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World Peacekeepers

09 Jan 2018

Posted by Goldbug In: G.I. Joe

from the MC Toy Centre Facebook video....

the new stuff wasn't on display rather they had posters up with them

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DC Multiverse Carter Wonder Woman, Ship Flash, and Kilmer...

08 Jan 2018

Posted by yojoebro82 In: DC Comics

Found these images on another forum.  I'm actually not sure from these pics if that's a Kilmer or Clooney Batman...either way, if these are 6" I am down for all three!!!



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First Action Figure of the Year (2018)

02 Jan 2018

Posted by mako In: General Toy Talk

If anybody's game, I thought this might be a little cooler than just putting a little blurb in one of the sightings and hauls threads.


Rules are simple: Name the first action figure you buy this year. If you buy more than one at the same time, name them all. Where did you buy/order it? If it was given to you as a gift say so and who gave it (family member, friend, Santy Clause etc.)


I figure at the end of the year we can dig this thing up and check it out.


I'll go first.


I just ordered Invincible Iron Man from the Black Panther line from TRU. I would've hit the brick-n-mortars to save shipping, but outside its the kind of cold that makes your face sore, and hurts when you breeze. Screw the shipping, I'm staying in where its warm. Let the Postman trudge through this crap.

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Stranger Things Demodog Dart 6" scale figure

02 Jan 2018

Posted by Jin Saotome In: Custom Figures

He's the cutest, slimiest, hungriest little Demodog out there, Dart! You know it from Stranger Things Season 2 and here I'm bringing you a fully articulated version scaled to the McFarlane figure line. Dart was created using a NECA Neomorph body with shortened limbs and the Funko 3.5" Demogorgon head and limbs grafted on. I used the back of the Neomorph's head as Dart's tail and gave him the Demodog green/brown/black skin coloration with the exception of Dart's yellow left side markings. Now when McFarlane releases their Dustin figure he can have a Dart to go on adventures with!

For more upsidedown pics head to its page here: Custom Demodog Dart


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Molten Man, Hand Ninja Temple Guard

02 Jan 2018

Posted by Jin Saotome In: Custom Figures

This week I'm bringing you another one of Spider-Man's rogue's gallery, the fiery foe Molten Man! He was created using a Toybiz Carnage base body, resculpted lower limbs with fodder hands, Sunfire belt, and old DCU Major Force head. Four-horsemen Scarabus flames were added as well as a movie Human Torch fire effect. A special mix of bronze, gold, and copper metallics were used and bright yellows/clear orange for his molten core effects were painted in. The end result was a striking look to one of Spider-Man's classic foes!

For more molten pics head to his page here: Custom Molten Man



Need to sneak around in the shadows? Ready to put the hurt on Daredevil or that pesky Wolverine? Then bolster your ninja ranks with this Hand Ninja Temple Guard! I created this stealthy assassin to kick off a series of variant Hand Ninja to stand out from the normal sea of plain red ones. The Temple Guard was made using the movie Dr Strange Mordo body, movie Black Panther lower legs and hands, Machine man alt hands, a classic Hand Ninja head, and Sub Zero loincloth. He was painted using Testors Aztek Airbrush acrylic, Formula P3 paints, and Games Workshop metallics. Now to make some more specialized Hand Ninja...

For more stealthy pics head to his page here: Custom Hand Ninja



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3D printed 3 3/4 inch caveman

02 Jan 2018

Posted by Hauke In: Custom Figures

Happy New Year!
I updated my old caveman figure to the 3 3/4 inch scale. It was printed on the Form 2 with durable resin material. I try to learn something new with each print. This time I gave the figure a torso with the type of ab-crunch joint that is quite popular with figures these days. It works quite well. Since this character also has quite large hands I was able to add an additional wrist joint allowing him to stand on his hands hold on to rock like surfaces.






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What are your top 10 figures of 2017?

01 Jan 2018

OK, I'm sitting in my figure room looking it all over and I think I have a solid Top 10 list for 2017.  I tried to work in a few sleepers that I don't think I'll see on other people's lists:  A couple of nods to the dying 3.75" scale and a couple that Mattel haters are sure to scoff at.  Also, if you think listing a two pack for one slot is a "cheat", let me apologize in advance.  So there's something for everyone!


Honorable mention--DC Multiverse Justice League Batmobile--

A very sweet piece with tons of detail, a CAR that scales well with 6" figures is pretty hard to come by and this fits just about any 6" Batman figure well.  Rubber tires and a few extra paint apps for weathering effects would have really put this thing over the top, but that is not a complaint.  For the price point, this thing is just about perfect.  


Honorable mention--Marvel Legends Cyclops/Dark Phoenix 2 pack--

I drove 2 hours to get this set.  It's a great set.  Flawless, really.  And those THREE different heads for Dark Phoenix?  Come on!  This is killer!  Why didn't it make the Top 10?  Because I'm one of those rare collectors who still likes the majority of Toybiz Marvel Legends.  I like the TB versions of these two figures, and this just wasn't a must own for me.  Yet I drove 2 hours to get it?  I know.  Crazy, right?


10.  Playmaates TMNT Usagi Yojimbo (blue kimono)--

The version that I've always wanted. As a kid I saw him in the cartoon wearing this outfit and always wondered why the action figure looked completely different. I have him displayed proudly with the rest of my vintage Turtles in the Sewer playset.


9.  DC Multiverse Wonder Woman (TRU exclusive)--

I think this figure looks really good.  Nice sword, shield, and lasso and a head sculpt that is much improved over the previous movie WW from Dawn of Justice.  Wonder Woman was my favorite geek movie of 2017 by quite a long shot and I had to represent her on this list.


8.  Mezco One 12 Superman (Dawn of Justice)--

I bought 3 high-end figures this year and they all made the list.  This Superman is AWESOME.  The Cavil likeness, the extra heads, hands, the posability, the detail in the outfit...the whole thing is just high quality.  


7.  Marvel Legends Jessica Jones (Netflix)--

I am a big, big fan of Hasbro's digital painting and I wanted at least one figure to make this list that I thought represented the technique well.  This Jessica Jones figure nails it.  Dead on actor likeness, great sculpt, paint apps, and articulation.  This figure is an A+.  A can't wait to see where this technology takes the Infinity War and 6" Star Wars figures.


6.  GI Joe Big Lob--

The GI Joe fan has been hurting for a while, but Big Lob was a 2017 Club exclusive, and as a life-long GI Joe fan, I always wanted this obscure character from the 1987 animated movie to make it into toy form.  I had to over pay for him a bit on the after market but he was worth it.  They did a good job putting this guy together.


5.  Marvel Legends Mary Jane (TRU Spider-Man/Mary Jane 2 pack)--

When I started reading Spider-Man comics, MJ was Peter Parker's WIFE.  Not girl friend, not one of a dozen friend supporting characters, WIFE.  That has since been erased by certain people who found that bit of Spidey lore inconvenient, but I still always wanted an MJ figure and this one is great.  She's missing the John Romita bangs, but other than that, this has all the things that make a good Marvel Legends figure.  A welcome addition to an ML collection that I consider all but complete.


4.  DC ICONS Super Sons 2 pack--

Damian Wayne Robin and Jonathan Kent Superboy.  Am I cheating?  I don't know.  But I wanted BOTH of these kids.  Damian is the best version we've gotten so far with great articulation and weapons.  As for Jonathan...I've wanted to see Superman as a father for quite some time (he's a natural father figure) and it's being explored (and being explored WELL) in the comics right now.  Getting this figure relatively quickly is cool.  (I will move on now before getting too much into how the ICONS line is now dead and how DC Collectible is the most mis managed toy line out there today).


3.  SH Figuarts Suicide Squad Harley Quinn--

I've seen this one make a lot of people's top 10 and for good reason.  A spot on likeness to the movie Harley and just an overall beautiful figure.  And of course, accessories, and articulation are all top notch.


2.  DC Multiverse King Shark BAF--

Mattel has done an overall good job with most of their BAFs this year:  Rookie, Ares, Steppenwolf are all cool, but they don't come close to this guy.  Everyone was trying to build him from a wave of characters that almost no one wanted.  Yeah, that will make it tough.  But it's worth it.  This guy is a beast.  Articulation could be better but the sculpting and paint apps are going to make up for it.  Best BAF of the year.


1.  Mezco One 12 Batman (Dawn of Justice)--

I had to put this at number one.  Even if you are not a fan of Batfleck or Dawn of Justice (which I gained a new appreciation for after rewatching the extended cut recently), this is just a great over all Batman figure.  I love the feel to his outfit, the cape, the heads, hands and variety of accessories.  He fits in great with all of my other retail 6" stuff.  A sweet piece, worthy of the #1 spot.  


Well, that's mine.  How about yours?

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28 Dec 2017

Posted by tman978 In: DC Comics
This crazy articulated action figure has an extreme likeness to Will Smith. Is it worth your time? Find out here.

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New GI Joe movie...in 2020

19 Dec 2017

Posted by yojoebro82 In: G.I. Joe

Two more years until GI Joe 3.  Thoughts:

Here's hoping for a complete and total reboot.  I am wondering if they are still dead set on getting the Rock back or will they move forward without him.  I think whether or not he returns will be very telling.  If he DOES, I think they will rest on the fact that they have him to sell their tickets and story wise we will get more of the same as the last two films.  If they move on without him, I think there's more of a hope that they will make an attempt to beef up their story and hopefully give it some substance.  


Unfortunately, with or without the Rock, it sounds like they're going to be focused on universe building (because all action franchises have to copy that model now), so they're probably going to find a way to force things like MASK and Transformers into the continuity....even though GI Joe works better without them (I know that's an opinion).  We'll see...


If DePriest is to be believed from this past year's SDCC, this will be the time when GI Joe makes the big comeback to the toy aisle.....to STAY (I specifically remember the "to stay" part) and that they have big plans for the comeback.  I believe we'll see new toys for the movie.  I WANT to believe it will be back to stay, but are they telling me that if that movie bombs hard they're still going to stand by the GI Joe toy line?  The past has shown otherwise.


I know as we get closer and closer, cries for 6" GI Joe will only get louder, but darned if I don't just want to stick with 3.75" for the same reason I want to stick with 3.75" Star Wars.  And yet, I know if they get made (I think they probably will), they will look great and I'll be tempted.


What do you Joe fans think?  I want to hear from both of you!

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