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    By Tom-1,

    Hey guys,

    I just got the Night Attack Chopper in the mail today (Thank you www.375Toys.com !) After fighting the twistie-ties, scotch tape and multiple layers of cardboard for what felt like an hour, I have finally been able to see the NAC up close.


    God, this is one of the most impressive GI Joe vehicles around. Not just for JvC, but for the whole series. It is roughly based on the Russian Hind D gunship, but a much smoother (admittedly globbier) frame. This could easily be used as the Blackhawk some people have been calling for, and the perfect counter to the HISS IV (His the Hind D is also meant as an anti-tank vehicle)


    However, there are some drawbacks of the NAC. The sound tech - while it does produce some sweet 'whirling blades' and 'rapid fire' sounds - is disgustingly huge and it shows.

    There is a handle that folds out from the belly of the ship that allows you to fire the missiles, but I hope this is a short-lived trend... It didnt work for me with those water-squirting jets, and it really doesnt work now.



    My NAC had properly applied stickers! GASP!


    Happy B-day to Cobra Commander


    Well the voice anyway. Happy Birthday to the late great Chris Latta One of the greatest character voices of all time!

    Attention: MasterCollector's Waiting List People!

    By Outsiders,

    You know who you are...


    MC has again to start my vacation by waking me up way too early because I got a call from them this morning at 9:30 AM and they told me that since my name was still on the waiting list. They had extra Crimson sets available... But!


    Yes... There is a but...


    There is 1 set still good and the others that are slightly damaged and they are knocking 10 bucks off those sets...


    So if they call you... Then you might be a choosen one and since I have what I wanted from the sets... I passed on the deal...

    OoOoh! F-22 Style JvC Jet!

    By Tom-1,

    News from Quick Kick's Theatre:


    Toys: Thanks to Robert Culpepper (AKA Eagle Eye Joe) for offering details about the following upcoming vehicles:


    · Sky Sweeper Jet: Joe style F-22. Its a bit longer than the others which is why it only gets 1 per case.

    · Smokescreen Transport: Cobra ground support vehicle

    · Tread Fire Tracker: Cobra vehicle (not sure design)

    · Joe Recon Chopper: One-man chopper like the FANG III for the Joes.


    The motorcycle is the Venom Cycle, and that and the Road Rebel should be out for Christmas.


    Wow, we're getting some awesome vehicles for the christmas season, aren't we?! The Joe's are building such an impressive airforce, while Cobra seems focused on ground attack vehicles... let's hope they get a jet or chopper for themselves soon!



    (The copper Rattler recolor doesnt count. It's an exclusive.)


    Dreamwave hates us!

    By RCJim,

    What do you think?


    By catter,

    who has died in the gi joe comic book (old series)

    has beach head ever taken off his mask

    has cobra commander ever taken off his mask

    does the new comic book take after the old comic

    tiger force outback???

    Joe Boy
    By Joe Boy,

    :evil: Is anyone else dissapointed with the new out back.?? The only thing that I dont like about himis that they didnt paint the bullets on his legs. And why cant hasbro get the skin tones right, ITS either to dark or to pale. The tiger force figs look as pale as ghousts. But at least hasbro is trying to get out back right,obviously they dont have out back version 1 but at least they didnt give us the crappy battle corps figure. But besides outback I think the other figures look good, and they finally gave dialtone his moustache back :D .


    Captain Picard
    By Captain Picard,

    I just bought sgt.Stalker yesterday and this is one cool figure I bought it yesterday in my local target does anybody else have Sgt.Stalker???


    I just bought the new hiss and I like it!!!!!!

    Joe Boy
    By Joe Boy,
    :)- :D I dont know whats so bad about it, I think its great. the only problem with it is the back part that holds two figures is kind of small. :)-

    the name game

    Joe Boy
    By Joe Boy,
    :D Can you say the same name more than once I thought you eliminated names after you first used them. Some people are cheating, CHEATER, CHEATER PUMPKIN EATER!!!!!! :evil:

    What's wrong?

    By hamsterboy,

    With the box for posting? Instead of a solid line around,I see a bunch of broken lines. It's a small thing but it's annoying none the less.

    Hunting for Wave 2: False Alarm!!

    By Devilbat,

    Tonight I went to Wal-Mart, tirelessly looking for Wave 2 Joes, when I came across a pallet stacked with cases of new toys. After studying the cases trying to figure out what they were, I saw one big case on the bottom with "Hasbro Toys" emblazened on the outside of it, and I could make out the words "3-3/4 Assortment" underneath a sticker on one side. :o Ohhh...could it be I had finally found that which I had waited and searched for so so long?! As I was looking at the case, an employee came walking by. I calmly and politely asked her if she could open the case for me, and she was very nice right back and said she would! Hoo-ha! Oh yeah!! I was going to have first dibs on Wave 2 figures right out of the case!! As she walked away she told me to just get what I wanted and leave the rest in the case.

    I felt like Indiana Jones when he found that idol in "Raiders", or when Belloque went to open the Ark to see what treasure awaited him. I excitedly opened the case to find...two Night Attack Choppers. @*- I looked at the case again, and it was labeled on the other side, "3-3/4 Bravo Vehicle Assortment".




    I was so disappointed. Oh well. The search continues...... :cry:

    HUGE GI Joe "Gettin Savage" Forum UPGRADE!

    By Recondo,

    That's right guys, we decided to quite dinking around with a small time free server & pulled out the big bucks.. come & check it out! (you'll be happy you did :)) Peace.


    Gettin Savage,


    Featuring many GI Joe discussion areas, classifieds, news, LIVE chat, fan art, off-topic, Australia & British GI Joe sections, and the original Beachhead's Buyers Club!


    Check it out & LMK what you think!

    customization question.

    By peterfn216,

    Hi, I had some customization questions:

    1. Do you use brushes or sprays?

    2.How do you paint joints.

    3.is there a place where already customized figures are sold?

    Valkyrie Specification

    By Reminator,

    :evil: :evil: Does anyone know which website has a good specification of the Valkyrie (VF-1A,J,S, Super, Strike), I mean in term of thier height, size, weight, speed, ammunition power.....etc.??? Also images as well....I don't mean the toys image.....the cartoon images or some great one.



    :)- RÉMY / RÉMI / REMINATOR :)-

    "Hm...but why are they using such as primitive weapon?"

    New MS Gundam And G Gundam Figures Are Out... Sorta

    Dieselboy M
    By Dieselboy M,

    well, like i said, sorta...


    i was at target today and they had the new g gundam mega size mobile fighter figures. these things are huge, a full 12 inches of gundam. there's only shining gundam and dragon gundam in the series, but they do look really awesome. they don't have all that many unique features, but shining can change to super mode, and dragon includes some really long arm extensions, more accurate to the show than the short extensions on the 4.5" dragon gundam. they're not bad either for $29.99, i'll have to pass on them for a while and make the upcoming 4.5" figures my priority. :)





    in other [somewhat new] gundam figure news. the rgz-91 re-gz with back weapon system and zaku with magella attack tank are now in the newer blue package deco. so, while you still wait for "new" stuff to come out, you can always build a bigger zaku army. :wink:


    also, the previous ms gundam wave (with rx-79 gm head, acguy, zock, and gyan) reissued the 0080 kampfer and 0083 gm cannon II (or camon, hehe) on the new blue cards, i've also recently spotted reissued 0083 gm custom, as well as the camo colored zaku and real type gundam.


    so still nothing actually new (except the mega size mobile fighters), but there's more stuff being reissued. which may not be much use for us that already have them, but good for some of those that haven't gotten them yet.



    small joes has some new toys.

    Joe Boy
    By Joe Boy,
    :D First off they have all of wave 2,They also have some new corps figures that look really cool. My favorite would have to be the new hazmat team with vehicle. THe new corps toys would be great in dio stories.

    Do you think Falcon will return in the new gijoe vs cobra

    Joe Boy
    By Joe Boy,

    @*- Well,,,,,,,,, Do yah??? @*-

    Gijoe club member???

    Joe Boy
    By Joe Boy,

    :-? Has anyone sent their check to hasbro to become a member of the gijoe club??? I was thinking of sending a check to them this week to become a member. Does anyone know how long it will take to get the customized gijoe and all the other stuff??? :)- :)- :)- :)- :)- :)- :)- @-@ :evil: :x :o:( :lol: :cry: @*- (@) #=$ :wink: :oops: 8) :):D :-? :P :roll: ^*^

    Custom Jedi Figures

    By PixelDan,

    Here are a bunch of random Jedi knight customs I have made. i am going to use this in an Arena Battle diorama I'm going to build. I actually have many more that I am making that I don't have pics for yet, but I'll post them once they are done! what do you think?





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