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Celebration VI - Hasbro Panel Report (Updated w/ Images)

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Posted 24 August 2012 - 11:46 AM

Dan Curto is reporting live from Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, FL for us to bring us the latest news from the Hasbro panel going on today. Update your browser often over the course of the next hour as we will be bringing you coverage of the panel live.

- Hasbro is not going to be showcasing a lot of new stuff because they showed more at SDCC last month... However, expect a lot more to be shown at Toy Fair.

- The large-scale X-Wing will be revealed in Vintage packaging next year. but which X-Wing?

- Starting the panel with Droid Factory reveals.

- The Vintage Collection is going "on hiatus" for a few years...because of the 3D movies.

- Droid Factory is back in 2013.

- Mace Windu (TCW realistic), Biggs Darklighter, Luke Ceremonial shown.

- Mara Jade finally revealed.

- Episode II Clone Pilot, generic A-Wing Pilot.

- Mara Jade is EMperor's Hand version...not Jedi version.

- Darth Vader (Bespin) comes with interchangeable arm. Has a hold blaster effect.

- Captain Rex (TCW realistic version).

- Darth Vader comes with Han's blaster.

- Distribution is being fixed...not entirely sure how, but they are on it.

- R8-B7 and R5-X2 shown.

- Now showing 2 new Movie Heroes figures.

- Battle Droid (Episode II) and Sandtrooper with action features.

- Rex has the new buck, removable helmet, and soft goods kama, removable belt.

- The Clone Wars brings back Obi-Wan, Anakin, and a Battle Droid.

- Captain Rex, R2-D2, and 501st Clone Trooper, no phase I.

- Moving to Fighter Pods. 125 figures in 2013.

- Fighter Pods online game for kids to play with....some cool designs.

- New Fighter Pods launchers planned.

- Some cool looking new mini-rigs are shown.

- Yoda's Jedi Stafighter with Yoda and SBD.

- MTT Droid Fighter with Battle Droid Pilot and Obi-Wan.

- Republic Drop Shop with Clone Pilot (Ep2) and Battle Droid.

- Mini-MTT connects to the larger MTT. It attaches inside.

- Yoda is strong in the Force!

- These mini-rigs are the coolest things....kind of like mini-Battle Packs.

- Slave 1 (Jango), Republic Fighter Tank, Obi-Wan Ep2 Starfighter.

- All-new class 2 vehicles...smaller, 3-3/4" scale...same detail.

- New scale = new play pattern.

- This is in an effort to get the vehicles back down to a $20 price point...more accessible for kids.

- Hasbro France is going to have a special exhibit at the history of Hasbro toys...on display in Paris, France. October-March

- ‎2012 exclusive are next.

- Darth Maul battle pack coming to Target.

- TVC 3-Packs....Gonk Droid and Snaggletooth sets...coming to Target.

- Blue-grey Power Droid maybe down the road? (Hint Yes).

- Fighter Pods exclusive tin set coming to Target. Includes Ziro the Hutt.

- K-Mart exclusives...AT-ST, AT-ST crew, Ewoks. These were originally planned for an Ultimate Battle Pack format...but they split it up into these 3 sets.

- Toys "R" Us Ewoks and Rebel Pilot packs.

- Toys R Us is also getting the new Speeder Bike (with Biker Scout of course).

- the BMF Falcon is coming back out again in TVC packaging. It's a TRU exclusive.

- Millennium Falcon...same exact vehicle as from 2008...just the packaging is new. It still includes Han & Chewbacca

The Endor AT-AT is coming to TRU...different deco on the AT-AT Driver

- Jocasta Nu coming to Brian's Brians Toys. Easter eggs include..."Force shush", 2 lightsabers, bag, hidden holocron cube.

- Jocasta has a swivel neck....in order to get a more accurate portrait.

- Big Slave 1 teased...coming in 2013.

- Q&A session starts...

- Jedi Force will continue.

- Class 2 vehicles...brand-new sculpts, soon to be added to the booth.

Mara Jade will be released on Vintage card? No.

- Will they make a Luke & Mara wedding (Union) 2-pack? Comic Packs are not planned now, but they hope to bring them back, because there is a lot of love for that format.

- Any chance of the Darth Maul FX lightsaber? A Ultimate FX version is coming to TRU as an exclusive.

- 12 inch scale figures...stay tuned? there will be a new 12" offering soon.

- KOTOR or TOR characters? TOR are coming, yes. KOTOR are still considered...especially Mandalorians. They would not be in the Vintage line.

- Will we ever see the Droids & Ewoks figures? Other than Kneessa? None currently planned. But they are always looking at them as possibilities.

- Some more desirable Ewoks still to be done.

- Why no C6 exclusive? Jocasta Nu figure....which was planned for C6, and she's now available through Brians Toys.

- Will Hasbro make figures based on Star Wars 1313? No.

- Jocasta Nu was late....which is why she is a next year exclusive.

- Distribution....Episode I is blamed. Caused a bottleneck all year.

Panel ends... Look for panel images and images from Hasbro's booth to be posted soon.


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Posted 24 August 2012 - 11:53 AM

Sweet! A Big Slave one its about time

I want the new astromechs too

.... Distribution....Episode I is blamed. Caused a bottleneck all year....

So thats what caused it alot of hated tthat movire and those forgettable figures

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Posted 29 August 2012 - 04:42 AM

I want more KOTOR figures!
Carth Onasi
Canderous Ordo
Sith Troopers
Mission Vao
updated Revan & Malak too!

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