned. Nash pretended to aid his friend Shawn Michaels and then leveled him with a clothesline.


HBK then nailed Nash with the Sweet Chin Music while he was trying to Powerbomb Jericho. Jericho got the 3-count on Nash to eliminate him from the match. Triple H was then let out of the chamber and HBK hit the Super Kick on The Game as he left the chamber. Nash then went on a terror in the ring and took out everyone before he left the cage.


Everyone was down and out in the ring and HBK made his way over to try and pin Orton, but he kicked out. Shawn then went to try and get Jericho, but he got a foot on the rope. HBK connected with a right on Orton and then Jericho got up and all three exchanged blows. Goldberg was then set free from the chamber. He came in and leveled everyone. He gorilla pressed Orton into a Jack Hammer. Goldberg then took out both Jericho and HBK with a clothesline. He nailed Orton with the Spear and eliminated him, leaving Triple H without his insurance policy.


Goldberg gorilla pressed Jericho and then tossed him into the chains and then HBK got Goldberg, but then saw himself hung upside-down in the ropes. Jericho then stood up and got speared through the glass of the chamber. Shawn took down Goldberg and hit the flying elbow and then set up for the Sweet Chin Music. He missed and Goldberg speared him straight into the mat.


Goldberg connected with the Jack Hammer and pinned the legend, Shawn Michaels to eliminate him from the match. Triple H was still regaining from the Sweet Chin Music in the chamber. Goldberg then hit the Jack Hammer on Jericho in the middle of the ring and pinned him. Goldberg stood and waited for the Heavyweight Champ to come out of the chamber, but Flair had the door held shut from the outside.


Goldberg kicked the glass and broke it to come after the Champ. Goldberg whaled away at Triple H in the chamber. Triple H finally got out and Goldberg slammed the champ into the side of the cage twice and then scraped his face against it to add insult to injury. Triple H was a bloody mess at this point. He fired back on Goldberg and slammed him into the cage. Goldberg countered and hit a clothesline and then kicked Triple H back into the ring.


Triple H was getting up and Goldberg was set up for the Spear. Goldberg went for the Spear, but Triple H was packing a sledgehammer. Triple H nailed Goldberg in the head with the hammer as he went for the Spear and pinned him to retain his title.

Winner: Triple H, Still WWE World Heavyweight Champion


After the match, Randy Orton and Ric Flair then came into the chamber and they went to work on Goldberg. Triple H slammed him in the face with the sledgehammer. They then handcuffed him to the chains on the side of the cage and cut his head wide open with the hammer. The Game rubbed the Title in his face and told him he would never see it and then took more shots at him before Evolution left the ring

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