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Episode VII: 'The Force Awakens' Discussion Thread

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Posted 12 February 2016 - 02:21 PM


I am excited at the possibility, no matter how minute, of Luke Skywalker taking center stage again.



I highly doubt "center stage" because they have to get us hooked on the new characters going forward.  But I will settle for "strong presence".  I get why they had to have so little of Luke in VII but I'm looking forward to a lot more of him in VIII.  I just really hope the writers and Hammill give old Luke a unique personality.  We have seen exactly two types of Jedi personality on the big screen:  Alec Guinness in ANH, and a bunch of actors/CGI characters doing Alec Guinness light in the prequels.  I want Luke to be different, be his own kind of Jedi.


And by God, they better show an old Luke and Leia at this latest toyfair!

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Posted 12 February 2016 - 05:41 PM

what are the mysteries? 
C-3PO's red arm.
The path of the lightsaber to Crunchy Cookie Face.
The hows and why of the resistance and the first order.
Rey's parentage.
Where and when Darth Maul and Boba Fett will return.
Snookie's identity.
Am I missing something?

I'll admit...C-3PO having a red arm was a non-issue for me. It made complete sense to me that he'd be cobbled together from assorted replacement parts over the years. No mystery there...I'd even go a step further to say there shouldn't have been any attention drawn to it. It seemed a little cheesy really, as if Threepio was breaking the fourth wall, as it were, to go out of his way to mention the arm for viewers like a silly wink-and-a-nod for something that really should have just been a matter of interesting, incidental costume design.

As for the "path of the lightsaber to Crunchy Cookie Face", I guess that's just happenstance and doesn't really matter. I suppose that's just one of this things that you can fill in the blanks with your own imagination. To paraphrase Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, it doesn't matter where she got it, the point is she got it. (lol)

And...a return of Darth Maul and/or Boba Fett? I just want to respond with a resounding no, no, no, no, and no, absolutely not. (lol)

I'll admit though that yes, Snoke's origins and background intrigues me. It fascinates me to think that there's been this dark, potentially ancient figure that's possibly as powerful if not moreso than Palpatine that may even precede his presence and influence in the galaxy. And I won't necessarily mind if it turns out he has some connection to Palpatine, however tenuous such a relationship might be...I just hope he doesn't turn out to be a preexisting character, like Darth Plagueis, like the internet likes to speculate that he is.

As for Rey's true parentage, I'm just satisfied that she has some connection to the Force in an interesting way. I'm interested to see how it's gonna play out and be revealed over the next two films, but no, it's not this huge mystery that endlessly intrigues me.

And for the record, as excited as I have been about this film, I did go to see it with much objectivity. (Being forty-two years-old, one learns to curb their enthusiasm for alot of things, even Star Wars.) (lol) To be fair, at first some things didn't sit right with me, like the overall effort to make the film hearken back to ANH a little too much, as if they tried a little too hard to emulate the magic of the originals. But as things sink in a little more, and I learn more about the details, I'm alot more accepting of what they've done, even satisfied with everything. So it's not like I've personally embraced this film out of blind fanaticism or nostalgia. I watched with my objectivity glasses on (which were 3-D by the way, as it turns out) (lol), and I absolutely loved it.

On a side note, something I like about Leia's Force sensitivity, as someone else alluded to, in The Force Awakens, is just that...she's simply Force sensitive and never pursued the path of a Jedi. To do so would have made her a little two-dimensional and predictable in my mind. I like that she's simply this wisened, elder stateswoman that has enough Force ability to see and feel things. It just makes perfect sense for her character to me.

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Posted Yesterday, 11:32 AM



I am excited at the possibility, no matter how minute, of Luke Skywalker taking center stage again.



I highly doubt "center stage" because they have to get us hooked on the new characters going forward.  But I will settle for "strong presence".  



I am looking forward to the next Mutt Williams movie as well.

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