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What comics are you reading lately?


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What comics are you reading lately?


My latest...


:: New X-Men : I get a lot of flack for this one, as it seems that most fans associate Grant Morrison's X-Overhaul with blasphemy or something. I think change is good, and in this book's case, I think change is great. I love the new looks (No more spandex, yay!) and I love the new plots. (Nano-Sentinels... C'mon, how can anyone not find that f*cking cool.) My only complaint about this book would be the unstable art team that's always changing around.


:: Incredible Hulk : Like most people that are currently digging this book, it's the ongoing fugitive-style storyline that keeps me coming back for more. This is a book with concepts that seem to fit that type of storyline perfectly, and that's proven as this book is now getting more attention than it ever has before.


:: Alias : Mystery and intrigue in the Marvel universe? Intense and just plan hard storylines? All under the Marvel MAX imprint, where it's okay to go a bit over the top to tell a better tale? Sounds good to me, and indeed has sounded good to me since the very first issue. I couldn't put this book down if I tried.


:: GI Joe : Uh... This one aught to be pretty self-explanatory.


:: The Ultimates : I normally shy away from the standard superhero-type stuff unless it has something that sets it apart from everything else, like New X-Men's 'non-hero heros' or Incredible Hulk's 'monster on the run' or what have you. The Ultimates isn't like that, it IS a standard superhero-type book, but it also happens to be the best of it's kind on the stands right now, and that in it's own right is what sets the book apart from everything else. Oddly enough, it was someone here at the forums who turned me onto this awesome and intense book. I owe that person a cookie.


That's it for me... What about you?




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I've been reading a LOT of stuff... here's some comments, both on what I'm reading, and what I'm not.


New X-Men: I'm with you, this is some of my favourite X-Men ever, though the inconsistent art can be annoying. Now that they've got it set that there's one artist per story-arc, it's a bit easier. Also, the artist whose work I've enjoyed least on New X-Men, Igor Kordey, is currently doing his last scheduled arc. He may return in the future, but at the moment he's not on the roster of upcoming artists. Who is? Frank Quitely, and Phil (Wonder Woman) Jiminez.


Incredible Hulk - I tried it out for a few issues after Jones took over, and while it was interesting, I dropped the title. While some fans have complained about the decline in Hulk appearances (you're more likely to see Banner than Hulk in the current book), it didn't bother me. I felt it gave the Hulk more impact when he did appear. However, I'm buying more books than I can really afford, so some stuff has had to go, and this title was one of them.


Alias - Another I dropped. The book was alright, but as with Hulk, it had to be dropped. I'm reading every other Bendis written book at the moment, and this was the one I was enjoying the least (the others being Daredevil, Powers, and Ultimate Spider-Man).


GI Joe - I wasn't allowed to watch the cartoon or collect the toys as a child, so I don't have the emotional attachment to these characters that many of the children of the 80's do. So I've yet to be really tempted to check out the series. I might take a look at some point, but for now, it's just one more book I pass up.


The Ultimates - Mark Millar's Ultimate X-Men impressed me. Then I started reading his Ultimates. It blows his X stuff away. The fact that Brian Hitch is the artist certainly doesn't hurt this title. Once upon a time, I didn't like his stuff. He's improved. This vies with Ultimate Spider-Man for best-written of the Ultimate books, and wins best art easily.



Alright, what else am I reading?


Daredevil - Brian Michael Bendis. Alex Maleev. These guys are doing great work here. If the upcoming Daredevil movie has visuals half as impressive as Maleev's, I'll love it in spite of Affleck. Bendis is taking on the story of a secret identity gone public, and while it's been done before (even on Daredevil), so far his take has been unique. I can't wait to see where he goes next.


Powers - Brian Michael Bendis, again. Michael Avon Oeming. If you aren't reading this book, you're missing out. Superhero homicide detectives, done in an art style somewhat like Bruce Timm's DC animated series (Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, Justice League), with BMB's unmistakeable dialogue.


Ultimate Spider-Man - BMB. Mark Bagley. While Bagley's art doesn't have as much visual appeal as Brian Hitch's, you have to give him credit. His skinny kid Spidey looks like a skinny kid Spidey. He's managed to do every issue of this book (unlike the art team on Ultimate X-Men, which started out as one Kubert, added another, and then added Essad Ribic, Chris Bachalo, and soon Kaare Andrews). Does everything that Byrne's Spider-Man: Chapter One attempted to do, modernizing a young Spidey, and tying various origins together, but does it in a way that works, unlike Byrne's. If you know someone who liked the Spidey movie, this is probably the best title to recommend to them, as it's continuity bears the strongest resemblance.


Amazing Spider-Man - J. Michael Stracynzki. John Romita, Jr. JMS has brought some interesting aspects to the title, not the least of which has been Peter's return to his old highschool, this time as a teacher. Other writers have tried to give Peter a new job before (including JMS's predecessor on the title, Howard Mackie, with the assistance of John Byrne), but few have managed it as well as JMS, though it could still have more of a presence in the stories. His take on Aunt May is excellent. I'm not too fond of his MJ, though, she comes off as more bitchy than justifiably upset. John Romita, Jr, like his father, has long since earned a place as one of the most significant Spider-Man artists. Some may not like his style, but it's certainly his own, and the man knows how to tell a story in pictures.


Peter Parker: Spider-Man - Paul Jenkins. Humberto Ramos. The Spidey title I've tried to drop, but keep picking up. Jenkins was the first post-Mackie writer, and managed to improve this title dramatically. Still, Ramo's art is a bit too distorted for me at times (though very nicely coloured), while his predecessor, Mark Buckingham, never really impressed me.


Avengers - Kurt Busiek. ###### Johns. Kieron Dwyer. I started on this book when Busiek was launching his "new direction" and the artist was Alan Davis. Davis's run was much too short for my liking, and Busiek's Kang War, while interesting, dragged on for a long time, and didn't allow him to explore the new direction much at all. However, his run has ended, and ###### Johns first arc is coming up. In it, during an emergency, the Avengers are asked by the UN to take over the world. Different. It'll be interesting to see where he goes with this. After the first arc, Dwyer is leaving, to be followed by a two issue stint by Gary (Hulk, Supergirl, Kin, Midnight Nation) Frank, and then Legion artist Oliver Copeil.


Black Panther - Christopher Priest. Sal Veluto. Dan Fraga. Veluto is finishing off his stint on the title by drawing Priest's Death of the Black Panther storyline. After that, Fraga comes on board as Priest takes the title in a new direction, with the Black & White storyline (just a title, the book will still be in colour). What I've seen of the new art impresses me. I never really enjoyed Veluto's work. Hopefully the new direction retains some of the elements of the current direction that I do like. Priest is one of the best writers in the industry at the moment, but escapes notice by working on this excellent but low-selling title. He also had the misfortune of having to follow Joe Kelly on Deadpool. His run was great, but most fans still wanted Kelly. Well, the book sure went downhill after Priest left. I mean, Jimmy Palmiotti? Frank Tieri? Gail Simone's online columns were always funny, but I found her Deadpool run disappointing. I'm not likely to follow her to Agent X, now that Deadpool's gone.


Green Arrow - Kevin Smith. Phil Hester. I was reading this book for Smith's writing. I've since read one of incoming writer Brad Meltzer's books, and am considering staying with the title to give him a chance.


X-Statix - Peter Milligan. Michael Allred. Allred rules. Milligan ain't half bad either. Whether you read their X-Force or not, you should be reading X-Statix. A corporate run superhero mutant team, full of messed up personalities who are for the most part in it for all the wrong reasons. A floating green potato shaped creature who speaks in a bizarre language. Backup stories by Darwyn Cooke. A lead character who plays russian roulette every day. Great stuff.


Uncanny X-Men - Chuck Austen. Ron Garney. Kia Asamiya. Claremont brought me to the title. I suffered through him. Casey lost me, though. I didn't like Austen's art on Elektra or War Machine, but his two issue writing stint on Ultimate X-Men was interesting enough to make me try out his run on the title. I'm no fan of Garney's, but I'll likely keep up through his first arc just to give Austen a chance. Kia Asamiya's preview art for the next arc also appeals. Plus, they're bringing Havok back, and aren't going to completely ignore Mackie's X-Factor and Mutant X in the process.


I'm reading some other stuff too, but I'll talk about the rest another time.

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American Century- My favorite Vertigo book. Chaykin does a good job writing this book. He blends humor, sex, spy stuff and violence better than anybody.


Captain Marvel-Peter David is the man!


Flash-The first storyline of ###### Johns' tenure almost made me drop the book, but it is back on my must read list.


GI Joe- This title has been so-so IMO and I may drop it soon. I prefer the original series up until about issue 50.


Green Arrow- I started reading it because of Smith and I will give the new guy a chance. I'm interested to see where it's going.


Hawkman-Yes this character was royally screwed up after Crisis but ###### Johns and James Robinson have made things easier to understand. The book keeps getting better and better!


JSA- ###### Johns and David Goyer are writing the best book out there IMO. There is a ton of history for some of the characters but you don't need to know it to enjoy the stories.


Legion- Yes, they have a large team, but you can still figure out who's who and it's an enjoyable read.


Star Wars-I can't wait for the second Rebellion era title.


Supergirl-see Captain Marvel


X-Force/X Static-my favorite X Title.


I am looking forward to Waid's Fantastic Four, Jim Lee's Batman and John's Avengers.

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I am probably gonna get some heat for this but I am a big X fan. Really that is the only thing I am interested in especially since there are quite a few X-books out there. Plus, I have just recently started reading comics again as well. Anyway, here is what I have been reading:


Uncanny X-Men: Iceman is in it so I am there!


New X-Men


Xtreme X-Men


Ulitmate X-Men


(Do we notice a theme here)




Plus I plan on picking up X-Statix also.

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I am probably gonna get some heat for this but I am a big X fan. Really that is the only thing I am interested in especially since there are quite a few X-books out there. Plus, I have just recently started reading comics again as well. Anyway, here is what I have been reading:


Uncanny X-Men: Iceman is in it so I am there!


New X-Men


Xtreme X-Men


Ulitmate X-Men


(Do we notice a theme here)




Plus I plan on picking up X-Statix also.



I won't give you any heat. You shouldn't be attacked for reading what you like. When I got back into the hobby, I stuck to a select group of titles too, and only got Marvel titles. I've branched out a bit since then, but there's no rule that says you have to read what other people like ;)


About the comics you mentioned:


Uncanny - Yeah, I'm an Iceman fan as well. Hope Austen makes good use of him. Not fond of Garney's take on him, but then I'm not really fond of Garney. I rather like the preview sketch of Kia Asamiya's take on Bobby though.


New - Well, I spoke about it above. Wasn't too impressed with the arc that just finished, but I liked most of what came before that, and hope the next arc is better.


Ultimate - I failed to mention it above, I think, but it's one of the titles I follow as well. It's pretty good, though in terms of X-Men books I think New is superior, and in terms of Ultimate books, I think both Spider-Man and Ultimates are better.


X-treme X-Men - I tried it, but it was one that I dropped. I rather like Salvador Larocca's art, and the colours over pencils with no ink, but Claremont just doesn't do it for me these days. Overly wordy, too many "fighting like he/she's never fought before" type things. I skim the title at the shop every now and then, though, to keep up with what's happening.


Deadpool - Unfortunately, Deadpool, which was once one of my favourite titles, has come to an end. The creative team who did the last story-arc, Gail Simone and Udon (which is a studio, not a person), have launched a new title, Agent X, that retains supporting cast from that arc. Part of the concept behind the title is that the mysterious Agent X, who like Deadpool is heavily scarred and seems to have a healing factor, has amnesia, and may or may not be Deadpool. I read the first issue, and have decided he most likely is not, and that the writer is of the same opinion. I won't be following the book, as I likely would have dropped Deadpool again if it had kept going with the same creative team. I do recommend seeking out either backissues or the trade (Mission: Improbable) of the series, back when Joe Kelly was writing it, and Ed McGuinness was on art. That was the peak of the title, though most of the rest of Kelly's run was good, and I rather liked Christopher Priest's run following that. I do not recommend Jimmy Palmiotti's run as writer, and Frank Tieri's run was alright, but not great.


X-Statix = good.

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lately I read


G.I.Joe for old times sake.


Agent X cause I really dig deadpool, and I'm with Taskmaster, that Alex Hayden guy IS Wade!


Star Wars cause I'm a sucker for anything with the star wars logo on it.


Spider-man Blue cause I'm a sucker for anything by the team of Sale and Loeb.


and last but not least the GRREEAATTEESSTT book of all time, the only comic that makes me laugh out loud......drum roll please......




no comic character has ever made me laugh more than Ralph and Leslie!!

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I read GIJOE.




But I prefer the old Marvel Comics version.

Larry Hama's writting was more matured then the new guy.

The artwork these days are a bit weird and lacking compared to the talents from the 80's: Kubert, Wagner, trimpe, Golden.

But it's still a good comic. :P




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:evil: :evil: the latest one is Transformers# 5 and TF Armada# 1. That is the only two I follow regularly. I used to read the XMen when Gambit was part of the team. But when he left for his own series...which I hated cause the story and art was suck...then I just abandoned the story.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Incredible Hulk.........I think the new direction is working thus far.......its nice to see the character returning to its essence and following a simple yet intriguing story line.


Deadpool.........So what's the story? Is Deadpool done fer' good?.......I live in a small area.....so I thought the book store had just stopped carrying that title.......ifn' its done.....thats a bummer.......and me without my weaponry......The answer to my first question might be SHADDAP!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Here is another update as to what I am reading:


Uncanny X-Men

New X-Men

Ultimate X-Men

X-Men Unlimited

Agent X

Weapon X

Extreme X-Men


I have also picked up a few issues of the following to try out:

Ultimate Spiderman

Amazing Spiderman




I don't know if I will stick with all of them. I do rather like Exiles.

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OK. Here is my list again:


Agent X - A keeper. I like the character for one. Is he Deadpool?? Me thinks so. The art and story are great and the issues are entertaining. Plus, the chicks are hot...for comic drawings you sickos. No, I don't have any alone time with them @*-


Amazing Spiderman: IMO this is a better title than its Ultimate counterpart. I like the dialogue and all the crap that Peter has to deal with with MJ and Aunt May.


Captain Marvel: I was advised to give the title a shot so I picked up an issue. Haven't read it yet.


Daredevil: See Captain Marvel.


Elektra: Took me a while to warm up to the title, but I found the latest arc to be rather interesting. Also, the series became much more appealing for me when Chuck Austen left as artist. I appreciate what the guy is doing as far as scribing Uncanny but his art is awful man!


Exiles: Cool book, cool characters. Really diggin this title and the fact that they bounce around thru different timestreams.


Mekanix: A 6 issue limited series featuring Kitty Pryde AKA Shadowcat.


New X-Men: I love the X-Men. Grant Morrison is awesome, the book is fun.




Ultimate X-Men


Uncanny X-Men: My favorite title. Austen is doing a bang up job with the group.


Weapon X: Another title that I am into. Cool cast and overall idea.


X-Men Unlimited: I don't know about this one. I want to stick with it because it deals with my faves, the X-Men. However too many of the stories are uninteresting or are just too out there for my taste. I'm gonna give em another few issues and then decide if I'm gonna keep it.


X-Statix: Same feeling as I have with X-Men Unlimited. The big difference is I don't really care for any other characters or the overall gist of the title. I miss the old X-Force.


Xtreme X-Men: Another X title. I like it. The art is cool and all. The only drawback may be Claremont. The guy was great but I think the gang may have passed him by a bit.


I am already dealing with a rather long and expensive list of reads. If I get hooked on Captain Marvel and Daredevil than I'm gonna have to drop some to make room for them.

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  • 5 weeks later...

I'll just do up a list, since I'll probably end up espousing over the titles in other threads anyways:


Ultimate Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man

Peter Parker: Spider-Man

Tangled Web

The Ultimate War

The Ultimates


GI Joe

GI Joe: Front Line

Transformers: The War Within

Transformers: Armada

(I read Transformers Generation 1 as well)

Masters of the Universe





New X-Men (I just picked it up out of curiosity for the students vs. teachers storyline)


That's it as of now...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Captain Marvel. I jumped on at issue 1 (volume whatever) because I really needed something new to read. OH MY GOD!! This comic is so crazy and cracked out, I joygasm whenever I think about it. Seriously people, COSMIC Punisher. The whole thing is totally wacky and awesome.


G.I. Joe Surprise, surprise.

Ultimates, Ultimate X-Men, and Ultimate War.


If any of you haven't read them yet, go out and get DK2. At least read issue one.

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