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TRU Vision and Scarlet Witch--in stock at online retailers

Today, 12:14 PM

Posted by yojoebro82 In: Marvel







Entertainment Earth:



I was lucky to get this about a week before TRU announced going under.  I highly recommend it.  Good to see it's being made available elsewhere.

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MotUC STARRIORS Ripsaw with spinning blade-shield!

15 Mar 2018

Posted by Jin Saotome In: Custom Figures

"Each day the Chaos Crystal was active within Skeletor's lair more and more portals opened - these strange dimensional tears opening all over Eternia. From a far off universe, where Earth had been rendered a wasteland and only intelligent machines roamed. One machine, the Protector class, Ripsaw, was drawn to the portal's light and sucked in! Now, finding itself in a dimension of magic and technology, Ripsaw must find a way to contact his fellow Starriors so they too can learn about this strange land."

Another toy line of the 80's, the Starriors arrive! This week we have a re-imagined version of the Protector class Ripsaw, created in MotUC scale. Using the original head and weapon arm of the figure I took a Rotar body, Extendar limbs, MARS robot lower legs, Captain America Mecha feet, and a Zoid-crab shell for the metallized shield. The shield is magnetic and attached to Ripsaw's original spinning blade-shield arm which was grafted on. Spaz-Stix mirror Chrome airbrush paint was used on the larger shield. Different foil warning/caution stickers were applied like the vintage toy featured and Ripsaw was given metallic blue airbrushed highlights.

For a full st of pictures and a video of the spinning blade-shield, head here: Custom Starriors Ripsaw


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14 Mar 2018

Posted by tman978 In: General Toy Talk
This is a super poseable big classic Sonic the Hedgehog action figure that comes with a stand, base, chili dog, ring and several exchangeable hands and face accessories.

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Transformers Generations Cyber Battalion Series

09 Mar 2018

Posted by Phanstar In: Transformers

Just getting back into collecting Transformers.  I have been slowly rebuilding my G1, BW, and BM's collections. Then I got the fever and started buying Titans Return and Power of the Primes.


However, the other day I happened across Cyber Battalion Howl at a Walgreens and picked him up.  I  haven't decided if I am going to keep him.  He doesn't really fit in well with the other Generations lines and I am not so sure I like him very much.  He isn't bad. I just feel like that 18 bucks might have  bought another Transformer that I might have liked better.


What do you guys think about the Cyber Battalion series?  

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ML GotG MANTIS in comic style outfit!

07 Mar 2018

Posted by Jin Saotome In: Custom Figures

Guardians of the Galaxy introduced Mantis to us, a naive bubbly girl...that wasn't anything like the comic character. Here I've given the MCU Mantis her comic roots including a brand new outfit! She was created using an Enchantress body, Mantis BAF head, BP Nakia lower arms/hands, Hope Summers lower legs, Darkness back spines for bra-fins, and a MTG Ciandra armor/Enchantress skirt mashup. The armor skirt is removable so he can go for a dip in the pool and you can swap between gripping or fighting hands. Two daggers were fashioned out of a bow and Mantis was given a sexy metallic paint job to get the job done. Now that's the deadly Mantis I remember from the comics!

For more pics head to her page here: Custom GotG Mantis figure


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3D printed robot action figures 3 3/4 inch

04 Mar 2018

Posted by Hauke In: Custom Figures

A male and female robot. The male one has 3 differnt heads. One has a moveable jaw. Modeleld in Modo. Printed on a Form 2 printer in durable resin. Painted by me.






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Wish They Made John Barber's G.I. Joe V.S. Transforme...

04 Mar 2018

Posted by A_Spidey_Fan In: G.I. Joe

It's too bad Hasbro didn't do a mass or store exclusive release of 4" figures based on John Barber's G.I. Joe V.S. Transformers.  Even during the 50th Anniversary line, or a limited series or something. 


Felt this way especially after I got the FCBD comic from around 2014, as time went on, I noticed some characters either had different looks, costumes, and/or decos.  I recently had a quick skim at a trade paperback that had the 1st few issues together.  Could of even consider doing some Comic Book 2 or 3 packs if they wanted. 


Looking at the designs, many would probably be repaints, but some would be newer sculpted, or at the very least, having some reuse with some new sculpted pieces.  Which would of been fine for a budgeted Joe line if anything.  Some of my ideas of what they could of done:


- Scarlett: Repaint 25th Anniversary Scarlett in Green and Orange.  Maybe include the oxygen mask that she wore in 1 issue, and 1 of her arrows having a grenade arrow.


- Snake Eyes: Repaint of the 25th Anniversary Version 1 Snake Eyes in dark blue with Red Goggles, and include a "Handsome" swapping head, and maybe even a "Bandaged" swapping head(From the Pursuit Of Cobra line maybe).  Or at the very least, the body could be Pursuit Of Cobra's Version 1 inspired figure with the 25th Anniversary Version 1 head, since I find the 25th version head captures the big looking googles that the original Version 1 head had.  I suppose they could also do a 25th/Retaliation Version 2 inspired Snake Eyes in purple.


- Spirit with a Mohawk.


- General Flagg.


- Dr. Venom.


- Duke in Cobra Trooper/Officer disguise.  Includes swapping heads.


- I suppose 50th Anniversary Baroness with red glasses.


- Serpentress(I believe this is the Baroness who got scarred up).


- Hooded Cobra Commander.  So much Commanders have been done, I'm sure they could use a bunch of different parts, combine them, and repaint it in the deco in a blue with silver trim here and there with pupil less eyes.


- Maybe Bazooka with both a Joe and Cobra helmet, with Blue Pants.


- Maybe include Dial-tone, because even if he isn't different from his normal look, would of been a nice way to get him into regular retail to give him a chance to get into more collectors hands, instead of being just a Joecon exclusive.


These are really the only characters I can think of that had a different look or deco from pervious versions, or have never been released in retail.  I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of any, as I do know that many characters still didn't get any changes from their classic look.

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Robotech Poseable Action Figure Wave 1 Set of 5 BY TOYNAM...

03 Mar 2018

Hey guys.

I'm excited about the new Robotech line and I made my pre order of them at the BigBadToyStore yesterday...

Product Features
4.25 inch (10.80cm) scale
Made of plastic
Multiple points of articulation
Removeable helmets
Box Contents
Rick Hunter figure
Figure stand
Roy Fokker figure
Figure stand
Max Sterling figure
Figure stand
Miriya Sterling figure
Figure stand
Lynn Minmay figure
Figure stand

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Does anyone miss the classic figure style like I do?

03 Mar 2018

Posted by Phanstar In: G.I. Joe

Sorry I am sure this has been discussed to death but I have been gone about 10 years or so.  I have to say I really don't care for any of the changes or attempts they have made at new style figures. I think they look strange and oddly proportioned.  Also I have spent hundreds of dollars collecting old style figures, why do I want new figures that don't really fit or look right with the collection?


I bought the new stuff for a while because I was holding on to a dream, but eventually I accepted I hated them and sold them all off and started just collecting vintage figures.  There are still plenty I don't have.


Any one else feel this way?

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