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    Worst Superrhero Incarnation?

    By Guest,

    Batman and Robin (w/ Mr. Freeze)

    Fred and Barney Meet the Thing ("Thing ring, do your thing!")

    Superfriends (w/ Wendy, Marvin, and Wonderdog)

    Superman III (w/ Richard Pryor & Atari Super computer)

    Other (specify)

    Let's be honest: Toy Biz needs help.

    Admiral Snackbar
    By Admiral Snackbar,

    Toy Biz gets some big toy lines thrown into their lap and have had a really hard time delivering the goods.


    before lord of the rings i can recall the x-men movie toy-line which was just dismal. horrible sculpting (jean grey an example).


    now another chance at the biggest movie toy line since star wars and what do they do with it? crappy large scale spawn type figurines that warm shelves causing retailers to loose faith in one of the biggest movie franchises in history. these figures don't even look like thier movie characters, (example: my sister loves frodo but won't touch the figure because he looks all "retarted").


    i think that toy biz has blown it one to many times and new line should cut their losses and start fresh with another company that will handle the property more responsibly with the attention it deserves.

    Lego from ' 60s to now for sale

    By tons-of-toys,


    G.I.JOE, Masters of the Universe, Big Jim, Japanese Robots, Princess of Power, Mask, Hot Weels, Dolls, Lego, Barbie, Disney, Trasformers, Saint Seiya, Smurfs, and many many more!!!








    What is everyone's opinion on Bionicle?

    grand theft autobot
    By grand theft autobot,

    What is everyone's opinion on Bionicle?


    I kinda like it personally. The packaging alone is cool, let alone the figure.


    By Guest,

    I dunno if any of u know who he is but he sang in a band called wolfsbane then joined iron maiden until they had bruce back and now he's in a band called blaze. i just went out the other night to a rock club that ive never been to before and he walked in. it was his first time there to so it was amazing that he was the there the one and only time ive ever gone.i got his autograph had a little chat with him and his guitarist then sat back with my wife,bro-in-law and his mrs and continued to get drunk. it was a cool night.

    Whats your favorite period of GiJoe toys?

    By Guest,

    GiJoe has been going for a long time now. We have seen many different looks of the line and many different cool characters. Considering figures and vehicles, what was your favorite period of GiJoe toys?



    Now even if you don't remember the early years too well, we are only judging the toys that came out that year, not the actual year itself. So don't say well i really liked 1988 because I got alot of stuff that year. Say what years your favorite stuff came out.


    PS. I had to make each choice count for two years, because the poll wouldn't allow too many choices.

    And hey, I'll even throw in the GvC years for you guys. :lol:

    Bad News

    By HMI,

    Today theonering.net reports that many figures from Fellowship of the Ring have been cancelled, including Galadriel, Haldir, and the unbelieveably cool Balrog.


    They apparently would have been released to close to TTT toys, which come out in Nov. Way to go, Toy Biz. Three series of substandard figures and no Balrog. :roll:

    MOTU custom Tung Lashor

    By Guest,

    Check out my custom Tung Lashor... I never liked the purple look they gave him


    What do you think... the pics not the best because I had to use my scanner to post it.

    2002 MLB All-Star Game

    By Firefly,

    Well, it was a great game, but it was cut down prematurely. After 11 innings, the two managers and the MLB commissioner decided to call the game at a 7-7 tie. The fans didn't take kindly to the idea of a tie, and I for one must agree.


    On a brighter note, Bonds crushed one.


    Did anyone watch it?


    By Guest,

    Was kind of curious how everyone else feels about this band. When they made it big with "Drive" I kind of thought they would be one hit wonders, and my first impression was that they were kind of a pop band. I then bought the album just to see what it was like, and I was surprised by what I heard. I didn't realize that they sang "Pardon Me" but had heard it on the radio before and liked it. The rest of the music was very original...not like all the other bands out now that are nothing more than variations of Korn. Then, when the latest album came out, I was blown away. I love their unique style and the way they use electronic effects on top of their heavy/mellow sound. My personal fav song of theirs is "Nice to Know You." I like how the bass plays the riff at the beginning real soft and then the guitars come in and play the same riff with power chords...I have always liked stop and go riffs. Anyways, I like this band...what do you guys think of them?

    Let's settle this: What do you think of Armada??

    By TransformHeadOn,

    So many threads with everyone going back and forth, so let's put it to a vote!! Granted, this may be a little bit premature, since no one has actually seen these in person, but we've all seen the pics.


    Stand up and be counted!!!

    Possible "replacement" for G.I. Joe???1

    By TransformHeadOn,

    Here's something I found, which might be of interest to those who are disappointed with the new G.I. Joe offerings, or to people who just like military-type figs in general. I'll have to check them out in person, but so far these look pretty cool. My favorites are the masked ones, which I could TOTALLY see someone customizing into versions of Firefly or BeachHead, for example.

    Check it out, and be sure to click on the links on the left to see all of the photos.



    Don't forget to answer the poll once you've seen them! :)

    Anyone else play the drums??

    By Nope,

    It'd be cool to find some other drummers on here to chat with. Drummers are pretty rare for some reason.. and to find a drummer.. not someone who can play.. I play guitar.. but im not a guitarist.

    Favorite Member of the JLA

    Pimp Masta Dee
    By Pimp Masta Dee,

    Mine is Plastic Man, with Martian Manhunter as a close second. BTW, I didn't include Hawkgirl for the choices because this poll is based on the comics, not the show. That's probably why only I have voted for Plas, and no one has voted for Aquaman. Notice how I also used Kyle as the GL, because that is comics-accurate.

    Do you want RID to continue?

    By Combaticon,

    i vote keep rid 'nuff said


    Any Ideas?

    I say they could have recolored most of the laser rods and released thyem as deluxes maybe vs packs?

    Which Star Wars character should get his own video game!

    Captain Typho
    By Captain Typho,

    Jango Fett got his own video game and it due out this year for PS2 and GC. In the past Lucasarts had Star Wars character in there own video game were good like Jedi Knight series but with a EU character not from the movie. So who you vote for and why.

    Rock fest 2002

    By Lady_Sav,

    Has anyone else gone to it yet?


    By Lady_Sav,

    Did anyone hear about Robin Crosby (I think that's his name) passed away? He was a former guitarist for Ratt. I seen them last night in casper, even though you only have two original members, it was fun. Just wasn't the same without steven percy singing.

    Should I buy a 1987 MOC Big Boa?

    By 1846D7M8,

    Do you think I should? VOTE!


    Okay, so I've always like the Big Boa figure. He looks cool, but I don't have one anymore. :( I don't know what happened to him, so I've been thinking about getting a new one! The only problem is that he will cost well over $30 and I've never paid that much for just one figure. So... I've decided to let my friends here at ADC help me decide! Vote for what you think I should do!


    Let's take a look at the Pros and Cons:



    • *Big Boa is a pretty figure. He comes with Boxing Gloves.

    *I will have a figure that I've always like and wanted.

    *He will be MOC so I know that he will be in good condition.

    *He comes with Boxing Gloves that have the Cobra Logo on them.

    *The Cobra Logo is pretty.

    *I can impress chicks by saying, "Hey baby, Would you like to take a look at my MOC Big Boa?"

    *Chicks dig Big Boa.

    *He comes with boxing gloves.



    • *I'm going to have to pay more than $30 for one figure.

    *$30 would buy about 4 two packs of figures.

    *With that in mind, I would be paying the same amount of money for one figure that I would for 8 regular figures.

    *Hasbro may release a new sculpt of Big Boa in the future so I could wait until they do.

    *Hasbro could release a repaint of Big Boa in the future, so I could wait until then.

    *$30 is alot of money for one action figure.

    *Do you know how many boxes of Hot Pockets I could buy with $30?

    *You can't play with Hot Pockets.


    Let me know what you think! Thanks!

    The Who's John Entwistle

    By cats_fan,

    John Entwistle, one of the greatest bass players of all time (the best, in my opinion), died today.



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    • Last week was quite a roller coaster of emotion if you are a Mezco collector! There were teases all week that the Pink Skulls Chaos Club, a fan favorite, was making a comeback. Then, a new and improved 2.0 version of the Pink Skulls set became available for pre-order (and went to waitlist in under 2h)... And we finished the week with an avalanche of emails from retailers telling us that most of the Mezco products were now delayed. Fun! First, the Pink Skulls 'took over' Mezco's social media, by posting pictures of previous Rumble Society figures with graffiti all over the pics (weirdly, there was no graffitied pictures of the Batman 89 figure...). It was a pretty fun stunt, a bit like when the G.I.Joe Haslab page got 'taken over' by Cobra. The whole Mezco website also had 'bugs' with the front page displaying only Pink Skull Chaos Club sets instead of all the other products. If you had decided to start collecting Mezco that day and wanted to learn more about their products, it might have been super confusing. Then, they released an actual video clip, complete with original punk song and stop motion! Then, like clockwork, on wednesday at 1pm EST, the figures became available for pre-order. And oh boy, what a glorious set! They have different heads and outfits! At least 74 different hands! A vinyl with original music! The box can be turned into a stage! Much happy! Very wow! It would have been such a great week if it all ended there, right?... And then, on friday, the emails started pouring. "Pre-order ETA update alert"... "Pre-order ETA update alert"... If you got any of the Mezco one:12 Collective figures through BigBadToyStore, you probably got a few emails. Most of the figures are now delayed for a few more months. Was it all pre-determined, or just a wild coincidence? We'll let you decide based on those promo pictures from the latest set... More news at 11:00... NUMPTY DUMPTY! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
    • Shown below via Geek Culture is a in-hand look at the new Transformers x G.I.Joe Megatron Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank & Baroness crossover figure set from Hasbro. They take us through the unboxing with a look at the fancy packaging as well as the contents. We also get a look at the interaction between the Tank, Megatron and the Barroness in the video that follows. You can also check out images below. This set is available for pre-order from our sponsor Entertainment Earth.  
    • Mattel: Making the worst decisions in figure scale since literally always. 
    • I love that secondary head sculpt, she looks amazing with it both in Animation and figure form.  I'm not into Motu but if this figure has right price I might get it for that headsculpt alone.
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