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Good Bye And Thanks!


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I'm posting here since I know you all the best.


I'm leaving, possibly for good. I've got some major, major problems at my home right now.


Last night all hell broke loose at my house. Things got pretty ugly.


It involves my sister and nephew. You probably remember my rant about them when some of m things were damaged by my nephew.


I don't want to dump out too much personal issues on all of you about what is happening but want to say something.


The bottom line is I gotta have eyes in the back of my head because my sister is phsycho+owns a gun=possible trouble for me and my family.


I believe my sister is leaving but don't know when. Hopefully this week. I'm avoiding her as much as possible. That means staying out of her sight, so no computer for me for at least the next week.


If for some reasone I do not return, Thanks for the good times and memories.


Thank you JayC for having this awesome site.


Thank you Joe friends, all of you are great.


I hope to someday be in touch again, hopfully soon.


Gonna miss you all,


Adam Petitjean (BLACKMADA)

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:o WHOA! That's pretty extreme there Blackmada!


I would suggest just getting yourself to a friends for awhile, explain the situation and let this craziness subside a bit. Another family member or something, but don't keep us in a state of concern for ya, let somebody know how you're doing and get back with us asap, and hopefully in better circumstances.

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Ah well,gotta love the psychotic family issues when they come around 8) ,but stay safe Mada and I hope you all manage to work things out between your family members,it seems that the root of your problem is drawn from this damn nephew of your's....did he ruin your sister's Barbie collection or something?


Stay safe man,good luck and God bless!

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damn dude, i feel ya'. i know what it's like having to watch your back and to wait for the other shoe to drop. i'm kinda going through the same thing myself, the punkass that broke into my house is now out of jail and has told a couple of people he's got something for me when he sees me :roll: i went ahead and got my concealed weapons license because of it. i'm not worried though because he's been banned from Greens Point anyways and he's got so many people looking for him in my area he what dare show his face in GP. not to mention he skipped parole and he's wanted right now by the cops so there's enough obstacles in his path were i don't realy have to think about it. but if we ever cross paths and he wants some funk....i defiantely got something for him :bangbang: @hahaha@


but that sucks because it's your family man, it's easy for me to say what i would do to him because me and that fool aren't related but this must be realy hard on you. well i hope you don't stay away long. you've defiantely been one of the cool members here and i remember you were the first member i got to see what they looked like and you inspired me to wanna post my picture in the first place. if you don't come back take care and be safe man. :wink:

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Go to the cops is right. It also wouldn't hurt to get a fire arm to take out that b%tch. Good luck and God's speed man. I'll pray for your safety.

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Go to the cops is right. It also wouldn't hurt to get a fire arm to take out that b%tch. Good luck and God's speed man. I'll pray for your safety.


I agree. Here's wishing you the best of luck with the situation...I don't even know if you can read all these messages, but we'll all be praying for you.

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Hey gang!


Nobody is around so I'm gonna post real quick.


I'm safe and sound. Things are calm right now.


I want to share some stuff with you guys.


First off, my sister has been getting in all kinds of trouble for the last 15 years. Right when we think she might straighten up she does something stupid.


Last year she had a good job and was getting a brand new house from Habitat For Humanity.


Out of nowhere she gives up the house and quit her job and her and my nephew moved to Oklahoma to live with our father. The next day she called my mom begging to come get her and bring them back.


So, we brought them back trying to be a kind loving family. They was going to go back to the house she was renting and try to get her job back. In the meantime, until she could unpack they was staying with us, us being myself, brither mother and step-father. Two days later she tells all of us that she hates us and is leaving and going back to the house she was renting and left.


About 6 months later she called my mother at work and said she was getting evicted for not paying rent, she still had not gotten a job. She blamed my mother for her getting kicked out of her house.


So, being nice again, not learnig our lesson we let them move in with us.


Things were ok until my nephew tore my stuff up. He's just plain and simple a brat. My sister is a terrible mother and gets mad when we try to discipline my nephew. But , she never makes him be good.


They have been living with us for two months and she ahs not gotten a job so that they could move back out, she has not even looked for a job. All day long she is on the Net bidding on E-Bay. Nobody is sure where she gets money to bid, but she gets deliveries about three times a week.


Last week she started getting mooy about something. And I could tell there would be trouble. I just did not know when.


Last night I got on here and saw all the new Joe stuff and was so excited that I drove to where my brother works to tell him about it. Everything was great, I felt like I was on top of the world.


When I got home my sister was at my mothers throught yelling, my nephew was yelling. My mother was sitting calmly trying not to get upset. My mother is diabetic and has high blood pressure, she really does not need crap like that.


I made my way to my room to avoid the fight and was letting the folks handle it. Thing calmed down a little later.


I got my mom to come sit with me and try to calm her and reasure her that things would be alright. Then my sister came in. At first she wanted to work things out. Within a few minutes she got evil again. I told her I hated her. For the 27 years of my life I have been putting up with her crap and was fed up. I said she was no longer my sister. She said something, I don't even remember what. I got mad and lunged at her and was going to physically do something, don't know what though. She bailed and ran for it, still mouthing off down the hall.


She said they were going to leave and go to Oklahoma again but have not packed or anything yet. She started up with my mother again today while my brother and I were at work.


As afr as the gun goes, she has one but nobody knows where. I don't trust her and think she could try something. That is why I am being cautious.


As far as calling the cops goes, that is up to my parents, I don't get a say in it unless she tries something with me first.


She is one messed up person and my nephew is just as bad and gets it from her.


When my things were messed upby my nephew I could not do much because I don't run the house. (I need my own place soon)


I was just letting you all know that if I never returned for some reason you would have some idea why.


Everyone who is important to me is fine right now. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts. Keep them coming I need them.


When and if they leave I'll be right back on here again. I just don't know when.


I'll be in touch.

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You'll be in my prayers as well. Times get rough but try to keep safe and look up for protection and guidance.

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Dude add another friend to your prayer list! I've seen God do some amazing things in my life so just hang in there man. We're praying for you dude! :wink:

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you have my prayers dogg, and i know about weird family stuff, if u ever need to talk man give me a hollar, pm me, email me, and i'll give u my number if u need to talk man, peace, and mad prayers to u and your family

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That really sucks. I don't even know what to say about everything you've posted here. Anyone who needs it is welcome in my prayers. Hopefully, everything will work out, and you'll be able to get your life back to normal.

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hey black...


I know we haven't chatted before, but after reading your post...I feel I have to ask a few questions.


#1 how old are you? By reading your post, I am assuming that you are a teenager. If you are dont run away or anything...there are places, free of charge, that can help you and your family work through these problems.



#2 dont listen to people telling you to beat your sister or "get a gun" crap. that just makes the problem worse.

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